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Ever since she was first introduced Emma Frost became an unofficial fifth member of Marauders, due to her synergy with Mister Sinister thus completing the team and giving birth to the Emmarauder monicker that players started using.

Later on, Sabretooth got a great opportunity to join the newly formed Weapon X team, so he quickly abandoned his old teammates leaving Marauders without the fifth character, again. That hole was later filled a few months later with the arrival of Madelyne Pryor.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War Defense

Marauders are a War-defensive team that, in the current state of the game, has almost no use outside that game mode. Individually, as members of some hybrid combinations, they can be interesting. But as a team, they have no purpose other than to be placed in War Defense. If you don’t have them upgraded, we don’t even recommend working on them – unless, for some reason, your Alliance asks you to do so. If you are a member of War-oriented Alliance.

Individual members like Emma or Mr. Sinister may be good picks for Dark Dimensions (3-5)

Team Placement & Turn Order

Stryfe, as a team protector, goes in the corner. It is best to put Mystique next to him because she has Evade and can get Stealth, so she is able to stop the Chain attack. Mister Sinister is in the middle, and Emma Frost and Madelyne Pryor are on the other side.

Turn Order:

  • Stryfe
  • Mystique
  • Emma
  • Madelyne
  • Mister Sinister

Stryfe will play first, even if he is the slowest because he will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 80% through his Passive. He can Taunt on his first turn and protect the rest of the team, who are slow.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Stryfe – Fortifier
  • Mystique – Skirmisher
  • Mister Sinister – Healer
  • Emma Frost – Healer / Skirmisher
  • Madelyne Pryor – Striker

Stryfe is an excellent protector with high Resistance, Barriers, and Deflects, so it is best to further strengthen it with the Fortifier Iso-8 class.

Mystique is best equipped with the Skirmisher Iso-8 class. To be able to easily copy and flip positives into negatives on enemies.

Mister Sinister is an excellent support character, so Healer fits him perfectly. He heals actively and passively and distributes his own HP to allies – why not improve all that for him.

If we use Emma as a Healer, we will increase the already high sustain of the Emmarauder team even more. And it’s a great option. We have another option. To use her as a Skirmisher and increase the team’s offensive potential. More Vulnerability for Madelyne.

Madelyne Pryor is the dominant damage dealer of the team, so it makes sense to increase her damage by giving her Striker Iso-8 Class.


Team T4’s


  • Mister Sinister Special
  • Emma Frost Special, Ultimate, and Passive

Mister Sinister will use his Special (if maxed) to increase healing and spread all positive effects from himself to all Mutant and Clone allies. This is crucial because he transfers all the positive effects from Mystique to himself (excluding Stealth and Taunt) beforehand, and we know that Mystique is able to accumulate a lot of positivities. That way, the whole Emmarauder team will be filled with buffs.


Emma Special removes all negative effects from self and all allies (up from 3) and applies Immunity to self and all Mutant Villain allies (up from 3 random Mutant Villain allies). Thanks to this upgrade, she will clear the entire Emmarauder team of debuffs without any problems. We never want RNG-related abilities (someone with Ability Block or Stun to stay not cleansed), and with this upgrade, we are staying totally out of bad RNG chances.

With Ultimate (on Max Level), Emma removes all positive effects from all enemies (up from 3 positive effects from all enemies), and will Mind Control 2 enemy or ally characters with the highest damage to attack primary targets (up from 1). Damage mind-controlled character gain will additionally be increased by +15%. Similar to the Special, when we take away the positives from the opponent, we want to do it right.

Passive upgrade is essential just for War Defense, but that is a game mode where we using Emmarauders. Namely, On Spawn will always apply 2 Defense Up to all Mutant Villain allies (up from 50% chance). Many of Emma’s abilities are tied to random chance, but by upgrading them to Max Level, randomness will no longer be the case. Since they are not overly fast, Defense Up for two rounds On Spawn can be a crucial upgrade and help the Emmarauders to push through until it is their turn to play.



  • Stryfe Passive
  • Mystique Special and Passive
  • Mister Sinister Passive
  • Madelyne Pryor Ultimate and Passive

Upgrading the Strife Passive will provide additional Focus and Resistance to Emmarauders (+10% each). The only one of all his Abilities worth upgrading. Although unnecessary, we recommend only doing this if you have a large surplus of T4 Ability Materials.

