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Weapon X



Despite being quite old, this team is still relevant mainly because of the Legendary Character Omega Red. And even if at this moment it’s not worth investing so much in the other members, Omega is still a good character that has its value in almost every game mode, so if you don’t have a strong Omega Red – try to change that.


Team Members

weapon x

(left to right)



  • Alliance War

Their primary purpose is War, as an offensive or defensive team. For all other game modes, they are significantly worse.

Individually, Weapon X characters can be good candidates for Dark Dimension. Omega Red is one of the best choices for Legendary nodes, and the others because they are cheap and useful. They aren’t excellent, like Omega, but they can help.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Silver Samurai is the protector of the team. He goes in the corner. The position of the others is not so important. You can (or don’t have to) hide the Omega Red in another corner, but it all depends on the opponents you’re facing.

Turn Order in War:

  • Omega Red
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Sabretooth
  • Wolverine
  • Silver Samurai

Lady Deathstrike is the fastest, so she would play first in all other modes. However, in War, Omega Red passively fills his Speed ​​Bar and will play first.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Lady Deathstrike – Striker / Raider
  • Sabretooth – Raider
  • Omega Red – Striker
  • Wolverine – Raider
  • Silver Samurai – Skirmisher / Fortifier

Lady Deathstrike hits multiple targets with her strikes, so she’s a very good Raider. She can also be a Striker if you want to increase her Damage.

Sabretooth and Wolverine attack multiple targets with their abilities, and it’s best for the team if they are Raiders. We need increased Crit Chance and Vulnerability on targets.

Omega Red in War has an increased focus, so Striker is an option for him in that game mode. In the Dark Dimension, we face much stronger opponents, so it is better to have him as a Skirmisher. That way crucial debuffs that he can apply will have a lower chance of being resisted.

Silver Samurai can be a Fortifier which will increase his survivability. But with a Skirmisher Iso-8 Class, he can remove buffs from opponents. He can Counter, and with each counter, he will remove buffs.


Team T4’s


  • Omega Red – Ultimate and Passive
  • Silver Samurai – Special and Passive

Omega Red Ultimate on Max Level will flip all Positive effects (up from 3) on enemies and do more Damage. It is an essential upgrade for the Weapon X team because many enemies they will face will have more than 3 positives on them. Omega’s Ultimate is a fight-ending move, so we want it to be as effective as possible. Passive will increase the entire team’s Max Health and reduce enemy Damage against the Weapon X team by 15%. With this upgrade, the team significantly improves mitigation.

By upgrading the Silver Samurai Special, we get a true protector. Because to a Taunt that lasts 2 turns, it will also add +3 Counter and Deflect (up from +1) and Defense Up for 2 Turns. Which will make him challenging to penetrate, and he will protect others more effectively. The Passive will reduce the opponent’s chance to Assist by 25% (100% in War), so teams that rely on Assist like War Dogs, Infinity Watch, or Death Seed will not be able to do so when facing a Weapon X team in War.



  • Lady Deathstrike – Basic and Passive
  • Sabretooth – Special and Ultimate
  • Omega Red -Basic
  • Wolverine – Special and Passive

Lady Deathstrike’s Basic will apply Defense Down to the primary target if they have Bleed. And we know that Weapon X throws a bunch of Bleed at opponents with its attacks. Upgrade is recommended and will increase the team’s offensive potential, especially because she can do it on counter/assist. By upgrading Passive to Max, we will expand her survivability by adding 2 Evades when she drops below 60% Health. And the offensive capabilities of the Weapon X team as well because Lady Deathstrike will passively lower Resistance by 50% for all enemies with Bleed.


Sabretooth Special is pure Damage increase. However, escalation is massive, so having this ability at Max is desirable.
By improving Ultimate, we can apply Bleed on more targets, and we want exactly that. Because when targets have Bleed on them, they also have reduced Resistance and are subject to other forms of control.

Omega Red’s Basic increases the health steal (from 5% to 10%), which raises his sustain.

As with Sabretooth Ultimate, Wolverine’s Special increases the number of targets he hits, thus also the Bleed he applies. Passive on Max increases his healing on Turn and gives Defense Up + 2 Deathproof when he drops below 60% Health.


Team Red Stars

We recommend Omega Red with the maximum number of Red Stars (7), while for others, 5 is enough. Improving the Red Stars for the character you would like to bring into Dark Dimension is also a decent idea.

Farming Locations

  • Lady Deathstrike – Cosmic Crucible Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Sabretooth – Villains 2-3
  • Omega Red – Legendary Event
  • Wolverine – Daily Objectives
  • Silver Samurai – Nexus 7-6, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Sabretooth – fill Speed Bar by 20% (in War)
Omega Red – fill Speed Bar by 75% (in War)
Silver Samurai – 5 Charged (in War)

In all game modes – Defense Up (2 Turns)


Team Mechanics

Weapon X is a team specialized in War game mode and achieves the best results. Even if they are a bit older, they are still a relevant factor in the War. They rely on the pile of Bleed they can apply and their leader Omega Red who can control the fight and in a vast majority of cases and cripple the opponent’s crucial characters.

