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Superior Six



Green Goblin (Classic) leads the high and mighty Superior Six team made up of Lizard, Spider-Slayer, Kraven the Hunter, and Doctor Octopus. They are the superior Sinister Six villains who bring the possibility of varied team combinations to Marvel Strike Force.

With their engaging mechanics, they are able to turn to dust literally any opponent who dares to oppose them in Cosmic Crucible. They are no less dangerous for their opponents in other game modes, but Crucible is their specialty.


Team Members

superior six

(left to right)


  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Alliance War

We can safely say that Superior Six, like the other two new Legendary teams, will be the best team in the specific domain of the game. Knowhere is the best team in War, Secret Defenders in Arena, while Superior Six is ​​the most impressive team in Cosmic Crucible. Literally, no one will stand a chance against them.

In addition to having the Superior Six tag, they all (also) have the Sinister Six tag, so they can be combined with the five reworked Sinister Six older Characters and make two excellent teams for the Alliance War. Most of their Abilities mention Sinister Six tag. Which means that they have outstanding synergy with older Sinister Six characters.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Spider-Slayer can be in one corner, next to him Kraven the Hunter. Green Goblin (Classic) stands in the middle, and next to him is Doctor Octopus. In another corner is Lizard as team Protector. On this positioning, Doctor Octopus will passively (on his Turn) provide Deflect and Speed ​​up to Lizard and Green Goblin (Classic).

Turn Order:

  1. Green Goblin (Classic)
  2. Lizard
  3. Kraven the Hunter
  4. Doctor Octopus
  5. Spider-Slayer

In Cosmic Crucible, Green Goblin (Classic) On Spawn fills the Speed ​​Bar by 36%, so he plays even earlier. But if (in any game mode) there are Spider-Verse Characters among the opponents, the Lizard gets +40% to the Speed ​​Bar and plays first.

To simplify, if there are Spider-Verse opponents, Lizard plays first, followed by Green Goblin (Classic) and the others. If there is no Spider-Verse opponent, the order of play is as written.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Spider-Slayer – Striker
  • Kraven the Hunter – Raider
  • Green Goblin (Classic) – Raider
  • Doctor Octopus – Skirmisher / Healer
  • Lizard – Striker / Skirmisher

Spider-Slayer is a Damage dealer, and Striker Iso-8 Class suits him best. He deals Piercing Damage, so Striker Class will help him deal even more. And with a follow-up attack, he will provide Offense Up to an ally that doesn’t have Offense Up.

Kraven hits multiple targets with his attacks, so Raider is the best for him. He has excellent Focus, so it will not be a problem for him to apply Negative effects on enemies. So he probably doesn’t need Skirmisher.


Green Goblin (Classic) attacks multiple targets with most of his abilities, so Raider is an excellent Iso-8 Class for him as well. That way, we will max out his potential Damage.

Doctor Octopus can be an excellent Healer. However, since he already has several good ways to heal his team, Healer class is unnecessary. He can be a Skirmisher and thus provide additional Vulnerabilities for his team to exploit.

It is best to give Lizard the Striker Class and thus enable him to have an Iso-8 follow-up attack with which it will flip Regeneration and apply Bleed and Heal Block to the primary target. If you notice (especially on lower Stars and gear Tier) that he has trouble stealing, clearing, and flipping buffs on enemies, you can give him the Skirmisher class until you upgrade him enough.


Team T4’s


  • Green Goblin (Classic) – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Kraven the Hunter – Passive and Special
  • Spider-Slayer – Ultimate, Passive, Special
  • Doctor Octopus – Special and Passive
  • Lizard – Ultimate, and Special

Kraven the Hunter Passive on Max Level, will provide Safeguard On Spawn to the team. This is essential because enemies will not be able to remove positives from the Superior Six team.


The special at max will flip Immunity to the primary target and thus allow Kraven to apply Ability Block even if the target had Immunity on themself.

Green Goblin’s (Classic) passive, when maxed out, enables one of the team’s main mechanics. Enemies will not be able to apply Ability Block and Vulnerable to the Superior Six team as long as Green Goblin (Classic) is Charged.

