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Mercs For Money



Mercs For Money is a meta War team led by Old Man Logan, a Legendary Character. This is the first official team of the Age Of X Saga that will conclude with Dark Dimension VIII and the release of Professor X in 2025. Old Man Logan will also be required to unlock Professor X.

It’s a Hero team with 4 Global and 1 Cosmic character. The setup is usual: 3 new characters and 2 reworked ones. What sets them apart from most recent teams is that they have a Legendary Character in their midst.


Team Members

mercs for money 1

(left to right)



  • Alliance War

Merc For Money is a team specialized in War. But they can also be great in other game modes. Due to his staggering kit, Old Man Logan can be part of the Arena meta team. He also has excellent sustain, so Old Man is one of the first picks for Legendary Dark Dimension nodes. Pandapool and Deathpool are also engaging choices for DD because of their percentage-based Health steal from multiple enemies. Deathpool is also one of the characters needed to unlock Apocalypse.

Besides that, the Merc For Money team can be used in Crucible as a team or as individual characters used as a plug-and-play.

Old Man Logan will be required to unlock Professor X when he eventually releases in 2025 with the arrival of Dark Dimension VIII. Although we’re still pretty far away from DD VIII release, so things might still change.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Pandapool goes to the corner because he is the Protector of the team and will constantly Taunt. Old Man Logan should be placed next to Panda because it benefits us when he is attacked (he fills up his Speed ​​Bar when enemies attack him). He is very self-sufficient, and opponents cannot (while his Health is above 50%) Stun him or reduce the Speed ​​Bar. In War, Pandapool also possesses such characteristics. Pack the other three team members as desired.

Turn Order:

  1. Deathpool
  2. Old Man Logan
  3. Daken
  4. Deadpool
  5. Pandapool

Old Man Logan and Daken can play earlier than others by default (thanks to their passive Speed Bar gain). Old Man fills his Speed ​​Bar by 20% whenever someone hits him, and whenever the opponent gets Stealth, Daken fills his Speed ​​Bar by 60%. So, depending on the events on the battlefield, those two may play much earlier (and more often) than planned.

In War, on Spawn, Pandapool fills his Speed ​​Bar by 25% +10% per Mercs For Money ally, so he plays first. This is great because he can activate Taunt at the beginning of the fight and apply crucial buffs to the Mercs For Money team, such as Safeguard, Immunity, etc.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Pandapool – Skirmisher/Striker
  • Old Man Logan – Striker/Skirmisher
  • Deadpool – Striker
  • Deathpool – Striker/Raider
  • Daken – Raider/Striker

A fascinating option related to the Mercs For Money team’s Iso-8 Class is to give Old Man Logan a Skirmisher and everyone else a Striker. Since he always assists, we will make a powerful Striker-Skirmisher combination with the other four characters. This works best in War because that’s where Pandapool will play first, and after Logan’s assist and Pandapool’s follow-up attack, he will apply Bleed on the primary target. As soon as that happens, that enemy will have lowered Damage and Resistance, but the most important thing is that as long as one of the opponents has Bleed, Heal Block cannot be applied to any Mercs For Money Character and the entire Mercs For Money team gets +30% Speed. With Logan as Skirmisher and all other (mainly Pandapool) Striker, this happens at the beginning of the fight – after Panda’s first move.

There is also a combination of Pandapool as Skirmisher, Old Man Logan Striker, and Deadpool Striker because Panda always assists them. Daken and Deathpool can be Raiders in that case. Because they attack more opponents with their abilities. The Mercs For Money team generally has increased Crit chance and Crit damage.

Old Man Logan is an excellent Striker because he has enormous Health and Damage, so he can create destruction with his follow-up attacks. The choice is yours. We will share our impressions when we test this team in (and outside of) War.


Team T4’s


  • Pandapool – Passive and Ultimate
  • Old Man Logan – Passive, Ultimate, and Special
  • Deadpool – Passive
  • Deathpool – Passive
  • Daken – Ultimate, Passive, and Special

Pandapool – Passive will allow him in War to be immune to Stun and Disrupted if his Heath is 50% or higher. This will make it impossible for enemies to prevent him from playing and apply Taunt on himself and crucial buffs on his whole team. While Ultimate will apply Safeguard (2 turns) to the entire team and thus prevent opponents from removing the buffs that the Mercs For Money team has on them.