All except Silver Samurai have passive healing. Omega Red can also Steal a percentage of the opponent’s Health and redistribute it to himself. While Silver Samurai relies on Barrier. It means that their mitigation and sustainability are at a high level.

Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, and Wolverine can apply a ton of Bleeds to enemies, while Omega Red can use Trauma to prevent those Bleeds from being cleared. On the other hand, thanks to the Lady Deathstrike Passive, the Weapon X team is practically immune to Bleed.


Lady Deathstrike can also remove all negative effects from the team and apply Immunity to everyone, which makes her the most dangerous member after Omega. All her attacks are Piercing, and she can repeat the attack if she kills the opponent with her Special. She can also increase the duration of positive effects for her entire team. Her Ultimate cannot be countered, and with it, she can apply Defense Down on a bunch of opponents (in some cases all of them) in addition to Bleed. Lady Deathstrike can manipulate the opponent’s Speed ​​Bar (reduce it) and keep the flow of the fight on our side.

Sabretooth and Wolverine are there to throw a bunch of Bleeds and Defense Downs and deal as much Damage as possible to enemies.

Silver Samurai is a protector that has a Charged mechanic. Namely, he can have up to 5 Charged on him. He gets them on Turn (+1) when he is attacked (+1) and on Spawn (+5 but only in War). Silver Samurai can spend them (Charged) on his Turn by removing the Negative effects from himself and thus burn one Charged per negative effect removed. He can use them even after using the Ultimate, thus significantly increasing his Damage with that hit (depending on how much Charged he has on him). We should note that in War, Silver Samurai gets +40% Piercing while Charged, which greatly increases his Damage in that game mode.


He is able to Barrier himself for 10% of his Max Health on his or any Weapon X ally Turn. Increasing his mitigation, and with Taunt (2 Turn), to which he adds 3 Deflects and Counters, he becomes impenetrable. Defense Up to the whole team (2 Turns) also helps, as does Offense Down to several opponents. As mentioned earlier, SS reduces enemies’ chance to Assist, but he can Assist his Weapon X allies (50%).

Every time he Counters or Assists, he applies Bleed to the target, and with all his hits, he can put Heal Block, thus contributing to the greater effectiveness of Bleed.

Now let’s deal with the most crucial member of this team – Omega Red. He is a Legendary character who fills his Speed ​​by 75% in War On Spawn, which allows him to play first in most cases. But not only that. He also inflicts Trauma and Heal Block on all enemies, and after that, he steals 15% of Health from all of them and redistributes it to himself and all Weapon X allies.


An impressive start to the battle in the War, to which we will add the fact that On Turn, he receives +10% Damage ( up to 30% Max). So, with each Turn, his Damage potential increases. In War, he also gets +200% Focus, so the crucial debuffs that he is able to apply will be difficult to resist by the opponents.

In his first move, he will use the Special and cripple one (usually the most important) opponent by applying Trauma + Ability Block + Offense Down combination on him. And Speed ​​Up on his entire Weapon X team.

That initial contribution to Omega Red is usually crucial in most fights. But it is further cemented by the Ultimate, which flips all the positives into negatives on all opponents and inflicts Trauma, so they cannot remove those negatives from themselves. Omega Red can steal the opponent’s Health and charge his own with Ultimate. He is literally able to fill from 5 to 100% HP after using it.


If the opposing team is not protected by Safeguard when Omega Red does his Ultimate – the fight is won.

As for his survivability, whenever he drops below 60% Health, he will apply Speed ​​Up and 2 Deathproof on himself. And since we know that he can charge his HP with every hit, he can constantly get these buffs so that the enemies will drop him below 60%, and he will raise his HP. If opponents have Immunity, Omega Red passively increases the Crit Chance of all Weapon X members by +40%.

Lady Deathstrike provides +25% Crit Damage and +65% Focus (in War) for the Weapon X team.

Omega Red provides +50% Max Health (in War) and +15% Damage (in War) for the Weapon X team.

Silver Samurai provides +40% Armor and +40% Resistance for the Weapon X team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Weapon X is an excellent team for War currently found on Defense but also still used in Offense because they can win against most opponents. The most important thing when using them is to start the fight correctly and use the Omega Red Special on the right target. We won’t list specific examples but try to target the most important ones with Ability Block + Trauma. It will significantly facilitate the further course of the fight and allow you to win in most cases. And that is the most important thing for this team.

Lady Deathstrike plays after Omega, and with her, you try to target the fastest enemies with her Special because she reduces their Speed ​​Bar. Prevent them from playing before the other Weapon X members and keep the momentum in Weapon X’s hands.


With Wolverine and Sabretooth, it’s principal to pick targets that aren’t isolated (in any way) from the others and not put yourself in the stupid situation of wasting a potential chain attack on nothing. sabretooth can also apply Disrupted to the enemy Protector, which can help prevent auto-Taunts at times.

With Silver Samurai (depending on the need), you can use Special (Taunt and protect the team) or Ultimate (Stun on a specific enemy). Depending on the opposing team’s composition and the Speed with which it will be their Turn to play.


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