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Hive-Mind is a Bio Raid team composed of two older (reworked) characters and three new ones. It’s essentially an advanced version of the Symbiote team designed to help players with the Incursion II Raids.

Void Knight, one of the lead members of the team, is also the first character that was added to the game thanks to a Poll in which the most active parts of the MSF community participated.


Team Members

hive mind 1

(left to right)



  • Alliance Raids

Hive-Mind is a Bio team specialized in Raids, so it is the best option for Incursion II Bio nodes. They are designed to complete the Bio nodes without Issues and will be invaluable once new Incursion II difficulties are added. Therefore, Hive-Mind characters are amongst the most important for everyone’s roster since Raids are one of the most vital game modes in MSF, and to successfully complete the last iteration of it (Incursion II), we will need a strong Hive-Mind team.

The full team can also be good in other game modes (War & Crucible), especially against enemies that rely on summons.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Since Void Knight, in most cases (because he has the highest Health Stat), will passively get Taunt from Red Goblin, he’s best placed in a corner. Next to him goes Gwen because of her increased Dodge Chance, so she can avoid potential blows that would damage her and can stop Chain attacks. Venom has great passive healing so the middle spot is ideal for him. And on the other side – Red Goblin and Carnage.

Thanks to its passive, Void Knight plays first. After him, Carnage, then Gwenom. Venom and Red Goblin have identical Speeds but are the slowest on the team and play last. Venom will also gain bonus Speed throughout the fight so by the end he will end up being the fastest.

Iso-8 Classes

  • Gvenom – Striker
  • Venom – Striker
  • Carnage – Raider
  • Void Knight – Raider / Skirmisher
  • Red Goblin – Raider / Skirmisher

Gwenom should be a Striker because (in Raids) her Basic and follow-up attacks provide Ability Energy to herself and all Hive-Mind allies. It’s true that it only happens in Raids, but this is a team designed for that game mode, so that is where we will use them the most and where we expect the best results from them. For other game modes, Striker can also be useful since she will Flip 2 Positive effects with her attacks, or you can set her up as a Skirmisher if she doesn’t apply Stun reliably, especially in Dark Dimensions.


Venom is an excellent Striker because he can use a follow-up attack to fill his Speed ​​Bar and thus play more often. The more turns he takes, the more he applies Heal Blocks to enemies. This allows him to apply Counter to his allies more often, thanks to his Passive. And whenever someone from this team has Counter, that character also gets a +15% Crit Chance (through Venom Passive), so the overall team damage grows. And due to the increased Focus, he will have no problem applying negative effects, so he does not need to be a Skirmisher.

Because of his Passive that allows him to get +50% Crit Damage whenever the enemy has Taunt, Cargnage can be a Raider. It will increase his potential damage. Both Special and Basic attack multiple targets, which is always good for a Raider.

Void Knight is a crucial member of this team who hits multiple enemies with most of his attacks, so he is an excellent Raider.

Red Goblin attacks multiple enemies with all his attacks, so Raider is an excellent Iso-8 class. However, if you don’t have him strong enough, a good option is to give him the Skirmisher class in order to successfully apply debuffs on opponents.


Team T4’s


  • Carnage – Passive and Ultimate
  • Void Knight – Passive and Ultimate
  • Red Goblin – Special and Ultimate
  • Gvenom – Passive and Special
  • Venom – Passive and Basic

Gwenom maxed Passive apply 2 Evade to herself or any Hive-Mind ally when they drop below 50% Health. This upgrade increases team survivability.

With Special at Max Level, Gwenom applies Stun for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) and spreads all positive effects (up from 3 positivities), excluding Stealth, Taunt, and Regeneration from self to all Hive-Mind allies. It is an essential upgrade that increases the team’s offensive and defensive potential. Also, this upgrade significantly strengthens the control of the battlefield because Stun for 2 turns is an extremely powerful debuff.


If we upgrade Venom’s Passive to the max, he will play much faster because he will gain +10% Speed ​​(up to a max of +30%) on the turn. So after 3 turns, his Speed ​​will be 30% higher until the end of the fight, which is an essential upgrade. He will also increase Crit Chance to himself or any teammate by +15%, as long as they have a Counter.

