X-Factor is another Mutant team, which was added to the game a long time ago and which, at the time of their appearance, was a powerful and excellent option for Alliance War. However, time spares no one. Currently, they are a backup option for everything, and it is not advised to invest excessively in them.

They are interesting because from the moment they were added to the game until now, they have not received a fifth member. So, they are still a four-character team. Perhaps in the future, we will get a fifth member of this team who will “revive” X-Factor.


Team Members

x factor

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense
  • Nova Trials
  • Adam Warlock Legendary Event

They were created as a War Offense team but currently have almost no utility in that game mode because they are simply outdated. However, they are a 4-person team, and as long as someone relevant joins them as fifth, they can earn victories, but it is not advisable to invest in them for the time being.

X-Factor is one of two teams required for nodes 2, 6, and 10 in Nova Trials. However, Masters of Evil and Quicksilver are much better options.


Since they, together with Jubile, are the prerequisites for unlocking Adam Warlock, X-Factor characters can be upgraded up to T14 gear (level 75) and Green Level 5 Iso-8. That’s the requirement for getting Adam Warlock to 7 Stars. If you are satisfied with Adam Warlock at 5 Stars, then X-Factor needs to be at T12 (level 65).

To summarize – if you want to have a powerful Infinity Watch team (which has stood the test of time very well and is still widely used in this game), you should invest some (not excessive) resources into the X-Factor team.

Team Placement & Turn Order

Their placement does not matter at all. They don’t have a classic protector. That’s what Multiple Man does with his Dupes. Nor do they give any of the adjacency buffs with their abilities.

Turn Order:

  1. Shatterstar
  2. Longshot
  3. Multiple Man
  4. Polaris

Iso-8 Classes

  • Longshot – Raider
  • Multiple Man – Fortifier / Healer
  • Polaris – Raider
  • Shatterstar – Raider

Everyone can be a Raider, (excluding Multiple Man) because the team greatly benefits from that class. Namely, Shatterstar passively increases Crit Damage while Longshot increases Crit Chance for the entire team. So everyone will have an increased chance for Crit and Crits will deal more damage.
Also, thanks to the Longshot Passive, when someone Crits – the whole team gets +20% Speed ​​Bar. Which enables them to play much faster. In the same way, Shatterstar applies a Barrier on all X-Factor allies for 20% of his Max Health, and Polaris removes all Deflect from the most injured enemy. As you can see, the benefits from the Raider Class are too sizeable to ignore. This is the best Iso Class distribution for them.

Multiple Man can be either Fortifier or Healer. In my opinion, Fortifier is better because he is not too fast and will not play too often, so he can contribute something with his healing on turn. This way, he can strengthen the mitigation with the Fortifier Class.


Team T4’s


  • Longshot – Passive
  • Shatterstar – Passive

Longshot Passive on Max will increase his sustain by giving him Heal on Turn for 20% of his Max Health. It will also lower Armor by 5% for all enemies. But most importantly, Passive on Max will fill the Speed Bar of the entire X-Factor team by 20% (up from 10%) whenever someone Crit. This will help them play more often. It is a crucial upgrade because we know that the whole team has an increased Crit Chance, and if most of them are Raiders that chance will be even higher.

Shatterstar Passive will give him 20% Heal on Turn, just like Longshot. On War Offense, the whole team gets +35% Damage (up from +25%) – a significant upgrade for that game mode. When anyone Crits, Shatterstar will Barrier the entire X-Factor team for 20% of his Max Health (up from 10%). The mitigation of the whole X-Factor team is significantly increased by upgrading Shatterstar’s Passive.



  • Multiple Man – Ultimate and Passive
  • Polaris – Passive

By upgrading Multiple Man Ultimate, we will get Offense Up for 2 turns and 2 Counter to everyone (up from Offense Up 1 turn and 1 Counter). So it’s a solid upgrade, especially when you add the extra 10% to the Speed ​​Bar that all Dupe allies get.

Multiple Man Passive on Max will heal him whenever Dupe dies (5% of his Max Health). And on War Offense, it will give +30% Resistance to the entire team (up from +15%). With this upgrade, we will increase his and the X-Factor team’s sustain. Additional Resistance only applies to War Offense game mode.

When we upgrade Polaris Passive to Max Level, we will get +15% Max Health (up from +10%) and +15% Max Barrier (up from +10%) to the whole team.


Team Red Stars

We do not recommend a dedicated investment into their Red Stars. If you happen to get something out of the Elite Orbs, that’s great. If not – it doesn’t matter.

3 or 4 Red Stars for each X-Factor member is more than enough for them to be strong enough to complete the entire Adam Warlock Legendary Event without any problems. Because that’s the only thing you really need them for.

Farming Locations

  • Longshot – Raid Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Multiple Man – Raid Store, Beta Raid Orbs
  • Polaris – Cosmic Campaign 1-6, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Shatterstar – Arena Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Multiple Man – 2 Counter (War Offense)

They don’t have any On Spawn buffs, except that Multiple Man in War Offense summons 2 Dupes. A Dupes On Spawn applies Counter to Multiplie Man. Therefore, Multiple Man has 2 Counter on Spawn in War Offense game mode.