A maxed Ultimate will enable the application of Trauma to every target that Green Goblin (Classic) hits (with Ultimate), and the target has no buffs. Goblin will also apply Safeguard to the entire team, so this upgrade can be said to be one of the most important.


With a maxed Special, Green Goblin (Classic) will apply Trauma (2 turns in Crucible) to the primary target and thus make it impossible to remove debuffs from it.

We must mention that Green Goblin (Classic), like other Legendary characters, has Awakened abilities: Basic, Ultimate, and Passive. So it’s worth maxing out Basic as well, at least right before you have enough Awakened Ability Materials for the upgrade.

With maxed Ultimate, Spider-Slayer deals additional Piercing Damage and calls 2 Sinister Six allies (up from 1) with the highest Damage to attack the primary target. This upgrade can cause a change between an opponent surviving or not surviving the Spider-Slayer Special.

When we upgrade the Spider-Slayer Passive, we get +100% Accuracy for every team member who has Offense Up (in Crucible). Considering that Spider-Slayer On Spawn provides Offense Up to the entire team, and they also have Safeguard, everyone will (certainly) have Offense Up, and therefore, a way to comfortably deal with teams like Tangled Web.

Spider-Slayer Special on Max Level will provide Defense Up and Deflect to the whole team after he uses it. It is a pivotal upgrade that will increase team mitigation.


Doctor Octopus Passive provides 1 additional Charged to himself and all other Chargeable Sinister Six allies (3 Charged up from 2 Charged). So that’s another crucial upgrade for the team because the whole team will benefit from it. Mostly because of the Green Goblin (Classic) Passive. It will also flip 3 negatives into positives (up from 2) for the entire team..

Doctor Octopus Passive will give him and all other Chargable Sinister Six allies +15% Damage. Specifically, in the Superior Six team, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin (Classic), and Kraven the Hunter will gain 15% more Damage. This is no small thing and can help a lot in many situations.

Upgrading Ultimate Ability to Max Level enables Lizard to copy and clear all Positive effects from all enemies to himself. Since after Ultimate, he spreads all the buffs from himself to his whole team, this is a key upgrade because it will provide him (and therefore the entire team) a bunch of buffs.

Maxed-out Special allows the Lizard to apply Ability Block to every Hero Spider-Verse or Support enemy it hits. This upgrade significantly increases the combat control of the Superior Six team.



  • Spider-Slayer – Basic
  • Kraven the Hunter – Ultimate
  • Lizard – Basic and Passive

Spider-Slayer Basic, when maxed, does twice as much Piercing Damage as when not maxed. We recommend this upgrade, especially knowing that Spider-Slayer is a Striker.

Kraven the Hunter will flip Stealth with a maxed Ultimate on any target that has it. Which can be handy in many situations against enemies that have Stealth.

When we max his Passive, Lizard will get +30% Block Chance, which, with the additional 20% he gets from Doctor Octopus, will be 50%. Considering that he is the team Protector, that will mean to him.

Considering that Basic does Piercing Damage, and we recommended him as a Striker, it is serviceable for Lizard to max this Ability.


Team Red Stars

We highly recommend increasing this team’s Red Stars as much as possible. Start with 5 on everyone, and when you have more than 5 Yellow, go for 6th and 7th Red.

Some of those characters are great picks for Dark Dimension. The more Red Stars you have on them, the better they will perform in that game mode.

Farming Locations

  • Green Goblin (Classic) – Green Goblin (Classic) Trials (Rebirth and/or New Avengers required for an unlock)
  • Doctor Octopus – Legendary Event
  • Lizard – Heroes Hard Mode 5-9
  • Kraven the Hunter – Raid Store
  • Spider-Slayer – Blitz Store

Doctor Octopus has a Legendary Event, Green Goblin has his Trials, while the other 3 are also farmable.

