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P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is the long-awaited Tech Raid team. They are composed of two old (reworked) and three new characters. Built to dominate Raids, especially Tech nodes of Incursion Raid. While they don’t have any Legendary characters, their main attraction is Iron Man (Infinity War), who’s one of the most popular Marvel Characters.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Raids

This is a Raid team first and foremost. And even if the Incursion I Raid Tech node’s rules don’t suit them (they can’t have Barrier), they are still very effective. Realistically, they are the most effective solution for Tech nodes to sim safely at lower difficulty levels, even if they are not overinvested.

Their relatively low Speed ​​prevents them from being more effective in other game modes, but they can certainly be used as a midrange solution.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Placement does not matter for P.E.G.A.S.U.S. as much. It’s good to put Ironheart (MK II) and Darkhawk in the corners because they have the lowest HP.

Thanks to the Ironheart (MK II) Passive, everyone will have +75% Speed ​​Bar on Spawn (in Raids), so they will play before their opponents. Outside of Raids, this bonus will unfortunately be inactive.

You can also put Iron Man (Infinity War) and Rescue in different corners, Kestrel in the middle, and next to her Ironheart and Darkhawk. So after their Specials, these two (Ironheart and Darkhawk) buff adjacent allies each. We didn’t arrange them like that because we think it’s not crucial. Especially in Raids, due to the considerable advantage in playing and the possibility of manipulating the Speed ​​Bar. The whole team will (certainly) have Immunity and Offense Up, which these two can apply after they use Special, but only to adjacent allies.

Turn Order

  1. Kestrel
  2. Ironheart
  3. Rescue
  4. Iron Man or Darkhawk.

Iso-8 Classes

  • Darkhawk – Raider
  • Iron Man (Infinity War) – Striker
  • Kestrel – Raider / Skirmisher
  • Rescue – Healer / Skirmisher
  • Ironheart (MK II) – Striker / Skirmisher

Darkhawk and the entire P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team benefit hugely from high Crit chance, so it’s best to give him a Raider Iso-8 Class. He will passively heal whenever anyone from the team Crit. That will boost sustain, which is crucial in Raids. He also has increased Crit Damage, and his Crit Chance is 80% if he is a Raider. So he will be able to throw a bunch of Vulnerabilities on opponents and will further help the team. Because all enemies with Vulnerable will have reduced Armor, Resistance, and Crit Chance by 30%.

Iron Man (Infinity War) has the highest Damage potential in the team. Why not increase it further? P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team relies on opponents having a lot of Vulnerability, so Striker is not a desirable class for any member except Iron Man and Ironheart. Because the two of them, with their follow-up attacks, apply Vulnerability. Even if they spend one, they add a new one.


Kestrel can be a Raider or a Skirmisher, both will add more Vulnerabilities to targets. Neither option is inferior because, as a Skirmisher, she will remove buffs and apply Vulnerabilities. As a Raider, she will have the chance to put in more Vulnerabilities on targets than as a Skirmisher and also deal more Damage.

Rescue can directly attack opponents with just her Basic, so she’s an ideal Healer. On the other hand, this team has more than enough self-sustain that it doesn’t even need a Healer Class. Another option is the Skirmisher. Why not throw some more Vulnerability on the opponents if we can.

Ironhearth MK (II) can also be a Skirmisher early on, but after you upgraded her a little it’s better for her to be a Striker and have higher Damage, and like Iron Man, she won’t waste Vulnerable from targets either. If you run an underpowered Ironheart into Raids and notice that enemies often resist her debuffs (crucial for combat control), change her Iso-8 to Skirmisher until you upgrade her even more.


Team T4’s


  • Iron Man (Infinity War) – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Kestrel – Special and Passive
  • Rescue – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Ironheart (MK II) – Special, Ultimate, and Passive

Iron Man (Infinity War) Special on Max will extend the duration of the Ability Block to 2 Turns (up from 1), which is essential for control because it will give more time to prevent the crucial enemy from using his abilities.