With Maxed Basic, Venom will get increased damage. But, more importantly, he will also get +20% Speed ​​Bar whenever he uses his Basic, it works on his Iso follow-up attacks. This is why Striker is an excellent class for him. So it can often happen that after any move in which Venom attacks the target with Vulnerability, it fills his Speed ​​Bar for +40% (after he uses Basic) or +20% (after he uses Special or Ultimate).

With a maxed Passive, Carnage fills the Speed ​​Bar of self and all Symbiote allies by 30% (up from 20%) whenever the enemy drops below 25% Health. Also, whenever the enemy has Taunt, he will gain +50% Crit Damage. This upgrade will help the Hive-Mind team to play more often during the fight because every time they drop any opponent below 25% HP, it will fill the entire team’s Speed ​​Bar. The increased Critical Damage is a nice bonus against opponents with Taunt and one of the reasons we gave him the Raider Iso-8 Class.


Maxed Ultimate will allow Carnage to apply Offense Down (2 turns), Defense Down (2 turns), and Slow (2 turns) if the primary target is below 50% Health. He will also gain Offense Up, Defense Up, and Speed ​​Up (all mentioned for 2 turns). With this upgrade, we will substantially increase the effectiveness of Carnage’s Ultimate when attacking a target with less than half HP.

When Void Knight Passive is maxed, he will, On Spawn, generate 2 Ability Energy for all Hive-Mind allies and up to 5 Ability Energy for himself (1 + 1 per each Hive-Mind ally). This is one of the most essential upgrades for the Hive-Mind team because it enables constant use of all abilities.


With Ultimate maxed, Void Knight will apply Ability Block to the primary target for 2 turns (up from 1 turn). What is essential for control and recommended for improvement.

With maxed Special, Red Goblin applies Trauma to primary and adjacent targets for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) and heals himself and all allies for 30% of his Max Health. With this upgrade, his Special becomes a tool that can heal the whole team, and Trauma for 2 turns on multiple enemies should not be skipped.

Red Goblin will transfer 5 negative effects from Hive-Mind allies to himself (up from 2). And in Raids, he will copy 5 negative effects from himself to all enemies. This greatly enhances combat control and allows the Hive-Mind team to clear (in most cases) all negatives.



  • Gvenom – Ultimate
  • Red Goblin – Passive
  • Venom – Ultimate and Special
  • Void Knight – Special

Gwenom Ultimate on Max Level will provide Barrier for the entire Hive-Mind team for 15% of her Max Health. This upgrade increases team mitigation and is handy, especially if you do not have powerful Hive-Mind characters.

Venom Ultimate will clear all negatives from himself and the most injured ally if it is maxed. It is a practical upgrade for removing negatives from Hive-Mind characters.


With a maxed Special, Venom will apply 3 Bleed for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) on the primary target. He will prolong all negativities on the primary target by 1 in Raids. This is a good upgrade in Raids because Venom can extend crucial debuffs on the selected target.

If we upgrade his Special, Void Knight will (outside of Raids) steal 1 Ability Energy from the primary target. This is an essential upgrade if you intend to use this team, or Void Knight outside of Raids.

When you max his Passive, Red Goblin will, when the enemy takes damage from Bleed, apply +1 Deflect (max of 5) to self and all Hive-Mind allies. With this upgrade, we strengthen the Hive-Mind team’s mitigation.


Team Red Stars

Our suggestion is to max Red Stars on each of these characters, as you will be using them on a daily basis.

Red Stars for Venom and Carnage can be farmed in Incursion 5-2 Mission (5 and 6 Red Stars).

Farming Locations

  • Venom – Heroes 3-9, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Carnage – Heroes Hard Mode 2-3, War Store, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

Venom and Carnage are available to max Yellow Stars without problem, while the others are currently unfarmable.


On Spawn Buffs

Void Knight – 5 Ability Energy for self and 2 Ability energy for everyone else, Fill Speed Bar by 25%
Red Goblin – 1 Charged, apply Taunt (2 turns) to highest Health Hive-Mind ally (in Raids)

In all game modes – Defense Up (2 turns), 2 Deflect
In Raids – Speed Up


Team Mechanics

Hive-Mind is a team specialized in Raids, and they are best in that game mode. They are a team that can apply a lot of debuffs to opponents (Bleed in high quantities) and have excellent sustain (because they will passively heal whenever any enemy takes damage from Bleed), manipulate their own Speed ​​Bar, and get additional Ability Energy.