On Spawn Buffs

Green Goblin (Classic) – +3 Charged, fill Speed Bar by 36% in Crucible
Lizard – +5 Deathproof, fill Speed Bar by 40% if there are any Spider-Verse enemies

In all game modes – +3 Deflects, Offense Up, Safeguard


Team Mechanics

The Superior Six is ​​a team primarily specialized in Cosmic Crucible. Although they can be of great use in Alliance War, in combination with other Sinister Six members, but their main design is to be the strongest Cosmic Crucible team.

Three characters in this team have the Charged mechanic, so we’ll deal with that first.

Green Goblin (Classic)

Gains Charged:

  • On Spawn +3 Charged
  • On Crucible Offense, after using Ultimate (if Awakened), he gains +2 Charged
  • From Doctor Octopus, after he uses his Special +3 Charged

While is Charged:

  • Lower Damage by 15% for all enemies
  • Lower Resistance by 200% for all enemies
  • Green Goblin (Classic) or any Sinister Six ally cannot be Ability Blocked, and enemies cannot apply Vulnerable to them

Lose Charged:

  • At the end of any enemy turn, if he has Charged, he will attack that enemy and adjacent targets, apply Defense Down, flip Speed Up, and 2 additional positive effects for those targets. Then Green Goblin (Classic) will lose 1 Charged.

The Legendary Character and leader of this team has an influential Charged mechanic. At the beginning of each fight, he will get 3 Charged, and as long as Charged, the whole team cannot be Ability Blocked, nor can Vulnerable stick to them – it increases their efficiency and endurance. After three enemy attacks, he will lose his Charged, but during that time, he will create plenty of problems for the opponents. Here, we can see how crucial Doctor Octopus is for the Superior Six team. Because with his Special, he will give everyone additional Charged and thus raise the Superior Six functionality to a much higher level.


Kraven the Hunter:

Gain Charged:

  • On the enemy turn, gain +1 Charged to a maximum of 10
  • When he gains Charged, he will flip Stealth to Disrupted on every enemy who does not have Charged
  • From Doctor Octopus, after he uses his Special +3 Charged

While is Charged:

  • Gain +5% Damage per Charged

Lose Charged:

  • After using Special (all Charged)
  • After using Ultimate (all Charged)

Kraven has a specific Charged mechanic. Gets Charged whenever an opponent takes a turn and flips Stealth into Disrupted on all opponents. Also, he helps his allies by flipping Slow on a non-summoned ally that has Slow. Same with Heal Block. So whenever one of the opponents plays, Kraven will remove one Slow and one Heal Block from his team. This means, in practice, we will rarely see a Superior Six team with these debuffs.

He clears all Charged from himself after he uses Special and Ultimate. The more Charged Kraven has – the more Damage he gains. Up to +50% on Damage while he has 10 Charged (+5% per Charged).

Doctor Octopus

Gain Charged:

  • On using Special +3 Charged (up to 10) to himself and all Chargeable Sinister Six allies

While Charged:

  • On Turn, provide 1 Deflect and 2 Speed Up to himself and adjacent allies (adjacent allies only gain 1 Speed Up)

Lose Charged:

  • On Turn, after he provides the previously mentioned buffs

All Superior Six members also have the Sinister Six tag. So Doctor Octopus serves as a Charged battery for Green Goblin (Classic) primarily and Kraven the Hunter as well. His Special Ability does not have a big cooldown, so Doc Oc can use it relatively often.

It is relevant where we deploy Doctor Octopus, more precisely, which of Superior Six allies we will place next to him because they will get Speed ​​Up and Deflect on his Turn while he is Charged.


The Superior Six have additional bonuses if their opponents are Spider-Verse characters, so we’ll list those.

Lizard will apply Ability Block with his Special to Spider-Verse Hero opponents.

On Spawn, if there are any Spider-Verse enemies, Lizard will fill his Speed ​​Bar by 40%.

Spider-Slayer will deal more Piercing damage to Spider-Verse opponents with Special.

On Spawn, if there are any Spider-Verse enemies, Spider-Slayer will gain 1 Ability Energy. Which means he can start the fight with his Ultimate.


