Underworld is a team specialized in War Offense, but they can also be used on Defense sometimes. Underworld team consists of four reworked characters improved about a year ago and Mister Negative, the team leader.

Underworld started the trend of new teams with one new character and four old ones reworked for last year. This year, that trend continued by the Infestation team. This can generally be good because players will find value for old and unused characters.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense

Designed to perform best in the Alliance War Offense mode, and they excel there, Underworld can get a bunch of other teams, but since they are a year-old team, the new War teams are slowly but surely taking away Underworld’s utility value. Despite that, they are still, at least in War, a more than solid offensive option.

Individually, Kingpin and Mister Negative can be good choices for the Dark Dimension (City Section). If you decide to take them (or one of them) to that game mode, you won’t regret it.


Team Placement & Turn Order

As for the positioning, it is not important. You can place them as you see fit. In many cases, the Underworld team will have a bunch of (5 max) summoned Minions, so where they stand won’t matter. They do not have a classic protector, but Kingpin’s Bodyguards (Minions) have Taunt on Spawn, and the summoned Minion’s position depends on RNG.

Turn Order in War:

  1. Mister Negative
  2. Taskmaster
  3. Kingpin
  4. Nobu
  5. Green Goblin

In War, because of Taskmaster’s Passive, the Speed ​​Bar of all team members will be increased by 50%. It made them much faster than they were and allowed Mister Negative and Taskmaster to play before the opponent in most cases. The others are a bit slower, so against very fast teams, Taskamster Passive will not help them to play before their opponents, but in general, it certainly helps.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Kingpin – Fortifier / Healer
  • Nobu – Healer
  • Mister Negative – Skirmisher / Striker
  • Green Goblin – Raider / Striker
  • Taskmaster – Raider / Striker / Skirmisher

For Kingpin, it is best to be a Fortifier because, after every turn on which he has Barrier (and as a Fortifier, he will constantly get it), he will apply Speed ​​Up and Offense Up to all Summoned allies. So Minions, with him as Fortifier, will be strengthened. And Underworld has a bunch of minions at all times.

He can also be a Healer because he is able to play more often, so he will heal the team more often. Namely, thanks to his Passive, when attacked, he fills his and all Summoned Underworld ally’s Speed ​​Bars by 20%. In my opinion, Fortifier Kingpin is superior to Healer Kingpin because he increases the team’s offensive potential.


Nobu is an ideal Healer because his only offensive Ability is Basic, so he has no use with any other Iso-8 Class. As a Healer, he will contribute by increasing the sustain.

Mister Negative can be a Striker, but Skirmisher suits him better. Because he has powerful debuffs that he can apply to opponents, and we would not want enemies to resist them. Mister Negative indeed has excellent Focus, but there are also enemies with superb Resistance, so we should not risk it.

Green Goblin can attack 5 random opponents with Ultimatum and also has a chance to attack adjacent targets with Basic, so Raider is a solid option. However, he can be a Striker to increase the Damage.

Taskmaster has a markedly increased focus on all his crucial moves, so Skirmisher is not needed at first glance (in War). As with Green Goblin, the choice is between Raider and Striker. Since he can attack more targets, he can be an excellent Raider, and since his Follow-Up attack is outstanding, he can be a top Striker. However, Taskmaster will Assist all his Underworld allies, so Skirmisher is also an excellent option. He also always counters and assists non-attack abilities. For those things, Skirmisher is ideal. If you equip Taskmaster with Skirmisher Class, give Striker class to Green Goblin and Mister Negative.


Team T4’s


  • Kingpin Special and Ultimate
  • Mister Negative Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Taskmaster Ultimate and Passive

With Kingpin’s Special at Max, the Underworld team gets Safeguard (War Offense). Namely, when he uses Special, he summons 3 Bodyguards (up from 2-3) and applies Safeguard to the Underworld team in War Offense (up from himself and 5 random Underworld allies). This will prevent any buffs the Underworld team has from being removed. It also opens up the possibility of starting with the Special instead of the Ultimate, which can be practical in many cases.

After we upgrade Kinpin’s Ultimate, we get Offense Up (2 turns) for all allies and him (up from 5 allies and Kingpin). We also get 2 assists from allies (up from 1 and a 40% chance for another).


Mister Negative Special will spread all Negative effects from the primary to the lowest speed, non-summoned enemy if maxed. Since we know that Mister Negative will apply Defense Down, Ability Block, and Trauma to the primary target, we want everything spread to another target.

With his Ultimate, Mister Negative attacks all enemies. If maxed, it will flip all Positive effects (up from 3), so this is also an essential upgrade.

His Passive in War Offense will (additionally) increase the Max Health of the Underworld team. But the more important thing is that whenever one of the summoned minions dies, it will clear 3 negativities from all non-summoned Underworld allies (up from 2 negativities from 2 most injured Underworld allies). With this upgrade, we increase the team’s sustain and make it possible for the entire team to be cleansed of debuffs whenever Minion goes down.

