Rebirth is a unique team that has a lot of Protection and Sustain since 3 of the team members have a high chance of blocking incoming attacks. This distinguishes them from all other teams and solidifies them as an incredible Raid team.

They specialize in Raids and can excel in all of them, but the main focus is Bio nodes of the Incursion Raids.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Raids
  • Cosmic Crucible Season 4 (Stages 2 and 4)

This team is primarily for Raids. And there (in Raids), Rebirth members do the job perfectly. There is (currently) no team better than a Rebirth team for Bio nodes in Incursion Raids.

They can be functional in the current CC season as well. Especially in Stage 2 (where all Raid buffs are active) and Stage 4 (where all allies with Offense Up get an Assist), where (if strong enough) they can take some efficiency points from attackers. Occasionally even some defensive victories.

Their usability in other game modes varies depending on whether specific bonuses buff them (or not) (like Stage 2 in CC). Even then, you can’t say that Captain America and Company are the ultimate team for anything other than Raid.

Some of the members, like Captain America, can be a good choice for Dark Dimensions.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Three members of this team (Captain America, Captain Carter, and U.S. Agent) have over 100% chance to Block. That’s why it’s best to put Cap America in the middle and the other two next to him. Winter Soldier and Agent Venom are in the corners.

In Raids, Agent Venom will passively attack the opponent with the lowest HP every time a Rebirth member Blocks an attack. With this line-up (with three members who have the best chance to Block, of which the team’s protector is in the middle and the other two to the left and right of him), we can maximize the number of Blocked attacks. Hence the damage we will do to the enemies.

This way we also increase the Rebirth team’s Speed ​​Bar. Thanks to the Passive of U.S. Agent who fills everyone’s Speed ​​Bar by +5% every time someone Blocks (in Raids).

Outside of Raids, you can put Captain America in the corner and the U.S. Agent next to him.

Turn Order:

  1. Agent Carter
  2. U.S. Agent
  3. Captain America
  4. Winter Soldier
  5. Agent Venom

Iso-8 Classes

  • Winter Soldier – Striker
  • U. S. Agent – Skirmisher
  • Captain America – Fortifier / Healer
  • Captain Carter – Striker
  • Agent Venom – Raider

Winter Soldier is a pure Striker with powerful single-target attacks. He will never fail to Stun, so he doesn’t need the extra Focus from the Skirmisher class.

On the other hand, U.S. Agent benefits greatly from the Skirmisher class. Despite a good Focus, we must not allow him to fail his debuffs, which are essential for clean runs in Raids, and we also need someone to apply Vulnerability. He is an ideal Skirmisher, thanks to whom the Rebirth team will have control over the fights in Raids.


Captain America can be literally any class, but since he is Rebirth’s protector and a substantial part of the opponent’s damage will fall on him, he should be a Fortifier and thus increase his mitigation. Thanks to his Ultimate, he can play relatively often during fights and has a solid HP, so he can be a very useful Healer. Especially if you have a “smaller” underinvested Rebirth team.

Captain Carter is the second Striker of the team. Even though she is the Support character who keeps the Rebirth members alive, it is practical to have her as a Striker because her damage is not negligible, but mainly because of the follow-up attack after which she throws Regenerations on the most injured Rebirth ally.

Agent Venom is the team’s main damage dealer and a character who attacks multiple enemies with most of his attacks, so Raider is an ideal Iso-8 class for him to maximize his damage output.


Team T4’s


  • Winter Soldier – Ultimate
  • U. S. Agent – Special and Passive
  • Captain America – Special and Passive
  • Captain Carter – Ultimate
  • Agent Venom – Ultimate and Passive

Winter Soldier’s Ultimate on Max level will increase the duration of Stun to 2 turns (up from 1) and increase damage. It is essential to have this ability upgraded because it will increase the effectiveness of Rebirth control in Raids.

If you upgrade U.S. Agent Special to Max level, you will increase the duration of Ability Blocks (on all 3 targets) to 2 turns (up from 1). Same story as Winter Soldier Ultimate. It will significantly improve team battle control in Raids and give them an advantage. On the other hand, level 5 Passive will increase the Speed Bar of all members by 5% after any of them Block. It will also increase the Focus of everyone by 15%. It works only in Raids and only for Rebirth members. Rebirth is not a fast team, and because of that U. S. Agent Passive on Max is essential to bridge over Speed inferiority in Raids. They will Block so often, and every time their Speed Bar will go up.

