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New Avenger



New Avengers are a team specialized in War, which can prove solid in other game modes. The squad consists of two older, reworked, and three new characters. At first, his team was met with criticism because they were presented as a War Defense team, later developers backtracked and the team became a War team with solid bonuses outside of that game mode after a few modifications.

Even if many planned to skip them, it would probably be unadvisable because developers announced them as a required team for a future Trial. So, the New Avengers will be the key team to recruit a new Legendary character.


Team Members

new avenger

(left to right)



  • Alliance War
  • Future Trial

The New Avengers are the War team. Excellent in Offense and Defense, which won’t affect players not interested in that game mode to build them. But since we need New Avengers for the upcoming Trials, in which we will have the opportunity to unlock a new Legendary, investing in them will become a priority for the majority of players.

Team Placement & Turn Order

Ronin is a crucial character for the Speed ​​of New Avengers. He will passively charge everyone’s Speed ​​by +15% (+35% in War), which makes them extremely fast. In War, it will also prevent enemies from filling the Speed ​​Bar at the start of the match. So the opposing Magneto won’t be able to fill his Speed ​​Bar at the beginning of the fight, or Loki to himself and Mystic Controllers in his team, Red Hulk wouldn’t be able to fill his Speed Bar in War, etc. Mockingbird will be responsible for the support and healing, so these two characters should be as far away from Tigra, team Protector, as possible.

Turn Order

  1. Tigra
  2. The Thing
  3. Mockingbird
  4. Agent Coulson
  5. Ronin

Tigra plays first because she Spawns with Speed ​​Up, followed by Thing, even though he is the team’s slowest member. That’s because he passively fills his Speed ​​Bar by 35% on Spawn (only in War).


Iso-8 Classes

  • Mockingbird – Raider / Healer
  • Ronin – Striker
  • Agent Coulson – Raider
  • The Thing – Skirmisher / Raider
  • Tigra – Striker

Mockingbird can be a Healer, but that may be unnecessary because the team has good sustain even without additional healing. Raider is a better class for her because she attacks multiple targets with each hit, and we need Vulnerabilities for Strikers to exploit.

Ronin is a Striker because he is an excellent damage dealer. His attacks always hit a single target, and he can destroy it. So we additionally increase his Damage with Striker Iso-8 Class.


Coulson, like Mockingbird, hits multiple targets with his attacks, so the Raider Class is an excellent choice for him.

Thing can be a Raider, so his Special becomes extremely effective as long as he is able to Crit multiple times with it. Or to be a Skirmisher, thus contributing to Vulnerability on targets and removing positive effects from them.

Tigra is the second Striker on the team. It is an ideal Class for her because she will apply additional Evade on herself with a follow-up attack. As the Protector of the New Avengers but a squishy character, she relies heavily on Evade. And we want her to have as many Evades as possible (all the time).


Team T4’s


  • Mockingbird – Ultimate
  • Ronin – Ultimate
  • Agent Coulson – Passive
  • The Thing – Special
  • Tigra – Special, Ultimate

Mockingbird Ultimate on Max is an essential upgrade for the team as she will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies by 35%. In addition, she will summon S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic with Defense Up and Deathproof and apply Stealth (in War) to that summoned minion. This rewind Speed ​​Bar to enemies gives a significant gameplay advantage that the New Avengers will take advantage of.

Ronin will do plenty more damage with maxed Ultimate, but more importantly, he applies Trauma (in War) to the target. We know how crucial Trauma debuff is.


Coulson will increase the Health and Resistance of himself, Mockingbird, and the minions the team can summon if his Passive is on Max level. He will additionally fill the Speed ​Bar of S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic if he drops below 50% Health. Most importantly: On Spawn will apply Immunity to the entire team. Maxed Passive will significantly increase the mitigation and resilience of the New Avenger team.

As long as The Thing has his Special at maximum level, it will bonus hit the target 4 times (up from 1-2 times). If The Thing is strong enough, this ability can eliminate the primary target. An essential upgrade just for that reason.


Tigra will apply Safeguard + Immunity to herself with her Special (if Maxed). After the Taunt and Evade she gets, she will become immune to debuffs and prevent opponents from removing buffs from her. She becomes a wall that will be difficult to break through.

With the Ultimate (attacks all enemies), she will remove Immunity from everyone and apply Trauma (in War) to all opponents. Along with mass Bleeds that Tigra puts on enemies in War, Trauma will represent a deadly combination that New Avengers can exploit to destroy their opponents.



  • Mockingbird – Basic, Special, Passive
  • Ronin – Basic, Special, Passive
  • Agent Coulson – Special, Ultimate
  • The Thing – Passive
  • Tigra – Passive

Mockingbird (with Max Basic) will heal the New Avenger team for 10% of her Max Health (up from 5%). A solid upgrade. Especially for the new Trials. The battles will be longer compared to War, and sustainability will be vital. So, maxed-out Basic will be an excellent upgrade.

