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Pym Tech



Pym Tech is an old team, which (from the day of release) was not up to the task. They were the first team to be tailored to the Dark Dimension mode but they were underwhelming there and it was a flawed premise in itself because after the Dark Dimension is done you’d have nowhere to use this team.

Recently, two members of this team, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, became members of the new War Defense team – Infestation. They have been reworked and are now (at least according to their stats) significantly better than they were, but that still doesn’t add a lot of value to them.


Team Members

pym tech

(left to right)



  • Dark Dimension
  • Jubilee Legendary Event

Pym Tech is not good in any game mode in MSF right now. It’s an outdated team so investing in them is not recommended.

The only place where they are of any use is the Jubilee Legendary Event. If you intend to collect all characters, or are on the hunt for Adam Warlock(you need Jubilee for him) you can just Rank Up Pym Tech and upgrade them only to the necessary point. Legendary events are usually fairly easy so don’t overinvest.

Ant-Man and Yellowjacket are members of the new War Defensive team – Infestation. But those are the kinds of squads you place on War Defense and forget about them. These are also the teams in which it is least worthwhile to invest – if they are not needed for anything other than War Defense. So, unless you are a member of the War-oriented Alliance, there is no need to invest in them either.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Stature is a protector and goes to a corner, and it is best to put Ghost next to her because she has an increased Dodge chance and can Counter. Ant-Man is in the middle. He can Taunt passively, so you should keep him next to Ghost. On the other side are Wasp and Yellowjacket.

Turn Order:

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Yellowjacket
  3. Ghost
  4. Wasp
  5. Stature

Iso-8 Classes

  • Stature – Fortifier / Striker
  • Ghost – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Ant-Man – Skirmisher
  • Wasp – Raider / Striker
  • Yellowjacket – Striker

Stature is a Protector that we can additionally strengthen with Fortifier Iso-8 Class.

Ghost benefits from Skirmisher because she has a 100% Counter chance. She is also a great Striker if we want to increase the damage of the Pym Tech team.

Ant-Man – Skirmisher. Everything else is less valuable. He assists each of his Pym Tech allies, so this class choice is obvious.


Since she can attack multiple enemies, Wasp can prove to be a solid Raider. However, it is also an option – because Ant-Man assists – for Wasp to be Striker and thus exploit the Striker-Skirmisher combo.

Yellowjacket is an excellent damage dealer who will only increase damage with the Striker Class.

Due to Ant-Man’s ability to constantly assist after every move of any team member, there is also an option for him to be a Skirmisher and everyone else to be a Striker. This is very attractive because the striker-skirmisher combo will constantly happen


Team T4’s


  • Stature – Ultimate
  • Ghost – Ultimate and Passive

Stature Ultimate on Max will give 2 Ability Energy to the entire Pym Tech team (up from 1 Ability Energy to 3 Pym Tech). Considerable upgrade: from 1 Ability Energy to 2 and from 3 members to all team members. This can significantly help them to be able to use their abilities more often.

When it comes to Ghost – her Ultimate and Passive deserve to be considered essential upgrades for the team. Ultimate will steal 15% of HP from enemies (up from 10%) and redistribute it to all Pym Tech allies, which is significant. Passive on Max will enable Ghost permanent counter (up from 50% chance) and, on Dodge of a Pym Tech ally, will increase her passive healing of the whole team by 15% to his Max Health (up from 10%). This upgrade will increase the sustain and offensive capacities of the Pym Tech.

In terms of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket Abilities. Specifically for Pym Tech, none of their abilities are essential. However, it’s (definitely) worth upgrading both Special and Ultimate on both characters if you use them in War Defense with the Infestation team. It has nothing to do with the Pym Tech team but it’s worth mentioning. As for Wasp – none of her abilities are worth upgrading to Max Level.



  • Stature – Special and Passive
  • Yellowjacket – Passive

Stature Special will reduce the cost from 4 to 3 Ability Energy, allowing her to Taunt more frequently, which is of use for every Protector. Passive will give +50% Focus to the Pym Tech team (up from +30%), and in DD it will increase Health by +20% (up from +10%). Both Abilities are not worth upgrading if you lack T4 Ability Mats.

Yellowjacket Passive will increase his Drain while he has Offense Up. That’s good for his sustain and generally is a nice upgrade.


Team Red Stars

Except for Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, the rest are not worth any Red Star upgrade. And those two only if you use them in the Infestation team in addition to Pym Tech. Unless you invested in Infestation, they are not worth any Red Star upgrade either. Having them both at 5 Red Star (at least) is desirable if you invested in Infestation.

