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Undying is the ultimate War team specializing in Offense but excellent in general in War. As long as they are improved enough, they can get literally any defense. Undying is a must-have team (especially if you are in a War-oriented Alliance). They are good enough in all aspects of the game to justify the investment.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War

War Offense is the game mode for Undying. They shine there, but they can be excellent in other game modes (as well). In CC, for example.

Team Placement & Turn Order

Juggernaut (Zombie), as a Protector, goes to one corner, Hela goes to the other, and Iron Man (Zombie) can be in the middle.

Undying is not a fast team (besides War Offense). Jugger will play first, then Hela, and finally Iron Man. However, in War Offense, due to Iron Man (Zombie) Passive, on Spawn, he and Juggernaut (Zombie) will get Speed ​​Up, so the two of them will become significantly faster in that game mode, and the order of play will go like this: Jugger, Iron Man, Hela.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Hela – Raider
  • Iron Man (Zombie) – Striker
  • Juggernaut (Zombie) – Striker

Hela is a good Raider because she attacks all opponents with her Ultimate and two opponents with the Basic attack. She has a good Focus bonus for herself and the entire Undying trio and a huge Focus bonus when she uses Ultimate. So, Skirmisher isn’t necessary for her.

Iron Man (Zombie) is best given to Striker Iso-8 Class because even with the Follow-Up attack, he applies 2 Bleed (if Basic is maxed). And Bleed is essential for this team. Also, all Characters that Iron Man (Zombie) kills with his Basic or Ultimate cannot be revived, so it is good to increase his Damage and enable him to deliver the final blow.

Juggernaut (Zombie) can apply 2 Bleed with a follow-up attack. It makes sense to give him Striker Iso-8 Class.

Everyone has a significantly increased Focus on all their crucial Abilities, so Skirmisher is unnecessary for any of them. Hela (as a Raider) will put on enough Vulnerability to targets that these two Strikers can exploit.


Team T4’s


  • Hela – Ultimate and Passive
  • Iron Man (Zombie) – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Juggernaut (Zombie) – Special and Passive

Hela will clear all Barriers from all enemies and spread all Negative effects from primary to all secondary targets with a max Ultimate. With this upgrade, we get the removal of all Barriers, which is very useful, and the possibility that after Hela plays, the opposing team will be full of negatives. Theoretically, everyone might have Ability Block + Slow + a bunch of Bleed.

By upgrading the Passive Hela gains additional protection when she drops below 50% Health by summoning an Undead Asgardian and applying Taunt to all Undead Asgardian allies. This will protect her and force opponents to hit Minions. It is crucial to keep Hela alive because without her, this team loses a lot of sustain, and Iron Man (Zombie) can’t come back to life.

With a maxed Special, Iron Man (Zombie) will apply Trauma (2 turns) to the primary target in War Offense and gain Safeguard (2 turns). Trauma is the most important debuff that prevents the removal of negative effects from the target. Safeguard is the most important buff that prevents the removal of positive effects from the character. So this upgrade is essential as we want a great Undying War Offense team.


If his Ultimate is upgraded, Zombie Iron Man will clear all Charged on the primary and highest resistance targets (in War Offense). An excellent upgrade when fighting opponents with Charged mechanics.

With the Passive at the Max level, we will increase the team’s offensive potential in War Offense. Because enemies with Bleed take an additional 25% Damage.

With maxed Special, Juggernaut (Zombie) will flip Taunt and Immunity on all targets and disable enemy protectors. Since we know that Immunity flips into Disrupted, and with his Special Juggernaut (Zombie) applies Trauma to all opponents. This means enemy protectors will not be able to Taunt. Opposite from Taunt is Bleed, so Taunt flips into Bleed. An added bonus for an Undying team if there is an enemy with Taunt before Jugger uses his Special. On top of all that, Juggernaut (Zombie) will prolong all Negative effects on each target.

Passive at maximum will additionally increase Resistance for the whole team, and in War Offense, if Juggernaut (Zombie) Health is greater or equal to 50%, enemies will have 75% less Resistance. With this upgrade, we increase the defensive and offensive potential of the Undying team.