Upgrading Cap America Special to Max level is a must. He will serve as Ability Energy battery (among his other duties). With Special on Max, his effectiveness in that job will be much better. All 4 Rebirth allies will gain 1 Ability Energy, and some of them even 2 after Cap uses his Ultimate. He will also clear all negatives from self (up from 2). His Passive will additionally increase teams’ Health (+20%) and his Block Amount (+10%) (after upgrading to Max Level). When an ally drops below 50% Max Health, his passive Taunt duration will be 2 turns (up from 1).


When upgraded to Max Level, Captain Carter Ultimate is the crucial ability for the Rebirth team. Damage will be increased, but that is nothing compared to Safeguard for all team members (2 turns). It is an essential buff that will prevent all positive effects from being removed. In combination with Cap America Special, and if they are correctly used, those two abilities will give permanent Safeguard + Imunity for the whole team (in Raids).

Agent Venom is the team’s main damage dealer, and to improve his Damage, we can upgrade his Ultimate to Max Level. It will give +30% more damage for each Positive and Negative effect on the primary target. His Ultimate is an enormous AOE attack – an upgrade will make it deadlier. Passive ability on Max Level will provide more damage to the entire team (In Raids), and Agent Venom will gain +20% Crit Damage.



  • Winter Soldier – Passive
  • Captain America – Basic and Ultimate
  • Captain Carter – Special and Passive
  • Agent Venom – Special

Winter Soldier Passive will give +10% Crit Chance for himself and all Rebirth allies (25% in total). This upgrade will increase team damage potential.

If you upgrade Basic Captain America, you will get better mitigation for the whole team. Namely, he will apply Offense Down up to 3 targets for 2 turns (up from 1). Therefore, the entire Rebirth team takes potentially less damage. His Ultimate will do more damage and always chain to 3 additional targets. But the most important thing is that it will fill his Speed ​​Bar by +30% (+60% in total). Which will enable him to play much more often.

Carter’s Special will Revive a dead Rebirth ally with 60% Health (up from 30%). It will also do more damage. This ability on Max is useful for lower-power Rebirth teams, and if your Rebirth characters die often, then it is worth upgrading. Passive (same as Special) will increase her support so that when she or any Rebirth ally drops below 30% Max Health for the first time, she will heal that character (or herself) for 30% of her Max Health. This will only work in Raids.

Agent Venom Special is a powerful single-target attack that deals Piercing damage. Improving it to the Max will significantly increase its damage. So much so that he will be able to 1-shot some targets.


Team Red Stars

Since this team will be used daily (every day in Raids), and since it is important for the general progress of both players personally and the entire Alliance, we recommend upgrading each character to at least 5 RS.

Captain America (as a team protector and a character who will receive the most harm) can go up to 7 RS. Especially if you plan to use him in the Dark Dimension. It is good to upgrade Agent Venom because he is the character who will do the most damage and thus make the team job easier in Raids. Rebirth teams with less power can’t complete Boss nodes on higher-difficulty Incursion Raids on the first try. They (simply) run out of time, so upgrading Agent Venom to 6 or 7 RS (depending on how many Yellow you have) would solve that problem.

Do not spend Gold Promotion credits on the other three members of this team. If you happen to randomly draw them from Elite Orbs – great. If not, it doesn’t matter.


Farming Locations

  • Winter Soldier – Nexus 1-9, Gamma Raid Orbs
  • U. S. Agent – Villains 7-6
  • Captain America – Heroes 6-9
  • Captain Carter – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Agent Venom – Arena Store

As you can see, the entire team is quite accessible.


On Spawn Buffs

In Raids – Defense Up (2 turns)
In all game modes – 2 Deflects

Team Mechanics

The Rebirth team is made for Raids, and they function as a powerful machine that is almost impossible to apply debuffs to or remove buffs from. Namely, Captain America will (after using Special, which he can do on his first turn) remove all debuffs from himself, 2 debuffs from all other Rebirth allies, and apply Immunity and Defense Up to everyone. He will Taunt and take most of the enemy’s hits on himself. While Cap Carter will cast Safeguard on everyone with her Ultimate (which she can also use on her first turn).

