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Tangled Web



Tangled Web is a 3 Characters team led by the MSF original character – Spider Weaver. Weaver is the original creation of the MSF game developers and you won’t find her in any other piece of Marvel media. She is joined by Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man 2099

This dynamic trio where a very refreshing team for Marvel Strike Force at the time of release.


Team Members

tangled web

(left to right)



  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Alliance War

Created as a team with bonuses in Cosmic Crucible, they are excellent offensively and defensively in that game mode. However (thanks to excellent mechanics and adaptability), they can also be a threat in War. When we pair them with other two good characters or throw out the worst member (Noir) and add 3 characters, Tangled Web is really a force. How good they are is also shown by the fact that until the appearance of Apocalypse (which is a hard counter for them), two out of three members of the Tangled Web team were members of the META Arena team.

Both Spider-Weaver and Spider-man 2099 are also popular choices for Dark Dimensions, their kits allow them to be of great use in that mode.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Regarding Speed, Spider Weaver and Spider-Man 2099 both have 127 Speed, while Noir has 120. However, Spider-Man 2099 on Spawn gets Speed ​​Up, so he will play before Weaver. While Noir passively refills his Speed ​​Bar by 10% whenever an enemy gains a positive effect. So we can find ourselves in a situation where Spider-Man (Noir) plays first. What we can generally say about them is that they are fast, and the turn order varies. Crucial is that in most cases, Spider-Man 2099 plays before Spider Weaver and thus “prepares the ground” for her.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Spider-Man 2099 – Skirmisher / Raider
  • Spider Weaver – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Raider

The best Iso-8 class for Spider-Man 2099 in Cosmic Crucible is Raider. Because he will prolong the duration of all Negative effects on enemies every time he Crits. Outside of CC, Skirmisher is the Class for him, as he needs to be able to stack his debuffs and passively flip Positive effects on enemies.

Spider Weaver is the Tangled Web team Striker. She will exploit the Vulnerabilities that others have set for her and destroy enemies with her excellent damage. You can also consider the Skirmisher (as an option) if you lead her outside the Tangled Web team (especially without Spider-Man 2099). With such an increased Focus, she will have a higher chance to apply crucial debuffs. In 99% of cases, Spider Weaver goes together with Spider-Man 2099, so she will have additional Focus from him. However, if you run her alone (DD), Skirmisher can be a good option.

Furthermore, if Spider-Weaver delivers a killing blow, she will prevent those enemies from Reviving, which is another reason why Striker is great for her.

Spider-Man Noir is a Raider and will benefit most from that Iso-8 Class. He attacks multiple targets with most attacks and can set Vulnerabilities that Spider Weaver will exploit later.


Team T4’s


  • Spider-Man 2099 – Ultimate
  • Spider Weaver – Special, Ultimate, Passive
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Passive

Spider-Man 2099 Ultimate at Max Level allows him to do more damage and, more importantly, apply Slow to all targets for 2 turns (up from 1).

Every Spider Weaver Ability (except Basic) is crucial to the Tangled Web team. She primarily functions through Charged mechanics, which provide her and her entire team with enormous sustain (more on that later). At the same time, the attacking potential of most opponents is completely crippled. Special and Ultimate (if upgraded to Max Level) allow her to increase the number of Charged (in CC even more). Her Passive at maximum opens an opportunity for her to play more often and gain Ability Energy whenever any Tangled Web characters are attacked.

Upgrading Noir’s Passive will increase his damage by 5% and fill his Speed ​​Bar by 10% (up from 5%) whenever the enemy gains a positive effect. In this game, many characters can buff constantly, so Noir can repeatedly increase his Speed Bar. The more Speed, the more opportunities to play. The more opportunities to play, the more chances to win.



  • Spider-Man 2099 – Passive
  • Spider Weaver – Basic

+25% Focus for the Tangled Web team will be provided by Spider-Man Passive (if maxed). It will also lower the Damage Reduction of all enemies with Bleed by 25% (up from 10%). The extra Focus for the whole team is reason enough to recommend upgrading the Passive.

Enemies killed by Spider Weaver cannot be revived. So Basic (with which she can do a ton of damage) should definitely be upgraded to Max and thus increase the damage potential even more, and also the possibility of permanently removing opponents from the fight with Weaver.


We don’t recommend anything from Noir’s Abilities except the Passive, which is an essential Upgrade. All three Abilities can be handy in various situations, but their upgrade to Max Level is not crucial enough to be worth the spent currency. It is pleasant to have Evade in CC (Basic). It is good to passively fill the Speed ​​Bar (as long as the target does not have negativities) (Special). And it is nice to cast Heal Block on enemies with Bleed (Ultimate). However, none of that is essential or even recommended, partly because Noir is generally not even a necessary member of the Tangle Web team. They can work perfectly (sometimes better) without him and with 3 good plug-and-play characters.


Team Red Stars

It’s not worth upgrading Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man (Noir) to more than 5 RS. Noir can even be completely ignored.

