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Out of Time is the newest team composed of two reworked and three new characters. While mainly they are a War team they will influence a lot of game modes because of the key member – Black Knight.

Black Knight’s potent abilities allow him to be effectively used in all of the game modes and while he’s not a Legendary character on paper, he has enough power to be mistaken for one.

Out Of Time team is also the harbinger of Mephisto’s arrival because they mention him specifically in their kit. Defeating this team will not be an easy feat without Mephisto


Team Members

out of time

(left to right)



  • Alliance War
  • Next Legendary Event

Out of Time is a team specialized in War (Defense especially), and they are a mighty opponent in that mode with only a couple of teams that stand a chance against them. Investing in them will pay off because they are individually excellent (especially Black Knight, who is functional in all game modes).

The Out of Time team will be necessary for the new Legendary Event

Black Knight will most likely be part of the new Arena META combination, and every team member is a good choice for the Dark Dimensions. So, putting resources into this team is more than justified.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Captain Carter is a Support character, and we will place her in the corner to keep her alive as long as possible. Next to her is Cosmic Ghost Rider. Starbrand goes in the middle, while on the other side, we have two protectors: Black Knight and Captain America.

Turn Order:

  1. Cosmic Ghost Rider
  2. Captain Carter
  3. Captain America
  4. Black Knight
  5. Starbrand

Iso-8 Classes

  • Captain Carter – Striker/Healer
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider – Raider
  • Starbrand – Raider
  • Black Knight – Striker
  • Captain America – Healer/Fortifier

Captain Carter is the second Striker on the team. She is the Support character who keeps the Out of Time members alive. But it is practical to have her as a Striker, mainly because of the follow-up attack after which she applies Regenerations on the most injured Out of Time ally.

Cosmic Ghost Rider can be a good Raider because he hits all opponents with Special (which has a relatively short CD). He can also hit multiple enemies with his Basic. If the team needs additional Vulnerable effects on the field, you can use the Skirmisher class, but his Focus is one of the best in the game, so Skirmisher is not necessary to apply debuffs.


Starbrand hits multiple enemies with all his abilities and has an increased Crit chance (further increased in War), so Raider suits him best. If he is not strong enough and fails to apply debuffs (Stuns, most importantly) we can also consider the Skirmisher class, at least until we have more Yellow and Red Stars on him.

Black Knight is an excellent Striker because all his attacks are Piercing, and is desirable to strengthen them by giving him Stirker class (increasing his Damage). Also, his follow-up attack applies additional Deflects to the most injured Out of Time ally, thus strengthening the team’s mitigation. Protector class might also be a good option for him since he will be taking a lot of damage because he Taunts often. Maxed-out Fortifier will also give him Drain when he has Barrier, while maxed Striker will deal more damage based on his Max Health and will heal for 50% of the damage dealt. Early on Fortifier might be good for him, to help him survive for longer, but the endgame for him is Striker.

Captain America can be almost any class, but since he is Protector and a sizeable part of the opponent’s attacks will fall on him, he should be a Fortifier and thus increase his mitigation. Thanks to his Ultimate, he can play relatively often during fights and has a solid Health Pool (HP), so he can be a very useful Healer. Especially if you have a “smaller” underinvested Out of Time team.


Team T4’s


  • Captain Carter – Passive and Special
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider – Passive and Ultimate
  • Starbrand – Passive and Ultimate
  • Black Knight – Passive and Special
  • Captain America – Special and Passive

Captain Carter

Special will Revive a dead Out of Time ally with 60% Health (up from 30%). It will also do more damage. Maxing this ability is useful for lower-power Out of Time teams, and if your Out of Time characters die often, then it is worth upgrading.
Passive (same as Special) will increase her support so that when she or any Out of Time ally drops below 30% of Max Health for the first time, she will heal that character (or herself) for 30% of her Max Health. This will only work in War.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

If Passive is maxed, after an enemy uses an Ultimate, he will Barrier himself and all Out of Time allies for 30% of his Max Health (up from 10% of his Max Health). If he is not Exhausted. Maxed Passive will also increase his Focus (he will gain +200%), and another +50% Focus per Out of Time ally in War (up to +200% if he is with the full Out of Time team). A total of 400% additional Focus in War.

Ultimate (if maxed) will do more damage, apply Trauma to the primary target, and (most importantly) clear all Battlefield Effects on the enemy side. So if the Out of Time team is fighting Knowhere, this will clear the Nova Force. Considering that he will apply Stun to the primary target with his Ultimate, Stun + Trauma combo can be deadly.