With upgraded Ultimate, Taskmaster will apply Blind and Heal Block to all enemies (in War). We know that Taskamaster can use Ultimate on his first move, and we know that thanks to the Passive, he plays before the vast majority of opponents, so this upgrade is essential for controlling the fight.

After we Max his Passive, Taskamaster will always Assist Underworld allies, and his chance for Counterattack will jump to 100% (up from 50%). This is also essential, especially if our Iso-8 choice for him is Skirmisher.



  • Kingpin Passive
  • Nobu Ultimate
  • Green Goblin Passive

Kingpin Passive will additionally increase team Resistance and Focus. It is not mandatory, but it is handy.

Nobu Ultimate will provide 2 Counters for everyone (up from 1-2 Counters). Whenever someone from the Underworld team has a Counter, their Crit Chance will jump by 50%. That’s why we want everyone to have 2 Counters each, so they have an increased chance for a Crit as long as possible.

Green Goblin Passive will increase his Max Health by +20% (up from +10%). On War Offense, the team will gain +30% Armor (up from +15%). Such upgrades are useful even if they are not essential.


Team Red Stars

5 RS is enough for everyone, so you only spend Gold Promotion Credits on Kingpin and Mister Negative if one of them (or both) is your choice for the Dark Dimension. In that case, raise them to as many Red Stars as possible. 7 if possible.

I must mention that, through Incursion campaigns, you can farm the Red Stars for the Underworld team. From Incursion 3-1, you can get 6 or 7 Red Star for any Underworld member.

Farming Locations

  • Kingpin – Villains 2-9
  • Nobu – Nexus 6-9, Alpha Raid Orbs
  • Mister Negative – Free Claim every day from the Web Store
  • Green Goblin – Nexus 1-3, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Taskmaster – Cosmic 1-9, Milestone III Orbs

Shards for Mister Negative are accessible to everyone via the Web Store – 5 per day for free. So he will be (eventually) raised to 7 Yellow Stars without any effort. Farm the others only if you are a member of a war-oriented Alliance and if you are required to have a strong Underworld team. Right now, except in War as a whole (team), they don’t have much value, and there are a lot of more beneficial characters/teams to invest in before Underworld.


On Spawn Buffs

Taskmaster – Offense Up (2 turns)

In War – Fill Speed Bar to everyone by 50%

Team Mechanics

Underworld is a team that, due to the initial Speed lead in combat ​​and the ability to summon a bunch of Minions, can easily defeat many opposing teams in War. They also have excellent buffs for themselves that increase their mitigation and debuffs for opponents, making their control over the fight frighteningly good.


Due to Taskmaster’s Passive, all team members at the beginning of each battle in War will fill their Speed ​​Bar by 50%, which makes them much faster than they are. Therefore, the two main controllers (and Damage dealers), Mister Negative and Taskmaster, play before almost every opponent and take control of the fight with their initial attacks.

The first (Mister Negative) starts the fight with the Special and controls one of the opponents, throwing Defense Down, Ability Block, and Trauma (in War). And then Mind Control that same opponent to attack the lowest speed enemy with solid Damage and spread all the negatives from himself to that target. Therefore, he incapacitates two opponents at the very start of the fight.

The second (Taskmaster) starts the fight with Ultimate, hits all enemies, and applies Blind and Heal Block to primary and 2 random targets (to all enemies in War). In addition, apply Bleed to them (2 turns), and bonus attacks all enemies with Bleed. This attack is unavoidable and has a huge focus, so if the opponents do not have Immunity at the start of the fight, after Taskmaster’s turn they will have Blind (in War).

In addition to the initial advantage, the Underworld team is also specific in that three of its members can summon Minions, and at almost any time, this team has a bunch of Minions on their side.


Here are the essentials about the characters that can summon Minions, their interactions with Minions, and the characteristics of those Minions:


Summon Mercenary Boygard on Spawn with Taunt and 2 Deathproof. He can summon 3 Boygards with Special. All of them will have Taunt and Deathproof. When Attacked, he will fill his and all Summoned Underworld ally’s Speed Bar by 20%. And if the Kingpin has Barrier at the end of his turn, he will apply Speed ​​Up and Offense Up to all Summoned allies.

Mercenary Boygards can inflict Vulnerable on targets with their attacks (cannot be countered). And also, they can protect the Underworld team with Taunt.


Nobu can summon 3 Hand Ninjas with Offense Up with his Special. When he uses Special, he also clears all negative effects from himself. For each Summoned Ninja, Nobu gains Regeneration.

Possible Summons are Hand Blademaster and Hand Archer. Blademaster is a single-target Damage dealer capable of dealing very high Damage. Archer can attack all opponents and remove 1 positive effect from each. He gets a huge bonus to Focus on that attack.


