The Symbiote is a Bio team whose members are Anti-Venom, Scream, Carnage, Spider-Man (Symbiote) and Venom. A team that currently has no use in the game and a team that we do not advise anyone to invest in. It is possible that in the future, something will change.

In August of 2023, the developers ran a community vote to pick a new Symbiote character to arrive at some point in the future to the game. Silver Surfer (Symbiote) won the vote. This means that there is either a new Symbiote team altogether or a rework coming to this team at some point.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Ultimus Raids

Technically, Symbiotes have some Raid bonuses in their Kit and can still do very well in Ultimus Raids, but for other Raids or game modes, this team is too old to be useful or to justify the investment they might need.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Team placement is unimportant, and you can line them up like we are.

Carnage is the fastest, followed by Spider-Man (Symbiote), then Scream. The next to last plays Anti-Venom, and the last one is Venom.

Turn Order:

  1. Carnage
  2. Spider-Man (Symbiote)
  3. Scream
  4. Anti-Venom
  5. Venom

The Symbiotes are not an overly fast team, but they aren’t too slow. However, Symbiotes can passively fill their Speed ​​Bar thanks to Carnage whenever an enemy drops below 25% Health. And they will enable themselves to play more often.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Anti-Venom – Healer
  • Scream – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Carnage – Skirmisher
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – Raider
  • Venom – Striker / Skirmisher

Anti-Venom is the Supporter and Healer of this team, and Healer Iso-8 Class suits him best. Thus, we will increase his healing capabilities and strengthen support for the Symbiote team.

Depending on the other team members, Scream can be a Skirmisher or a Striker. In order to increase her Damage, it is better to give her a Striker. However, if we have one or two more Strikers on the team, then Scream can be a Skirmisher and thus increase her chance to apply Negative effects to opponents.


To increase his Focus and the chance to place Bleed, Vulnerabilities, and remove enemy buffs, we should give Carnage Skirmisher Iso-8 Class.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) is best as a Raider. Since all his attacks hit multiple enemies, giving him a Raider is the best way to increase his and the team’s Damage.

Venom should be given the Skirmisher class because his stats are very low, thus increasing his Focus and, at the same time, the chance to apply Negative effects on opponents.


Team T4’s


  • Anti-Venom – Special and Ultimate
  • Carnage – Passive
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – Passive

Anti-Venom’s Special will increase Healing to 20% of his Max Health (up from 15%) and will Revive a dead Symbiote with 60% base Health (up from 30%). This upgrade increases the sustain of the whole team.

With Ultimate on Max, Anti-Venom will gain additional Regeneration and spread all Positive effects from self to all Symbiote allies (up from 2 random Positive effects). This is an essential upgrade for the whole team because (usually) after the Anti-Venom Ultimate, the Symbiotes are stacked with buffs.

Carnage’s Passive on Max level will fill Speed ​​Bar by 30% for the team after any enemy drops below 25% Health (up from 20%). Therefore, we will speed up the whole team and play earlier, which is crucial.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) maxed Passive will increase the entire team’s HP by 30% (up from 10%). This is a significant upgrade that gives Symbiotes additional Health, better Healing, and greater endurance.



  • Anti-Venom – Basic
  • Scream – Basic
  • Venom – Special

Anti-Venom will, with maxed Basic, apply one more (random) debuff to the target and increase Healing to the most injured ally to 10% of his Max Health (up from 5%). It’s always helpful when Healing is increased.

Scream with max Basic will apply Bleed to secondary targets as well. Being a Striker, the increased Damage on the Basic attack is a significant upgrade. Although not a crucial upgrade for the Symbiotes team so upgrade only if you have extra T4 Ability Materials.

Venom with maxed out Special will extend the Bleed he applies on the primary target for 2 turns. Since it’s 3 Bleed, this can be handy. But like Scream’s Basic – upgrade this only if you have a lot of T4 Ability Materials.


Team Red Stars

We do not recommend a dedicated collection of their Red Stars. If you happen to get something out of the Elite Orbs, that’s great. If not – it doesn’t matter.

Farming Locations

  • Anti-Venom – Heroes Hard Mode 4-6, Arena Store, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Scream – Blitz Store, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Carnage – Heroes Hard Mode 2-3, War Store, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – Heroes 7-6, Milestone III Orbs
  • Venom – Heroes 3-9, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

The Symbiote team does not have any On Spawn buffs.

Team Mechanics

Symbiote is a team that has some bonuses in Raids and Dark Dimension, thanks to Spider-Man (Symbiote), and this affects their mechanics in the mentioned game modes.

Namely, when the negative effect is applied to an enemy, they will heal for 3% of Spider-Man (Symbiote) Max Health. Also, the entire team has 100% Drain, meaning they heal for 100% of the Damage they take. Which in Raids and Dark Dimension significantly increases their sustain but still doesn’t make them good enough to be a choice for that game mode at the moment since their stats are low by today’s standards.


Anti-Venom can heal the most injured non-summoned ally for 10% of his Max Health after using his Basic attack and will apply Bleed and 2 debuffs on him to the target. This attack cannot be dodged.