Therefore, very soon after the start of the fight, Rebirth gets a powerful Safeguard + Immunity combination. Thanks to their abilities, they can maintain it throughout the whole combat. Sadly, this is only related to Raids because Captain Carter will not apply Safeguard outside of it.

Literally, everyone has low cooldowns for abilities, and thanks to Captain America, they get additional Ability Energy (even more in Raids), and Cap Carter extends the duration of all buffs with her Special. So they are able to maintain them without any problems. With that, they significantly increase their mitigation, and it is worth mentioning that Captain America can passively Taunt as soon as one of the allies falls below 50% Max HP. If someone happens to die, Captain Carter has the Revive ability (Special).


Captain Carter can heal the Rebirth team with all her abilities. Through Special, she applies 3 Deflects, 1 Counter, and 1 Deathproof on everyone (Raids).

Whenever Captain America is attacked, all Rebirth characters gain Offense Up (Winter Soldier Passive), which increases their offensive and control abilities.

While U.S. Agent passively increases the Speed ​​Bar for everyone, Agent Venom passively attacks the most injured enemy, ignoring Stealth and Taunt, after every ally Block. And thanks to the high Block chance and team positions, it happens constantly. This is related only to the Raid game mode.

U.S. Agent, Captain Carter, and Captain America have over 100% Block Chance thanks to their Passives. Captain America has a +20% Block Amount (+50% in Raids).

When it comes to control, they are also more than excellent. Winter Soldier is able to clear 3 positive effects on the primary target and apply Heal Block with his Ultimate. He will also Stun and Disrupt for 2 turns in Raids.


The U.S. The Agent can Stun the primary target with his Ultimate and apply Slow to all opponents in Raids. While with Special, he can apply Ability Block to the primary and 1 adjacent target. In raids – Ability Block lasts 2 turns and applies it to the third target (a non-summoned enemy with the highest Speed while ignoring Taunt and Stealth). He can also clear 1 Positive effect from all enemies on his turn.

Winter Soldier provides +30% Resistance (+60% in Raids) and +25% Crit Chance for the team.
U.S. Agent provide +30% Focus (+60% in Raids) for the team.
Captain America provides +20% Max Health (+40% in Raids) for the team.
Captain Carter provides +30% Armor (+60% in Raids) and +30% Max Health (+60% in Raids) for the team.
Agent Venom provides +30% Damage (+60% in Raids) for the team

Combat Tips & Tricks

It’s evident from all the buffs and mechanics that Rebirth is a powerhouse for Raids, but Incursion Raids (higher difficulties especially) are not easy at all so they will require smart play.

The most important thing is to start each new node with all Abilities ready on all characters. The easiest way to do this is to eliminate the most dangerous opponents first leave the most harmless ones for the end, and deal with them with Basic attacks. Rebirth characters have low cooldowns, so they won’t have a problem filling Ability Energy quickly.


At the very beginning of each node, use Carter’s Ultimate and apply Safeguard to the whole team, control the most dangerous opponents with U.S. Agent and Winter Soldier Ultimates (for example, Omega Red and Sersi on the 1st Incursion Bio node). It might seem tempting to use Captain America’s Ultimate first (because it fills up the Speed ​​Bar and can play again relatively quickly), but that would be a mistake. It is essential to use the Special as the first Cap move. So he will make a powerful Safeguard+Def Up+Immunity combination, Taunt, and give Ability Energy to all Rebirth allies, enabling them to have essential abilities ready again as soon as possible. With Agent Venom, it’s best to target the enemy with the most positive and negative effects and use the Ultimate. That way, you will do the most damage to all opponents.

On Agent Carter’s second turn, use her Special, even if (thanks to the Ability Energy obtained from Captain America) you have an Ultimate ready. Because (as long as all the team members are alive) when using Special Agent Carter will extend all the positive effects on everyone. This will extend the Safeguard+Def UP+Immunity combo. That way, you can prolong it infinitely. As long as the combat duration allows. It would be wise to save CDs when you see that the fight will end soon.

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