Passive will apply Immunity to the Out of Time team on Spawn and lower the Max Barrier of all enemies by 5%. This is one of the essential upgrades that prevents any negative effect from being applied to the team.
We get an additional Stun on the most injured enemy by improving the Ultimate. Allowing Starbrand to Stun the primary target and most injured enemy. Which significantly increases control.

Black Knight

Passive – Black Knight on Turn will gain +1 Charged. The first time he runs out of Charged, he will fill the Speed ​​Bar by +100% (up from +60%), so he can play immediately after getting out of Charged and gain Charged back. Black Knight is a character with Charged mechanics, so this upgrade is the most important for him.

Special – Black Knight will gain Safeguard (for himself) and Immunity (for the entire Out of Time team and 1 random adjacent ally). This is also a pivotal upgrade because since the Black Knight gets Taunt with the Special, he creates an impenetrable combination (Taunt+Safeguard+Immunity).

Captain America

Special is a must. He will serve as Ability Energy battery (among his other duties). With Special on Max, his effectiveness in that job will be much better (grant Ability Energy to 1-3 allies, up from 1-2 allies). He will also clear all negatives from himself (up from 2). His Passive will additionally increase his Block Amount (+10%). When an ally drops below 50% Max Health, his passive Taunt duration will be 2 turns (up from 1).



  • Cosmic Ghost Rider – Special and Basic
  • Starbrand – Special
  • Black Knight – Ultimate and Basic
  • Captain America – Ultimate and Basic

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Special – will do more damage, and if the enemy Protector with the highest Speed ​​has Defense Down, he will apply Trauma to that character. One more Trauma+Stun combo for him, so it is definitely worth upgrading. Especially when we know that with the Cosmic Ghost Rider Special, he applies Defense Down to the entire enemy team, so the enemy protector with the highest Speed ​​will have Defense Down in most cases.

Basic will do more damage (+25% damage per positive effect on the target instead of +10%). If you have excess T4 Ability Materials, spend them on this upgrade.



Special – will reduce the Speed ​​Bar by 15% for all secondary targets. The Speed ​​Bar of primary targets is reduced by 55%, and with this upgrade, we will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of secondary targets as well. Speed ​​is one of the most crucial things in turn-based games, so this upgrade always comes in handy.

Black Knight

Ultimate – gets a significant damage upgrade because the Piercing damage is significantly increased, and will also deal additional damage of +30% of his Max Health (up from +10%). A similar thing is with Basic – the damage will increase. Black Knight is a character whose attacks are all Piercing, so boosting them is always desirable.

Captain America

Basic – will provide better mitigation for the whole team. Namely, he will apply Offense Down up to 3 targets for 2 turns (up from 1). Therefore, the entire Out of Time team takes potentially less damage. His Ultimate will do more damage and always chain to 3 additional targets. But the most important thing is that it will fill his Speed ​​Bar by +30% (+60% total). Which will enable him to play much more often.


Team Red Stars

It is desirable to have 7 Red Stars on each of these characters, especially now that we have the potential of getting Diamonds for them. Black Knight uses Dark Promotion credits and is expensive to upgrade so you can get 4 or 5 Red Stars at first and then add more as you get more Yellow Stars.

Farming Locations

  • Captain Carter – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Captain America – Heroes 6-9

Captain Carter and Captain America are relatively easy to farm and can be maxed quickly with Yellow Stars. While three new characters are currently unavailable for farming.


On Spawn Buffs

Black Knight – Taunt, Defense Up (2 turns), Immunity, +5 Charged

In all game modes – Immunity, 2 Deflect
In War – Defense Up (2 turns)

Team Mechanics

The Out of Time team is the strongest in War, especially as a defensive team, because Black Knight gains extra Health on defense. They can also be used as a War Offense team, but (right now) they will be more efficient on Defense and will get you at least one defensive win with them (if not more). Because thanks to the mechanics they have, they can be very hard to beat by any current team (or combination of characters).

Captain Carter

Captain Carter can heal the Out of Time team with all of her abilities. With Basic, she applies 2 Regeneration to the most injured ally (2 turns if maxed).


Through Special, she applies 3 Deflects, 1 Counter, and 1 Deathproof to everyone (in War). She also can revive a fallen Out of Time ally (in War), and if there are no Out of Time allies to revive, she will extend all positive effects by +1 (max of 3) on all Out of Time allies. This works only in War. Her Special cannot be counterattacked in War.

