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Invaders are the team that started off the in-game Incursion storyline, which would see us recruit Variants of familiar characters that will help us stop the destruction of all of the worlds. 

The first 2 Variants we encountered were Bucky Barnes and Captain America (WW II). They are also joined by Nick Fury who leads this Raid team.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Raids

The primary game mode for this team is Raids, they were specifically built around the Incursion Raids and can breeze through the Skill nodes there.

Outside of Raids they lose a lot of important bonuses and often end up not being used that much. You might see them on War Defense at times, they can also be used on offense in a few cases but temper your expectations.

Nick Fury is an excellent candidate for Dark Dimensions.


Team Placement & Turn Order

This team doesn’t have a traditional Protector, instead at least one of Nick Fury’s summons will always be Shield Protector, who will Spawn with Taunt. The only issue is that the placement of that minion is random, so the placement of the team can’t take that into account. 

That said, Captain America (WW II) can give out Ability Energy, as well as Nick Fury. So the best placement would be to have Nick in the corner, Captain America next to him, and Iron Fist next to Captain. The essential part here is that Fury generates ability energy on his Basic to the adjacent ally, while Captain generates to all allies. So with that formation, Captain will get to use his abilities more often.

While Iron Fist has the most Health and Armor so he should be in the center. 


Bucky should go in the other corner and Union Jack next to him because he can go into stealth and break Chain attacks.

Turn Order in Raids:

  1. Nick Fury
  2. Iron Fist (WW II)
  3. Bucky Barnes
  4. Union Jack
  5. Captain America (WW II)

If you summon minions with Fury’s first turn, they all will go before the other Invaders, after that, the turn order is the same. Outside of Raids Fury will still go first, but after that, it’s as follows: Bucky Barnes, Union Jack, Iron Fist (WW II), Captain America (WW II).


Iso-8 Classes

  • Captain America (WW II) – Raider
  • Nick Fury – Raider
  • Iron Fist – Raider
  • Bucky Barnes – Striker
  • Union Jack – Striker

Captain America can hit a lot of targets with his Ultimate and apply Vulnerable effects for his teammates to exploit, so Raider is the better choice, he doesn’t necessarily need Skirmisher but it can also work.

Nick Fury can generate Ability Energy with his Basic attack, but one if it Crits – hence Raider.

Iron Fist’s Abilities all hit multiple enemies, so Raider is also a natural choice for him.

Union Jack and Bucky Barnes as the two damage dealers will exploit all the Vulnerable effects the other prepared for them. Bucky’s Basic is immensely valuable since he can prolong any Negative Effect in Raids.


Team T4’s


  • Captain America (WW II) – Ultimate, Special
  • Iron Fist (WW II) – Passive
  • Nick Fury – Passive, Ultimate
  • Union Jack – Passive, Ultimate
  • Bucky Barnes – Passive

Captain’s Ultimate and Special will allow him to generate Ability Energy to all Invader allies (instead of random 3)


Iron Fist’s Passive will apply immunity (in Raids) for 2 turns to all Invader allies if he spawns with 4 Invaders. 

Nick Fury’s Passive will increase his chance to apply Speed Up on turn to self or a S.H.I.E.L.D. minion to 50%(from 30%) and his Ultimate will guarantee that he always summons 3 minions. 

Union Jack’s Passive will apply Evade to all Invaders when Union Jack loses all Charged. His Ultimate attack will reduce the Speed Bar by 30% (instead of 10%) Speed Bar Reduction works only in Raids.

Bucky Barnes’s Passive will fill his Speed Bar +50% when he loses all Charged.



  • Captain America – Basic, Passive
  • Iron Fist – Ultimate
  • Nick Fury – Special
  • Union Jack – Basic, Special
  • Bucky Barnes – Special, Ultimate

Captain America’s Basic will allow Bucky to always Assist him(instead of 75% to assist). His Passive (only in Raids on Offense) will prevent enemies from Summoning or Cloning. This Passive is not that important for Incursion I, but it will come in handy in Doom raids. 

