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Bionic Avenger



Bionic Avenger were the first Tech Raid team that got introduced in mid-2022 with the release of Hulkbuster, Viv Vision, and Deathlok, joined by Vision and Iron Man, who was taken from his own Power Armor team.


Team Members

bionic avengers

(left to right)



  • Doom Raids
  • Death Scourge
  • Alliance War

This team had a good run since they were relevant for nearly a year after their release, up until the Incursion Raids were introduced. Due to Combat Modifiers that Incursion Raids have for Tech Nodes, Bionic Avengers lose most of their utility there and can only function at their fullest potential in Doom Raids at this point. 

In Alliance War they can see some minor use as well, mostly on Offense, where they can take out some of the older teams. 

Due to all those factors, investing in them is not recommended, especially since the next Tech Raid team was already revealed.

Bionic Avengers are also one of the teams required for Death(Archangel’s) Scourge.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Since Hulkbuster is the Protector for Bionic Avengers, he should be placed in a corner, with Viv Vision being in the opposite corner, as far away as possible, since her kit makes Viv the most valuable team member. 

Turn order would look like this:

  1. Deathlok
  2. Vision
  3. Viv Vision
  4. Iron Man
  5. Hulkbuster 

Iso-8 Classes

  • Deathlok – Raider
  • Iron Man – Striker
  • Hulkbuster – Striker
  • Vision – Skirmisher
  • Viv Vision – Skirmisher

Deathlok’s Special and Ultimate abilities will hit multiple enemies, and his Passive can increase his Damage with each turn, so having Raider on him will allow for even more Damage because of the increased Crit Chance and Crit Damage.

Iron Man is a damage dealer, but he has only one attack that hits multiple enemies, so the preference goes to him being a Striker, although he would function well if you have him as a Raider too.

Hulkbuster is the Protector on the team and one of his main utilities is applying Barrier which he can also do on his Basic and Iso-8 follow-up attacks, hence Striker will be good for him. 

Viv Vision will mainly apply debuffs so increasing her Focus with the Skirmisher class is recommended.

Vision will benefit from Skirmisher as well since he can remove Positive effects from all enemies and can apply Ability Block.


Team T4’s


  • Vision – Passive, Ultimate 
  • Hulkbuster – Passive, Ultimate
  • Viv Vision – Passive, Ultimate

In Raids, Vision’s Passive will apply Immunity to the team on Spawn, and his Ultimate will generate Ability Energy for adjacent Bionic Avenger allies

Hulkbuster’s Passive will increase his and the team’s Max Health. Since Barrier is tied to Max Health and Hulkbuster’s main task is to apply as much Barrier as possible this ability is important.

Viv Vision’s Passive will grant more Armor to the team and her Ultimate will flip all Negative to Positive Effects on her team (instead of 2)



  • Deathlok – Ultimate, Special, Passive
  • Viv Vision – Basic
  • Iron Man – Passive, Special, Ultimate
  • Hulkbuster – Special

Deathlok’s abilities will mainly increase his damage, and his Special will apply Offense Up for 2 Turns (instead of 1). Outputting as much damage as you can with Deathlok is preferable, but not as essential. 

Viv Vision’s Basic in Raids will always gain an assist from Vision.

Iron Man’s Passive will slightly increase the Crit Chance and damage of the team(In Raids), his Special will prolong the duration of all Negative Effects (instead of random 3) and his Ultimate will get more bonus damage.

Hulkbuster’s Special will apply slightly more Barrier to his team.


Team Red Stars

As an older team that is being slowly discarded, there’s no point in using Promotion Credits to upgrade them. But if you still wish to do so, Deathlok and Hulkbuster will benefit from high Red Stars since it will increase the Damage and the Barrier applied to the team.

