The Web-Warrior is a team created of multiple alternative versions of Spider-Man. They previously had extensive use in the game but, over time, due to the game’s natural progression, that usability is reduced to almost nothing.

Conceived as a team that relies on avoiding enemy attacks, Web-Warrior, despite having five basically similar characters with similar mechanics, can still be interesting for some players to play with. Others may be annoyed by their increased Dodge Chance and manner of working.

Alas, time has taken its toll, and (currently) it is not a good ide to invest in the Web-Warrior team.


Team Members

web warrior

(left to right)



  • Doom/Ultimus Raids
  • Pestilence Scourge (missions 5 and 10)

In the pre-Incursion times, Web-Warriors had notable results. They could deal with opponents and successfully complete the Bio nodes of Doom Raids. However, the specific rules of the nodes in Incursion Raids have totally excluded them from being a valid option there. Even without those rules, it would be intricate and arduous for them to be successful in Incursion Raids. With the rules, it’s impossible.

Investing in Web Warriors is a necessary evil for players who still don’t have Morgan Le Fay (or don’t have her on 7 Yellow Stars). There is a need to build them only because of the Pestilence Scourge, where they are required for two missions. But investment does not necessarily mean they should be maxed out and all their Abilities and equipment pushed to the max. Avoid putting any Teal gear into them, and definitely don’t exaggerate with the levels either. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt because the developers will change how Scourges works, so it’s best to wait until the new version of Pestilence Scourge is implemented.

Previously, Web-Warriors were a good choice for Dark Dimension City nodes. Right now, that would be one of the biggest mistakes you could make regarding gear and currency management.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Team placement is not that important. The only thing that matters is that Miles doesn’t go into a corner because he has Stealth, so it’s better to increase his chance to break possible chain attacks.

Web-Warrior is not an overly fast team, but they don’t have any distinctly slow characters.

Turn Order:

  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man (Miles)
  • Ghost-Spider
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Spider-Punk

Iso-8 Classes

  • Spider-Man – Skirmisher / Raider
  • Spider-Man (Miles) – Skirmisher / Striker
  • Ghost-Spider – Raider
  • Scarlet Spider – Raider
  • Spider-Punk – Striker / Raider

You could easily equip all five of them as Raider Iso-8 Class, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But some adjustments can be made to make the team better.

Spider-Man is an excellent Raider because he is able to hit multiple targets with almost any attack. If you want to be sure his Special will debuff all targets, go for the Skirmisher.

Spider-Man (Miles) can be a Raider as well. But (in our opinion), it is better to give him the Skirmisher class to more easily remove buffs from the enemy. And don’t forget that he assists Ghost-Spider when she uses Special and can remove the Positive effects with Sssist also. It wouldn’t be a crazy move to give Miles Striker class (because of the buffs he can take off with a follow-up attack).


Ghost-Spider is probably the most crucial member of the team, and it is best to give her the Raider class. After all, she will always Crit with her Special = Ability Block on the primary target. Two of her three attacks hit multiple targets, so Raider is a great choice.

Scarlet Spider is the most obvious choice for a Raider because it has increased Crit Damage. So we need to raise his chance for Crit.

Who will exploit all those Vulnerabilities on the targets these mighty Raiders and Skirmishers make? Well, of course, Spider-Punk! Again, he is also an excellent Raider, so the choice is between him and Miles to be the Striker in the team. Because at least one Striker is desirable to have.

If you take any of them to the Dark Dimension, it’s best to give the Skirmisher class to whichever of them you choose for DD. Enemies will have increased stats, so the possibility of resisting debuffs will be higher, and we want to avoid that.


Team T4’s

First, we have to clarify one very significant thing. Marvel Church does not recommend any investment in Web-Warriors nor spending any T4 Ability Materials on them So, if you are a new player and your Web-Warriors are not developed, leave them be. There are a lot of better characters to pour your resources into. This part of the page talks “only” about which Ability is necessary to improve in order for the team to function best.