Her Ultimate attacks all opponents, then removes all negative effects from herself and 2 negatives from all allies and heals the entire team for 30% of her Max Health. In War, she applies Safeguard to the Out of Time members. And same as a Special, this attack cannot be counterattacked in War. An excellent ability that strengthens the Out of Time mitigation and sustains.

Passively, on Turn, Captain Carter has a 50% chance to apply Assist Now to an Out of Time ally. She also, on Turn, applies Regeneration (2 turns) to herself and all Out of Time allies.

Captain Carter and Captain America have over 100% Block Chance thanks to their Passives. Captain America has a +20% Block Amount (+50% in Raids and War).

When Captain Carter or any Out of Time ally drops below 30% of Max Health for the first time, she heals that character for 30% of her Max Health.


Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider is a Controller with an immensely high Focus. With his undodgeable Basic, he attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies Bleed. Damage is increased by 25% per positive effect on the primary target. In War, if this character is not at full energy, he will generate Ability Energy for himself and all Out of Time allies who were not at full energy. If the primary target is the Controller, he will apply Ability Block, but only in War.

Special targets all enemies. As with Basic, the damage is increased by 25% per positive effect on the primary target. Cosmic Ghost Rider flips 2 positives into negatives on all enemies and all positives into negatives on all Protector Enemies. He also applies Defense Down and Heal Block to everyone. This is an excellent controlling ability because it applies Stun to the enemy Protector with the highest Speed ​​(ignoring Taunt and Stealth). Cosmic Ghost Rider applies Trauma to enemy Protector if he has Defense Down (and why shouldn’t he, because we just applied it to everyone). Against Protector enemies, this attack gains 1,000% Extra Focus and cannot be dodged and counterattacked. With this move (in most cases), we prevent the opposing Protector from performing his duty. The Special will also remove the Battlefield effect on the allied side, so Red Hulk’s Gamma Radiation battlefield effect will get cleared.

With Ultimate, Cosmic Ghost Rider attacks the primary target dealing immense damage, having previously removed all Barrier (damage is increased by 25% per positive effect on the primary target). Attacking with unblockable attack, applying Stun and Trauma while ignoring Defense Up. In War, this attack cannot be dodged or counterattacked. The most important thing about Ultimate is that it will clear all Battlefield Effect on the enemy side. So this is great when we’re going up against the Knowhere team.


Cosmic Ghost Rider Passive is the crucial Ability that makes this team so good (especially in War). Whenever an enemy uses an Ultimate Ability, if Cosmic Ghost Rider is not Exhausted, he will Barrier himself and all Out of Time allies for 30% of his Max Health. He passively gains +30% Max Health (+60% in War) and +200% Focus (a total of +400% Focus in War because he also gains +50% per Out of Time ally).

And now comes the most important part. In War, while with the full Out of Time team, Cosmic Ghost Rider increases the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies (on Spawn) by 100%. But lowers the Focus by 5,000% and Damage by 50% for any non-Mephisto enemy that takes a turn before him or any ally. In other words, all enemies that gain any Speed Bar on spawn will gain twice as much which will force them to hit Black Knight and get punished for it. At the same time, enemies cannot apply any negative effect on this team because of the lowered Focus, nor will they be able to easily remove any positive effects from the Out of Time team.


Starbrand is a Brawler that passively increases the Out of Time sustain, giving everyone +30% Drain. This allows them to heal each time they hit their opponents. On Spawn, Starbrand applies Immunity to himself and all Out of Time allies, which is crucial because this team will not have Cosmic Ghost Rider Passive protection in non-War game modes. So, enemies will not apply negativities at the start because of the Immunity provided by Starbrand. Starbrand has +30% Max Health (+60% in War) and +5% Crit Chance (+25% in War). In War, Starbrand lowers the maximum Barrier of all enemies by 5%.


Basic – Starbrand attacks the primary target and applies Offense Down, then attacks the enemy with the highest Damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth. He will apply Offense down to the second target if Basic is maxed. A Fine way of reducing the offensive potential of the opponent and thus protecting your team.