Old Man Logan – Passive will prevent the Chargeable enemy with the highest Damage to gain Charged before Logan takes a turn. It will give him +80% Assist Chance (100% total). Which will allow him to constantly Assist any of the allies. Maximized Ultimate allows him to apply Disrupted and Trauma (2 turns) to all enemies. Therefore, opponents will not be able to get new buffs or remove debuffs from themselves. While with the Special, Old Man Logan will get Revive Once and flip all positives into negatives on primary and secondary targets. This is great because, with this ability, Old Man Logan is able to attack up to 8 targets (if he has Claws Out).


Deadpool – Passive at max level will allow him to heal 20% of Max Health (up from 15%) on the Turn and +15% per negative effect removed (up from +10%). He will also always on Kill generate Ability Energy to Old Man Logan ally (up from 60% chance). With a maxed Passive, we will increase Deadpool’s survivability and enable him to provide Ability Energy to Old Man Logan whenever he kills one of his opponents.

Maxed Passive will increase the passive damage that Deathpool does to most injured opponents on enemy Death. This can be useful if you have invested a lot in Deathpool. So she will do excellent damage.

Daken’s Passive provides +1 Stealth (max of 3) every time he Crits. This is great because when he has Stealth Daken and all other Mercs For Money allies have +30% Crit Damage. And when any enemy gains Stealth, Daken will fill his Speed ​​Bar by 60%. Which allows him to play much more often. Maximized Ultimate will allow him to reduce the Speed ​​Bar of primary and secondary targets by 15%. and with maxed Special, the bonus Attack applies Heal Block (2 turns) and Trauma (2 turns) if the target has Stealth. In War, he does the same to the opponent’s Support character with the highest Damage. It will totally destroy the opponent with the Highest Damage because it will flip all positives into negatives and apply Ability Block, 2 Bleed, and Slow. Trauma and Heal Block disable any healing for that character, so it won’t have a good time.



  • Old Man Logan – Basic
  • Deathpool – Basic and Special

Old Man Logan Basic will have increased damage and +100% Drain (up from +75%). This is a vital upgrade for sustain and overall damage, especially if he is a Striker.

With maxed BasicDeathpool will always flip Stealth and Speed ​​Up on primary and secondary targets (up from +50% chance). This can prove beneficial in some situations. With a maxed Special, she transfers all negative effects from self to the primary target, thereby spreading to secondary ones (up from 3 negativities). In a rare number of cases, Deathpool will have more than 3 negative effects at her first Turn (when she usually uses Special), but this upgrade can be great just for those cases.


Team Red Stars

Getting 7 Red Stars on newer characters (Pandapool and Daken) shouldn’t be complicated, as long as you open Elite Red Star Orbs when they are featured there. Deadpool and Deathpool are older characters so plenty of players might have them at high Red Stars already.

You could also get Red Stars for them from the Incursion Campaign:

  • 6 Red Stars for Deadpool – Incursion 2-3
  • 7 Red Stars for Deathpool – Incursion 6-8

Deadpool and Deathpool can also benefit from having Diamonds on them since they should be maxed out for all of the long-time players. But we do not recommend spending Silver Diamond Credits on them.

Old Man Logan is a Legendary Character, so collecting his Red Stars depends on the score achieved in the Old Man Logan Trials. Eventually, he will be added to the Elite Store where his Red Stars will be purchasable via Dark Promotion Credits. If possible, try to collect at least 4 (ideally 5) Red Stars for him through his Trials.


Farming Locations

  • Deadpool – Heroes Hard Mode 3-9, Blitz Store, Beta Raid Orbs
  • Deathpool – Incursion 6-8, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs


  • Daken – Stealth

In War

  • Pandapool – fill Speed Bar by 65%

Team Mechanics

Mercs For Money is a team specialized in War, and that’s where they will be the strongest, but every character’s kit is very usable in any game mode.

