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Young Avenger



Young Avengers is a team created of captivating characters who are good at everything but not the best at anything. Because they have great sustain and control, they can beat most average teams in this game in almost every game mode, but against the best and strongest teams, they don’t stand a chance to win. The fact is – their prime time is slowly passing because they are an almost two-year-old team.


Team Members

young avenger

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Defense
  • Famine Scourge

The Young Avengers are a team built to serve as a War Defense team, and that’s where they excel. Due to additional abilities in War Defense, they were a problem for many offensive teams. However, currently, a solid number of the newest teams are able to solve them without major problems.

They are required for Famine Scourge, specifically nodes 5 and 10. So, anyone who still needs Rogue must invest in this team. That investment doesn’t have to be huge, but it should be enough for a solid score and minimize the number of Famine Scourges needed to collect all 7 Rogue Yellow Stars.

In Season 4 of Cosmic Crucible Young Avengers have solid value in Stage 4 due to their ability to have Offense Up (2 turns) at the start of the fight.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Ms. Marvel is a protector and should be in one corner. America Chavez is in the middle, and next to her are Echo and Squirrel Girl, whose Speed ​​Bar she will passively increase at the start of the fight and thus enable them to play earlier. Instead of Squirrel Girl, you can put Kate Bishop next to America and thus increase her chance to play as soon as possible. We put Squirrel because many teams who attack the Young Avengers (in War) will be faster than them, so Squirrel Girl must play as soon as possible and heal the team.

Squirrel Girl will play first, followed by America Chavez. Then Cate Bishop, then Ms. Marvel, while Echo is the slowest and plays last. In War Defense, the situation is somewhat different. Not with the order of play, because Echo will again play last, but she will definitely be a bit faster. More precisely, her Speed ​​Bar will be fuller at the start. So in general she will be able to play earlier than usual and play the Special, which is important for the team.

Iso-8 Classes

  • Ms. Marvel – Skirmisher
  • Squirrel Girl – Healer / Striker
  • America Chavez – Striker
  • Echo – Striker
  • Kate Bishop – Striker / Skirmisher

Since Ms. Marvel Assists every Young Avenger, you can make a Striker-Skimmisher combo, giving Ms. Marvel Skirmisher Iso-8 Class and everyone else Striker. It is a solid combination that improves the offensive potential of this team. However, Kate may lack the Focus to apply all debuffs, so in that case, it is good to give Skirmisher to her because she is able to apply important debuffs and flip buffs to enemies.


Team T4’s


  • Squirrel Girl – Special and Passive
  • America Chavez – Passive
  • Echo – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Kate Bishop – Passive

Squirrel Girl Special will clear all negativities from all allies (up from 2), and on War Defense, it will clear Negative effects before healing. So, if any of the Young Avengers have Heal Block, she will first remove that and then heal.

Passive on Max will fill Squirrel Girl’s Speed ​​Bar when she or any of the Young Avenger allies drop below 50% HP by 30% (up from 10%). Which will allow her to play earlier and try to heal her team. The whole team will get +25% Drain (up from +10%). This upgrade will significantly increase their sustainability.

Passive of America Chavez is one of the essential upgrades for War Defense because (in that game mode) On Spawn she will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 25% for adjacent allies. So whoever is on the left and right of America will play earlier than they would otherwise, which can be crucial in many cases.


If we upgrade the Echo Special, we will get higher Damage, a Chain on 2 targets (up from 1-2), and most importantly 2 Evades for the whole team (up from 1). An upgrade that remarkably increases the team’s mitigation and that we need to do if we want to get the best out of Young Avenger.

Echo Ultimate on Max will Rebound Chain to 4-6 targets (up from 3-4). When we know that she can apply Slow to every target she hits, or if she doesn’t have Slow to reduce the target’s Speed ​​Bar by 25%, it is clear to us how important it is to hit as many targets as possible with Ultimate. Damage will unquestionably be better, but the improved control we get is the most important.

Maxed Passive will give the team +25% Damage (up from +10%). It will also increase Echo passive counter to 250% Damage (up from 150%). The Young Avenger offensive will be strengthened with this upgrade – exactly what we want.

Kate Bishop Passive on Max will, on Spawn, apply Offense Up for 2 turns to everyone (up from 1 turn). Also, whenever Young Avenger dies or drops below 50% Health, she will attack a random enemy for 200% Piercing + apply Blind and Slow (up from 150% Piercing). That increased passive Damage is a nice upgrade, but it’s insignificant compared to Offense Up 2 turns, which will allow the Young Avengers to generally have better Damage and combat control.



  • Ms. Marvel – Basic and Passive
  • Squirrel Girl – Basic and Ultimate
  • America Chavez – Special
  • Kate Bishop – Basic, Special, Ultimate

Basic ability (on Max) will always apply Offense Down to the enemy with the highest Speed ​​(up from 50% chance). A good enough upgrade to be helpful in various situations and reduce the offensive potential of the enemy.

