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The Asgardian team went through a couple of iterations, starting with Thor, Loki, and Hela originally, then came Heimdall and Sif to fill the last two spots. In 2022 MSF introduced Valkyrie and Mighty Thor, who swapped places with Loki and Hela to form the Hero Asgardian team that we know now.


Team Members

hero asgardian infographic

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Defense
  • War(Red Hulk) Scourge

Nowadays Hero Asgardians do not see a lot of utilization and their current standing makes them a mid-tier team. 

Their kit makes them good in War Defense, in all other modes you should not expect much from them. With the introduction of Vahl and Beta Ray Bill, you might see variations of Hero Asgardians in War Defense that include these two characters instead of Heimdall and Sif.

Additionally, they are one of the required teams for the War Scourge. 


Team Placement & Turn Order

Sif will go first and apply Taunt to herself, that’s why it is a good idea to place her in a corner. Valkyrie is the lowest health character on the team and we need her to survive as long as she can, that’s why we suggest placing her in the opposite corner. The character next to Sif might receive splash or chain damage, so it’s best to place someone with a lot of health there, like Mighty Thor.

Under normal circumstances, Sif will take the first turn. Valkyrie, Mighty Thor, and Heimdall have the same Speed Stat, so their turn order will be decided randomly. And Thor will go last. 

That said, Thor gets a +5% Speed Bar every time an Asgardian is attacked, and Heimdall gets 20% when he has Heal Block applied to him. Considering that this team is slow by modern standards, they will often get hit before they make a turn, so Thor may end up going first.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Valkyrie – Striker
  • Heimdall – Raider
  • Thor – Raider
  • Mighty Thor – Skirmisher
  • Sif – Striker

As a Striker, Valkyrie can accumulate Charges faster, and those can increase the Healing she provides on an Asgardian death, or increase the number of chained hits on her Ultimate Ability.

Haimdall’s Ultimate and Special abilities are Area-of-Effect attacks and will hit multiple enemies, so Raider will suit him well.


Thor is similar to Heimdall, but in addition to Ultimate and Special being AoE attacks, his Passive has a Charge mechanic that can also attack all enemies so Raider will maximize his damage potential.

Mighty Thor’s Ultimate Ability can flip 2 Positive Effects to Negative on all enemies, which can be very advantageous, Skirmisher will help in making sure that the flip is not resisted. 

Sif on her follow-up attacks will gain bonus Deflect, and for a Protector that relies on blocking attacks, it’s more helpful than Barrier from the Fortifier class. 


Team T4’s


  • Valkyrie – Passive, Ultimate, and Special abilities.
  • Mighty Thor – Passive and Ultimate
  • Thor – Passive
  • Heimdall – Passive*

Valkyrie’s Passive will cleanse all Negative effects, then Apply Safeguard for 1 turn and Immunity, Defense Up, and Offense Up for 2 Turns to all Hero Asgardian allies. This makes the team very dangerous so it’s a must.
Her Ultimate and Special can control the fight with Stun and Ability Block, so we can’t skip those either.

Mighty Thor’s Passive will always apply +1 Charge to Hero Asgardians whenever she or her teammates attack an enemy. The Charges are essential to Thor and Valkyrie so we can’t skip this ability. Her Ultimate will apply Blind to the Primary Target, which can further help control the fight.

Thor’s Passive will increase the damage he inflicts when his Charged attack activates. That can happen fairly often, so more damage on that is very helpful. 

*Heimdall’s Passive will apply 2 Deathproof and Speed Up for 2 Turns when a Hero Asgardian drops below 50% Health, but this works only on War Defense.



  • Sif – Passive
  • Heimdall – Special
  • Thor – Basic

Sif’s Passive will slightly increase her Block Chance and the Resistance of the team. 

Heimdall’s Special will remove 2 Negative Effects instead of 1

Thor’s Basic will flip Defense Up on hit.

These abilities can help, but they won’t fundamentally change the flow of the team. All other abilities provide smaller benefits, usually just damage increases. 


Team Red Stars

Thor is the main damage dealer on the team, so he will greatly benefit from having more Red Stars. All the other members don’t require the same treatment. 

Since it is an older team at this point, heavily investing in them is not recommended, especially for F2P players. 

But if you already have this team upgraded, or you intend to do so regardless, then having Thor at 5 Red Stars and all the others at 4 Red Stars is as high as you reasonably should go. 