Old Man Logan, the most powerful character of this team and also one of the strongest characters in the game, is the main reason behind Mercs For Money team being so usable and dominant.

As long as Old Man Logan is alive, Deadpool cannot be killed. More precisely, as long as Old Man Logan or Deathpool are in play, Deadpool has a 100% chance to Revive. On the other hand, Pandapool has a 20% chance to Revive on death plus a 40% chance for each Deadpool or Old Man Logan ally. To simplify it – the opponents will have to get rid of Old Man Logan first in order to continue destroying the other Mercs For Money members. And that is much easier said than done. Because Old Man Logan has incredible survivability. On Turn removes all negative effects from himself, heals for 20% of Max Health plus 15% per negative effect removed. When attacked, he will fill his Speed ​​Bar by +20%. This effect can trigger once per any turn, meaning that he has the potential of taking a huge amount of bonus turns and, therefore, he will also heal himself more. If he has over 50% Health, Stun cannot be applied to him, and his Speed ​​Bar cannot be reduced. And when any enemy has Bleed, that enemy will do 30% less Damage (does not stack with Offense Down), have 50% less Resistance (higher chance of applying negative effects to that character), Heal Block cannot be applied to any Mercs For Money, and entire Mercs For Money team gains +30% Speed. So when Bleed is placed on the enemy, this team goes into the berserker mode. When we add to that the +50% Drain everyone gets from the Pandapool Passive, it’s clear why Old Man Logan (and therefore the Mercs For Money team) is an indestructible machine that will wreak havoc in War!


Chargeable opponent with highest Damage cannot gain Charged before Old Man Logan takes a turn. This means that any chargeable opponent (with the highest Damage in the opponent team) who plays before Old Man Logan will not be able to get Charged. Red Hulk, for example.

Old Man Logan has a specific Claws Out mechanic. Namely, after he does Ultimate, he gains Claws Out until the end of the fight (or until he is killed) and strengthens his Basic and Special. In the following paragraphs, we will explain how.

With a Basic attack, Old Man Logan hits the primary target with +100% Drain (additional boost to sustain and survivability) and applies Disrupted. If he has Claws Out, then his Basic does Piercing damage instead, (still has +100% Drain) and applies Disrupted, it additionally applies 2 Bleed for 2 turns.

Basic also serves as an energy battery, because he gains +1 Ability Energy for his Ultimate, and fills the Speed ​​Bar by 20%. The Basic attack cannot be dodged or blocked if Logan has Claws Out. Since he does all those things with the Iso-8/Follow Up/Assist attack, it is clear that he can recharge Ability Energy very quickly and often use his Ultimate. He passively has a +100% Assist Chance, so he will constantly fill his Health and Speed ​​Bar and gain Ability Energy. The strongest sustain and survivability in the game – by far.


Special – Old Man Logan attacks the primary target, flips all positives into negatives, and applies Stun. Then he chains to 4 targets within 2 spaces of the previous target, deals damage, and flips all positives into negatives. Logan will apply 2 Bleed for 2 turns to each target. If he has Claws Out, he will instead rebound chain to 7 targets within 2 spaces of the previous target and apply Trauma to every target he hits (primary + others). He will also do Piercing damage.

This attack gains +1000% extra Focus against chargeable Protector enemies (Black Knight, for example). Special attacks cannot be counterattacked. And if Logan has Claws Out, enemies cannot dodge or block it.


After attacking, Logan buffs himself with 2 Deathproof, Immunity, and Safeguard. Generates 1 Ultimate Ability Energy for self and gains Revive Once (no effect if he already has Revive Once).

When he uses Ultimate Old Man Logan gains Claws Out. He removes the Barrier from all enemies. Attacks them with colossal Piercing damage and +100% Drain, then flips all positive effects into negative, applies 2 Bleed, Defense Down, Disrupted, and Trauma (everything 2 turns), and Ability Block to the enemy with the highest Damage. This attack ignores Defense Up and cannot be counterattacked, dodged, or blocked. After all that, Logan generates 1 Special Ability Energy for himself. Ultimate is a destructive attack that affects all opponents, this deals an enormous amount of damage that ignores Armor, and at the same time flips all positive buffs into negative ones and prevents new buffs from being applied and debuffs from being removed.