Ultimate will blind all enemies with Vulnerable in Raids, and Blind on the primary target will last 2 Turns (up from 1). Not to mention that Damage will also increase significantly. Another boost to combat control that could prove crucial.

The Passive on Max additionally increases Damage for the whole team by +30% (+60% in Raids), which is very important, because no matter how much and what kind of control you have over the fight, you should get rid of all opponents in time. This Damage boost will bring you exactly that.


Kestrel maxed Special will apply Defense Down for 2 Turns (up from 1) on each target, which is crucial for the whole team because of her Passive. The longer enemies have Defense Down – the better simply because – they will receive more Damage from Kestrel’s passive attacks.

Passive at Max increases her sustain by increasing on turn healing every time she plays. It also increases her Damage output by increasing the damage she deals whenever anyone on the team attacks a target with Defense Down.


By maxing out Rescue’s Special, we get twice as much healing. Keeping all allies alive is her primary role in this team. Namely, she will Steal 5% Health from each target and redistribute 500% of that to the whole team (up from 250%).

If the Ultimate is upgraded to Max, Rescue can Revive a dead P.E.G.A.S.U.S. ally with 60% Max health. It’s always good to have Revive in case you need it – especially in Raids. The maximized Passive allows her to charge Speed ​​Bar by 50% and generate 3 Ability Energy if one of the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. allies dies. She will put herself in a position to play shortly after (maybe immediately, depending on timing) and have enough Ability Energy to revive a fallen ally.


Ironheart will inflict Trauma on the primary and adjacent targets with a maxed Special in Raids. Trauma is the supreme debuff, so this upgrade simply has to be done.

By improving Ultimate, we will extend the Stun on the primary target to 2 Turns and add another Stun to the random target. In other words, when we have a Level 7 Special on Ironheart (MK II), she(in Raids) will Stun the primary target (2 Turns) and two more random targets that do not have Stun on them (1 Turn). Yes, it is a bit random, but again, the extended duration of the primary Stun and the additional Stun in Raids is something we must not skip.

Passive will increase the Armor of all P.E.G.A.S.U.S. members by +15%, but that is not a crucial part of the upgrade. The important thing is – every time an enemy drops below 50% HP, she will passively apply Disrupted to them. Which will prevent opponents from hiding behind Stealth or buffing in any way. Excellent for the execution and efficiency of the team is significantly improved with this upgrade.



  • Darkhawk – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Iron Man (Infinity War) – Basic
  • Kestrel – Basic and Ultimate
  • Rescue – Basic
  • Ironheart (MK II) – Basic

Darkhawk does not have a single Ability upgrade that is essential for the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team his abilities are still excellent and the upgrades are far from useless.

Maxed special will Spread all negativities from the primary target to adjacent enemies (up from 3) and apply Offense Up for 2 turns to self and adjacent Tech allies (up from 1 turn). This can prove useful if the primary target has more than 3 negative effects on it.


Ultimate will apply Offense Up for 2 turns (up from 1) on itself and all P.E.G.A.S.U.S. allies. Considering that the team has another way to get Offense Up (Rescue Ultimate – 2 turns of Offense Up for everyone) and excellent Ability Energy replenishment.

The passive on Max is a simple Damage upgrade. And so that he will increase Crit Damage to himself and to the team. Considering that Darkhawk will often Crit, this is a solid Damage boost.


Iron Man (Infinity War) Maxed Basic will (additionally) reduce the Speed ​​Bar of the primary Target. It can be handy when we try to finish nodes and use Basic attacks to prevent the enemy from playing.

Kestrel will get to apply Defense Down for 2 Turns (up from 1) with maxed Basic and Ultimate.

Rescue with maxed Basic attack applies Defense Down to each target. It is helpful considering that the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team can refill Ability Energy every time one of the team members uses Basic. And that the Kestrel will passively hit a target with the least Health every time someone hits an opponent with Defense Down. So with this improvement of Basic Ability, we open up the possibility of higher Damage potential of the whole team and better Sustain. The upgrade is not essential for the team because Rescue will not use Basic often.