Mystic’s Special on Max Level will increase the number of additional targets to 3 (up from 2) and flip 2 positive effects on each target (up from 1). With this upgrade, Emmarauders overturn more opponents’ positive effects on more opponents into negative ones.

The passive is important for Mystic because it will increase her sustain and give her an Evade On Spawn. And enable her to always assist non-attack abilities from her allies (the latter only applies to War Defense). Mystic can copy positive effects from the target with an assist attack, so she directly buffs herself and indirectly her entire team after Mister Sinister uses Special.


If we want more Health and Focus for the entire team, we should upgrade Mister Sinister Passive. It will provide +10% Health (+20% in War Defense) and +20% Focus. Straightforward upgrade – needs no further explanation.

Since Madelyne Pryor is the leading damage dealer on the team, we want to further increase her damage. We’ll get that by upgrading her Special: higher damage and flipping all positive effects (up from 3). The Passive will also increase her damage potential. But indirectly, through the Counter, she performs by Mind Controlling the highest damage ally to Counter when Emmarauder with less than 50% Health is attacked. Like Mystic, she can assist when team members perform non-attack ability. Only she has a not enough chance for that (25%). The maxed Passive will double that chance (50% chance). Whenever she assists, Madelyne can clear 1 random positive effect from the target (+2 or +3 in War Defense, depending on whether her Basic is maxed), so even a 50% chance for an assist can be helpful.


Team Red Stars

At the current game state, we do not recommend any Red Star upgrade for Emmarauder characters. You can’t control what you get via Orbs, so you might get some RS for Emmarauders that way. But do not spend Silver or Gold Promotion Credits on those characters.

Since she is a solid plug-and-play character and can be used in cooperation with certain characters in various game modes, Emma is the only one worth upgrading to 5 RS. Mister Sinister can also warrant a consideration if you intend to use him in DD, but at this point there are a lot of better choices.

Farming Locations

  • Stryfe – Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Mystique – Nexus 3-3, Milestone III Orbs
  • Mister Sinister – War Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Emma Frost – Heroes 6-6, Milestone III Orbs
  • Madelyne Pryor – Arena Store

All Emmarauders are easy to farm, but you shouldn’t waste any of your resources. As you can see, most of them can be obtained through Milestone III Orbs. That is generally the way to collect their Shards. Better spend Campaign Energy and other resources are on more important Characters.


On Spawn Buffs

Stryfe – fill Speed Bar by 10% +10% per Mutant Villain ally, if Health is full at the start of the match gain Charged (War Defense)
Mystique – Evade
Mister Sinister – 3 Ability Energy
Madelyne Pryor – fill Speed Bar by 30% for a Stryfe (War Defense)

In War Defense – Defense Up (2 turns)

Team Mechanics


Stryfe is a protector who will passively fill his Speed ​​Bar at the beginning of the match, enabling himself to play first, use Special, apply Taunt on himself, and protect the team. At the start of the fight, he will gain Charged if his HP is full and Mystique is present. While he is Charged, he gets +500% Resistance, so it is very difficult to take his Taunt off (unless you do it with an ability that has an increased Focus like Cap America Ultimate, but only if he is in the Rebirth team, or Jessica Jones’s Ultimate).

Two other team members, Mystique and Madelyne Prior, will passively attack an enemy when any of the Emmarauders use the non-attack ability. Mystique always, and Madelyne has a 50% chance of it. Stryfe Special is a non-attack ability. Mister Sinister also has non-attack abilities. Every time it happens, those 2 will assist (or at least one of them).

After he Taunts, Stryfe will get 3 Deflects and a Barrier (20% of his Max Health), and on War Defense, he will Barrier the entire team. He will generate 2 Ability Energy for 2 random Marauders (excluding Madelyne Pryor). It is clear that this is a fantastic defensive start of the fight for the Emmarauders (when we take everything into account).


Mystique is immune to Bleed and can target the non-summoned enemy with the lowest Speed ​​at the beginning of the fight (in War Defense) and apply Taunt to him. Thus separating him from protection and making him vulnerable. Not to mention that she will stun him and do solid damage to him, causing 1 random enemy to also hit this target.