Gwenom is a Brawler who serves as an Ability Energy battery for the team, but besides that function, she buffs her and debuffs the opponent team and she does her job well because she has powerful buffs/debuffs in her arsenal.

Basic – she attacks primary and adjacent targets, flips 2 positive to negative effects, and applies Defense Down. She also applies 2 Bleed to the primary target and generates 1 Ability Energy to herself and all Hive-Mind allies (in Raids). She will clear the Barrier on primary and adjacent targets if her Basic is maxed. This is a great way to fill up your team’s Ability Energy.


Special – Gwenom gains the opposite of all negative effects (excluding Bleed) on the primary target, then attacks the primary target and applies Stun (2 turns). After that, Gwenom will attack adjacent targets. She generates 1 Ability Energy for herself and all Hive-Mind allies. In Raids, Gwenom spreads all positive effects (excluding Stealth, Taunt, and Regeneration) from herself to all Hive-Mind allies after her Special. After attacking an opponent with a bunch of debuffs, it is a great way to buff the whole team but only works in Raids.

Ultimate – she will clear Barrier from all targets and attack all enemies by applying Offense Down (2 turns). She buffs her team with Offense Up and Defense Up. In Raids, Gwenom applies Stun to the enemy with the highest Damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth. Also in Raids, she generates 1 Ability Energy for self and all Hive-Mind allies. This attack gains additional Focus depending on the number of Symbiote allies. With the Ultimate, the Hive-Mind team’s offensive and defensive capacity is strengthened, and Gwenom controls the opponent who can cause the most harm.

Gwenom passively boosts mitigation to the team, so whenever any Hive-Mind member drops below 50% Health, she applies 2 Evade to that character. On turn, Gwenom heals herself and all allies for 5% of her Max Health. When above 50% HP, she gains +15%, Dodge Chance. And when her Health is 50% or below, she gains +30% Drain. All this strengthens her and the team’s sustain.



Venom is a Controller who can apply a ton of Bleed on opponents and take turns very often. In addition, he has good debuffs and can spread negative effects.

Basic – he will attack a target, flip 2 positives into negatives, and apply Bleed plus Heal Block. After that, Venom fills his Speed ​​Bar by 20%. This allows him to play relatively often, especially if he is a Striker, so he can constantly fill his Speed ​​Bar with a follow-up attack.

Special – Venom attacks the primary target and applies the following: Ability Block (1 turn), Heal Block (2 turns), and 3 Bleed (2 turns). In Raids, Venom also has a Bonus Attack and prolongs all negative effects on the primary target by 1. This attack cannot be dodged. This is an excellent controlling ability, especially in Raids, where Venom can Ability Block to one of the opponents for 2 turns.


Ultimate – Venom will attack primary and adjacent targets and apply Heal Block and Offense Down (2 turns). It also spreads all negative effects from the primary to all adjacent targets (except Stun). After that Venom clears all negative effects from self and most injured ally. This attack, like Special, cannot be dodged too. With Ultimate, Venom severely reduces the offensive potential of most opponents. And if the right target is the opponent with the most debuffs, all adjacent opponents get tons of debuffs.

Venom passively heals for 15% of his Max Health, applies Defense Up for 2 turns to himself and all Symbiote allies, and gains +10% Speed ​​up to a max of +30% Speed. All this is done On Turn so the Hive-Mind team will constantly have Defense Up during fights, and Venom will increase his Speed ​​until it reaches +30% after 3 turns. When the enemy gains Heal Block, Venom will passively apply Counter to itself and 1 random ally that does not have Counter. And whenever someone on the Hive-Mind team has Counter, thanks to Venom’s Passive, that character gets +15% Crit Chance. Venom passively duplicates his Focus (gains +100%), which helps him apply debuffs without any problems.