Iron Fist’s Ultimate will slightly increase the Heal he does to his whole team and the damage he does to all enemies.


Nick Fury’s Special will also just slightly increase the teamwide Heal.

Union Jack’s Basic will (in Raids) flip 3 Positive Effects into Negative. Special will apply Offense Down for 2 turns (instead of 1)

Bucky Barnes’s Ultimate will increase his Piercing Damage which can be good, and his Special will apply Offense Down for 2 turns (instead of 1)


Team Red Stars

Nick Fury will benefit a lot from having high Red Stars since those will also increase the stats of minions that he summons. He uses Silver&Gold Promotion Credits so when you have a chance you can take him up to 7 Red Stars. 

Bucky Barnes, technically, is the main Damage Dealer, so he could benefit from having more Red Stars, consider getting him 5-6. 

The others can be left at 4-5 Red Stars.

Red Stars for Invader characters are also available in the Incursion Campaign nodes 1-10, 2-10, and 3-9. It is recommended to farm them, specifically node 3-9.

Farming Locations

  • Nick Fury – Legendary
  • Iron Fist (WW II) – Blitz Store
  • Captain America (WW II) – Nexus 7-9
  • Bucky Barnes – Nexus 8-3
  • Union Jack – Nexus Hard Mode 3-9, Cosmic Crucible Store

On Spawn Buffs

Team – 2 Deathproof, Barrier for 15% of Iron Fist’s Max Health
Nick Fury – Speed Up for 1 turn
Bucky Barnes – 8 Charged
Union Jack – 6 Charged

In Raids:
Team – Immunity for 2 turns, 2 Deathproof, Barrier for 15% of Iron Fist’s Max Health
Nick Fury – Speed Up for 1 turn
Iron Fist (WW II) – Offense Up for 1 turn
Bucky Barnes – 8 Charged
Union Jack – 6 Charged


Team Mechanics

One of the main things that make this team so great in Raids is Nick Fury and his minions, coupled all of that with his Invader allies by the midpoint of the fight Nick would have summoned 5 minions making it 10 characters on your team vs however many enemies are left. 

Those minions are very useful thanks to their kit, and to them having the Invader trait, which allows them to benefit from all of the Invader members’ passive abilities that would increase the Damage, Health, etc. 

While Bucky Barnes is supposed to be the main damage dealer on the team, the minions end up doing more damage overall. 

All of that plus the fact that Invaders will gain a lot of buffs and make them a great Raid team.


Nick Fury

(+10% Armor, +30% Resistance for Invader characters)

Nick Fury is the Legendary leader of the team and he provides valuable buffs, additional healing and can summon minions that are tremendously helpful in Raids and somewhat helpful in other game modes. 

Fury’s Passive allows him to Spawn with Speed Up, which will make him take the first turn in many cases even if he’s slow if we’re going by stats only. He also gets +10% Speed Bar on Spawn and an additional +10% per Invader ally. 

On turn, he has a 50% chance to apply Speed Up to self, S.H.I.E.L.D. minions, Kestrel, or Coulson allies. In Raids, it’s a 100% chance.

On any Hero ally’s turn, he will have a 30% chance to apply Assist Now to self or a random ally. If the ally granted Assist Now is Kestrel, Coulson, Nick Fury, a S.H.I.E.L.D. minion, or INVADER, also apply Offense Up.

In RAIDS, with 3 or more INVADER allies, always apply Assist Now to self or a random ally.


This Passive is incredible since it will allow him to take the first turn pretty often and keep speeding himself up, while also applying a lot of Assists in Raids that will heavily contribute to every victory. 

Both his Ultimate and Special are ready from the get-go and you can choose which one you prefer, but most often, especially in Raids, you’d want to start with his Ultimate. 