  • Hela – Basic and Special
  • Iron Man (Zombie) – Basic
  • Juggernaut (Zombie) – Ultimate

If we max Hela’s Basic, she will apply Bleed to the most injured target. This upgrade is not necessary, but it is handy.

With her Special, Hela will apply Disrupted for 2 turns (up from 1) and 2 Bleed (up from 1). Same as with Basic Basic, it is unnecessary to upgrade this Ability, but it is helpful.

By upgrading the Basic attack to Max, we add 2 Bleed to the primary target (up from 1), but even more so, the Assist/Counter/Follow-Up attack also gets 2 Bleed (up from 0). If Iron Man (Zombie) is a Striker, this will boost his additional attack. He will have the opportunity to Assist Hela during the fight, so upgrading his Basic is desirable.

With a maxed Ultimate, we will increase Jugger’s Damage he does with that move, but more importantly, we will increase the Drain hence increasing his sustain. Useful Upgrade.


Team Red Stars

Giving Hela as many Red Stars as possible is a good move, making her more durable. It’s worth spending Gold Promotion Credits on her and giving her Red Stars at 6 or 7. 5 is the minimum she should have (if you don’t have enough Gold Promotion Credits).

Iron Man (Zombie) and Juggernaut (Zombie) upgrade their Red Stars via Dark Promotion Credits. Iron Man (Zombie) works well with a small amount of Red Stars (even without Red Stars). So 3 is good to have, and it doesn’t cost much. We recommend putting at least 3 (if possible 4) Red Stars on both him and Jugger (Zombie).

Farming Locations

  • Hela – Villains 3-9, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Iron Man (Zombie) – Incursion 3-9

Hela is affordable to farm. Any active player will have no problem getting her to 7 Yellow Stars. Iron Man (Zombie) has his farming location in the Incursion Campaign, and Juggernaut (Zombie) is not farmable.


On Spawn Buffs

Hela – Stealth
Iron Man (Zombie) – Defense Up (2 turns), Speed Up (2 turns) to self and Juggernaut (Zombie) ally (War Offense)
Juggernaut (Zombie) – Taunt, 2 Charged (War Offense)

In War Offense – Defense Up (2 turns)
In all game modes

Team Mechanics

The Undying trio is probably the strongest War Offense team in the game.

Hela is the leader of this team and the character who can Summon a bunch of Undying Asgardian minions. At the beginning of the fight, she gets Stealth and Summons an Undead Asgardian. Whenever an Undead Asguardian minion dies, she Summons another and gains +1 Deathproof (max 3). She practically constantly Summons an Undead Asgardian because whenever opponents kill one, she Summons another.


She has excellent sustain because she heals on turn for +15% Max Health. When she drops below 50% Health, she Summons Undead Asgardian and applies Taunt to all summoned minions. In this way, she practically forces opponents to attack her Minions and thus defend herself. She also boosts Focus to the Undying team by almost double (+90%).

Whenever an Undead Asgardian dies, he will heal most injured non-summoned Undying (or Asgardian) ally for 180% of his Max Health and reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies by 10%. So if the opponents kill one of them while Hela is alive, someone from the team will be healed, and the entire opposing team will lose 10% of the Speed ​​Bar. It can happen very often and, most importantly, it’s a passive mechanic, so it doesn’t waste moves.

This way, the Undying team manipulates the opponent’s Speed ​​Bar. Undying Asgardian minions have low Health. They are easy to kill, and that’s (exactly) what we want. In addition to everything mentioned in War Offense, if they die, they flip 2 negative effects and apply Immunity to all non-summoned Undying allies. Their death in War Offense not only hurts the opponents but also boosts their team.


Undead Asgardian can self-destruct on their first turn by attacking one of the opponents with their Special, applying 2 Bleed and Heal Block (2 turns) to them and removing Revive Once from them(if Iron Man (Zombie) is an ally). So regardless of whether the enemies kill them or not (and it’s close to impossible not to kill them), they will die and rise again, buffing their own and debuffing the opposing team.

Because of all this, but also because of Iron Man (Zombie), who (like Minions) can constantly come back to life as long as Hela lives, it is crucial to keep Hela alive as long as possible.