Farming Locations

  • Iron Man – Legendary Event
  • Hulkbuster – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Vision – Villains 5-6
  • Viv Vision – Villains Hard Mode 6-6, Blitz Store
  • Deathlok – Arena Store

On Spawn Buffs

  • Defense Up for 2 turns on all Bionic Avengers
  • In Raids, Immunity for 2 turns for all Bionic Avengers

Team Mechanics

The key mechanic for this team is the Ability Energy generation. In Raids, every member of this team can generate Ability Energy for his allies. This allows them to function well even if some of their abilities have long cooldowns. They can attack and deal high damage with Deathlok and Iron Man, while Hulkbuster applies Barrier to defend the team and Vision&Viv Vision control the fight with debuffs. 

Deathlok has a small Charged mechanic. He gets a +1 Charge whenever he or a Bionic Avenger ally gains Ability Energy. Once Deathlok has 5 Charged, he will attack the most injured enemy and lose all Charged. In Raids, all his abilities can generate Ability Energy. 

He also gets +15% Damage each turn up to a maximum of +45%. And he can Ability Block the primary target with his Ultimate attack.


Viv Vision can also generate Ability Energy with all her attacks. Her Special can apply Ability Block to the primary target and deal damage to adjacent targets, if anyone dies she will apply Ability Block to all adjacent targets as well. Her Ultimate can attack a row of characters and apply Blind to them, while simultaneously clearing all the Negative Effects from all Bionic Avengers. And she has a grace mechanic in her Passive, that will clear Disrupted and Heal Block from a Bionic Avenger after they drop below 50% Max Health and then apply Stealth to them. She will also do a small 3% Heal each time a Bionic Avenger ally gains Ability Energy.

Vision can generate Ability Energy with his Special and Ultimate. His Ultimate attack will also clear 2 Positive Effects from his enemies and his Special will apply Ability Block to the primary and 1 adjacent target. He also has a grace mechanic, that will clear all Negative Effects from Viv Vision whenever an Ability Block is applied to her.

Vision and Viv Vision will always assist each other on their Basic Attacks (in Raids)

In Raids, Iron Man can generate Ability Energy with his Special and Ultimate, and his Special will also prolong all Negative Effects. He’s mainly a damage dealer and his Ultimate can deliver a strong single-target hit. 

Hulkbuster and Iron Man will always assist each other on their Basic attacks

Hulkbuster can also generate Ability Energy with his Special and Ultimate, and all of his Abilities will apply Barrier to his team. His Ultimate will also apply Speed Up for 2 turn to all Bionic Avenger allies (only in Raids). He can also gain Taunt with his Special attack, or when Iron Man drops below 50% Max Health


Combat Tips & Tricks

When using this team in Raids, it usually is better to start the fight using Viv Vision’s Special and Hulkbuster’s Ultimate abilities. Deathlok will take the first turn and deal a lot of Damage with his Special, followed by Vision who can Ability Block a couple of targets with his Special. 

This can create an opening for Viv to kill a target using her Special Ability, if that happens her Special will apply Ability Block to all adjacent targets, which is potentially 5 targets that will get the Ability Block. And you likely won’t need to use her Ultimate on the first turn, since Bionic Avengers will have Immunity on them from Visions Passive, so there will be no Negative Effects to cleanse.

As for Hulkbuster, while his special will apply Taunt and Protect his team, you want to start with his Ultimate, because it will apply Speed Up to the team. 


That is the first big flaw of the team, they are slow. They also don’t have enough healing, especially outside of Raid where the Energy generation is limited and Viv’s Passive doesn’t heal that often.

This team can still serve you well if you’re doing only Doom Raids, but if you plan to get to Incursion Raids at some point then do not invest in Bionic Avengers any further. 

The only other mode that Bionic Avengers can be used is Alliance War, primarily on Offense. They won’t be able to beat any of the strong defensive teams, but they can handle teams like Web Warriors, and Symbiotes or can be used for some clean-up attacks. 

They can easily be countered by War Dogs, or other fast teams.

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters and Crucible Counters pages.


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