Special Ability on Max will heal more, and in War, Mockingbird will apply Immunity to all New Avenger allies. This upgrade is crucial for drawn-out battles and will help New Avengers keep their advantage.


Summoned minions will have more Health and do more Damage if Mockingbird’s Passive is level 5. And Assault minion will gain Taunt – the team will be better protected. All of this only works in War, but it’s handy.

Ronin’s Basic is not necessary to upgrade, but since it is a Striker and it deals Piercing Damage, it is useful to have it maxed.

Special will increase rebound Chain on 5 targets (up from 3), which is significant. More opponents with Bleed on them are always welcome.

The Passive will boost the entire team’s Focus by +80% (up from +30%), an enormous upgrade to that stat. And as soon as an enemy Revives, Ronin will apply Blind to him.


Coulson Special will do a little more Damage, but it is more important that it will remove all positives from all targets (up from 3 positives from all targets). It’s a significant upgrade if (after the first turn) enemies have more than 3 buffs on them.

Ultimate will remove all positive effects from the enemy with the highest Damage (up from 3) (this works only in War) and call 2 allies with the most Damage to attack the enemy with the highest Damage. This upgrade can prove to be crucial and help quickly eliminate the strongest target.

The Thing’s Passive will increase the Damage to his passive counter by a third. Significant but not an essential upgrade.

Tigra Passive at maximum will be significant for the War game mode. Namely, she will lower Damage Reduction by 25% and Resistance by 50% for all enemies with Bleed. Most enemies will be full of Bleeds against the New Avengers, so this upgrade is very useful in War.


Team Red Stars

Give each of the New Avenger characters 5 Red Stars. Anything beyond that is useful as long as one of them is your choice for the Dark Dimension. If you got more than 5 when opening Elite Orbs when the Red Stars for these characters had an increased chance to drop – great. There should be no one below 5 RS. And anything above 5 RS is luxury.

Farming Locations

  • Mockingbird – Nexus 8-9, Blitz Store
  • Ronin – Arena Store
  • Agent Coulson – Villains Hard Mode 3-9, Raid Store
  • The Thing – Nexus 2-9, Milestone III Orbs
  • Tigra – Heroes Hard Mode 2-9

They are all farmable and relatively easy to max Yellow Stars.


On Spawn Buffs

Mockingbird – Defense Up (2 turns)
The Ting – Fill Speed Bar by 35% (in War)
Tigra – 2 Evade to self and 1 random New Avenger ally, Speed Up (In War), +3 Evade (in War)

In War – Immunity

Team Mechanics

The New Avengers are a team specialized in War, and that’s where they can realize their full potential by having an initial advantage in Speed ​​over their opponents. They get that advantage because of the Ronin Passive, which increases everyone’s Speed by +15% (+35% in War). If we add to that the possibility that all opponents’ Speed ​​Bar is reduced by 35% when Mockingbird uses her Ultimate, there may be situations where all of the New Avengers take their turns (some even twice) before the opponents play once.


Tigra is the Protector of the team and plays first. She gets Evade (3 Evades in War), Taunt, Defense Up, 3 Deathproof, Immunity, and Safeguard (in War) with her Special. Her main function is to protect her team while inflicting a lot of bleeding to her enemies.

Due to his passive Speed ​​Bar generation on Spawn, Thing plays right after Tigra and can completely control one of the enemies with his Ultimate. It can Stun the target and, in War, along with Stun, he clears all positive effects, and applies Disrupted + Trauma (2 turns). So after his turn, one enemy will already be down for the count.


The New Avengers have healing through Mockingbird, who can heal the team with all of her Abilities. She is also able to generate Ability Energy for the team. Mockingbird clears 3 random Negative Effects from her team (Special) and flips all Negatives into Positive effects for New Avengers (Ultimate). On top of that, she clears Bleed from the whole team. True Supporter.

Mockingbird can apply Immunity to the entire team after her Special. More importantly, She can remove Taunt from the opponents after the Ultimate, thus “opening up” the opposing team and making them more vulnerable.


She passively applies Stealth to any New Avenger that drops below 50% Health. At the same time, she will summon a S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault with Defense Up and Deathproof. In War that S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault gets Taunt and protects the team. Also, all summoned Assaults and Medics in War, thanks to the Mockingbird Passive, have increased Max Health and Damage.

What is also interesting is that Mockingbird on any turn, if any New Avenger has Stealth on them and Health greater than 75% (Mockingbird will hide and heal them when they fall below 50% Max Health) will clear Stealth and fill Speed ​​Bar by up to +50% (if every New Avenger is alive). So, as long as they manage to survive the opponent’s Damage, they can quickly return to the fight thanks to Mockingbird.