Specific to Logan is that by using Ultimate, he allows himself to use Special earlier (and vice versa) by getting Ability Energy. After Basic or Assist/Iso-8/Follow-Up attacks, he gets Ability Energy, so he can almost constantly (every single Turn) use Special and Ultimate.

Old Man Logan can do all of the above in any game mode. But he also has Awakened Abilities that buff him in War. Namely, after he uses Basic (if he had it on level 8), Logan will apply Defense Down if he has Claws Out and gain 2 Regeneration on War Offense. Awakened Special applies Revive Once to a random Daken ally in any game mode. Awakened Ultimate generates 1 Special Ability Energy for 2 random Mutant allies that were not at full energy at the start of the current Turn on War Offense. The passive has no Awakened upgrade.


Pandapool is a Protector on the Mercs For Money team, and when he drops below 50% Health, he removes 2 negative effects from self, gains Taunt, Defense up, and 2 Deathproof, and heals all Mercs For Money allies by 10% of his Max Health, plus applies Deathproof to all of them. While usually Protectors clear taunt when they drop below a certain Health percentage, Panda gains it instead but there is no added risk to him, considering that as long as Old Man Logan and Deadpool are present, Pandapool will Revive with 100% HP constantly (if he dies). Reviving will also trigger his Spawn abilities, so in War, he will gain Speed Bar and can promptly take a turn and apply Taunt to himself again (if he has enough energy)

On ally Deadpool or Old Man Logan Turn, Pandapool gains Assist Now. Which can be exploited well by, giving him Skirmisher Iso-8 Class and the other two – Striker.

His Basic attack is relatively simple. Attacks the primary target and applies Bleed, then repeats this attack 2 additional times. It cannot be blocked.

Pandapool attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies Offense Down with Special. This attack cannot be blocked or dodged. After that, he heals for 20% of his Max Health and gains 2 Regeneration, Defense Up, and Taunt. Pandapool can get Taunt passively (when it drops below 50% HP), after Special, and after Ultimate.


Ultimate is what makes Pandapool a utility character. He will attack all enemies, steal 20% Health from all of them, and redistribute 200% of the stolen Health to self and all Mercs For Money allies. This bypasses Heal Block and cannot be blocked or dodged. Of course, he gains Taunt (as mentioned earlier), heals himself and all Mercs for Money allies for 10% of his Max Health, and removes all negative effects from the entire Mercs For Money team. Then he buffs his Mercs For Money team: 2 Deathproof, Defense Up (2 turns), Offense Up (2 turns), Immunity (2 turns), and Stealth to Deadpool ally. In War, Pandapool also applies Safeguard (2 turns) to the entire team. Considering that he plays first in War and can use Ultimate immediately, it is clear that the Mercs For Money team in that game mode will have an impenetrable Safeguard-Immunity combination from the very start and in the crucial moments of the fight.

In War, if his HP is greater or equal to 50%, Stun and Disrupted cannot be applied to Pandapool, and his Speed ​​Bar cannot be reduced. This is crucial for the beginning of the fight because even if one of the opponents plays before him, they cannot prevent him from playing, getting Taunt, and buffing his team with decisive buffs. Also in War, if Pandapool or any Mercs For Money ally does not have Defense Up, that character gains +25% Damage Reduction and +25% Resistance. This is an excellent passive related to War because it strengthens the team’s mitigation.


Deadpool Basic will always Crit if the target is Minion and/or has Safeguard. He will attack the primary target and do a bonus attack. Special will attack the most injured target with Piercing damage, ignoring Taunt, Defense Up, and Stealth. On Kill, it will grant Regeneration. While with his Ultimate, Deathpool attacks multiple targets – he will attack the primary target, apply Stun plus 2 Bleed, and then rebound chain to 6-7 additional targets and apply 2 Bleed. Enemies cannot counterattack or block his Ultimate. With the Special, he can kill the most injured opponent, while with the Ultimate he can control one of the enemies.

