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Bifrost as a Mystic Raid team is nearly unstoppable, they are often regarded as one of the best raid teams and are crucial for endgame activities, like the Incursion Raids.

Vahl takes the spotlight amongst the Bifrost members as the team leader. Vahl is also the first non-binary hero, this character is the fourth Original character made by the MSF developers.


Team Members

bifrost infographic

(left to right)



  • Raids
  • Cosmic Crucible Defense (Season 4, Stage 2)

This is an amazing Raid team that can handle all Mystic nodes be it Incursion Raids or Doom Raids. They can achieve that because of the incredible sustain that they have, a massive amount of control and Speed Bar manipulation, and Vahl’s ability to Revive 4 fallen allies.

Season 4 of the Cosmic Crucible has a Stage that allows all of the Raid bonuses to be active, which makes that stage perfect for the Bifrost team and one of the toughest stages to beat.

In other game modes, like Alliance War, Bifrost are an average team, they mostly end up being on Defense, often mixed with the Hero Asgardians team. 

Individual characters like Vahl, and Sylvie are great picks for Dark Dimension. In fact, Vahl is one of the best characters you could use in the Cosmic Sections because some of the bonuses they get in Raids also apply in Dark Dimensions. 


Team Placement & Turn Order

Beta ray Bill is the Protector on the team, and should be placed in a corner. Sylvie and Loki are relatively low health compared to the others, so placing them as far away from Beta Ray as possible is a sensible choice. On Offense, you could place Vahl next to Beta since when Bifrost have Regeneration applied to them they will always counterattack and Vahl can deal a lot of damage with those counterattacks and even apply Exposed, which is an important effect for her kit. 

On Crucible defense, it’s best to place Loki (Teen) next to Beta Ray.

In Raids, the turn order would look like this:

  1. Silvie
  2. Loki
  3. Vahl
  4. Loki (Teen)
  5. Beta Ray Bill

In other game modes, Sylvie won’t get the Speed Bar boost from Loki and will instead be the third to take a turn


Iso-8 Classes

  • Vahl – Striker
  • Sylvie – Striker
  • Beta Ray Bill – Raider
  • Loki (Teen) – Striker
  • Loki – Skirmisher

In Raids and Dark Dimensions, Vahl can apply Exposed status effect with her Iso-8 follow-up attacks, and we will greatly benefit by having as many of those as we can.

Sylvie with her Basic attacks can reduce the Speed Bar of up to 3 targets, on Iso-8 follow-up attacks this will hit only the primary target, but it will still apply the Speed Bar reduction.


Beta Ray Bill’s abilities hit multiple enemies and he can be great as a Raider. There is also potential for using him as a Striker, since he can generate Ability Energy for himself, but in Raids there is no need for that.

Loki (Teen) can apply Regeneration to all his allies with every ability, including the Iso-8 follow-up attacks. In Raids Regen is very important for Bifrost, since It guarantees that Bifrost will be counterattacking as long as they have Regen applied to them. Striker on Loki (Teen) will help with that. 

Loki can be a Skirmisher to help apply more Vulnerable effects.


Team T4’s

Bifrost requires a lot of T4 Ability Materials investment to be at their pique form.


  • Vahl – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Sylvie – Passive, Ultimate, Special, Basic
  • Loki (Teen) – Passive, Basic
  • Beta Ray Bill – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Loki – Passive

In Raids, Vahl’s Passive will generate 1 Ability Energy to each Bifrost ally whenever an enemy with Exposed is attacked. Their Ultimate will Revive additional allies, steal a total of 25% Health from each enemy, deal a lot of damage to them, and apply Trauma. And her Special can Ability Block up to 6 targets in Raids and Dark Dimensions. 

Sylvie’s Passive will apply Bleed to each target whenever they get hit by a Bifrost ally. Her Ultimate will reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies by a total of 75% (in Raids and Dark Dimensions). Her Special will have an increased chance to apply Stun, and her Basic will reduce Speed Bar of 3 enemies by 15% (instead of 3%)


Loki (Teen’s) Passive will ensure that the team will counterattack whenever they have Regeneration applied to them and will increase their damage. And his Basic will apply Regeneration to all Bifrost allies.

Beta Ray Bill’s Passive will allow him to gain Charged on each ally Crit and attack one enemy each time he has 4 Charged. His Ultimate will get a +25% damage modifier for each Positive Effect that he has and his Special will increase the chance of applying Stun.