Special – Starbrand attacks the primary target, applies Slow, and reduces Speed ​​Bar by 55% (15% + 10% per Out of Time ally). Then he attacks adjacent targets, applies Slow, and reduces Speed ​​Bar by 15%. His third attack is on the enemy with the highest Speed ​​(ignoring Taunt and Stealth), applying Slow and reducing the Speed ​​Bar by 15%. This attack cannot be blocked or dodged and is handy to prevent the opponent from playing by manipulating their Speed ​​Bar.

Ultimate – deals immense damage to the primary target, applies Stun, and flips all positives into negatives. After that, he attacks adjacent targets for a large amount of damage. And, of course, Starbrand has one more attack (like with his previous Abilities). He attacks the most injured enemy (ignoring Taunt and Stealth), flips all positives into negatives, and applies Stun. Enemies killed by this attack cannot be revived. This attack cannot be dodged or counterattacked. And in War, it ignores Defense Up. A massive Ability with which we can Stun two opponents while at the same time inflicting a vast amount of damage and flip effects.

Black Knight

Black Knight is a protector that will shake up the MSF game. He is very flexible, able to synergize with many other characters, and has Abilities that push him to the very top. Black Knight will (certainly) be a member of the Arena META team, but for now, we are talking about him through the prism of the Out of Time team. Where he is the best because he gets significant bonuses.


He is a protector who has the Charged mechanic and is one of the few with Taunt on Spawn. Which helps him make the most of the Charged mechanic. Namely, on Spawn, he gets +5 Charged in addition to Taunt, and on Turn, +1 (up to a max of 3). When he uses Special, he gets +2 Charged (up to a maximum of 3). And after using Ultimate, he gets +1 Charged (up to a max of 3). When the enemy attacks him or any ally if he has Charged and (does not have Exhausted), he will remove all Barrier on that enemy and attack it for 30% of his Max Health. He will also clear Immunity from that enemy and apply Heal Block, Trauma, and 3 Bleed. It is an unavoidable and unblockable attack with +1,000% Extra Focus, and if it happens to kill an enemy, that enemy cannot be revived. After this action, Black Knight will lose 1 Charge. When he runs out of Charged for the first time, Black Knight will (on any turn) fill his Speed ​​Bar by 100% and play immediately. He will gain 1 Charged (on Turn), and in most cases, will be able to use Special or Ultimate and gain additional Charged. An overpowering mechanic that, in cooperation with the Cosmic Ghost Rider passive, destroys opponents.

Black Knight also gains Immunity and Defense Up (2 turns) on Spawn. When a Protector ally drops below 50% Health, Black Knight will gain Taunt if above 50% Health. It is a passive way for him to gain Taunt. He also passively gains +50% Max Health (+90% if he is on Defense), +40% Armor (+60% in War), and +50% Resistance (+150% in War). As long as he has Defense Up, he gets +1,000% Extra Resistance, making it virtually impossible for anyone to throw anything negative at him, especially in synergy with the Cosmic Ghost Rider Passive, where CGR lowers Focus by 5,000% to all non-Mephisto opponents who play before anyone from the Out of Time team. And in the Arena, as long as the Black Knight is Charged, his Speed ​​Bar cannot be reduced. Which is an added bonus that makes him a powerhouse in the Arena.


All Black Knight attacks do Piercing damage, which is amazing. With his Basic, he attacks the primary target and removes 1 random positive effect. Then he applies +1 Deflect (up to a max of 5) to himself or the most injured non-summoned ally. If that ally is an Out of Time character, Black Knight will apply an additional +1 Deflect. This removes some positive effects from the opponent and strengthens the mitigation of the Out of Time team.

Special – Black Knight clears all negative effects from himself and all allies. If the negative effect is removed from him, he will heal himself for 5% per effect removed. Then, he will heal himself for 20% of his Max Health. Attack the primary target and apply Ability Block. He will gain Taunt, Safeguard, and +2 Charged (up to a max 3). Black Knight applies Speed ​​Up and Immunity to self, 1 random adjacent ally, and all Out of Time allies. Enemies killed by this attack cannot be revived. This attack gains additional Piercing equal to this character’s Bonus Armor percentage (40% in Offense, 60% in Defense while he is in Out of Time team), ignores Defense Up, is Unavoidable, and cannot be blocked or counterattacked. With this move, Black Knight gains Taunt and buffs his team (with strong buffs) while controlling one of the opponents with Ability Block. He also gains additional Charged, allowing him to maintain his Charges during combat.

