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Dark Hunter



Dark Hunter was the Halloween-themed team that was released with the singleminded purpose of countering Heroes for Hire in Alliance War. And they can perform that task well if Morbius is built big enough. 

However, this team was still underwhelming for most due to them being lackluster in any other scenario.


Team Members

dark hunter

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense
  • Pestilence(Morgan Le Fay) Scourge

Dark Hunter’s main purpose in War is to counter Heroes For Hire, but they can work well against and team that has a lot of Hero+City enemies, like Web Warriors. 

They are also one of the required teams for Pestilence Scourge which is the unlock Event for Morgan Le Fay. 

Other than that they are not used anywhere so the recommendation would be to avoid building them, or to build them just enough to be able to use them in the Scourge. 


Team Placement & Turn Order

Team placement for Dark Hunters is not that important, they do not have any Protectors and mainly rely on going all out with their attacks. 

Turn Order:

  1. Morbius
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. Doctor Voodoo
  4. Elsa Bloodstone
  5. Mordo

Iso-8 Classes

  • Morbius – Striker*
  • Ghost Rider – Raider
  • Else Bloodstone – Raider
  • Doctor Voodoo – Striker
  • Mordo – Skirmisher

If you will mainly use Dark Hunters vs Heroes for Hire, Morbius should be a Striker. He can steal 10% of the enemies’ Max Health with his Basic and Iso attacks and against H4H he gets extra Focus so his debuffs will land. In other scenarios, his Focus may be lacking so Skirmisher will work best. Raider might also be a good choice for him, since he will start the fight and hit all targets, so it comes down to a personal preference as well.

Ghost Rider and Elsa are mainly just damage dealers, Elsa’s both Special and Ultimate hit multiple targets so she can be a Raider, while Ghost Rider has only 1 AoE ability so he could be a Striker or Raider. If you go with Striker on Morbius, it’s best for Ghost Rider to be a Raider. 

Doctor Voodoo can heal his team with his Basic and Iso attacks, so Striker will work well with that. 

Mordo will benefit from having increased focus.


Team T4’s


  • Morbius – Passive
  • Doctor Voodoo – Special
  • Mordo – Ultimate, Special
  • Ghost Rider – Passive
  • Elsa – Ultimate

Morbius’s Passive is the ability that allows them to function as a Heroes for Hire counter. It will apply Blind to 5 highest damage City Hero characters on Spawn (if on War Offense and with 3 Dark Hunter allies)

Doctor Voodoo’s Special will allow him to apply Ability Block and will increase the Barrier he provides to the team.


Mordo’s Ultimate, if he uses it on War Offense and has 2 Dark Hunter allies will apply Defense Up for Dark Hunters for 2 turns. His Special will always apply Stun to the primary target (instead of 50% chance)

Ghost Rider’s Passive will increase the damage of his Dark Hunter allies and will generate 3 Ability Energy to himself(instead of 2) on a non-summoned ally Death. 

Elsa’s Ultimate will increase the damage of her attack by +30% for each Dark Hunter ally. Her Passive will also increase her Damage, and will increase her Accuracy by +10% per Dark Hunter ally.



  • Morbius – Ultimate, Basic
  • Doctor Voodoo – Passive, Ultimate, Basic
  • Mordo – Passive
  • Ghost Rider – Ultimate
  • Elsa – Basic

Morbius’s Ultimate will allow him to also apply Disrupted to the primary target on War Offense (if he has 3 Dark Hunter ally) and his Basic will steal 10% Health (instead of 5%)

Doctor Voodoo’s Basic will increase the healing he provides to the team, his Ultimate will steal more Health from the enemie and will clear all Negative effects from Dark Hunter allies (instead of 3). His Passive will apply +1 Deathproof when he drops below 50% Max Health.

Mordo’s Passive will generate 1-2 Ability Energy to himself on Death of a Mystic ally.

Ghost Rider’s Ultimate will increase the Piercing Damage.

Elsa’s Basic attack will double the damage she deals.


Team Red Stars

Since it’s an older team and their stats aren’t great by modern standards Red Stars for them can be ignored. But if you already built them up and are using them in war, you could get Morbius and Ghost Rider 5 Red Stars, and 4 Red Stars for everyone else.

Farming Locations

  • Morbius – Villains 6-3
  • Doctor Voodoo – Mystic 1-6
  • Ghost Rider – Villains 4-6, Milestone III Orbs
  • Elsa Bloodstone – Nexus 5-6, Raid Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Mordo – Arena Store, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

On War Offense:
Team – 2 Ability Energy for 4 random Dark Hunters that were not at full energy.
5 City Hero enemies get Blind

Team Mechanics

The only reason this team can by viable in War is Morbius and his Passive and Ultimate Abilities. Doctor Voodoo can provide some additional sustain for the team via Heals and Barrier while Elsa and Ghost Rider are mainly there to deal damage. Mordo can occasionally control a few enemies with Blind or Stun and will also provide Defense Up for the team. 



(+20% Drain and +30% Damage(War Offense) for Dark Hunters, +30% Piercing for self)

Mordo’s Passive on Spawn (War Offense only) will apply Blind to 5 City Hero enemies if he Spawned with 3 Dark Hunter allies. If he has 4 or more City Hero enemies he also gains +300% Focus

His Ultimate Ability will attack the primary target and Chain to 5 adjacent ones. It will also flip all Defense Up and Deflects. 