All this indicates that Venom is a character with excellent sustain that reduces the offensive potential of the enemies and increases it for his team. He takes turns often and can debuff the entire opposing team.



Carnage is a Brawler capable of dealing a bunch of damage and passively increasing the Speed ​​Bar of his entire team, allowing them to play more often.

Basic – Carnage attacks the primary target, and if it has negatives, he will chain to 1-2 adjacent targets and spread 2 negative effects from primary to secondary targets. This will not spread Stun, and counterattack breaks this chain.

Special – Carnage attacks the primary target and deals additional damage per negative effects the primary target has. With this move, Carnage can kill a target with many negatives, but if the target survives, he will remove all negative effects from it (in Raids he won’t). Carnage also attacks all adjacent targets after he attacks the primary.


Ultimate – Carnage deals massive damage to the primary target and applies 2 Bleed for 2 turns. If the target is above 50% Health, he applies Disrupted and Bleed for 2 turns, and if below 50% Health, Carnage does the following: apply Offense Down, Defense Down, and Slow for 2 turns, and gain Offense Up, Defense Up, and Speed ​​up for 2 turns. With this move, if an opponent with less than 50% HP is attacked, Carnage gains significant buffs and inflicts excellent debuffs on the target. It can often happen and kill the opponent.

Passive – Whenever an enemy drops below 25% Health, Carnage fills Speed ​​Bar by 30% for self and all Symbiote allies. Since Hive-Mind characters are also Symbiotes, this also applies to this team. The entire team also claims 10% Carnage Max Health. On kill, he applies Vulnerable to the enemy with the lowest Resistance that does not have Vulnerable. Whenever any enemy has Taunt, Carnage gains +50% Crit Damage. This passive is one of the most essential things about this team, and thanks to it, the Hive-Mind team can be on a roll after they drop the first opponent below 25% HP and continue in that style by playing and healing constantly.


Void Knight

Void Knight is a Support with better control than many Controllers – especially in Raids.

Basic – he attacks the primary target and flips 3 negative effects into positives on self. If the target has no negative effects, Void Knight flips 3 positive effects into negatives on the target (in Raids, it always flips 3 positive effects into negatives). This attack cannot be countered and is excellent for removing negativity from yourself and positives from the target.

All of the Void Knight’s attacks cannot be countered, and with the Special, he attacks the primary and adjacent targets with Piercing damage and applies Defense Down for 2 turns. Steals 1 Ability Energy from the primary target (3 Ability Energy in Raids). A crucial move with which he can disable certain opponents from using dangerous abilities and allow himself to use his own again as soon as possible.


Ultimate – Void Knight pulls all enemies up to 2 spaces towards the primary target, then attacks primary and targets within 2 spaces and flips 3 positives into negatives on all targets. (This works similarly to Magneto’s Ultimate). He then applies Ability Block for 2 turns to the primary target (in Raids, this will apply Ability Block to all targets). Void Knight’s Ultimate gains a huge Focus bonus and is Unavoidable.

Like all other abilities, Void Knight Ultimate cannot be counterattacked. It has tremendous synergy with all abilities from all other Hive-Mind members because it allows everyone to attack all targets with most attacks. Applying Ability Block to all opponents is unique and has never been seen before in the MSF game, even if it’s in Raids only.


Passive – Void Knight generates 2 Ability Energy for all Hive-Mind allies and 5 Ability Energy for himself while filling his Speed ​​Bar by 25% (On Spawn). This strengthens their sustain and continuity (it will certainly help if the abilities of any team member are not ready for use).

He has self-sustaining in the form of passive healing at the end of any turn (3% of his Max Health). And the entire team heals by 10% of his Max Health whenever the enemy takes damage from Bleed.

In Raids, Void Knight On Spawn applies Speed ​​Up to the entire team and Slow to the enemy with the highest Speed. Enemies cannot gain Immunity. It is one of the most crucial passive abilities because none of the enemies can avoid debuffs (unless they resist them).


Red Goblin

Red Goblin is a protector, but not a classic one. He will passively (on the turn) apply 2 Deflect and Taunt (2 turns) to the highest Health Hive-Mind ally (in Raids, he will also do that on Spawn). And thus protect the rest of the Hive-Mind team. If Hive-Mind ally with Taunt drops below 50% Max Health, Red Goblin will clear Taunt, apply Safeguard and 2 Deathproof to that character, and fill his Speed ​​Bar by 30%. In this way, he will protect his “protector”.