Green Goblin (Classic) is the Controller and leader of the Superior Six team. He hits primary and adjacent targets with his Basic attack and applies Defense Down. This attack can not be counterattacked. In CC Offense, if Green Goblin (Classic) has the Awakened Upgrade Basic Ability, he will get a +10% Crit Chance for each Spider-Verse Character that is present. Doesn’t matter if that character is his ally or opponent. His Basic Ability is a solid way to reduce opponents’ mitigation and increase the team’s offensive because characters with Defense Down will take more damage.

Green Goblin (Classic) Special has a short cooldown (only 2 turns), and it’s a single target hit with which he does enormous damage to the target, having previously removed its Barrier and applied Offense Up and Speed ​​Up to himself. Then, he will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of that target by 25%. Then flip 1 random Positive effect to Defense Down and all other positives to negatives. Then he will cement it all with Trauma (2 turns in CC) and Heal Block (2 turns).

He will literally cripple an opponent with this attack. But what if the target has Safeguard (disables flipping positive effects)? Then Green Goblin (Classic) will apply Offense and Speed ​​Up for 2 turns (up from 1) and attack that target with even more damage than usual. While reducing the target Speed ​​Bar by 65% ​​(up from 25%).

This attack (in any case – if the target has or does not have Safeguard) cannot be blocked, dodged, or counterattacked. But it can be missed, so it is not unavoidable.


He attacks all opponents with an Ultimate and removes their Barrier (increased damage to any opponent who has Safeguard), flips 1 Positive effect into a Negative one, and applies Heal Block. Reduces everyone’s Speed ​​Bar by 10%, and if a target has no positive effects, Green Goblin (Classic) applies Trauma to that target. In Crucible, he also removes 1 Charged from everyone who has Charged. It cannot be dodged or counterattacked, and Green Goblin (Classic) repeats this attack two additional times. So all of the above works 3 times (total). Flips 3 positives into negatives, applies 3 Heal Blocks on everyone, reduces Speed ​​Bar by 30% to everyone, etc.

If he has Awakened Upgrade to Ultimate, then in Crucible Offense, he gets +2 Charged.

Green Goblin (Classic) can play Ultimate on his first Turn. So this destruction is inevitable for opponents (especially in Crucible, where Goblin On Spawn passively fills his Speed ​​Bar so he can play earlier). Enemies can’t avoid it.


Since with Ultimate, he hits all opponents 3 times, Green Goblin (Classic) will apply Trauma to any opponent who has less than 3 buffs on him at the time he uses Ultimate.

After using Ultimate, if Green Goblin (Classic) has one or more Sinister Six Protectors on his team, he will apply Safeguard to all Sinister Six allies. As you can see, various combinations with the old Sinister Six characters can be made for War. Two strong War teams can be made from Superior and older Sinister Six characters.

There will be many more examples like this, so the new Superior/Sinister Six characters have excellent synergy with the old Sinister Six characters

If he has Awakened Passive Upgrade on Crucible, On Spawn, he applies Defense Up for 2 turns to himself and all Superior Six allies.


Lizard is the Protector of the team who does Piercing Damage with the Basic attack, attacks primary and chain to 2 adjacent targets, flips Regeneration, and applies Bleed and Heal Block on all of them.

He can use both Special and Ultimate on his first Turn. With Special, he attacks primary and adjacent targets, flips a random Positive effect to Slow, flips another random Positive effect to Heal block, and flips all other Positive effects to Negative. If one of the targets is a Support or Spider-Verse Hero, Lizard applies Ability Block to that target. Special is Unavoidable.

After the attack, the Lizard (as long as he has no Trauma) transfers all negatives from all Sinister Six allies to himself and flips them to Positive. Also heals for 5% of Max Health per debuff flipped and gains Taunt.

With this Unavoidable attack, Lizard controls the opponent’s Support characters (and Spider-Verse Hero), flips positives from the opponent, removes negatives from his team, and Taunts to protect his team.


Lizard attacks all opponents and clears Disrupted from all allies with his Ultimate. Copies and clears all Positive effects from all opponents, then spreads them to his team (excluding Stealth, Taunt, and Regeneration). After that, he gains Taunt (1 turn) and Immunity (2 turns).