Ultimate – Black Knight attacks primary and adjacent targets (Piercing damage plus 30% of his Max Health as damage). Black Knight will gain 1 Charged, Defense Up to self and all allies, and Offense Up to all Brawler allies. This attack gains additional Piercing equal to this character’s Bonus Armor percentage (40% in Offense, 60% in Defense while he is in the Out of Time team), cannot be dodged or counterattacked, and enemies killed by it cannot be revived.


Captain America

Captain America is another reworked character that, like Peggy Carter, was transferred to the Out of Time team. He is a Protector who can help by protecting the team when Black Knight does not have Taunt and who provides Ability Energy to everyone.

Basic – Captain America attacks the primary and chains to 2 adjacent targets, applying Offense Down (2 turns) to all of them. Counterattack breaks this chain. With this attack, the enemy’s offensive potential is reduced.

After using the Special, Captain America clears all negative effects from self. Then he clears 5 negative effects from all Out of Time allies. He gains Taunt (2 turns) and applies Defense Up and Immunity (2 turns both) to himself and all allies. He will grant 1 Ability Energy to 1-3 random allies. When using Special, Captain America will protect the Out of Time team, clear debuffs, and provide protection against future debuffs (Immunity). Most importantly, he will allow the team to use their Abilities faster by providing Ability Energy.

Ultimate – Captain America attacks the primary target, chains to 3 additional targets, and clears 3 positive effects from them. If Captain America has 1 or more Out of Time allies, he will fill the Speed ​​Bar by +60%, and if he has 3 or more Out of Time allies, this attack gets +5000% Extra Focus. Dodge breaks this chain, but this attack cannot be dodged in War. A great way to take a lot of positive effects off the opposing team and play again shortly after.


If Captain America or Out of Time ally drops below 50% Health, he will clear all negative effects from himself, and if he has more than 50% Health, he will gain Taunt (2 Turns). This is the passive mode of protecting allies. When it drops below 50% Health (and has Taunt), Captain America will clear Taunt from itself and fill the Speed ​​Bar for Capratin Carter by 30%. That way, he will protect himself from death and speed up Carter, who can heal him.

Captain America gains a 105% Block Chance in the Out of Time team. He also gains +20% Block Amount (+50% in Raids and War). He passively increases the Health of himself and Captain Carter by +20%. While in War, he increases his Health by +40%. On the death of Out of Time ally, he Heals all allies for 10% of his Max Health.

Captain Carter provides +30% Armor and Health for herself and Captain America, while in War, she provides +60% Armor and Health for herself.

Starbrand provides +30% Damage and +30% Drain for the team.

Captain America provides +20% Health for himself and Captain Carter.


Combat Tips & Tricks

In turn-based games, Speed ​​, or the number of moves a character can make in a certain period, is the most important thing. In the case of the Out of Time team, that is not a fact. Thanks to Cosmic Ghost Rider and Black Knight, they allow all opponents to play before them (some even several times), but they reduce their Damage and Focus, making it impossible for them to do a lot of harm, and at the same time Black Knight will destroy them with his counters. That’s how they work in War until they get Exhausted (in other words, until they win the first defensive battle) After that, they don’t have Barrier after every opponent’s Ultimate, nor will Black Knight do his counterattacks, so they will be a little easier to beat.

In most cases, you will use them on Defense (in War), so it won’t matter how you play with them. However, if you use them in another game mode or decide to use them as a War Offense team, here are some useful tips.

With Captain America, do not use Special while Black Knight has Taunt unless Black Knight is badly damaged. Black Knight will certainly counter no matter who the opponents attack, but it is in our interest that they attack him because he has very high Resistance. And the vast majority of characters can’t apply any negative effects to him. Until some of them play, it won’t be possible to apply anything negative on any of the Out of Time characters (thanks to the Cosmic Ghost Rider Passive).

Pick the crucial targets with your Controllers, and disable them from playing when it matters. This team has 3 Abilities that can apply Stun (one of them 2 Stuns) so use them wisely. With Cosmic Ghost Rider, wait for Nova (if you’re fighting Knowhere) to use his Ultimate before using his (to cancel the Nova Force Battlefield Effect) and the same goes for Red Hulk, lure out his Ultimate and then use CGR’s Special to remove Red Hulk’s Gamma Radiation. Cosmic Ghost Rider has by far the best Focus in the game and can apply his negatives to anyone, so pick up targets with the highest resistance with him.

Cap Carter is there to strengthen the sustain and Cap America – to increase the protection. Everything else should go smoothly and without any problems.

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