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Death Seed



Everyone, who’s on the hunt for the Apocalypse, will be familiar with this team. It’s quite a unique team that has two Legendary characters on it, Archangel and Magneto.

Death Seed team is in high demand, being used in a multitude of Game Modes on a daily basis. Mainly in Incursion Raids.


Team Members

death seed infographic

(left to right)



  • Doom & Incursion Raids
  • Alliance War Defense ( Secret Strike )
  • Cosmic Crucible Offense
  • Gamma Raid IV (Brotherhood, X-Men nodes)

The main focus for this team, first and foremost, is Raids. Specifically the Mutant section of the Incursiod Raids since Death Seed is the only team that can reliably clear that section.

Their kits make them a very strong team. Even without all the Raid Bonuses, they are constantly used in War on Defense or Offense. As well as in Cosmic Crucible, primarily on Offense. 

Archangel can also be encountered in Arena since he was a part of the old Arena Meta, but his utility there is dwindling. 

Some individual members are often used in Dark Dimensions – Nemesis, Archangel, Magneto. 


Team Placement & Turn Order

This team doesn’t have a Protector, in fact, they specifically have Resistance against Taunt, so that no enemy could apply Taunt to them. This makes their team placement irrelevant. 

Turn order would look like this:

  1. Magneto
  2. Archangel
  3. Dark Beast
  4. Nemesis
  5. Psylocke

Magneto will always take the first turn since he gets a bonus Speed Bar from his Passive. Everyone else’s Turn Order is based on their Speed.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Archangel – Raider
  • Magneto – Striker/Skirmisher
  • Dark Beast – Skirmisher
  • Nemesis – Raider
  • Psylocke – Striker

Whenever any Death Seed character deals a Crit, the team heals for 3% of Archangel’s Max Health, thanks to his Passive ability. That’s why to increase sustain we should aim to have a lot of Critical hits. This is one of the reasons for having Raider on Archangel, the second one being that his Basic and Special Abilities hit multiple targets.

Magneto being a Skirmisher will help him land Blinds and Ability Block, especially when facing strong opponents in War or Crucible. Additionally, since he always goes first he can set up a Vulnerable Effect early on for someone else to exploit it. If you primarily use him in Raids only, Striker will work better on him, since his Basic Attacks can prolong Negative Effects.


Dark Beast is the controller on the team, he applies Ability Block with his Ultimate, a lot of Bleed with his Basic attack, can flip Positive effects, and even summon a clone of the enemy when in Raids. He will benefit from the increased focus of the Skirmisher Class. 

While Nemesis is a healer for the Death Seed team, he does that by stealing Health from his opponents, and since all of his attacks affect multiple enemies Raider makes sense for him. It will increase the Damage he deals and the Health he steals. 

Psulocke’s Basic attack deals a decent amount of Piercing Damage and applies Defense Down. Having her as a Striker will increase her damage output.


Team T4’s


  • Magneto – Passive, Special
  • Dark Beast – Passive, Ultimate
  • Nemesis – Ultimate
  • Psylocke – Passive

Dark Beast’s Passive will on turn, flip 1 Positive Effect on an enemy with the highest Speed. In Raids, he will flip 3 Positive Effects instead. His Ultimate will apply Ability Block for 2 turns(instead of 1), which in Raids is very useful. 

Magneto’s Passive will allow him to get 5 Ability Energy at the start of any Raid battle, which means that he will nearly always start the fight with his Ultimate and apply Blind to nearly everyone. This Ability gives Death Seed a major advantage when it comes to Raids, so it should be one of the first to upgrade. And his Special will slow the target and apply Ability Block(in Raids)

Nemesis’s Ultimate will apply Trauma to all enemies for 2 turns when in Raids, meaning that your enemies won’t be able to cleanse at all. 

Psylocke’s Passive simply guarantees(instead of 50% chance) that Death Seed will get Evande, Counter, and Deflect on Spawn. 



  • Archangel’s Special, Ultimate, Passive
  • Nemesis’s Special, Passive
  • Psylocke’s Ultimate

Upgrading Archangel’s abilities will increase his Damage. He will transfer all Positive Effects to himself from the target on his Ultimate(instead of 3), and on his Special he will cleanse 3 Negative Effects from his team(instead of 2). You can even upgrade his Basic, which will apply more Bleed in Raids, for Incursion Raids that can be very useful. 

Archangel also has two awakened abilities – Passive and Special. Those Abilities only apply to Horsemen and Apocalypse and they extend the current Archangel’s kit. So all the benefits that Archangel provides to his team he will now also provide to Apocalypse and Horseman. 

In terms of Arena, this is useless at this point. Horsemen teams are being slowly but steadily replaced and even before that, Archangel was the first one to be dropped.


But in Incursion Raids, especially on the highest difficulties, you could use Apocalypse with Death Seed. So for that reason only you could awaken his Abilities.

Nemesis’s Special will steal more health, +10% now, and will apply Speed Up to his team for 2 turns (instead of 1). And his Passive will increase the team’s Damage.

Psylocke’s Ultimate will add a 25% Speed Bar reduction, which while not exceptional, can still be useful.