Ultimate Ability will summon 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. minions and apply Defense Up, 2 Deathproof, and Taunt to them. He can summon 2 types of minions: S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative and S.H.I.E.L.D. Security and he will always summon at least one of each, while the third one will be random. 

S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative will be responsible for support. Her Basic Ability can reduce Speed Bar by 25% on Crit (will always reduce in Raids)and will transfer 1 Positive effect from the target to Fury(excluding Taunt). In Raids, this attack will clear Taunt and it won’t be Resisted since she also gains +5,000% extra Focus.

Her Special is on a very short cooldown and will apply Stealth to the most injured non-summoned ally, heal them, and apply Regeneration.


Her Passive will also apply Counter to Invader allies on Spawn. In Raids she will also apply Counter on turn and on her death she will fill Invader characters Speed Bar by +15%.

This makes her an incredible support character who can apply Stealth to an ally on almost any turn, but her Basic attack that reduces the Speed Bar is her most valuable asset that will often help in a fight. 

S.H.I.E.L.D. Security is a traditional Protector but his Special Ability can also apply Stun, which makes him also very valuable. 

He gains +20% Block Chance from his Passive and a bonus +10% per Invader ally. 

On Spawn, he will apply Deflect to all Invader characters and whenever an ally drops below 50% Max Health he will also gain Taunt, or Taunt+Defense Up if that ally is Invader. 


Similar to Operative, when Security dies in Raids, he will fill Invader’s Speed Bar by +15%.

His Basic attack deals Piercing damage and will apply Slow. In Raids, he gets +5,000% Focus for this attack.

His Special also deals Piercing damage and can apply Stun, if the target already has Slow. In Raids, he gets +5,000% Focus for this attack.

Security can greatly help with crowd control, especially when you summon 2 of them at once. 

Nick Fury has an average cooldown for this ability, 5 turns. But because he will often have Speed Up on him and he will get bonus Ability Energy from his allies he can often summon again on his 3rd turn and you will have a small army of minions that will help you trample your enemies. 


Nick Fury’s Special is a great supporting ability that makes him a great plug-and-play character. This Ability will apply Defense Up for 2 turns and 2 Deathproof to self and then will spread all Positive effects (excluding Taunt) from self to all allies. 

It can also heal himself, or all Coulson, Kestrel, Invader, and S.H.I.E.L.D. minion allies.

In all other game modes, this is a great ability to use on his first turn, because it will also spread the Speed Up that Fury applied to himself on Spawn. On his second turn, there’s a 50% chance that he will gain another Speed Up so it will be up to chance. 

In Raids he will always get Speed Up on turn, so in that case, using summons first is preferable.

Fury’s Basic Ability is the only one that can attack his enemies, he will hit the primary target and chain to 1 adjacent. On each Crit, he will generate Ability Energy to 1 adjacent non-summoned ally. This is the reason why having Raider Iso on him might be best. If he Crits on both targets he will generate 2 Ability Energy for his adjacent ally, that ally should be Captain America (WW II) who can then use his Special or Ultimate to generate Ability Energy for all allies. This will help you keep your advantage and maintain your Positive effects on the team.


Captain America (WW II)

(+20% Max Health for Invaders. In Raids, an additional +40% Max Health )

Captain America’s Passive will apply Deathproof to all invader allies on Spawn.  And on any Invader ally death, he will generate 1 Ability Energy or all Invader allies. This includes minions deaths. 

Cap will also apply 2 Deflect whenever Bucky Barnes drops below 50% Max Health. 

In Raids, this Passive is supercharged. It will generate 4 Ability energy to all adjacent allies on Spawn. Meaning that Fury and Iron Fist can summon and heal immediately which is very helpful when doing a few Raid Battles in a row. 

It will also prevent any enemies from summoning or cloning if Captain has 4 or more Invader allies. 