Juggernaut Zombie can also come back to life, but he does it in a slightly different way. Whenever Undying ally is summoned or revived, he will gain +1 Charged. So whenever opponents kill an Undead Asgardian and Hela summons them again, or when they kill Iron Man (Zombie) and he Revives, Jugger (Zombie) will get +1 Charged. In War Offense, he starts the fight with 2 Charged. If he dies and has 5 Charged on him, he Revives with +70% Max Health and then loses 5 Charged.

Jugger (Zombie) also gains +30% Damage and +10% Drain (Drain only in War Offense) per Charged. So killing and respawning minions also increases the offensive potential and sustain of the team.

When Jugger (Zombie) is attacked, if he has Charged, he fills Speed ​​Bar by 40% and allows himself to play fast.


This covers everything the Undying team gets through the Hela Passive ability to Summon Undead Asgardian. Directly and indirectly. And we’ve seen that it’s a really crucial team mechanic. That’s where everything starts and makes all of the above possible.

Hela Basic attacks hit the primary target and flip Deathproof, then attack the most injured enemy and apply Bleed. A handy way of adding more Bleed to opponents. While with Special, she applies Disrupted (2 turns) and 2 Bleed, then calls Iron Main (Zombie) (2 Bleed) or Juggernaut (Zombie) (2 Bleed) to attack the primary target. On top of that, a random Undead Asgardian ally will assist (Heal Block). In parentheses is indicated what each of the mentioned Assists can apply to the target, so the target after the Hela Special will have Disrupted (2 turns), Heal Block, and 4 Bleed.


Ultimate is one of the key Abilities of the Undying because, with it, Hela will remove all Barriers and 3 Deathproofs from all opponents. And then spread all negativities from the primary target to other targets (except Stun). After all that, Hela will apply 2 Regenerations to herself and all non-summoned Undying allies. With this move (if the right target is picked as primary), Hela can debuff the entire enemy team with a ton of debuffs. A unique way of total control of the opponents.

Hela passively gains +45% Max Health, which increases her sustain.

Iron Man (Zombie) is a character with the Mind Control mechanic. Namely, after he attacks the opponent with a Basic and applies 2 Bleed, the target will be mind-controlled to attack the most injured enemy that does not have Bleed. In War Offense, a mind-controlled target will have increased Damage. After this hit, Iron Man (Zombie) will fill the Speed ​​Bar of all summoned Undead Asgardian allies by 30%, allowing them to get their turn to play sooner.


He attacks the primary target with his Special and inflicts crucial debuffs – Bleed, Disrupted, Ability Block (everything for 2 turns). While in War Offense, he adds Trauma (2 turns) to all of that and applies Safeguard (2 turns) on himself. This is the target that Hela should then attack with her Ultimate. And Hela’s Ultimate, the entire team will have all those debuffs. Same as after Basic, Iron Man (Zombie) will fill the Speed ​​Bar for all summoned Undead Asgardian allies by 30%. He does this after every move. With the difference that after the Special, he fills up the Hela Speed ​​Bar by 10%, allowing her to play earlier.

Iron Man (Zombie) Ultimate is a devastating hit that hits all opponents and always Crits against an enemy with Bleed. Since when he is ready to use Ultimate, everyone on the opposing team will likely have Bleed this is a safe Crit. In addition, it inflicts Defense Down on all targets and prolongs the duration of all negative effects. If you invest your resources into Iron Man (Zombie) and upgrade him to max (or close) don’t be surprised if, after his Ultimate, the fight is over. Characters who die by this cannot be brought back to life, and in War Offense, with this move, Iron Man (Zombie) will clear all Charged from the primary and targets with the highest Resistance. A great way of removing Charged from the Gamma team (for example).

We scratched on the Iron Man (Zombie) Mind Control mechanic while describing his Basic attack. But his passive Mind Control is much more effective. Whenever the opponent takes Damage from Bleed, the Zombie will Mind Control him to attack the most injured enemy. This is why we mentioned earlier that Bleed is essential for this team. Out of War Offense, that mind-controlled enemy will attack for -30% Damage, while in War Offense, it will get +30% Damage. We know that thanks to the Iron Man (Zombie) Passive, opponents with Bleed get 25% more Damage (in War Offense). Mind Control mechanic alone is enough to cripple the entire opposing team.