Deadpool On Turn removes all negatives from himself and heals 20% Max Health + 15% per negative effects removed. Whenever Deadpool kills someone, he generates Ability Energy for Old Man Logan ally. 

He also helps Deathpool get 5 Charged as soon as possible because, on every ally Deathpool’s Turn, he applies +1 Charged to her. As long as Old Man Logan ally is present, Deadpool has a 100% chance to Revive at 100% of Max Health.

In War, when Deathpool uses Ultimate, Deadpool will apply Safeguard and Immunity to himself and all Mercs For Money allies. A great way to buff the team with a powerful Safeguard+Immunity combo.


Deathpool, on enemy Death, heals herself by 10% of Max Health and attacks the most injured enemy while removing 3 positive effects. Great way to weaken the opposing team. These passive attacks are possible in all game modes, and they are very practical against teams with Minions like Underworld or Invaders… Deathpool destroys them because she passively hits the opponents after the death of each Minion (which happens often). When she drops below 30% Health, she applies +1 Deathproof (up to a max of 2) to herself. 

She has a Charged mechanic – which allows her to disintegrate one opponent with Ultimate when she gets 5 Charged. She also gets a +5% Drain for each Charged on her. If she has 5 Charged along with the Drain she gets from Pandapool Passive, she can have 75% (in total). Deathpool also gives everyone else in the team +10% Drain. Which additionally strengthens the sustain of the Mercs For Money team.


Back to Ultimate. With that Ability, Deathpool clears Deathproof from the primary target, attacks it, applies 2 Bleed, and gains +1 Charged (up to a maximum of 5). She gains +5,000% Extra Focus for this attack. If she has 5 Charged, Deathpool attacks the primary target with 20,000% Piercing and removes Charged from herself. This attack is Unavoidable, cannot be blocked, and characters killed by this attack cannot be revived. When Charged to max, this attack has only one function – to utterly DESTROY one enemy. There is an exception to this, if she attacks a target with Safeguard and Deathproof, she won’t be able to clear the Deathproof from that target, meaning that they will survive the attack.


Deathpool gets +1 Charged when she uses Ultimate, and +1 Charged every Turn passively from Deadpool ally. Alas, all this is not enough to get 5 charged on time to be relevant for the course of the battle. But it doesn’t matter because her Ultimate with 5 Charged is a plan B for the team since in most cases all enemies will perish by the time she has enough Charged, but in rare circumstances, you might encounter a tougher opponent, and that’s when she’ll come in handy.

With Special, Deathpool transfers all negative effects from herself to the primary target, then hits the primary and adjacent targets. Steals 15% Health from primary and adjacent targets and redistributes it to self and all Mystic and Hero allies. Everyone on the Mercs For Money team are Heroes, except Daken, so Deathpool will heal everyone but him. All negative effects will spread from primary to secondary targets (except Stun). This is a crucial part of the Deathpool Special because it will allow her to transfer some important debuffs from the primary target to adjacent opponents.

With Basic, Deathpool removes all negatives from herself, healing for 5% Health per negative removed plus 10% of her Max Health. Attacks primary and adjacent targets and clears Deathproof. She then flips Stealth and Speed ​​Up on primary and adjacent targets. If the targets are Minions, Deathpool deals double damage.


Daken is a Controller who (On Spawn) gains Stealth. On Turn, he heals for 20% of Max Health, and when Old Man Logan drops below 50% Health, he gains Offense Up (2 turns). Every time he Crit, he gains +1 Stealth (max of 3), and if any opponent gains Stealth, Daken fills his Speed ​​Bar by 60%.

Daken passively protects his Mercs For Money allies so that whenever he or any Mercs For Money non-Protector gains a Taunt, Daken removes all negative effects from that character and applies Stealth. Whenever anyone from the Mercs For Money team has Stealth, that character gains +30% Crit Damage thanks to Daken Passive. Through that, he passively boosts the entire team’s Damage.