Captain’s Ultimate attack is an AoE (area of effect) attack that will hit all enemies, clear Defense Up from them, and apply Offense Down for 2 turns. It will also generate 1 Ability Energy for all Invader allies. 

This attack cannot be blocked or dodged. And, In Raids, it will reduce the Speed Bar of all enemies by 5%, with an additional +5% per each Invader ally. 

His Special Ability will flip all Negative effects into Positive on self and all Invader allies. It will also apply 2 Deflect to self and all allies and will generate 1 Ability Energy to Invader allies. After that, he will gain an Assist from 2 random Invader allies to hit the primary target. 

His Basic will deal some damage to the primary target and apply Slow for 2 turns to them. He will also always gain an Assist from Bucky on his Basic attacks. 

Captain America (WW II) is great at making sure that his team can “do it all day” with his cleansing abilities and Energy generation.


Iron Fist (WW II)

(+20% Armor for Invaders. In Raids, an additional +40% Armor)

Iron Fist is the healer of the team who can also Revive a fallen ally. 

His Passive will apply Barrier on Spawn and will heal all Invader character for 3% of his Max Health on any Invader ally’s turn. 

In Raids, if he Spawns with the full Invader team he will apply immunity for 2 turns to them. And if an Invader ally drops below 50% Max Health he will fill their Sped Bar +15%.

His Ultimate is a multipurpose ability. It can deal damage to all enemies and apply Stun to the primary target. After that it will heal self and all Invader allies for 30% of his Max Health.


In Raids, he will also apply Stun for 1 turn and Ability Block for 2 turns to the Mystic enemy with the highest Damage. 

In Raids, he will also Revive a dead Invader ally with 50% Max Health and will apply Stealth for 2 turns and 2 Deathproof to that ally.

This ability also gains +50% Focus per Mystic enemy. 

It’s quite unfortunate that he can only Revive an ally in Raids. But at least he can still Stun 1 target and will provide a decent heal.

Iron Fist’s Special attack will deal some damage to the primary and adjacent targets, and will also extend all Positive effects on all Invader allies for +1 turn (up to 3 max). After that, it will heal all Invader allies for 20% of his Max Health. In Raids, it will clear Heal Block from the Invaders before healing. 

His Basic Ability will attack the primary target and apply Barrier for 10% of this character’s Max Health to the most injured non-summoned ally.


Union Jack

(In Raids, +50% Crit Chance for Invaders)

Union Jack is mainly focused on dealing damage and he prefers doing that while remaining in Stealth. He also has a Charged mechanic. 

Union Jack doesn’t have any superhuman abilities, but he’s a firearms expert, and in battle, he relies on his trusty revolver. 

His Charged mechanic is meant to represent bullets for his firearm. 

He gets 6 Charged on Spawn and uses a Charged each time he attacks a target. When he runs out of Charged, he will apply Evade to self and all Invader allies, gain Stealth, fill his Speed Bar +50%, and gain 6 Charged.

When in Stealth, Union Jack gains +50% Crit Chance and +30% Crit Damage. 


His Ultimate attack will hit the Primary target for damage and apply Disrupted to it. Then he will lose 1 Charged. 

In Raids, it will also reduce the Speed Bar of the target by 30%.

For each Charged, he can repeat this against a different adjacent target, up to a maximum of 5, and lose 1 Charged on each of them. 

His Special attack will apply Offense Down for 2 turns to the primary target, then it will attack the target and apply +1 Slow(up to 3 max). Lose 1 Charged.

He can repeat this attack once per Charged, up to a maximum of 2 bonus attacks. He will lose 1 Charged per each attack.

In Raids, it will also apply +1 Ability Block (up to 3 max) on each attack. 

This can be very useful in Raids, preventing one target from using their Abilities for 3 turns. 

His Basic attack will do damage and flip 1 Positive effect into a Negative. In Raids, it will flip 3 effects instead. This also works for Iso-8 attacks or Assists, and he will lose Charged for each of them. 