In War Offense, if Morbius has 3 Dark Hunter allies, this will also apply Trauma, Heal Block, and Disrupted for 2 turns to the primary target, and Trauma+Heal Block for 2 turns to the secondary targets.

Counterattack will break this chain (On War Offense this attack cannot be counterattacked or blocked) 

Morbius’s Special will hit the primary and adjacent target and apply 3 Bleed to them, while his Basic will Steal 10% of the target’s Health from them if they had Bleed. 


Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo’s Passive allows him to increase his Speed by +5% for each Deathproof that he has (up to 25% max)

When he drops below 50% Max Health he gains +1 Deathproof. When any ally dies, he gains +1 Deathproof and applies +1 Offense Up to all DarkHunters allies. 

While 5 enemies have Speed Up, Voodoo and all allies gain +30% Crit Chance and +30% Crit Damage. 

On War Offense, if he Spawns with 3 Dark Hunters he will generate 2 Ability Energy to 4 random Dark Hunters that were not at full energy.

His Ultimate will Steal 20% Health from all targets and Redistribute it to his Dark Hunter allies, this bypasses Heal Block. He will also clear all Negative Effects from Dark Hunters and apply Immunity to Mystic allies. 


This will ignore Deathproof and cannot be counterattacked. 

His Special Ability will apply Ability Block and Defense Down to the primary target, and Defense Down to the adjacent targets. Then he will Mind Control 2 adjacent targets to attack the primary target. 

After that, he will Barrier self and all Dark Hunter akkues for 30% of his Max Health. On War Offense this attack cannot be blocked. 

His Basic attack will transfer 1 Deathproof from the primary target, attack them and then heal all Dark Hunter allies for 8% of his Max Health. 



(+30% Focus for Dark Hunters on War Offense)

Mordo’s Passive allows him to heal himself +10% of his Max Health on death of any character. On death of a Mystic ally, he will heal self for 15% Max Health and generate himself 1-2 Ability Energy

His Ultimate will attack all enemies and apply Heal Block for 2 turns to them. On War Offense(if he has 2+ Dark Hunter allies) it will also reduce Speed Bar for all enemies with Blind by 30% and will apply Defense Up for 2 turns to Dark Hunters. 

His Special will Stun the primary target and will have a 50% chance of applying Blind on up to 3 additional targets, and 50% of applying Slow to 2 targets. 

On War Offense the chance to apply Blind increases to 100% and this attack cannot be blocked. 

His Basic will attack the primary target and apply 2 random Negative effects.


Ghost Rider

(+40% Max Health for Dark Hunters, +40% Focus for Mystic characters)

Ghost Rider’s Passive allows him to generate 2 Ability Energy to all Dark Hunter allies on his Death. 

When a non-summoned ally dies, Ghost Rider will attack the target that killed the ally for massive damage, will gain +1 Charged (up to 5 Max) and will generate 3 Ability Energy for self. 

When a Negative effect is applied to an enemy, he will also fill Dark Hunter’s and his own Speed Bar by +3%.


His Ultimate will attack a single target for heavy damage, if he’s Charged this attack will also get +200% Drain and will be unblockable, after that he will lose 1 Charged.

His Special will attack the primary and adjacent targets and will apply 2 Bleed to them.

This attack cannot miss and is unblockable. 

His Basic attack just deals damage and applies Bleed for 2 turns.


Elsa Bloodstone

(+10 Crit Chance for Mystic characters)

Elsa will gain +20% Accuracy per Dark Hunter ally. 

If Elsa or an ally misses an attack(and Elsa has 3 or more Dark Hunter allies) she will attack the primary target for damage. On enemy Dodge, she will also attack them.

Her Ultimate ability gains bonus damage for each Dark Hunter ally. She will apply Offense Up to herself for 2 turns, then she will hit the primary and adjacent targets. Characters killed by this attack cannot be Revived. 

On War Offense (if she has 3 Dark Hunter allies), this attack will also clear all Deathproof from City targets. And will gain +500% extra Focus and become unblockable. 

Her Special will attack the Primary target and then bonus attack the most injured target ignoring Taunt and Stealth. 

Her Basic attack will attack a target 6 times, dealing small amounts of Piercing Damage.


Combat Tips & Tricks

In Alliance War, you will be using Dark Hunters to attack Heroes for Hire. If you have Morbius’s abilities maxed half the job will be done. All you will need to do is target 1 corner and use his Ultimate. 

In ideal circumstances, Luke Cage will be in a corner, then target him, because that way you will apply Disrupted to him and he won’t Taunt. But if he’s not, then it’s always best to start from the corner, that way Morbius will apply Trauma and Heal Block to everyone. After that your goal will be to drop everyone below 50% Health so that they try to heal and spend all their Charges. Trauma and Ability Block will of course prevent that healing and once all charges are gone you can finish them. 

In some cases you might not need to wait for charges to be gone since if you kill someone with Elsa’s Ultimate – they won’t be able to revive. 


On a punch across this team will shred Heroes for Hire. When Punching up, you should always be wary of strong Shang Chi’s. Your Morbius needs to be the strongest character on your team to pull off big punch-ups. 

Dark Hunters can also be used against Young Avengers or Web-Warriors, both of those teams have a couple of City Hero characters, so Morbius will be able to apply Trauma to them. Versus Young Avengers it’s best to not punch up too high, there’s still a lot of RNG involved there and you may lose. Against 

Web-Warriors you can allow yourself some punch-ups, because Elsa will punish them every time they dodge, and Ghost Rider with his Special Attack cannot miss, so will deal a lot of damage to 3 Web-Warriors 


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