Farming Locations

  • Valkyrie – Heroes Hard Mode 5-9, Blitz Store
  • Heimdall – Arena Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Thor – Raid Store
  • Mighty Thor – Villains 4-3, Villains Hard Mode 4-9
  • Sif – War Store, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

On War Defense – Defense Up for the team, Deflect/Defense Up/Immunity for Sif. Offense Down on all enemies.

Elsewhere – Defense Up, Deflect for Sif

Team Mechanics

Hero Asgardian team has two separate mechanics that can make them dangerous: Charge Mechanic and Valkyrie’s Revenge(on ally death)

3 out of 5 team members have some kind of a Charged mechanic:

Thor’s is quite straightforward – when he accumulates 5 Charges he attacks all enemies for Damage, Generates 1 Ability Energy for himself, and loses the Charges. But he can start generating them again, in perpetuity.

He gets +1 Charge (and +5% Speed Bar) whenever an enemy attacks an Asgardian ally.

Valkyrie’s Charges on her Ultimate attack allow her to Rebound Chain to 1 adjacent target per 2 Charges. If she gets a lot of Charges (maximum 10) this attack can Rebound a lot and deal massive amounts of Damage. But fights often don’t last long enough for this to happen. 


Additionally, when a Hero Asgardian ally dies, she will cleanse all Negative effects, then Apply Safeguard for 1 turn and Immunity, Defense Up, and Offense Up for 2 Turns to all Hero Asgardian allies. On top of that, she will Heal her allies for 20% of her Max Health and for a bonus +8% per Charged. This mechanic can create a lot of situations where an enemy team is winning but after they kill one of your allies the tides turn and now you have the upper hand. 

Valkyrie gets +1 Charge after using Basic attacks, Counters, and Assists.

Mighty Thor is the last character on the team with a Charged mechanic. When she gets 5 Charges, she will attack the enemy with the highest Damage that does not have Trauma, deal damage to them, and, in War only, apply Trauma. 


She gets +3 Charges from her Ultimate attack. 

Whenever she or a Hero Asgardian ally attacks an enemy, she also applies +1 Charge to all Chargable Hero Asgardians.

Sif can do a decent amount of damage, but she can’t take a lot of hits for a Protector. On War Defense, she will also Taunt whenever an ally drops below 50% and apply Offense Up for 2 turns to the character that dropped below 50%. 

Heimdal provides a lot of Resistance against Blind to his team and a bonus +100% Accuracy. So even if the Blind lands, the team will not miss their attacks. This can make Spider-Weaver or Magneto useless.

This team has 2 main problems. They are slow, and their stats are outdated. This might change someday, whether because of a rework or a new character release. Until then, best to Spend your Gold and Training Materials on better teams. 


Sif – +25% Resistance for Hero Asgardians. +35% Block Chance, +10% Block Chance per each Asgardian ally, +15% Block Amount.

Thor – +15% Damage, +10% Damage for each Asgardian ally for self.

Heimdall – +10,000 Resistance to Blind, +100% Accuracy, +25% Crit Chane for Hero Asgardians

Valkyrie – +25% Crit Chance for Hero Asgardians. Lower the assist chance by 20% for each Cosmic enemy.

Mighty Thow – In War, +25% Max Health, +50% Resistance against Heal Block for Hero Asgardians


Combat Tips & Tricks

Most often you will encounter this team on Defense in Alliance War, but they can be easily beaten by all Meta War Offense teams, particularly popular option versus them is Eternals. 

The trick in defeating them is to either apply Trauma and incapacitate Thor, or kill all (or a couple) of them at once, that way Valkyrie’s Passive ability won’t pose such a threat.


Eternals can easily achieve such a task since Ikaris with his Ultimate will flip all positive effects and deal a big AoE attack. The trick is to ensure that his Ultimate kills at least one Asgardian because in that case, he will repeat his attack and often finish the remaining Asgardians. As long as your Ikaris has at least 100K more TCP than the enemy Heimdall or Valkyrie, you should be good.

If you’re doing big punch-ups, you can use Loki together with Sersi and Ikaris. Loki will allow Sersi to take the first turn, then he will Mind-Control two enemies to hit an Asgardian, which should weaken them enough for Ikaris to be able to finish them. With this setup and if you have a big Ikaris, you can do massive punch-ups that can reach 1 million TCP.

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters page.


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