When above 50% HP, Iron Man (Zombie) makes his entire team immune to Stun, and enemies cannot get Deathproof. This is all related to the War Offense game mode only. This is crucial and allows everyone from the Undying team to play in the early stages of the fight.

Juggernaut (Zombie), with his Basic hit, applies 2 Bleed to the primary target. Then he chaines to 1 adjacent target and spreads all Bleed from the primary to a secondary target. In War Offense, if the primary target has Bleed, he will additionally attack it for 10% of the target’s Max Health. The attack cannot be blocked. This attack is another way to get as much Bleed as possible on enemies.


Special is his crucial move, and Jugger uses it immediately. He will flip Taunt and Immunity on all enemies and apply Slow (2 turns) to them. In War Offense, he adds Trauma to all this, and the attack gets extra Focus (hardly anyone will be able to resist it), is Unavoidable, and cannot be blocked. After the attack, Jugger (Zombie) will apply Taunt and 3 Deflect. He Spawns with Taunt but can immediately regenerate it after the first turn. So he can continue to protect his team.

This fast start and Trauma + Slow on all enemies will enable the Undying team in War Offense to gain an initial advantage and secure a victory.


With Ultimate, Juggernaut (Zombie) removes all Negatives from himself and heals for 5% per Negative effect removed. Then, he additionally heals for 10% of his Max Health. Once healed, he will spread all Bleed from the primary to adjacent targets. Then Jugger will attack all of them (primary and adjacent targets) with enormous Damage. The more Bleed there is on those targets, the better because he will deal additional Damage per Bleed. Jugger (Zombie) also adds +50% Drain to this, so he heals extra. If someone survives, Jugger prolongs all Bleed on them (only in War Offense). Also, in War Offense, this attack is Unavoidable.

With the Special, Juggernaut (Zombie) could jump from 1% Health to 100% for sure.

When he drops below 50% Health, he removes Taunt and Heal Block (if he has Heal Block on him), gains +2 Deathproof, and applies Taunt to a random Undead Asgardian ally. So he defends himself by pushing Hela’s Minion to tank. And when the Minion dies, Juggernaut gets Charged. Juggernaut (Zombie) also gets +30% Damage per Charged, and, on War Offense, +10% Drain per Charged. All this serves to make him more lethal and strengthens his survivability.


Like his counterpart version, he is immune to Stun. In War Offense, if his Health is greater or equal to 50%, he lowers enemy Resistance by 75%, enabling even easier application of all negative effects on enemies. Even more important – while his Health is greater than or equal to 50% – the opponents cannot gain Speed ​​Up. This prevents various Speed ​​Up On Spawn and during the fight. Giving the Undying team a massive advantage because this is primarily a turn-based game, and if they can’t speed up, the opponents will be more easily defeated.

Hela provides +25% Damage for the team (War).

Iron Man (Zombie) provides +50% Max Health for the team.

Juggernaut (Zombir) provides +100% Resistance for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

If enough is invested in the Undying team, you get a War Offense machine that grinds everything in front of them. According to what we see right now, no one can defend against this trio, especially when we add two more solid characters to them. Like, for example, the Tangled Web duo, or Eternals duo, Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Quicksilver…

Jugger (Zombie) will play first and you should use his Special immediately. You will destroy the protection the opponents have and slow them all down. After that, with Iron Man (Zombie), apply the Ability Block + Trauma + Disrupted to the key target, and later, with Hela, spread it to every opponent.


Iron Man (Zombie) and Juggernaut (Zombie) have excellent stats, and if you are willing to spend Dark Promotion credits, it will pay off. Because they will destroy everything in front of them with their attacks.

Be sure with Juggernaut (Zombie) Ultimate to pick the target with plenty of Bleed to increase the Damage he will do. He is able to literally wipe out everything he hits with this shot as long as he has enough Bleed on the targets.

Undying will definitely be a hard counter for Infestation because Jugger (Zombie) will prevent Big Time from getting Speed ​​Up On Spawn, play before him, inflict Trauma, and Slow on him (as well as the whole team). After that, Iron Man (Zombie) will apply Ability Block on Big Time, so Hella will transfer it nicely to the entire Infestation team = easy win.


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