Loki’s Passive will apply 3 Evades and 3 Deathproof whenever an Asgardian ally drops below 50% health (all Bifrost are also Asgardian)



  • Loki (Teen) – Ultimate, Special
  • Loki – Special

Loki (Teen) Ultimate will apply 2 bonus Regen and Special will greatly increase the damage of the attack.

Loki’s Special will always Mind Control 2 targets.


Team Red Stars

While this team can be pretty useful even with low amount of Red Stars due to their abilities being pretty strong, it is still recommended that you promote everyone to at least 5 Red Stars(with the exception of Loki)

Beta Ray Bill can be taken to 6 Red Stars or even 7 if you have the spare Promotion Credits, but Vahl will benefit the most from having 7 Red Stars, so promoting her should be your first priority. 

Farming Locations

Since Vahl, Beta Ray Bill, Sylvie, and Loki (Teen) are recently released characters they are not available for farming. Their shards can be found only in the Orbs or the Supplies Store

  • Beta Ray Bill – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Vahl – Incursion 6-9
  • Loki (Teen) – Nexus Hard Mode 6-9
  • Sylvie – Nexus Hard Mode 2-9, War Store
  • Loki – Doom 3-9, Arena Store, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

  • Defense Up for 2 Turns, 3 Deathproof, 3 Deflect on all Bifrost
  • In Raids: 2 Regeneration, Immunity for 2 turns on all Bifrost

Team Mechanics

In Raids, this team can be unstoppable since they can manipulate Speed Bar on a massive scale, steal Health and generate Ability Energy each turn, apply Bleed with each attack and Counterattack every time they get hit, plus get Bonus Damage on the Counterattacks. Thanks to all of that they have enough sustain and can apply Positive Effects to themselves pretty often and in rare occasions when a member or two dies they can be revived. Each of the team members uniquely contributes to this: 

(+50% Max Health, +25% Damage for Bifrost in Raids)


Is the linchpin of the team and the only member who can apply Exposed. Whenever an enemy who has Exposed is hit Vahl will steal 5% Health from the most injured enemy, fill Speed Bar by 5%, and generate 1 Ability Energy for all Bifrost allies. This can happen once per turn. 

The Exposed mechanic is what allows this team to shine. All Bifrost members have long cooldowns on their abilities, but once you start hitting enemies with Exposed you can easily mitigate that and you also get Speed Bar boosts and steal Health on each hit.

Vahl can apply Exposed with her Special ability to the primary target, or with the Basic Attack(Assists and Counterattacks included). Aside from that, Vahl can also apply Ability Block on up to 6 targets in Raids, grant Positive Effects to the Bifrost team (Defense Up, Deflect, Deathproof, Evade). Vahl’s Ultimate attack will also deal a lot of damage, steal 25% Health from all enemies(in Raids), and apply Trauma to all enemies(in Raids). The Ultimate will also revive up to 4 dead allies in Raids, or only 2 allies in other modes. 


Vahl’s Passive ability allows them to heal themselves 25% Health each turn. And will apply 2 stacks of Deflect/Deathproof/Evade to a revived Bifrost ally. 

(+65% Focus for Bifrost in Raids)

Her main contribution to every Raid Battle is her Ultimate attack, which can reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies by 75%. It will also apply Slow to everyone. And because of Loki’s Passive, she will always be the first to take a turn in Raids and will always start the fight with her Ultimate. She also has some Speed Bar manipulation with her Basic and can Stun a target with her Special. On turn, her Passive will Mind Control one target to attack a friendly. And she also allows all Bifrost attacks to apply Bleed. 


Loki (Teen)

Is a support character for the team that will focus on applying Positive Effects. All his abilities can apply Regeneration to his Bifrost allies. His Passive also makes Regen a very important buff for the Bifrost team because when a Loki (Teen) or a Bifrost ally has Regen on, they gain more Damage and a 100% chance to counterattack. So the main focus for Loki (Teen) is to ensure that Bifrost allies always have Regen on.

He also applies Immunity to all Bifrost on Spawnor with his Ultimate, and can apply Safeguard on an enemy Cosmic Hero turn. 

Beta Ray Bill
(+60% Armor to Bifrost in Raids)

Is a Protector who can Taunt with his Special, but will also gain Taunt automatically whenever Vahl drops below 50% Max Health. Special attack will also have a chance to Stun the primary target. His Ultimate can deal a lot of damage because he gets a +50% Bonus Damage per Positive Effect on self. 


Beta Ray Bill also has a Charged mechanic: whenever he or an ally lands a Crit, Beta will gain +1 Charged. Once he has 4 Charged, he will attack the enemy with the highest Health and will apply Defense Down. After that, he’ll lose all Charged.