Bucky Barnes 

(+20% Damage for Invaders. In Raids, an additional +40% Damage)

Similar to Union Jack, Bucky Barnes also doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities. He wields a firearm and has a Charged mechanic that’s meant to represent bullets for his rifle. 

He gains 8 Charged on Spawn and loses 1 Charged for each attack. When he loses all Charged, he will apply Offense Down to all enemies for 2 turns, will fill his own Speed Bar +50% and gain 8 Charged. 

His Ultimate attack will deal Piercing Damage to the primary target and apply 2 Bleed. For each Charged, he can repeat this attack to a different adjacent target, up to a maximum of 5, and lose 1 Charged after each attack. Repeat attacks ignore Stealth. 

This attack is Unavoidable and unblockable.


In Raids, these attacks will also clear Taunt from all targets. 

His Special attack will apply Offense Up to all Invader allies for 2 turns. Then it will attack the primary target. For each Charged, he can repeat this attack on a different adjacent target. He’ll lose a Charged on each attack. This attack cannot be blocked.

In Raids, this will also clear Taunt on all targets and apply Disrupted for 2 Turns to them. It will also gain +5,000% Focus.

His Basic Ability will attack the primary target, deal damage, and prolong all Negative Effects by +1 (excluding Ability Block, Stun, and trauma) If Charged, he will attack an adjacent enemy and also prolong the Negative effects by +1. He’ll lose 1 Charged for each attack and this attack cannot be counterattacked. 

In Raids, this attack can prolong Ability Block, Stun, and Trauma. 

This makes him incredible as a Striker in Raids, because he will be able to prolong all Negative effects even with his Assists and Iso-8 follow-up attacks.


Combat Tips & Tricks

In Raids, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for: Start the battle with Fury’s minions, they are incredibly valuable there and will be helpful, especially by averting any enemy fire from your main Invaders to themselves. 

When Iron Fist takes his turn feel free to use his Ultimate, keep in mind that it will Stun 2 targets. The primary one and the highest damage Mystic target, so avoid targeting the Mystic enemy because you’ll lose the extra Stun that way. And on his second turn use the Special to prolong the Positive effects on the team.

With Bucky Barnes, the best course of action would be to use his Special and thus apply Offense Up to all Invader allies early on. Both his Special and Ultimate can remove Taunt so it should open up your enemies. Also do keep in mind, that in Raids his basic attack can prolong all Negative effects, even Stun and Ability Block. So at times, you might want to avoid using his other abilities and stick to his Basic and hit only the targets that are heavily rebuffed. 


As for Union Jack, his Special can apply Ability Block in Raids for up to 3 Turns, so you could start the fight with that. Or, you could use his Ultimate on a target that has 5 enemies adjacent to them. That way Union Jack will spend all of his Charged and will apply Evade to your team. 

Other than that, try to summon with Fury again as soon as you can,  and save Captain’s Special for when you get a lot of debuffs applied to your team. Although that ability is on a short cooldown so if you’re confident that in the next turn nothing bad will happen you can use it to get some bonus Ability Energy to everyone. 


You might also want to use this team in Alliance War. On Offense it can take down targets like Rebirth and Masters of Evil, in both cases it makes sense to summon first because the minions will help you get through enemy Taunts. Beware of Kang if he’s massive and try to focus him down first.

If you encounter them on Defense, you can easily defeat them with Eternals, just make sure to take a pre-Taunt character with you like Red Guardian, because Nick Fury will be the first to take a turn and summon his minions, and if they are strong enough they can eliminate an Eternal or apply Offense Down to Ikaris. If you have a pre-Taunt who will eat the first hits it will be easy after that. Ikaris will flip all their Positive effects and will attack twice because the first attack will kill the minions. If Invaders are still standing after that Sersi and a few follow-ups with Ikaris will easily clear them. You can punch-up pretty high with. 


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