We see that Lizard can Taunt after both Special and Ultimate, which is great because he protects the team no matter what move you use first. The Ultimate is a way to rip everything positive from the opponents, steal it, and redistribute it to the Superior Six team.

Lizard On Spawn gives +3 Deflect to himself and all Sinister Six (thus Superior Six) allies, gains +5 Deathproof, and if any Spider-Verse enemies are present, passively fills his Speed ​​Bar by 40%. Which enables him to play first in most cases. As a Protector, he has a +30% Block Chance, and when Green Goblin (Classic) drops below 50% Max Health, Lizard will heal for 30% of his Max Health and gain Taunt.


To summarise, there are 3 ways for Lizard to get Taunt:

  • After using Special
  • After using Ultimate
  • Passively, after Green Goblin (Classic) drops below 50% Max Health

A strong Protector with increased Block Chance, a bunch of Deathproof and Deflects who copies and clears the opponent’s positives while removing negatives and giving positives to the team.

Spider-Slayer is a Blaster with Piercing attacks. His Basic attack is undogeable, attacks the primary target 3 times, and applies Offense Up to the highest Damage Sinister Six ally that doesn’t have Offense Up.


With Special, he attacks all enemies and flips Offense Up, Evade, and Speed ​​Up. Attack cannot be dodged, and he applies Defense Up and Deflect to himself and all Villain allies. So to the entire Superior Six team. With this attack, the Spider-Slayer usually “opens up” and thus flips the opponent’s buffs while increasing the mitigation for his team.

With the Ultimate, the Spider-Slayer is able to knock out one of the opponents. He attacks the primary target twice with massive Piercing Damage and flips 2 positives into negatives with each attack (4 positives into 4 negatives, in total). He has 100% Drain on these two attacks, so he can heal nicely. This attack ignores Defense Up and is Unavoidable. After Spider-Slayer attacks, he calls 2 Sinister Six allies with the highest Damage to attack the primary target. This will, in a good number of cases, mean death for the target being attacked.

Spider-Slayer On Spawn applies Offense Up to self and all Sinister Six allies. When anyone from the team Crits, he removes all Vulnerables from himself. And in the Crucible, everyone on the team gets +100% Accuracy while they have Offense Up. This means that in Cosmic Crucible, they have no problems with Tangled Web and any other team that reduces the Accuracy of the opponents in any way.


Kraven the Hunter is a Brawler who attacks primary and 1 adjacent target with a Basic attack and applies Offense Down to each, thus reducing the offensive potential of attacked opponents. Then he gains a counter with which he (also) can put Offense Down.

The Special can be used on his first Turn. Kraven attacks the primary target, flips its Immunity, and applies Ability Block. Then he chains to 4 adjacent targets, applies Offense Down (2 turns), plus overturns 2 random positives into negatives on each target. Kraven’s Special cannot be dodged or counterattacked.

In Crucible, Kraven will attack all opponents and apply Ability Block to all Controller enemies. Against Support characters, this attack gets +70% extra Crit Chance. He will continue to do everything he does outside of the Crucible. A serious tool for controlling opposing Controllers.


With Ultimate, Kraven attacks all opponents, flips all Deathproof and Stealth on each target, and applies 2 Bleed, Offense Down, and Slow to everyone. If the target has Offense Down, Kraven will apply 2 additional Bleed and Slow for 2 turns to that target.

Kraven On Spawn passively applies Safeguard to his team. It works if there are 2 or more Superior Six allies and all Sinister Six allies get Safeguard. In War, we can combine him and two other Superior Six Characters with two Sinister Six (old) Characters. And everyone will get Safeguard On Spawn, so interesting combos can be made.

Opponents with the Offense Down debuff cannot gain Deathproof, and they gain Offense Down when Kraven uses Ultimate. Then he removes their Deathproof and prevents them from getting new ones.

Kraven the Hunter is the ultimate Brawler who can do immense Damage to opponents and control them (at the same time).


Doctor Octopus is a Support that inflicts Slow (2 turns) on the primary target with a Basic attack.