(+20% Focus, +20% Resistance for Mystic Controller allies. Lower Resistance for all enemies by +30%)

His main function will be feeding Speed Bar and Ability Energy to Sylvie, making her the first to take a turn in Raids every time. He can also increase the sustainability of the team by applying 3 Evade and 3 Deathproof every time an ally drops below 50% Max Health. He can also apply Speed Up and Offense Up to Bifrost allies and can summon Mirror Images. Sylvie will fill the Speed Bar for all Bifrost allies whenever his Mirror Images die. 


Combat Tips & Tricks

Bifrost as a team is irreplaceable in Raids. They start out with a lot of Positive Effects on Spawn, Sylvie will take the first turn and massively reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies, while also applying Slow. Vahl will start with their Special attack, which will apply Ability Block on up to 6 targets, and Exposed to the Primary Target. Loki will use his Special and apply Speed Up and Offense Up to his teammates.  Beta Ray Bill will Stun a target with his Special and apply Defense UP, while Loki (Teen) will apply Regeneration. 

After this initial setup, your opponents will be in rough shape, and you will have enough control to ensure that the advantage stays on your side for the whole fight. 


The most important aspect of this team is Vahl and their Exposed mechanic. In every fight, you should aim to have as many Exposed Effects as you can, and you should focus on hitting targets that have that effect applied to them. The main weakness of Bifrost are the incredibly long cooldowns, and attacking enemies with Exposed will help overcome that. Whenever an enemy with Exposed is hit, Vahl will generate one Ability Energy and fill Speed Bar 5% to all Bifrost allies. This can happen once per any turn(enemy or ally)

Vahl can apply Exposed with their Special attack to one target. In Raids, Vahl will also apply Exposed with the Basic attacks. This also includes Assists and Counterattacks. That’s where Regeneration becomes important. 


Loki (Teen)’s Passive ability increases the counterattack chance of all Bifrost members that have Regen applied to them and he can apply Regen with all of his abilities. Having him as a Striker will also help out since he can apply Regen even on his Iso-8 follow-ups, or Assists and Counterattacks. This should ensure that the Bifrost allies have Regen at all times. 

Because of Loki (Teen), Vahl will be able to Counterattack a lot and apply more Exposed effects that way. It may also be a good choice to place Vahl next to Beta Ray Bill. Beta will Taunt and take most of the hits, but any Splash or Chain damage will also hit Vahl and trigger a counterattack. 

Once you have a few Exposed effects applied to your enemies the fight becomes very easy, in some cases, you’ll be able to use the Ultimate attacks every other turn. 


There are a few other things you need to keep in mind when using Bifrost: 

If there’s a character that’s gonna Taunt soon it can be sensible to apply Exposed to that character first. Because if you get stuck behind a Taunt and can’t generate energy things might get bad. 

It’s always best to be mindful of when to use Vahl’s Ultimate Ability. It has 3 Big advantages: Deals a ton of Damage and applies Trauma to all enemies, a huge Heal for all allies, and the Ability to Revive up to 4 allies in Raids. If you didn’t have a chance to apply at least a couple of Exposed effects, it may be best to save this Ultimate for later and use Vahl’s Basic instead to increase the number of Exposed effects. In Raids, specifically Incursion, enemies can hit you hard so having a massive Heal and Revive ready to go a any time is crucial. 


Loki (Teen)’s Ultimate Ability can redistribute all Bifrost health evenly. This ability can also be very beneficial to save for later. A perfect example of that would be using it after the Protector took a lot of damage and is very low Health. Or, a more specific example: on the second Mystic Node of the Incursion Raids there are 2 Gambits that will attack your lowest health Bifrost character. Getting rid of both of them in a timely manner isn’t always easy. Using Teen Loki’s Ultimate here, after your lowest Health Character is nearly gone, can buy you more time to either charge up Vahl’s Ultimate or even save it for later and eliminate those Gambits by other means. 

In other game modes, Bifrost’s performance is slightly above average. When going against them in War, they can be easily defeated with the likes of War Dogs, Eternals, and Weapon X. Focus is always on taking down Vahl first, and if you have a character who can apply Disrupted to Beta it will make that task even easier. 

In Crucible (Season 4 Stage 2) they get all the Raid bonuses, so handling them there might be pretty hard. Best Counter in that case is Death Seed and the focus will be to target Sylvie first by using Magneto’s Special Ability. 

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters and Crucible Counters pages.


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