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X-Force is an old Mutant that was meant to be good in War Offense. However, they are currently one of the most unusable teams because they have mechanics that are no longer effective, and their stats are all below average.

This team is not worth investing in at the moment, and they can be ignored altogether. There are far more vital teams in the game right now to invest in, and going back to an outdated team like X-Force just isn’t worthwhile or wise.


Team Members

x force 1

(left to right)



  • War Offense
  • Doctor Octopus Legendary Event

X-Force has War Offense bonuses, but because of the numerous excellent teams that are way better for those purposes, using X-Force is not a viable option, more than that, there are not a lot of teams X-Force can counter effectively.

Doctor Octopus is a member of the upcoming Superior Six team, and it will be beneficial to have him at 7 Yellow Stars. In other words, completing his Legendary Event will be necessary to realize Doctor Octopus’ full potential. X-Force is required for his Legendary event and right now it’s the only reason to invest in X-Force. You don’t need to have their Gear or Levels very high, but you will need to get them to 7 Yellow.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Placement is not that important. Deadpool can be in the middle. Domino and X-23 are next to him (two characters who have a chance to avoid the opponent’s blows), while Cable and Negasonic are in the corners.

X-Force is generally a slow team. None of the members have Speeds ​​higher than 115, and even two have less than 100. Cable and Domino Passives (Domino just in War Offense) won’t help them much, either.

Negasonic is the slowest, but passively, on enemy turn, she fills her Speed ​​Bar by 10%, so it is possible to play before Cable and even Deadpool if it happens that more enemies play before the mentioned X-Factor members.


Turn Order:

  1. Domino
  2. X-23
  3. Deadpool
  4. Negasonic
  5. Cable

The situation is different In War Offense because Negasonic will passively fill her Speed ​​Bar. So she will play before the others.

In all game modes, the X-Force team will have a 5% filled Speed Bar provided by Cable Passive.
On War Offense, the team will have their Speed ​​Bar filled by an additional 30% (Cable and Domino Passive). They will have the initial Speed advantage, which is very important. Despite being slow team, in War Offense, on Spawn, they can fill their Speed ​​Bars and thus compensate for their slowness.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Cable – Striker/Raider
  • Domino – Raider
  • Deadpool – Raider
  • X-23 – Striker
  • Negasonic – Raider

Cable can be Striker or Raider, just like Deadpool. For X-23, it is best to be a Striker, so we increase her Damage. Negasonic and Domino are Raiders. They are able to hit multiple targets, so the Raider is a more than solid option for them. You can also give one of them the Skirmisher class.


Team T4’s


  • Domino – Passive
  • X-23 – Passive
  • Negasonic – Passive

With a maxed passive, Domino will increase the chance to apply Evade on any X-Force ally turn (to that ally) to 75% (up from 50%), which is a solid upgrade and a significantly increased chance for many X-Force Characters to get Evade on turn. Also, the entire X-Force team will have +20% increased Crit Damage (up from +10%), which is reason enough to consider her Passive an essential upgrade for the entire team.

X-23 will passively fill her Speed ​​Bar by 40% (up from 20%) when the enemy drops below 50% Health. So she will be able to play earlier, which is significant. The Focus of the entire team is significantly increased, which will help them to apply debuffs.

Negasonic (if her Passive is on max level) gives herself +30% Armor (up from +20% if she has Barrier. On War Offense, she will boost the team’s Damage by +50% (up from +30%), so this upgrade is essential for that game mode.



  • Deadpool – Passive
  • Negasonic – Special

Deadpool will heal more on turn. He removes negative effects from himself and heals depending on how many negatives he removes. That healing is increased by a third (15% of Max Health per negative effect removed up from 10%). On Kill, he will always generate Ability Energy for an allied Cable (up from 60% chance).

Negasonic with Special will clear all positive effects from all targets she hits (up from 3 positives)


Team Red Stars

We do not recommend a dedicated collection of their Red Stars. If you happen to get something out of the Elite Orbs, that’s great. If not – it doesn’t matter.

3 or 4 Red Stars for each X-Force member is more than enough for them to be strong enough to complete the entire Doctor Octopus Legendary Event without any problems. Because that’s the only thing you really need them for.

Farming Locations

  • Cable – Heroes 5-3, Beta Raid Orbs
  • Domino – Arena Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Deadpool – Heroes Hard Mode 3-9, Blitz Store, Beta Raid Orbs
  • X-23 – War Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Negasonic – Raid Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Negasonic – Barrier for 10% of her Max Health
Cable – Gain Charged (War Offense)

In War Offense – Offense Up

Team Mechanics

X-Force is a team that has improvements for the War Offense game mode, which we will touch on first in the description of their mechanics.

Cable passively fills the entire team’s Speed Bar by 5%, but in War Offense, he fills the Speed ​​Bar by an additional 25% (30% total). While Domino fills the whole team’s Speed ​​Bar by 5% in War Offense. So they have a total of +35% Speed ​​Bar on Spawn in War Offense.


Negasonic on enemy turn can Barrier self for 5% of Max Health and fill her Speed ​​Bar by 10%. So, despite being slow, she can play earlier. In War, however, On Spawn she fills the Speed ​​Bar by 30%. So she will have +65% on Speed ​​Bar On Spawn in War Offense (Cable + Domino + her Passive) and play before everyone else in her team.