Team Mechanics

X-Factor is a team specialized in War Offense, and they have additional improvements there. They are also a Team whose effectiveness depends significantly on Crit Chance, so we will cover that aspect of their mechanics first.


Thanks to Longshot Passive 

  • Every X-Factor member gets +25% Crit Chance
  • Whenever someone Crit, the Speed Bar of every team member will be filled by +20%

The team has an increased Crit Chance and the ability to play much faster depending on how many times they Crit.

Thanks to Polaris Passive

  • Whenever someone Crit, all Deflect from the most injured non-summoned enemy will be removed

Tanks to Shatterstar Passive

  • Every X-Factor member gets +25% Crit Damage
  • Whenever someone Crit, Shatterstar will Barrier the entire team for 20% of his Max Health

The team’s mitigation will be increased with Barriers that will be frequent depending on how much the team will Crit. Offensive potential is also increased.

This shows us how important Crit Chance is to them and justifies a bunch of Raiders in the X-Factor team.


Longshot is a Blaster that can attack multiple and single targets and do excellent damage. He constantly attacks all opponents with a Special because he has a short CD (2 turns) and applies Bleed. While with Ultimate, he attacks the primary target and does great damage (which is increased by an amount equal to Longshot total Crit Chance). In other words, the more Crit Chance Longshot has, the more damage he will do with his Ultimate.

Longshot has self-sustain – he heals on Turn by 20% of his Max Health passively. He also lowers Armor by 5% for all enemies. Armor reduction on opponents is insignificant, but it can help.

Multiple Man is a protector who does not protect the team directly but through his Dupe Summons. Basic is his only offensive ability, and with it, he does increased damage depending on how many Dupes currently are in the fight.

With his Special, Multiple Man kills 2 Dupes and removes negative effects from all Dupes allies. Then he applies Taunt + Deathproof to all Dupe allies. It also removes debuffs from him and applies Immunity. With this move, all Dupes in play will gain Taunt.


He can summon 9 Dupes with his Ultimate, so it’s theoretically possible that if he’s left alone in combat, he can literally fill his side of the battlefield. With Ultimate Multiple Man applies Offense Up (2 turns) and 2 Counter to all X-Factor and Dupe allies, and fills Speed ​​Bar by 30% for all Dupe allies. With this, the whole team will get increased offensive potential.

Whenever enemies attack Multiple Man, he summons 1 Dupe (2 in War Offense). So he can practically summon them through Special, Ultimate, and passively when someone attacks him. Since Dupe has low Health, they die often, but whenever they die, Multiple Man will heal for 5% of his Max Health. In War Offense, he will On Spawn summon 2 Dupes.

Dupe on Spawn applies Counter to Multiple Man, so he will have a lot of Counters during the fight. They can attack the target, copy and clear 1 Positive effect, and spread those effects to Multiple Man. Excluding Taunt and Regeneration.

Polaris is a Controller that is able to hit primary and adjacent targets and apply Bleed to all of them with her Basic. Special Ability does the same with slightly higher damage if the target has Bleed. After the Basic attack, she places Barrier on the most injured non-summoned ally. With her Special, she places Barrier on herself.


Ultimate is her trademark and functions the same as Magneto’s Ultimate. With the exception that she doesn’t apply Blind but Disrupted (2 turns) and flips 2 Regeneration to Bleed (all Regenerations to Bleed if maxed). She will pull all enemies up to 2 spaces towards the primary target and then attack the primary and targets within 2 spaces. This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be Counterattacked.

When an enemy attacks anyone from the Polaris team (or her), and that target has Barrier, she will apply Bleed to the attacker. This synergizes with Shatterstar’s Passive, which gives the entire team Barrier after any X-Factor member Crit. We will often have situations where X-Factor members have Barriers during the fight so Polaris will passively apply a lot of Bleeds on the opponents.

Shatterstar is a Brawler who attacks all opponents with Special and Ultimate. With Special, he applies Defense Down (2 turns) and grants 1 Ability Energy to Longshot. And with Ultimate, he applies Defense Up (2 turns) to the entire X-Factor team. Passively (like Longshot), he heals for 20% of his Max Health on Turn.

Longshot provides +25% Crit Chance for the team.

Multiple Man provides +30% Resistance (in War Offense) for the team.

Polaris provides +15% Max Health, +10% Max Barrier, and +70% Focus (everything In War Offense) for the team.

Shatterstar provides +25% Crit Damage and +35% Damage (in War Offense) for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Currently, this team is not very effective. So there are no special tips for them. It’s often best to start with Shaterstar’s Special to apply Defense Down to all enemies, and immediately after to use Longshot’s Special to attack all targets and apply Bleed. If they are strong enough this combo can cripple the enemy team, such as Bionic Avengers or any other older team that doesn’t have a lot of protective buffs on Spawn.

Their greatest strength is in their increased Crit Chance, through which they can be deadly. With some of the Abilities, they will have a guaranteed Critical, which will further help them.

But they are old and would require a sizeable investment to function well, so for now, the verdict is to ignore this team.

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