At the start of any match in War, enemy Support characters cannot spawn with Immunity. This allows the Mercs For Money team to debuff (control) the opposing Support characters (i.e. Apocalypse) in War from the opening of the War battle.


With Basic, Daken attacks the primary target, chains to 2 adjacent targets, and flips Stealth. This attack can chain to Stealth targets and cannot be blocked. Basic is his way of removing Stealth from the opponent.

Daken uses Special to attack the primary target, chain to 4 adjacent targets (can chain to Stealth targets like Basic), flip 3 random positives into negatives, and apply 2 Bleed (1 turn) and Slow (2 turns) to each target. Then he does a bonus attack on the enemy with the highest Damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth, flips all positive effects into negative effects, and applies 2 Bleed (1 turn) and Slow (2 turns). If that opponent had Stealth before the initial attack, Daken also applies Ability Block, Heal Block (2 turns), and Trauma (2 turns) to him. In War, he also will bonus attack the enemy Support with the highest Damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth, flipping all positives into negatives, applying Ability Block, 2 Bleed, Slow (2 turns), Heal Block (2 turns), and Trauma (2 turns). 


This attack gains +25% Extra Damage against targets that have Stealth before the initial attack. It cannot be blocked, dodged, or counterattacked. After all that, Daken gains Immunity. In War, this attack is intended to counter Apocalypse because Daken will not allow him to Spawn with Immunity and will cripple him with his Special.

With Ultimate, Daken attacks the primary and adjacent targets, applies 2 Bleed, reduces Speed ​​Bar by 5%, and if the target has Safeguard, Daken deals Piercing damage instead. Then, Daken repeats this attack two more times. Overall, he reduces Speed ​​Bar to primary and adjacent targets by 15% and applies 6 Bleed to each target – BRUTAL. Finally, Daken flips 3 negative effects into positives on himself and all Mercs For Money allies. An attack that simultaneously creates a Speed advantage, applies a ton of Bleed, and buffs his own team.

Pandapool provides +50% Armor+75% Resistance, and +50% Drain to the team.

Old Man Logan provides +40% Damage to self+20% Damage to others, and +50% Max Health to the team.

Deathpool provides +20% Max Health to self and +10% Drain to Pandapool, Old Man Logan, and Deadpool.

Daken provides +40% Crit Chance and +50% Focus (+100% in War) to the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

It is clear that this is a META team for War (and very useful outside of it as well), which, thanks to the specific characteristics of each member, can destroy almost everything in front of them. Daken’s kit is designed to counter Apocalypse and other Mythic characters. Old Man Logan can disable Black Knight, Nova, Red Hulk.., and annihilate them with his damage. While Pandapool protects the team. In order to win against Mercs For Money, in most cases, it is necessary to get rid of Logan first, and that is extremely difficult because he has the strongest sustain and survivability in the game. He can’t be Stunned or have his Speed ​​Bar reduced until his Health drops below 50%, but he constantly heals, and it is almost impossible to drop him below 50% and control him in that way before he destroys your team (or crucial team members). Only if Ability Block is applied to him, but that’s not an easy job either, and in War, thanks to Pandapool it’s nearly impossible.

It is essential that you position them as we show because (in that case), we significantly reduce opponents’ chance (especially in War) to affect Daken’s Speed, so he will play relatively fast and apply crucial debuffs.


With Panda, always open the fight with Ultimate. After that, everything will go according to plan. Outside of War, Pandapool will not be able to play so early, so the situation will be more favorable for enemies. Depending on your opponents, choose who you control and with whom. This team can flip a bunch of buffs into debuffs for opponents and vice versa for themselves. So often, everything will go in our favor. After the first Bleed is applied on any of the opponents, everything goes even more favorably for Mercs For Money. They become much faster, they cannot be prevented from healing, and opponents’ Damage and Resistance will decrease.

Overall, they are one of the best teams in the game (if not the best). It’s worth investing highly in Mercs For Money. They can destroy everyone in War and are functional in almost every game mode.

If you have any questions about Mercs For Money or need any help with MSF feel free to reach out to us via our Discord:


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