  • Spider-Man – Special and Passive
  • Ghost-Spider – Special and Passive
  • Scarlet Spider – Passive
  • Spider-Punk – Passive

By upgrading his Special, Spider-Man increases the number of targets he hits and gets +100% Drain (up from +50%. Which means that he will heal from the Damage he does. This significantly increases his survivability. Therefore necessary. Passive gives him Dodge Chance +25% (up from +20%), and he gets +5% Speed ​​which is helpful. But the most useful upgrade is that when he or any Web-Warrior ally Dodge. Spider-Man fills the Speed ​​Bar of that character by 10%. Being able to manipulate Speed ​​is one of the most effective things in this game.


Ghost-Spider’s Special on Max will increase the number of targets she hits. This is important because she will apply Slow (2 turns) to each. Which will significantly affect the order of play in your favor. Passive on Max will increase her Dodge Chance by an additional 10%, so she will have a total of +25% Dodge Chance. A crucial upgrade of Passive consists in increased Damage with which she counters anyone who hits one of the Web-Warriors – 250% Damage (up from 100% Damage). This passive Damage can often decide the fight in your favor and is fundamental because, through Ghost-Spider, Web Warriors have Counter constantly. Increasing Damage to that Counter is a great thing.

Increasing the Scarlet Spider Passive to the maximum level will increase his Dodge Chance. It will be +30% (up from +15%). Web-Warriors get a variety of positives when they dodge successfully, so this is a welcome upgrade. But not only because of the increased Dodge Chance but also because of +30% Max Health (up from +15%) for the entire Web-Warrior team. Which will increase their survivability.


The Passive will give Spider-Punk a +25% Dodge Chance (up from +15%), and a +30% Crit Chance (up from +20%). In Raids, the entire team will have this Crit Chance bonus. Web-Warriors relies heavily on Dodge Chance and benefits additionally from successful Dodges. So, all members need to increase Dodge Chance as much as possible.


  • Spider-Man (Miles) Ultimate
  • Ghost-Spider Ultimate

Miles’ Ultimate at Max level will apply Disrupted to 3 additional targets (up from 1), which is very useful. We don’t get to choose which opponents get Disrupted, but it sure is great to have Disrupted on 4 opponents after Miles’ Ultimate.

Ghost-Spider Ultimate on Max will spread all negative effects from the primary target to all secondary targets (up from 3 negativities). 3 negative spread from primary to secondary targets is enough (in most cases), so this upgrade is not essential. But it is better to spread everything, and because of that, we recommend it.


Team Red Stars

The team is unusable in the current Incursion Raids, so you don’t have to worry too much about their Red Stars. You can invest something because of Pestilence Scourge where they are (still) necessary, and if you care to have Morgan Le Fay and through her Apocalypse. 4 RS for each Web-Warrior is enough.

Farming Locations

  • Spider-Man – Blitz Store
  • Spider-Man (Miles) – Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Ghost-Spider – Nexus 6-3, Milestone III Orbs
  • Scarlet Spider – War Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Spider-Punk – Heroes Hard Mode 3-3, Arena Store

All 5 Web-Warriors can be farmed very easily.


On Spawn Buffs

Spider-Man (Miles) – Stealth

In Raids – Speed Up, Evade, Offense Up (2 turns), 2 Deathproof

Team Mechanics

The Web-Warrior team has good bonuses in Raids, and they reach their greatest potential in that game mode. It is a team that relies on the increased Dodge Chance of all its members. Every time one of them dodges, they get benefits.

Spider-Man – On self or ally Web-Warrior Dodge, fill the Speed Bar of that character by 10%. Increasing Speed ​​Bar after Dodge is one of the most important benefits of this team. This allows them to play more often.

Spider-Man (Miles) – On self or Web-Warrior ally Dodge, apply Speed Up to that character. Another possibility to increase the frequency of turns. Speed ​​Up is one of the most crucial buffs in turn-based games.

Spider-Punk – On this character or allied Web-Warrior Dodge, apply Offense Up to that character. After Dodge, this passive will increase their offensive potential.


Web-Warriors have between 25% and 30% increased chance to Dodge except Miles. Miles has no increased Dodge chance, but while in Stealth, he does get a +50% Dodge chance. And from the mentioned improvements after Dodge, you can see how important it is to them.