Ironheart (MK II) Basic will prolong the duration of negative effects on the target if upgraded to maximum. It helps (in any case), especially when we end the fight with Basic strikes and fill our team with Ability Energy. By prolonging the negative, we will make our work easier.


Team Red Stars

The Kestrel should be stacked with Red Stars. If you can, 7 RS is ideal for her. For Rescue it’s not necessary to have more than 5. If you get more, great (but you shouldn’t spend Gold Promo Credits)

Three new characters for now are enough to have on 5 Red Stars. If you get more while opening Elite Red Star Orbs (while the chance of dropping a P.E.G.A.S.U.S. character is increased), great. In any case, at least 5 should be your goal.


Farming Locations

  • Darkhawk – Heroes Hard Mode 7-9
  • Iron Man (Infinity War) – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Kestrel – Complete Dark Dimension I
  • Rescue – Villains 6-9, Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Ironheart (MK II) – War Store

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is currently the newest team in the game. New characters are still not recruitable even through Events (that will follow soon), so they are not yet in B.U.M.P.S. Over time, three new characters will be available through Orbs.

Rescue is available through the Blitz Store, and for Kestrel, even if it does not have a farming location, Shards can be farmed through Milestone III Orbs, which we receive daily as long as we are active.


On Spawn Buffs

Kestrel – +1 Charged, Offense Up (2 turns)

In Raids – Fill Speed Bar by +75%
In all game modes – Barrier for 20% of Rescue Max Health, Defense Up (2 turns), +2 Deflects, +2 Ability Energy


Team Mechanics

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is the Raid team that dominates in that game mode. The crucial element is the filling of Speed ​​Bar On Spawn for all team members, allowing them to play before their opponents. Thanks to the Ironheart (MK II) Passive, everyone gets +75% on Speed ​​Bar. They can also manipulate the opponent’s Speed ​​Bars thanks to the Darkhawk Ultimate that will simultaneously fill P.E.G.A.S.U.S. member’s Speed ​​Bar and reduce the opponent’s by 25%.

So we can come to a situation where all P.E.G.A.S.U.S. members play twice while enemies haven’t taken a single turn yet (in Raids). Iron Man (Infinity War) can reduce the Speed ​​Bar on multiple enemies with his Basic attack. Another way to control the order of play.

As for sustaining and healing, they have more than enough. Rescue, as the team Support, can directly heal the team with her Ultimate, steal Health from all opponents with her Special, and redistribute it to the team members.


Besides that P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team has several more passive ways to heal themselves:

  • Darkhawk – wherever anyone from team Crit will heal himself for 15% of his Max Health.
  • Iron Man (Infinity War) – when the positive effect is applied to any team member, he will heal all allies for 3% of his Max Health.
  • Kestrel – heals herself for 20% of Max Health on the turn. Clear all negativities from herself and heal self for 5% per negative effect removed.
  • Rescue – whenever the enemy with Vulnerable has a turn, she will heal the whole team for 3% of her Max Health.

As we see, there are more than enough ways to keep the team alive. But even if someone dies, Rescue will passively fill up her Speed ​​Bar and generate Ability Energy, so she will be able to revive them using her Special.

Iron Man (Infinity War) can passively protect Rescue whenever she drops below 50% Health by applying Stealth on her and Taunt on himself. Because the most important thing is that she survives.


This team has a great way of maintaining Ability Energy. At the beginning of each fight, all members (thanks to Ironheart Passive) gain 2 Ability Energy, so if someone didn’t finish the previous (fight) with all Abilities ready for use, this will help. During combat (thanks to the Darkhawk Passive), whenever one of P.E.G.A.S.U.S. uses Basic, they all gain 1 Ability Energy. This is great for ending fights when we’re closing the battle by using only Basic strikes.

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team has another excellent mechanic. Namely, the more opponents have Vulnerable on them, the better for P.E.G.A.S.U.S. because they benefit in various ways.

  • Lower the Crit Chance of enemies with Vulnerable by 30% (Raids)
  • Lower Resistance by 30% for all enemies with Vulnerable (Raids)
  • Lower Armor by 30% for all enemies with Vulnerable (Raids)

As we can see, these benefits only work in Raids, but this is the team for that game mode. It will reduce the enemy’s offensive potential and make them easier to control and more adaptable to taking more Damage.