Doctor Octopus’s Special Ability is one of his leading weapons. With it, he will apply 3 regenerations to himself and all allies (2 turns) and flip 3 negatives into positives for himself and all Sinister Six allies. A great way to get rid of debuffs, but what’s crucial is that Doctor Octopus will summon one of the older Sinister Six Characters: Shocker, Vulture, Rhino, Green Goblin, Mysterio. Each of them will bring something of their own to this team and help in their way.

Likely the most important part of his Special is that Doctor Octopus will apply +3 Charged (up to a max of 10) to all Chargable Sinister Six allies. With this move, the effectiveness of the team is significantly increased.

He attacks all opponents with an Ultimate and flips 2 positive effects to negative. That attack cannot be counterattacked or dodged. One more way for the Superior Six team to remove buffs from his enemies. With the addition of prolonging the duration of all negatives by 1 on each target. Two buffs will be converted into debuffs on all opponents, and their duration will be extended. Top-notch, nothing to worry about.


In War or Crucible, when Doctor Octopus or Chargeable Sinister Six ally drops below 20% Health, he will passively fill that Character Speed ​​Bar and remove Heal Block. Allowing a character who is about to die to play immediately and giving them a chance to get out of a sticky situation.

Doctor Octopus increases the Block Chance of everyone in the team, and when he Blocks, he heals himself and the entire team by 10% (20% in War) of his Max Health. Also Provides immense (+10,000%) resistance against Offense Down to himself and all allies. This (practically) means that a Superior Six team or a Sinister Six team cannot have Offense Down on them. Their offensive potential will never be shaken by that debuff.


Doc is an excellent Support who serves as a charger for his team’s Chargeable allies, healing them and helping them slide out of awkward situations. Depending on the character he plays, he can help the team even more in different ways.

Green Goblin (Classic) provides +20% Max Health for the team.

Lizard provides +50% Resistance for the team.

Spider-Slayer provides +20% Damage and +20% Armor for the team.

Kraven the Hunter provides +60% Focus for the team.

Doctor Octopus provides +20% Block Chance and +40% Max Health for the team. He also provides +15% Damage for himself and Chargable Sinister Six allies..


Combat Tips & Tricks

The Superior Six will destroy everything in front of them in the Cosmic Crucible. The rules in Crucible Season 5 help them in this, but the same is true without them. They are simply in a league of their own in this game mode.

They have Safeguard on Spawn and can get it again during combat. They can inflict Trauma on a specific target or on all targets, depending on the battlefield situation. They start with Offense Up and are immune to Offense Down, they can steal and flip the opponent’s buffs while simultaneously flipping their debuffs. They can be immune to Vulnerable and Ability Block for a certain amount of time during combat, so it’s hard to stop them from using their Abilities. They have extra Accuracy and can passively attack opponents and debuff them. They reduce Resistance and Damage to the opposing team. To summarize – they have all the fundamental things that decide the victory in a match.

They are also attractive for theory craft purposes because they have excellent synergy with older Sinister Six characters, so outside of CC (in Alliance War), two top War teams can be made from all Sinister Six Characters.


Despite all this, you must take care not to make some misplay. Since you will use Superior Six against high-powered opponents/teams. Sometimes, it is wise to wait with Green Goblin and play Special instead of Ultimate at the start (if the opponents have Safeguard at the start of the match). With Lizard Ultimate, you hit all opponents and enable your team to get a bunch of buffs (remove Disrupted beforehand if someone has it) and crucial buffs like Safeguard. So, the best thing to do with Lizard is to use the Ultimate immediately.

When fighting a Secret Defender (example) – Lizard will play first and thus give his team an immense advantage by flipping all those powerful buffs from Secret Defenders (9 Deathproofs and Immunity from Black Cat). Then Green Goblin (Classic) will play. After Goblin Ultimate, Lizzard will get Safeguard (his On Spawn Safeguard expired after his 1st move), and then Black Cat cannot Stun + Trauma anyone because everyone will have Safeguard + Immunity. Not to mention – the Secret Defender team will have Trauma from Green Goblin Ultimate. From what we can see now, the Superior Six are comfortably beating the Secret Defenders in the Crucible.

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