They can apply a lot of negativities to enemies, and thanks to Spider-Man Passive, whenever a Negative effect is applied to an opponent, they get one of the random positives: Defense Up, Offense Up, Speed ​​Up, Deflect. This only works in Raids. 

Spider-Man can apply Defense Down and Slow on multiple opponents, heal while hitting with a Special, and Stun opponents.

Miles spends most of the fight in Stealth and is much harder to hit when he is in that mode. He can passively inflict Defense Down on a random target, manipulate the opponent’s Speed ​​Bar, more precisely reduce by 50%, and prolong debuffs. Miles can also apply multiple Disrupts to opponents, thus preventing them from further buffing.


He starts the fight in Stealth and is able to enter Stealth after using the Special. With his Basic attack, Miles can clear 3 positive effects from targets.

When you think about Ghost-Spider and her Special, you should know it is an excellent controlling ability. Namely, she can cast Ability Block (on primary) and Slow (on each) of the targets. When we add the removal of 3 buffs from Miles’s Assist we see that this is a way to turn the fight to your advantage, controlling and debuffing a crucial opponent. Ghost-Spider can transfer Negative effects from the primary target to the entire opposing team. This is what she achieves with her Ultimate. However, the most important ones – Stun, Ability Block, and Trauma – she won’t be able to spread.

Web Warriors can even Blind (in Raids) if the target that Ghost-Spider hits with her Basic has Slow on it. Ghost-Spider will passively provide Stealth to Miles when he drops below 50% Health. Aside from her countering when any Web-Warrior is attacked (which she is best known for), she is the main reason the Web-Warriors are consistent in Raids. Because at the beginning of each new Raid battle, Ghost-Spider generates 2 Ability Energy for the entire team.


Scarlet Spider passively heals his team members after every successful hit they make (in raids, the amount of healing is increased). He also increases mitigation so that on his turn, he has a 50% chance (100% chance in Raids) to cast Evade on 1 random Web-Warrior. What is his notable strength is his increased Crit Damage. In Raids, it increases the Crit Damage of the whole team and thus significantly increases their offensive potential.

Through Scarlet, Web-Warriors can remove all buffs from any enemy. If the enemy has Slow. In Raids, it will remove all buffs from all enemies regardless of conditions. It can also extend the duration of negative effects (except for the three most important Ability Block, Stun, Trauma). Considering that he plays after Ghost-Spider, it would be ideal if he could extend the Ability Block that she is able to apply. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Spider-Punk is able to debuff enemies with Trauma for 2 turns (unfortunately only in Raids) and thus prevent them from removing debuffs. In addition, they (all game modes) will apply Heal Block on them for 2 turns. If a Web-Warrior happens to have Heal Block on, Spider-Punk can passively remove it when anyone on the team does a Crit.


Ghost-Spider provides +25% Damage (in Raids) for the team.
Scarlet Spider provides +30% Max Health and +50% Crit Damage (In Raids) for the team.
Spider-Punk provides +30% Crit Chance (in Raids) for the team.

Combat Tips & Tricks

Teams that rely on chance are not that great. Because it’s not safe to heavily rely on randomized aspects of their kit. But it is true, that (at one point), the Web-Warriors were brutal in Raids.

The rules in the Bio nodes of Incursion Raids buried them and reduced their usability to older Raids only. And because Rebirth became the new and improved Bio Raid team, Web-Warriors fell into oblivion.

Nowadays, we can often see them as a defensive team in Alliance War. But they are not at all good there so most higher War Leagues completely ignore them.

They can be very annoying due to their increased Dodge Chance, but teams that can produce unavoidable attacks will easily deal with them. Bionic Avengers (for example) can do a big Punch Up vs. Web-Warrior and beat them without a problem.


When playing with a Web-Warrior team, your success will often depend on the RNG. To get to the stage where little depends on luck, you have to invest a lot in this team, and that would certainly be a bad move.

They are able to do more than solid Damage in Raids. Especially when they apply Defense Down on opponents. They have a lot of tools to control the fight (Ability Block, Stun, Slow…) and are not too difficult to play. But they are old, and they lag behind in terms of stats. In every game mode, we have better options than them. Best to avoid them entirely.

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