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Finally, it’s live!

MC’s Discord server is open! Join now to use specialized MSF assistance bot, take part in weekly and monthly giveaways, and much more!

Marvel Strike Force

We are proud to be part of the MSF community. We strive to give back as much as (super)humanly possible to our fellow gamers.

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Apocalypse SAGA

We will assist you in clearing all nodes with written and video walkthroughs.

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Team Counters

Based on real-life usage, we give you true and tested AW Defense counters!

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Character Guides

All characters and minions are covered from top to bottom. ISO-8, T4, tier list, etc.

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Active Events

We are constantly updating our event pages with optimized gameplay advice.

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Win steam game

Marvel Church is giving away Marvel’s Midnight Suns LEGENDARY EDITION steam game every month. Join our Discord server now!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Over two hundred hours of gameplay and still going. We are getting the best guides and walkthroughs done here.

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Character Builds

Every character is tested top to bottom first, then all over again so we can finally compile the best builds for you.

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Team Synergies

We are grinding and grinding so you don’t have to! Compilation of best teams and synergies is ready, pick your favorite.

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Challenge missions are fun to do solo, but sometimes they can be pain in the bottom. Here’s the solution for all of them.

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Final Battle

So, you defeated your enemies all the way to the God Chthon itself. Now you need to prepare for the final fight.