Team Red Stars

Archangel can be left at 5 Red Stars. He uses Dark Promotion Credits for upgrades, which are rare, considering the amounts we need for a single upgrade. 

Magneto and Psylocke are also enough at 5 Red Stars, although they use standard Gold and Silver Promotion Credits.

Nemesis uses standard promotion credits as well, and he will benefit from having high Red Stars the most so you could take him to 6 Red Stars or more, if you have the credits for it. 

And if your Dark Beast has problems applying Negative Effects even with Skirmisher Class, you could also promote him to 6 Red Stars, which will increase his Focus.

Farming Locations

  • Magneto – Legendary Event
  • Archangel – Death Scourge
  • Nemesis – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Dark Beast – Doom 1-6
  • Psylocke – Nexus 4-9, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs


On Spawn Buffs

  • Death Seed – 1 of each Evade, Counter, and Deflect. 
  • Magneto + 75% Speed Bar. 

In Raids, also:

  • Magneto + 90% Speed Bar instead
  • Death Seed +15% Speed Bar
  • Death Seed – Defense Up for 2 Turns

Team Mechanics

One of the main benefits of this team is the Speed and the severity of their first turn. Due to Magneto’s Passive filling his Speed Bar, he will almost always be the first to take a turn, and he will grab all enemies grouping them together and apply Blind to them. Because of Blind, most enemies will waste their first attacks. 


Grouping enemies together also exposes them to Attacks that deal damage to Adjacent targets, and everyone on the Death Seed team has them. 

Archangel can use an Area of Effect attack to hit the Adjacent targets as his first turn, or he could use his Ultimate, which will deal massive Damage to a single target.

On every kill, he will Generate 1 Ability Energy for self and Death Seed allies. And on every Crit attack, he will heal himself and the team for +3% of his Max Health. Most importantly, on every kill he will also reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies by 10%(or 25% in Raids) and will hit the weakest target with Piercing damage.


Every time an enemy dies, he will also do a Passive Attack that will target the most injured enemy(ignoring Stealth and Taunt) and Reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies by 10% (in Raids reduction is 25% instead). 

Nemesis is a Damage dealer/Healer. He can share the buffs that Archangel has with the whole team and apply Speed Up, and all his attacks do a small amount of Health Steal (5/10%) that he then redistributes to his allies. A big advantage of this is that it bypasses Heal Block. In Raids, he will also apply Trauma with his Ultimate, which can be invaluable. Nemesis’s grace mechanic will apply Speed Up and fill Speed Bar by +50% to any Death Seed ally when they fall below 50% Max Health.

Dark Beast’s main function is to Ability Block on one dangerous target at the start of the fight and Revive a fallen ally. But he can also deal a ton of Damage since he will assist on each Death Seed turn and Apply tons of Bleed, as well as Heal Block and Offense Down.

When he or any Death Seed ally have an active Defense Up, they gain +50% Armor. In Raids, if a Death Seed character has Offense Up he gains +50% Damage, and if he has Speed Up – +50% Speed.


Dark Beast also gets +25% Assist chance per Death Seed ally, meaning that in a full Death Seed team he will assist on each attack and apply a lot of Bleeds that way. He can also flip a Positive into a Negative effect on turn (or flip 3 in Raids)

Psylocke’s main function is to transfer Negative Effects back at the enemies with her Ultimate and to Clear Positive Effects with her Special. On Spawn Effects that she provides to the team(Counter, Evade, Deflect) are also valuable, but when building variations of this team she will be the first one to be dropped. Also, when a Death Seed ally drops below 50% Max Health her grace mechanic will trigger and apply Evade+Counter to that ally.

Magneto – +10,000% Resistance against Taunt, +60% Resistance, +60% Focus, +30% Max Health for Death Seed

Archangel – +30% Armor, + 15% Crit Chance – for Death Seed

Nemesis – +30% Damage for Death Seed. Lower Armor forr targets with Bleed by 30%.


Combat Tips & Tricks

When attacking with this team Death Seed fills like a well-oiled destruction machine: You take the first turn and gain advantage by blinding your enemies, they waste their first attacks and get damaged from counterattacks that Psyloke applied on Spawn. Dark Beast can Ability Block the target that has an Unavoidable attack or a Cleansing Ability and as soon as the first target dies the opponents begin to crumble from Archangel’s Passive, which will start hitting the weakest enemy and feeding more Ability Energy to the team. 

The only way this team loses a fight is if their first attack was negated in some way. A perfect example of that is Infinity Watch, they Spawn with Immunity and Safeguard, which means that they will be unaffected by the Blind and all other Negative Effects that Death Seed can apply, at least for the first couple of turns.

When going against Death Seed, you could also use Death Seed since they can perfectly counter each other. Both Magneto’s will Apply Blind, but enemy’s Archangel will be controlled by the AI and it will use the Ultimate ability first and miss. In this situation, if you use your Archangel’s Special it will cleanse 3 Negative Effects from your team and then Attack, and, no longer Blinded, your team will reap the victory. 


Teams like Underworld or A-Force can punch up very High on Death Seed in War. Underworld has a big Unavoidable attack from Taskmaster that will cripple Death Seed and A-Force are fast, they will go after Magneto took his turn, remove the Blinds and apply Trauma to Death Seed.

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters page.


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