If Cable has Charged, he can remove Positive effects from primary and secondary targets and affect more targets with his Special. And it reduces everyone’s Speed ​​Bar but he only gets Charged when he uses Basic. In War Offense, however, On Spawn, he gains Charged. So he can do it immediately without using Basic first.

The team will have additional Damage (+50%) and additional Focus (+80%) on War Offense thanks to Negasonic and X-23 Passive. Domino will provide Offense Up to the entire team in War Offense On Spawn.

Cable hits the primary target with his Basic, and if not Charged, he fills his Speed ​​Bar by 80% and gets Charged. It allows him to play again shortly afterward and use a Special that attacks Primary and Adjacent targets and reduces the Speed ​​Bar of the primary by 50% and adjacent by 10%. If Charged, he removes 3 positives from the primary target (all positives if Special maxed) and 2 positives from secondary targets. Additionally, it attacks and targets 2 spaces from the primary and does the same on them (reduces Speed ​​Bar by 10% and clears 2 positives).


So he should use the Special while Charged. Only on War Offense can he do it immediately. In other game modes, he must get Charged by using Basic first.

With his Ultimate, Cable attacks the primary target and gets an assist from Deathpool. On kill, he fills his and Deathpool’s Speed ​​Bar by 70%. Another way to exploit the order of play.

If Charged, the Cable will On Turn Barrier himself for 10% of his Max Health. On Turn he has a 20% chance to apply Counter to a random Mutant ally and a 20% chance to do the same to another random ally.

Domino Basic attack has a 50% increased Crit Chance and gets an assist from a random X-Force ally. Special will transfer all Negative effects from the whole team to Deadpool and fill his Speed ​​Ba by 60%. It will also attack the most injured enemy and adjacent enemies. It is interesting because Deadpool passively removes all negatives from himself and heals depending on the number of negative effects removed (On Turn). Domino Special is a method for the whole X-Force team to free themselves of debuffs and heal Deadpool while damaging enemies.


With her Ultimate, Domino applies Disrupted to the primary target, and the attack will rebound chain to 2-3 (3 if Special maxed) adjacent targets. Domino passively reduces Crit Damage to all opponents by 15%.

There is a 75% chance that Domino on any X-Force ally turn applies Evade to that ally – a way to increase survivability.

Deadpool with his Basic has a chance for a bonus attack. If the target is a Minion, the bonus attack is always a Crit. Special will attack the most injured target, ignoring Taunt and Stealth. On Kill, it will grant Regeneration. While with Ultimate, Deathpool attacks multiple targets and applies Bleed to Minion Targets. Enemies cannot counterattack his Ultimate.

As we mentioned earlier, Deadpool On Turn removes all negatives from himself and heals 15% Max Health + 15% per negative effects removed. Whenever Deadpool kills someone, he generates Ability Energy for and allied Cable.


He has a 100% chance of reviving at 80% of Max Health. Deadpool practically has two lives in the X-Force team.

X-23 is a single target damage dealer that deals Piercing damage and has a 75% chance to gain Evade (100% if maxed). With Special, she applies Ability Block to the primary target. If blocked or dodged, she gains an unavoidable bonus attack and applies Ability Block (in War, bonus attack has extra Focus). X-23 will definitely put Ability Block to the target.

With her Ultimate, X-23 attacks most injured non-summoned targets ignoring Taunt and Stealth. She has a 70% chance to flip Stealth (100% if maxed). She repeats this attack 4 more times so that as soon as she kills one target, she moves on to the next most injured target with the next attack. If she kills all non-summoned enemies, X-23 moves to the most injured summoned targets.

X-23 passively heals On Turn for 10% of her Max Health, which increases her sustain. When the enemy drops below 50% Health, she fills the Speed ​​Bar by 40%. So, like a predator, she puts herself into a position to attack enemies as soon as possible. And if she drops below 50% Health, she gets 2 Evades, giving herself extra protection.


Negasonic’s Special can remove all Positive effects from primary and adjacent targets, so X-Force has a way to strip opponents’ buffs. Ultimate will attack all opponents and apply Heal Block. On War Offense, she clears Defense Up from all targets.

She also passively gains Barrier, and whenever she has Barrier, she gets +30% Armor.

Domino provides +10% Dodge Chance and +20% Crit Damage for the team.

X-23 Provides +60% Focus (+140% in War Offense) for the team.

Negasonic provides +50% Damage (in War Offense) for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Despite being an outdated team with outdated mechanics, they can have some usage in War Offense thanks to the initial bonus on the Speed ​​Bar. As a team, they have increased Crit Damage and reduced Crit Damage to opponents, so it’s handy to have a few of them as Raiders.

Cable is a functional character who can significantly reduce the Speed ​​Bar of enemies, so aim at crucial opponents with his Special to prevent them from playing. It is also sometimes useful to use Basic first, get Charged, fill up your Speed ​​Bar, and then use Special.

They won’t be able to get many teams in War, but if you notice some older teams in War Defense and you have X-Force, it’s the right time to use them.

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