Mystique is an excellent controller whose abilities are complementary to Mister Sinister. Because she is able to copy a bunch of buffs from enemies that Mister Sinister can later distribute to the whole team. When it’s his turn to play he will prolong all the positive effects he has on himself. Attacking Emmarauders with a team that benefits from Stealth is not a good idea because Mystique will remove it.

Mister Sinister is a supporter best known for his ability to clone enemies. Clones scale with Mister Sinister stats, so it doesn’t matter how powerful the targeted opponent is. What matters is how strong your Mister Sinister is. If his Ultimate is maxed, the Clone will have the highest possible Ability levels and be more usable. But Clones will still have less stats than normal characters, and even Mister Sinister’s stats are somewhat outdated.


As one of the essential members of this team, he can heal, buff everyone, and feed them with Ability Energy.

Emma, as a plug-and-play character, has excellent synergy with the Marauders. Many Abilities from the Marauders are connected to her. While hers are associated with Mutant Villain characters, and unsurprisingly – all Marauders are Mutant Villains.

With her well-known Passive, at the start of the fight, she will reduce the Speed ​​by 10% to all enemies. That “small” Speed ​​advantage proved to be crucial in multiple situations. Like Stryfe, Emma also has Charged mechanics. Namely, after using her Special, she gets Charged, which increases her Armor by +400% and Resistance by +500%, making her much more durable.

She can remove the negatives from her team and the positives from the opposing team. To buff her own (Immunity) and debuff the opposing team (Blind). Mind Control is also her specialty. After the Ultimate, she will cause the two enemies or allies (with the highest damage) to attack the primary target. Often, after this turn, Emma’s target is out of combat.


One of the top damage dealers in the game is Madelyne Pryor. She can not only significantly harm the entire enemy team with a devastating area-of-effect attack but also can inflict debuffs on them (different depending on the trait). She will reduce the offensive potential of Brawlers and Blasters by giving them Offense Down. Unabeling Protectors to Taunt or get any buffs with Disrupted (+Ability Block in War Defense). She will put an Ability Block on the Controllers, preventing them from using their Abilities. From her kit, you can see that she is made to counter Uncanny X-Men because if Cyclops, Phoenix, or Dark Phoenix are enemies, she will do a bonus attack with Special. While with Ultimate, she can destroy one enemy. In War Defense, Madelyne Pryor always targets the most injured one.

Because of Madelyne Pryor, the Emmarauders will counter when they find themselves in a bad situation. Namely, whenever an enemy attacks one of them who at that moment has less than 50% Health, she will Mind Control the highest damage ally to attack that enemy. It will usually be Stryfe (if all Emmarauders are equally upgraded). So Madelyne will indirectly buff Mister Sinister (Because Stryfe, with his counterattack, transfers positive effects from the target to Sinister), who will eventually distribute his buffs to the entire team.

Stryfe provides +50% Resistance and Focus (in War Defense) for the team.
Mister Sinister provides +50% Focus to Marauders (Emma excluded) and +20% Max Health (50% in War Defense) for the team.
Madelyne Prior provides +20% Focus and Damage for the team.


We can say that Emmarauders are a team with very good sustain that can have a ton of buffs on them at almost every moment of the fight and has previously been difficult to beat in War. At this point, when we are witnessing an increasing influx of War-oriented teams and when many of the new ones are able to function very well in War – Emmarauders are not as much of a problem as before.

Investing in them (especially if you are a member of a War-oriented Alliance) is not a clever move. And if something changes in the future, be sure that we will let you know.

Combat Tips & Tricks


Outside of War, Stryfe is a very slow character, and he cannot further increase his Speed ​​Bar and play among the first without Madelyne Prior’s help. Outside of War Defense, her help is not possible! This makes the whole team much more vulnerable and susceptible to destruction by fast opponents that will tear them apart by the time they even get their turn to play. Even in War Defense these days, they are not at the top, without those War bonuses they are below average.

They lose control, lose buffing, do not have Ability Energy generation, and lose the ability to clone the top damage target if the character we plan to clone is protected.

On War Defense, there are a number of teams that can reliably counter them, like Infinity Watch who will simply brute force through them. Or Black Order, the trick in this case would be to wait until after Emma uses her Special attack, after that if you use Thanos’s Special you will gain a big advantage, what will remain is to eliminate Emma quickly.


If you want to know how and to what extent punch-up is allowed – visit our War Counter page.

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