Even if in Incursion I Raids, due to specific node bonuses, they will not be able to get Barrier, they will have a ton of other buffs that will improve their offensive and defensive potential.

  • +2 Counters – after Darkhawk Special
  • Offense Up (2 turns) – after Darkhawk Ultimate
  • Speed Up (2 turns) – after Iron Man (Infinity War) Special and Ultimate
  • When any member drops below 50% Health, clear Disrupted and apply Speed Up and 2 Deathproof – tanks to Iron Man (Infinity War) Passive
  • +2 Regeneration, +2 Deathproof, +2 Deflect – after Rescue Special
  • Offense Up (2 turns), Immunity (2 turns), Speed Up (2 turns) – after Rescue Ultimate
  • Immunity (2 turns) – After Ironheart (MK II) Ultimate

We conclude that they will always be able to have Immunity, Speed ​​Up, and Offense Up. Plus Deflects, Counters, Deathproofs. So, the only thing missing from this team is Safeguard to prevent these buffs from being removed. Although considering how much they can manipulate the Speed ​​Bar during the Raid fight, they probably don’t need it. Because the enemies simply won’t even be able to get their turn to play, and even when (if) they play, they will be controlled and won’t be able to do anything special.


Speaking of control, let’s see how this team controls the fight.

Darkhawk can apply Offense Down with the Basic and Disrupted with the Special on primary and adjacent enemies.

Iron Man (Infinity War) can Ability Block (2 Turns) the primary and Bleed (2 Turns) on a bunch of targets with his Special. While Ultimate applies a bunch of things: Defense Down on all opponents (2 turns), Blind (2 turns) on the primary target, and in Raids Blind on all enemies with Vulnerable.

Kestrel inflicts Defense Down on opponents with all her attacks (2 turns if maxed). Later, she exploits all the Defense Downs (she and Iron Man inflict on enemies) with her passive mechanics.


Ironheart inflicts Slow on all enemies and Trauma on primary and adjacent targets with his Special, while with Ultimate, she can Stun the primary target for 2 turns and two additional targets in Raids. For every enemy that has Vulnerable, she gets +50% extra Focus.

With all that in mind, it is clear that the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. team has unprecedented control over combat, especially in Raids. When we add their Speed ​​advantage in Raids and the possibility to manipulate their own and the opponent’s Speed ​​Bar, we realize that they are a top (probably the best currently) Raid team. We mustn’t forget the Kestrel Charged mechanic, which prevents enemies from summoning as long as she has Charged on herself.

That Speed ​​advantage just in Raids is what doesn’t make them a top team for all game modes. Because they only have it in Raids, and without it, they are very vulnerable because they have no way to protect their Buffs (with Safeguard – for example). In Raids, thanks to the capability to manipulate Speed ​​and the initial advantage in playing, they don’t need such protection as much, but outside of Raids, any team faster than them and with the possibility of removing buffs will beat them.


Darkhawk provides +40% Crit Chance for himself +15% for others, and +30% Crit Damage for the team.

Iron Man (Infinity War) provides +30% Damage (+60% in Raids) and +30% Max Health for the team.

Kestrel provides +30% Focus and +30% Resistance for the team.

Rescue provides +15% Max Health for the team.

Ironheart (MK II) provides +60% Armor for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

If we are strictly talking about Raids, P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is the best team in the game (right now). They cannot be separated because each of them has something specific that makes the team the way it is – supreme, and they are also not able to reach their full potential if they are not all together.

Try to start with the Kestrel Special at the start of the fight and apply Defense Down and Vulnerable on as many targets as possible (if she is a Raider), and then every next team member can use the Ultimate (when you play Raids). That will give them an enormous starting lead in the fight (especially after Darkhawk Ultimate) and enable an easy finish. Ability Block from Iron Man and Stun from Ironheart will also be handy to control the most dangerous enemies.

Finish fights with Basic Abilities. That way, you will fill up Ability Energy for the next node.


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