With Ultimate, she will apply Heal Block to all enemies for 2 turns (up from 1). Which will reduce their chances of healing and help the Young Avengers to eliminate them more easily. Both Basic and Ultimate are not necessary upgrades, but they can be of service.


America Chavez Special on Max level will significantly increase her Damage with that ability.

Kate Bishop Basic (on Max) will apply Taunt to each target in War Defense. It’s useful because it works the same with Assist/Counter, so enemies won’t be able to hide as easily.

Maxed Special will apply Offense Up to Young Avengers for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) if Kate is Charged. The longer duration of Offense Up is always welcome and beneficial.

Similar to Special, maxed Ultimate will provide the entire team with 2 turns of Speed ​​Up (up from 1 turn), but in War Defense only, this is an advantageous upgrade.

These recommended upgrades are good if you are in War Active Alliance and care about aspects of that game mode.


Team Red Stars

All characters on 5 Red Stars are enough to be effective. We do not advise spending Gold Promotion Credits on anyone. Except possibly Squirrel Girl if you plan to take her to Dark Dimension. She is a very useful DD Character.

It must be noted that in the Incursion Campaign 3-4, players can farm 6 and 7 Red Stars for each member of the Young Avenger team. So if you want to have one of them on high Red Stars, it’s better to try this way than by spending Gold Promotion Credits.

Farming Locations

  • Ms. Marvel – Villains 3-6
  • Squirrel Girl – Heroes 5-9, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • America Chavez – Cosmic 3-6, Milestone III Orbs
  • Echo – Heroes Hard Mode 5-6, War Store
  • Kate Bishop – Cosmic 1-6

On Spawn Buffs

America Chavez – Fill Speed Bar by 25% for adjacent allies (War Defense)
Kate Bishop – +5 Charged (War Defense)

In all game modes – Defense Up (2 turns), Offense Up (2 turns)

Team Mechanics

The Young Avengers are a team specialized in War Defense, and many of their abilities are enhanced in that game mode.


Ms. Marvel is the team protector that can Taunt in War Defense through Special. While in all game modes, she passively Taunts (2 turns) whenever any of the allies drops below 50% Health. She also passively gains Assist Now on each Young Avenger turn. And when she plays, she applies Assist Now to a random Young Avenger ally.

After every Basic hit or Assist, Ms. Marvel applies Deflect to herself (or 2 Deflects if Basic is maxed), so she will often have a lot of Deflects. In addition to the Taunt in War Defense, the Special can also heal, while the Ultimate can attack all enemies and has a chance to generate 1 Ability Energy to a random Hero ally per target hit. The more enemies it hits, the better the chance it has to give Ability Energy to her teammates.

Squirrel Girl is a team supporter who weakens the opponent’s offensive potential, heals her team, and removes debuffs. With her Basic, she has a 50% (or 100% if it is maxed) chance to apply Offense Down to the enemy with the most Speed ​​Bar, thus reducing the potential Damage they will do to the team.

She heals all allies with her Special. Those below 50% HP receive 30% of her Max Health, and those above 50% HP receive 15% of her Max Health. She removes all the Negative effects from everyone (in War Defense, she first clears the negatives and then heals, which is important because it will remove the potential Heal Block before it heals). On top of all that (in War Defense), if her Health before healing is 90% or higher, she gets 1 Ability Energy, so she can use Special again faster. She will also call an ally with the highest Damage to attack the primary target.


With Ultimate, Squirrel Girl can apply Heal Block on all enemies (2 turns if maxed) and Offense Down. After using Ultimate, she can fill the Speed ​​Bar by 50% and allow herself to play shortly after. This attack cannot be missed or be countered. Squirrel Girl has a small cooldown on her Special, so she can use it relatively often (every other move in ideal situations). Therefore, Ultimate allows her to play faster. Also, with this attack, we significantly reduce the offensive potential of the opponent.

With her Passive Squirrel Girl, she boosts the whole team’s sustain by giving them a 25% Drain. This means that everyone will heal after their attacks for 25% of the Damage they do.

  • When this character or a Young Acenger ally drops below 75% Health, apply 2 Deflect to that character.
  • When this character or a Young Avenger ally drops below 50% Health, apply Defense Up to that character and fill this character’s Speed ​​Bar by 30%.
  • When this character or a Young Avenger ally drops below 25% Health, apply 2 Deathproof to that character.

From the attached, you can see how much she strengthens the mitigation and sustain of the whole team, enabling them to survive difficult situations when their Health falls below the particular limit. Everyone in the team gets Deflects, Defense UP, their Speed ​​Bar is filled by 30%, and Deathproofs. When their Health drops below a specific border.


America Chavez can apply Defense Down to the target with her Basic attacks, increasing the Damage they receive. With her Special, she can do solid single-target Damage, while with Ultimate, she clears 3 positive effects from the primary target. In War Defense with Ultimate, she attacks the enemy with the least Speed ​​Bar and flips 3 positivities instead of clearing them.

Passive of America Chavez reduces enemy Damage by 20% and reduces enemy Drain by 100%. So opponents will do less Damage to Young Avengers and will not be able to heal while hitting them (if they have that option). This all applies to War Defense only.