Ghost is not a bad character for Dark Dimension, although we currently have much better choices than her. You should upgrade her Red Stars (5+) if you still decide to take her. But that is not recommended because outside of DD, there is little value in her.

Farming Locations

  • Stature – Mystic 3-6, Raid Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Ghost – War Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Ant-Man – Blitz Store
  • Wasp – Cosmic 2-3
  • Yellowjacket – Nexus 4-6, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Ant-Man – Evade to Wasp

In Dark Dimension – Evade (if Ant-Man Passive is maxed), Immunity (2 turns – if Wasp Passive is maxed)
In all game modes

Team Mechanics

Pym Tech is a team that gets various improvements in the Dark Dimension.


They are the team with a more pronounced Dodge, so they rely on that mode of mitigation while at the same time being able to heal and buff when they Dodge an opponent’s hit. They can also passively gain Evade.

Stature can Taunt and thus protect the team. Also serves as an energy battery because she generates Ability Energy for everyone. She can also passively fill the Speed ​​Bar and apply Evade to Pym Tech allies when they fall below 50% Health. In other words, increases the team’s survivability. If she happens to fall below 50% Max Health, she passively provides Taunt and +2 Evade to Ant-Man, allowing herself to be protected that way.


Ghost can counter enemy attacks, and on any Pym Tech ally Dodge, she heals them for 15% of her Max Health (in DD, she heals all Pym Tech allies when this happens). She has a 25% increased Dodge chance, which helps her to be annoying to whoever tries to hit her.

In Dark Dimension, she has a solid chance (75%) to steal opponents’ buffs and apply them to a random Pym Tech ally. On any Pym Tech ally’s turn, she applies Evade to that ally, and on the enemy’s turn, applies Offense Down to that enemy. This way, she increases the survivability of the team while at the same time reducing the offensive potential of the opponent. It’s also worth noting that thanks to her, the Pym Tech team gets +10% Speed. Everything listed in this paragraph is related to the Dark Dimension.


The team gets additional control from Ant-Man because he can Ability Block (2 turns) one of the enemies and apply Slow to all opponents. As we said before, he can passively protect Stature. Ant-Man gets an assist from Wasp (after he uses Special) while he assists all members of the Pym Tech team.

Pym Tech also has a Stun as a form of controlling an opponent from Wasp. Apart from AOE damage (and that Stun), she doesn’t bring anything else to the team. It is safe to say that she is the least valuable member. Like Ghost, she also has a 25% increased chance to Dodge, which makes her a somewhat grinding target.


Yellowjacket is able to steal the opponent’s Health and deal solid damage to opponents. He can repeat the attack (on the most injured opponent) if he happens to kill the target with the first hit of his Ultimate. Also, in those situations, he buffs the whole team with 2 random buffs.

Starure provides +50% Focus and +20% Max Health (in Dark Dimension) for the Pym Tech team.
Yellowjacket provides +20% Damage (in Dark Dimension) for the Pym Tech team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Pym Tech is an outdated team. They have no value in the current state of the game. If you ever find yourself in a situation to play with them they still have a certain level of quality. They have the ability to control the fight, mitigate, and even a way to get rid of the opponent.

After the rework, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket produce more than solid damage and have significantly higher Health (not just Health but all stats) than the other three. Ghost, Stature, and Wasp are squishy, ​​and their damage is poor … in general, all their stats are lackluster. Even if Stature is the Protector, she has a miserable HP pool, so it’s (well, it’s safe to say always) undesirable to Taunt because you’ve condemned her to death.
It is better to rely on the possible Evades and the increased dodge chance of some other team members than on Stature’s Taunt.


Pym Tech is also a slow team, so (in many cases) the opponents will play before them. Which significantly complicates their already difficult situation. With Ant-Man, it is useful to do Ultimate attack and thus mass Slow enemies, which will somewhat equalize the deficit in Speed. Choose carefully the targets you want to control – this is general advice, not just related to this team. Try to make a killing blow with Yellowjacket’s Ultimate, which will give him an extra hit and even more damage to opponents. As we said, the mentioned two are significantly better than the rest – you can do something with them.

Ghost is generally a character with a more solid kit, specialized in the Dark Dimension, but her stats are so poor, and she has no use outside of DD. You shouldn’t even think about her as a DD option.

There’s not much to add, Pym Tech is an outdated team that didn’t work well even when it was new. Avoid any investment.


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