On the other hand, Weaver is a worthy upgrade. First and foremost, she is the primary character of the team. Necessary for the Apocalypse Saga and an excellent choice for the Dark Dimension. 7 RS is a reasonable choice for Weaver.

Farming Locations

  • Spider-Man 2099 – Villains Hard Mode 1-9, War Store
  • Spider Weaver – Incursion 3-7
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Heroes Hard Mode 7-6, Arena Store

On Spawn Buffs

Spider-Man 2099 – Speed Up
Spider-Man (Noir) – if HP is full at the start of the match he will gain Revive Once with 50% of Max Health (Cosmic Crucible)

In Cosmic Crucible – Stealth (2 turns), Barrier for 30% of Spider Weaver Max Health

Team Mechanics

The most important mechanic of the Tangled Web team is Charged, which Weaver is able to generate with her moves during combat. Namely, after Special or Ultimate, Spider Weaver gets Charged (even more in CC). When Charged, she lowers Accuracy by 100% for all enemies. When an enemy misses, she loses 1 Charged. This mechanic works perfectly against smaller crowds, when there are a lot of opponents she can quickly lose all Charged.


She acts as a Protector. However, she provides other benefits that protect the team, such as Stealth (2 turns) On Spawn to all Tangled Web or Barrier to the whole team (Crucible). On turn, she will Barrier herself, and when any of the Tangled Web ally characters is attacked, she gains 1 Ability Energy and fills Speed ​​Bar by 10%. So she will turn enemy attacks (which can mostly be misses due to the Charged mechanic) into an advantage.

Since he Spawns with Speed ​​Up, Spider-Man 2099 will (in most cases) play first and can open the fight with his Ultimate. With this, he will remove 3 buffs from all enemies (he gets +1000% Extra Focus when removing positive effects, so it will nearly always succeed) and apply Slow and Defense Down to everyone. Most importantly, he will fill Speed Bar by 20% for himself and all Tangled Web allies, allowing Spider Weaver to play immediately after him. With that initial move, he will make an advantage at the beginning of the fight for the Tangled Web team. After each Crit in the Crucible, 2099 prolongs the duration of negatives (except Stun, Ability Block, and Trauma).


Tangled Web has Drain and additional control – Ability Block, thanks to the Spider-Man 2099. He will also apply Offense Up to random allies that don’t have Offense Up, prioritizing Tangled Web allies. On top of that, he can clear positive effects from enemies with his Basic.

The Weaver+2099 combination is one of the best duos in the game. After his Ultimate, she will do her Ultimate and apply Stun + Trauma (deadly debuff combination) on the selected enemy. She also gains 3 Charged (5 in CC). With the special, she will get 1 Charged Offense and Defense UP, then transfer all that to other Tangled Web allies. Also applies Immunity to herself, and therefore, the whole team will have Immunity after the Special (but just in Crucible), with which Weaver can heal Tangled Web and 2 other random allies. Special attack is unavoidable, can chain to Stealth targets, and cannot be Blocked.


All enemies that Spider Weaver kills cannot be revived, making her even more powerful. With Basic, she can do a lot of damage and even (as long as she is a Striker and the target is Vulnerable) completely eliminate the opponent.

At first glance, Spider-Man (Noir) doesn’t bring much to the Tangled Web team. Other than a bunch of Bleeds and solid damage. However, his presence alone can help because Spider Weaver will have a more effective Passive.

Besides Bleed, he can apply Heal Block and Disrupted to enemies. He can passively fill his Speed ​​Bar whenever one of the enemies gets a positive effect. Or the target has no negativities at the end of Noir’s turn.

Spider-Man 2099 provides +20% Drain, +50% Focus, and +30% Resistance (+50% in CC) for the team.
Spider Weaver provides +30% Max Health (+40% in CC) for the team.
Spider-Man (Noir) provides +15% Damage for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Together with two or three other strong characters like the Eternal duo, Emma Frost, Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Apocalypse… Tangled Web can make a dangerous team. The most important thing is to start the fight with 2099 Ultimate and thus help Weaver to play right after while clearing enemy buffs and preparing the ground for her.

With Weaver, apply Stun to the most dangerous target. This move will accomplish two important things. First – strengthen the mitigation due to the Charged mechanic; second, weaken the opponent’s offensive potential by controlling one of them. Some teams (like Apocalypse teams in War and Arena or New Warriors in CC Offense) are unaffected by Accuracy reduction. Versus those teams, Tangled Web will have a hard time.


One thing to watch out for when playing Spider Weaver is that her Special doesn’t always get her Charged. Namely, if Weaver has Charged before she uses the Special, she will not get Charged. Only gets it if she doesn’t have any Charged. Even if the ability is excellent, sometimes it’s acceptable to wait a bit with Special and play Basic.

Weaver can be extremely dangerous in CC Defense. Characters that cannot control her (Stun, Ability Block) shouldn’t directly attack Spider Weaver or any Tangled Web. It will only help her to play as soon as possible and recharge her Ability Energy. You can always use New Warriors vs. them in CC. They are hard counters for most Tangled Web team combinations.


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