He is the only one in the Hive-Mind team with a Charged mechanic. On Spawn, Red Goblin gains 1 Charged, and if one of the Symbiote allies (all Hive-Mind characters are also Symbiote) dies, Red Goblin will passively, on his turn, revive that ally and will lose Charged. Red Goblin will fill his Speed Bar by 25% whenever a Hive-Mind ally dies. Thus, he will enable himself to play as soon as possible and revive the fallen Hive-Mind ally (if he still has Charged).


Red Goblin passively, whenever an enemy takes damage from Bleed, applies +1 Deflect (max 5) to all Hive-Mind allies. It thus strengthens the team’s mitigation. On Spawn, he applies Defense Up (2 turns) and 2 Deflect to himself and all Hive-Mind allies. Which also increases team mitigation.

Basic – Red Goblin attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies 2 Bleed. He and the most injured Hive-Mind ally gains 2 Regeneration. With this move, in addition to causing damage to opponents, he also heals his teammates. Iso follow-up attack functions in the same way.


Special – Red Goblin attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies Defense Down (2 turns) and 2 Bleed. In Raids, he also applies Trauma (2 turns). It is a crucial benefit for the Hive-Mind team. After the attack, Green Goblin clears all negative effects from self and all allies, heals self and all allies for 30% of his Max Health, and applies 2 Regeneration to self and all Hive-Mind allies.

We can see that Special (like Basic) is an ability that Red Goblin uses to remove debuffs and heal his own team, besides damaging and inflicting dangerous debuffs on opponents.

Ultimate – Red Goblin (if he doesn’t have Trauma) transfers 5 negatives from each Hive-Mind ally to himself, excluding Stun. In Raids, copy 5 negative effects from self to each enemy. After that, he clears all negatives from himself and heals 5% of his Max health plus 15% per negative effect cleared. Then, attack all opponents with an Unavoidable attack that deals additional damage per Positive effect on Red Goblin. In Raids, Red Goblin prolongs the duration of all negative effects on all enemies by 1. After all that, he applies 2 Regeneration to the whole team.

Gwenom provides +60% Focus for the team.

Void Knight provides +60% Max Health and Armor for himself and +30% Max Health and Armor for all other team members (+60% in Raids).

Red Goblin provides +60% Damage and +25% Block Amount for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Hive-Mind is a team built for Raids, and they are definitely the best option for all Bio nodes of Incursion Raids and will work just as well in Doom Raids. But even if they are powerful, you need to play with them wisely in order to achieve the desired results. With Void Knight, it’s best to start the fight with an Ultimate and thus drag all of the opponents together and enable the other members to attack as many of them as possible.

Choose carefully which opponent you will use Void Knight’s Special on to steal their Ability Energy. Try to disable someone who has a dangerous ability ready to use. And do not hesitate to do that because it will allow Void Knight to use Ultimate again – right after Special. A good example is stealing Ability Energy from Nova (Incursion II, first Bio node), this will prevent him from using his Ultimate and will buy you enough time to remove Nova’s Charged and start controlling him, because while Nova has Charged you won’t have much luck applying negatives to him

Try to get one of the opponents below 25% Health as soon as possible so the Carnage Passive will be able to work, and then keep doing the same to ensure that your team has a constant influx of Speed Bar. When Venom comes into play focus on targeting enemies with Vulnerable, this will allow him to gain more Speed Bar even faster.


Everything after Void Knight Ultimate goes by itself, but you should choose wisely which opponent to control. The Hive-Mind team has Stun via Gwenom Special and Ultimate. Void Knight can Ability Block all opponents, and Venom can prolong everything while having Ability Block in his arsenal.

They can get a bunch of different buffs, strengthen themselves in every sense (offensive and defensive), and throw a bunch of debuffs and Bleed at opponents that will eat up the opponents’ Health.

Thanks to Red Goblin’s passive, even if someone dies, you will have just one revive. There is definitely a second chance.

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