To further improve healing, using her Ultimate Mockingbird summons a S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic with Defense Up and Deathproof(in War Medic also gains Stealth).

Ronin is a single-target damage dealer capable of crippling opponents with his blows. When performing a Counter or Assist, he reduces the Speed ​​Bar of the primary target by 25%. Stuns the opponent with the Special, so this is the second Stun New Avenger team possesses. Which significantly affects the control of the fight. Special is the only Ability that can hit multiple targets – up to 5. And he will do solid Damage to everyone and apply 2 Bleed. His attacks cannot be countered or blocked. Enemies can counter only his Basic.


Ultimate removes Revive Once from the target and applies 2 Bleed and Blind (and Trauma, in War ). He will hit the target five times before the final sixth blow. If Ronin is strong, he can eliminate his opponent with the Ultimate Ability.

Thanks to Ronin’s Passive, enemies can’t fill the Speed ​​Bar on Spawn. Crucial thing.

With his Basic attack, Coulson can reduce the Speed Bar ​​of the primary and secondary target by 20%. Those things will likely be meaningful in the new Trials. In War, however, it is not so pivotal. Because by the time Coulson uses Basic, the fight outcome is decided. His Ultimate and Special are of greater importance. So, most of the time, he will use Basic on his 3rd turn.

With the Special, Coulson can remove all positives from all opponents and even transfer 4 positive effects from the primary target to all members of the New Avenger team. Additionally, it will apply Slow and Heal Block to all Tech and Bio enemies. It is an excellent form of control where we use enemy buffs to our advantage. In War, this attack cannot be blocked or countered. Which further increases its effectiveness.


Ultimate is a way to attack the enemy with the highest Damage, regardless of whether he is protected or not. Coulson will clear all positive effects from that enemy in War. In all game modes, he will apply Defense Down, Taunt, and Disrupted (2 turns) and call two allies with the most Damage to attack the enemy with the highest Damage.

After all that, Coulson attacks all targets, and in War, this attack cannot be countered or blocked, so Coulson is not in danger of retaliation. This attack practically marks the opponent with the highest Damage and opens it up to everyone to easily target him (because of Taunt).


When Coulson drops below 50% Health, he will passively fill the Speed ​​Bar of S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic by 60%. Thereby, he creates almost immediate healing for himself and if he died Medic will Revive him with 51% Health.

In addition to being able to control one of the opponents at the beginning of the fight, Thing can also kill someone with the huge Damage he is able to do with his Special. First, he will attack for 340% Damage, then he will do 4 bonus attacks for 280% Damage each. If most of these hits Crit – the opponent is dead.

Whenever an enemy attacks any New Avenger, Thing will attack that enemy. In War, he will do more Damage with this passive counter. And if the target is Bio Protector, he will clear 5 Charged. So this is great when the New Avengers fight Gamma.


Tigra’s offensive capabilities are also formidable, she can apply Bleeds with all her attacks, and with Ultimate, she applies Trauma to all enemies, preventing the removal of all those Bleeds. But Trauma is only in War. In addition to applying Bleed to enemies, she applies Evades to herself with each move. So even if she’s relatively low health, for a Protector she’s very effective (especially in War) because she’ll be hard to hit, and enemies can’t remove her buffs.

Tigra will also lower Damage Reduction by 25% and Resistance by 50% to all enemies with Bleed. It will make enemies more receptive to debuffs and increase the potential Damage they will receive.


Mockingbird provides +15% Max Health for the team.

Ronin provides +80% Focus and +15% Speed (+35% in War) for the team.

Agent Coulson provides +40% Max Health and +120% Resistance for himself, Mockingbird and all summoned S.H.I.E.L.D Minions (in War).

The Thing provides +20% Armor for the team.

Tigra provides +20% Damage and +15% Max Health for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

The New Avengers are a successful counter to a multitude of teams in War. Thanks to their abilities and bonuses.

Against Infestation, try not to hit Big Time with Tigra because he will play before The Thing if he gets hit. Once The Thing plays target Big Time and hit him with Ultimate. Everything is much easier after that.

Against Gamma, use The Thing to Stun Hulk (he will also remove every buff from him), then focus on Red Hulk. After Coulson uses his Ultimate Red Hulk will be ready to be destroyed. After that, focus on Hulk. Tigra Ultimate with Trauma will not allow removing debuffs (all Bleeds) by She-Hulk’s Passive. You need strong New Avengers to counter Gamma. Punch Up is possible, but not huge.

In general, focus on the most dangerous opponent with Thing’s Ultimate. Coulson will draw out the opponent with the highest Damage and enable everyone to attack him, and an immense share in successful fights will be an advantage in Speed ​​and the ability to rewind the opponent’s Speed ​​Bars with Mockingbird.


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