His Special serves to keep the whole team alive, so he will remove Heal Block from everyone and apply Immunity, then heal them for 20% of his Max Health. With Special, he can also Revive a dead Symbiote ally with 60% base Health. If all Symbiote allies are alive, Anti-venom will gain 3 Ability Energy. This is one of the crucial abilities of the Symbiote team, which can be used to get out of difficult situations and even bring one of them back from the dead.

With his Ultimate, Anti-Venom can gain the opposite of all negativities on the target he attacks. Attacks gain 100% Drain and 2 Regeneration. And then he will spread all the positive effects from himself to his Symbiote allies. It is beneficial to choose a target with a lot of debuffs and use this ability.

Anti-Venom, on Turn, can remove 1 Negative effect from 3 most injured Symbiote allies and gain Regeneration. Whenever he drops below 50% Max Health, he will gain Evade.


Scream’s Basic attack applies Bleed and clears 1 Positive effect from primary and 2 adjacent targets. While Special does the same thing, it also adds Offense Down to all targets. The Special can chain to Stealth targets and, if maxed, clears 2 Positive effects on each target.

With her Ultimate, Scream attacks primary and adjacent targets, applies Slow and Disrupted, and (most importantly) reduces Speed ​​Bar by 30% to every target she hits.

On death of any Character, Scream passively heals all Symbiote allies for 5% of her Max Health and applies Speed ​​Up (2 turns). So the more opponents they kill, the more advantage they get. She also lowers the Resistance of all enemies by 30%.

Scream is an interesting Controller who can give her team a good advantage in different situations by removing opponent buffs, applying Bleeds, preventing them from getting more buffs, and reducing their Speed Bar.


Carnage is a Brawler who has a potent Special attack, which allows him to do extra Damage per Negative effect on the target. It can be devastating if Carnage attacks a target full of debuffs with his Special. After the attack, if the target is still alive, he will remove all negative effects from the primary and attack all adjacent targets.

Carnage can apply up to 4 Bleeds to the primary target with his Ultimate (if the target is above 50% HP – 4 Bleeds, if lower than 50% HP – 2 Bleeds). His Ultimate does Piercing Damage.

His Passive can allow the Symbiote to have a great advantage because every time the enemy drops below 25% Health, Carnage will fill Speed ​​Bar by 30% to the whole team and heal everyone for 10% of his Max Health. This has excellent synergy with Scream’s Passive, so for each heavily damaged or killed opponent, the Symbiote team gets more dangerous. If they face teams that have a lot of Minions Symbiotes can annihilate them.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) can reduce enemy mitigation by applying Defense Down to multiply enemies with his Basic attack. He can prolong the duration of negatives on enemies with Special and have a 50% chance to apply Bleed (100% if maxed) to primary and adjacent targets.


Ultimate attacks all opponents, Stuns the primary target, and applies Slow to everyone (2 turns Slow if maxed). This is the topmost controlling ability for this Symbiote Brawler because the attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

He, like most Spider-Man Characters, has increased Dodge Chance (+15%).

Venom is another Bleed machine of this team that applies Bleed to opponents with most of its attacks. With Basic, in addition to Bleed, he flips 2 Positive effects into Negative ones. While with Special, in addition to 3 Bleed, he applies Ability Block.

With Ultimate, Venom attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies Heal Block (2 turns) to everyone. Then, he spreads all negatives from primary to secondary targets (except Stun). This move is excellent especially when paired with his team since he will always go last and have a chance to spread a lot of Negative effects.


Venom has a 100% bonus to Focus if any Spider-Verse Character is present and all Symbiotes are Spider-Verse. It also passively heals On Turn (10% of Max Health, 15% if Passive is maxed). On Turn, if his Health is greater than 95%, Venom applies Defense Up to the entire Symbiote team.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) provides +30% Max Health to the team.

Combat Tips & Tricks

Currently, the Symbiote team is rarely used anywhere. Those who have previously invested in them usually put them as one of the War Defense teams. However, they have almost no role there. Except to be easily defeated by most of the teams.

If you ever play with them, keep their advantages in mind. With Anti-Venom Ultimate, choose the target with the most debuffs, as this will give your team the most Buffs. You do the same when you use Venom’s Ultimate because that way, you’ll put the opposing team in front of the most debuffs. With Spider-Man (Symbiote), do your best to Stun the most dangerous opponent with Ultimate. And with his Special – pick targets with a lot of debuffs (which he will then prolong).


Use Scream and Carnage Passives to your advantage if you’re facing a team with Minions. Target them, kill them, and the whole Symbiote team will get passive healing, Speed ​​Up, and increased Speed ​​Bar. In situations like these, they can play very often and deal enormous Damage to their opponents.

Use Scream’s Ultimate wisely by reducing the Speed ​​Bar of opponents who will play first. With Carnage’s Ultimate, pick the opponent with the most debuffs, and he will probably be dead because of the extra Damage per debuff Carnage has.

When we “take a deeper look” at this team, we realize that they are not that bad, but like the other older teams, time has taken its toll. Their stats are weak compared to current top teams/characters. We may be getting a rework eventually, presumably end of 2023 or early 2024

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