Mister Negative

Mister Negative on Spawn summon and Inner Demon (Cyclops) and gains Defense Up for 5 turns. Each turn will summon one Inner Demon in the following order: Dragon, Demon, Cyclops. In War Offense, on the Death of a summoned ally, Mister Negative will clear 3 random negative effects from all non-summoned Underworld allies. In other words, Minions will not die in vain.

Inner Demon (Cyclops) will, On Spawn, get Offense Up (2 turns). On turn, he will apply Regeneration to Mister Negative (War Offense), and on Death, he will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies by 10%. With his attack, he can apply Heal Block to the target (he has an increased Focus in War Offense), and if the target is Mystic, he will also reduce its Speed ​​Bar by 10%.


Inner Demon (Demon) will, On Spawn, get Defense Up (2 turns). On turn, he will apply Regeneration to Mister Negative (War Offense), and on Death, he will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies by 10%. With his attack, he can apply Offense Down to the target (in War Offense, he will instead Stun the target and have extra Focus for that action), and if the target is Mystic, he will also reduce its Speed ​​Bar by 10%.

Inner Demon (Dragon) will, On Spawn, get Speed Up (2 turns). On turn, he will apply Regeneration to Mister Negative (War Offense), and on Death, he will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies by 10%. With his attack, he can apply 2 Bleeds to the target (he has an increased Focus in War Offense), and if the target is Mystic, he will also reduce its Speed ​​Bar by 10%.

By taking a closer look, we realize that Mister Negative Summons are very interesting and dangerous for opponents. In practice, this means that, in War Offense, after the second Mister Negative turn, the Underworld team will have another Stun (from Demon).


Underworld is a team that has excellent buffs. Kingpin can buff everyone with Offense and Defense Up (2 turns) with his Ultimate. With that action, he does not attack any opponents, but he gets 2 assists from allies plus an assist from Taskamster (in War), who assists after each non-attack ability. Kingpin on self or any Villain ally’s turn has a 50% chance to apply Assist Now to anyone from the Underworld team. They are all villains. Also, after his Basic hit, there is a chance for Kingpin to get an Assist from a random ally.

Nobu has a tiny chance to Revive any Underworld or Hand ally, and with his Ultimate, he buffs the whole team with 2 Counter and Deflects (+2 Deathproof in War Offense). It has synergy with his Passive that raises Crit Chance by 50% to anyone with Counter.

With his Basic, Nobu can apply Stealth to himself and the most injured ally. It has synergy with his Passive so that every Underworld ally or himself with Stealth will increase Crit Damage by +20%.


Mister Negative can do good Damage with a Basic hit (the more Summoned allies he has, the more Damage he will do) and flip 2 Positive effects to Negative on the primary target.

He attacks all opponents with an Ultimate and flips all their positives into negative effects. In War offense, he clears Revive Once and 1 Charged from the primary target. As far as the enemy team is unprotected by Safeguard after Mister Negative successfully hits with Ultimate, the outcome of combat is in your hands. The attack cannot be blocked or dodged but can miss. It’s not unavoidable, so be careful.

Green Goblin is a strong Damage dealer who doesn’t inflict any critical debuffs on enemies but can deal huge Damage. With his Ultimate, he attacks the primary and 5 random targets, and with his Special, he attacks the target with Stealth and can kill it because he deals enormous Damage to it by hitting twice. If there is no target with Stealth, he hits the primary target (also with high Damage). The attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked, and characters killed by this cannot be revived.

On any Underworld Ally turn, Green Goblin passively removes 1 positive effect from 2 random enemies with positive effects but without Safeguard. He has an increased focus on this in War Offense, so Green Goblin serves as a buff remover from opponents and does so very effectively. On Spawn in War Offense, he applies Defense Down to all enemies and thus makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to debuffs.


Taskamster has a 25% increased Block Chance and Block Amount, and when he fights against Skill opponents, he gets additional Damage. Also, in War, he can passively apply Taunt to the enemy with the highest Damage, making him an easy target for his entire team.

With Special, he is able to Stun one of the opponents and apply Offense Down to 3 others. Another form of control, while with the Basic hit, he can transfer 3 positive effects from the target to himself.

Kingpin provides +60% Focus and +60% Resistance for the team.

Mister Negative provides +50% Max Health and +50% Focus in War Offense for the team.

Green Goblin provides +30% Armor in War Offense for the team.

Taskmaster provides +30% Damage (+55% in War) for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Choose the right initial target with Mister Negative (as far as you can), and control it at the beginning of the fight. Taskmaster will join that control and make your combat easier with massive Blind. With Kingpin, you have two solutions. Start the fight with Ultimate or Special. Keep in mind Special will give you Safeguard, so if you’re facing opponents who can debuff you at the very start – Special is the better option. Nobu is a buffer with which it is worth using the ultimate as soon as possible, thus strengthening the offensive and defensive abilities of the team.

Underworld can beat many teams in War precisely because of the advantage in Speed. Use them wisely, and you won’t have any problems.


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