Another passive bonus sets America Chavez apart as an excellent plug-and-play character, allowing her to become a part of some mighty War Defense combos. Namely, on Spawn in War Defense, she will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 25% for adjacent allies. Allows allies standing next to her to play sooner, which can be beneficial in many situations.

Echo attacks multiple targets with her Special and applies 2 Evades to the Young Avenger team. Thus, she boosts her team’s mitigation while dealing Damage to opponents. On War Defense she attacks the most injured enemy with this strike, ignoring Taunt.


With the Ultimate, it is possible to inflict Slow on the entire opposing team, and if the targets do not have Slow, their Speed ​​Bar will be reduced by 25%. This is an indispensable ability because, in turn-based games, the crucial factor is Speed. Reducing Speed on multiple enemies is the way that leads us to victory.

Echo passively counters when any of the Young Avenger members are attacked. As long as she doesn’t have Blind on her, she reduces the Assist Chance for enemies by 100% – making it impossible for them to Assist each other. And if she gets Blind, she also gets Slow.

Kate Bishop is the only one in the team with a Charged mechanic, which gives her various benefits. In War Defense, she Spawns with 5 Charged, while in other game modes, there is no Charged at the beginning of the fight. Kate is able to gain Charged after using Special. As soon as she uses the Special, if not Charged, she fills her Speed ​​Bar by 75% (allowing her to play sooner) and gets Charged. Kate spends Charged passively in War Defense on Turn to grant 1 Ability Energy to self and all Young Avengers, then she loses 1 Charged after using Ultimate in other game modes (in War Defense, after using Ultimate, she does not lose Charged).

She is a Controller who can apply various debuffs on enemies and turn the fight in her team’s favor. With the Basic, she clears 2 random Positive effects from the primary target. If Basic Crits, Kate will Chain to 1 adjacent enemy, hitting him and removing 2 positives. In War Defense, Kate Bishop, with the Basic attack, applies Taunt on each target if Basic is maxed. And so she “opens” them up for additional attacks by her team.


Special attacks primary and adjacent targets and flip 3 positive effects on each. If Charged, Kate applies Offense Up for 2 turns to herself and all Young Avenger allies.

With Ultimate, Kate attacks all enemies and applies Blind (2 turns) to the enemy with the highest Damage and to all others 2 random negative effects from the list: Defense Down, Disrupted, Offense Down, Slow. She loses Chared after this attack, except in War Defense, where she does not lose Charged, has an increased Focus on this attack (so enemies have a low chance of resisting the negative effects she applies to them), and applies Speed ​​Up (2 turns) to her team. You can see that this attack is significantly better in War Defense game mode, but it’s more than solid everywhere else. With it, she controls their opponents, prevents them from hitting, buffing, slowing them down, reducing their offensive potential…

What is most annoying for enemies is her ability to passively counter whenever someone from the team drops below 50% Health or dies. Not only counter but apply Blind and Slow. This counter hits a random target, so it may or may not happen that a crucial opponent gets Blind.


Ms. Marvel provides +25% Armor (+50% in War Defense) and +25% Max Health (in War Defense) for the team.

Squirrel Girl provides +25% Drain and +25% Max Health for the team.

America Chavez provides +25% Max Health for the team.

Echo provides +25% Damage for the team.

Kate Bishop provides +25% Resistance for the team.

Combat Tips & Tricks

The Young Avengers are a team with excellent mitigation and can sustain long and hard fights. The longer the fight lasts, the more it suits them. Dakrhold has been a Hard Counter for them for a long time, but now many teams have appeared that successfully counter them. Secret Defenders, New Avengers, Knowhere, Gamma, and A-Force can beat them in a war without problems. But it doesn’t mean the aforementioned teams should be used against the Young Avengers. It is better to use Death Seed, Underworld, or Weapon X, which will also get them and save META teams for META defense. Because the Young Avengers, despite everything, are currently not a META defense in the War.


When we use them in Famine Scourge, their sustain comes into play. Young Avengers can pass nodes 5 and 10 without any problems, as long as they are strong enough, and even if they are not, with a little effort, they can succeed on higher difficulties and with a bunch of Scourges. Save the Squirrel Girl Special for when you really need it. With Echo, use the Special immediately, and try to use the Kate Bishop Ultimate at the right moment. You will be surprised how well this team can hold their own in Famine Scourge.

Ms. Marvel as a Skirmisher is essential to Young Avenger’s success because she will remove a lot of buffs from opponents. While everyone can heal when they hit, they have a great supporter who can heal them. They prevent opponents from Draining and Assisting. The right team for long and grueling Scourge battles.

Young Avengers have a lot of Health because even 3 members passively buff the team with +25% Max Health. A total of +75% in War Defense and 50% everywhere else. So that’s a nice bonus. They are solid as a defensive team in Cosmic Crucible Season 4 Stage 4 because they get Offense Up On Spawn so they can Assist each other constantly.


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