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The Uncanny X-Men is a team built around the Legendary character Phoenix, who currently has not a lot of value in Marvel Strike Force. They are outdated and won’t be able to accomplish much so until there’s a rework or a new character, it’s not recommended to upgrade your Uncanny.

There are 8 characters in the game with the Uncanny tag, but the 5 shown below create a standard Uncanny X-Men team.


Team Members

uncanny x men

(left to right)



  • Alliance War

There are a couple of older teams that Uncanny may be able to take out in War but other than that there is not much use for this team so it is best to ignore them.

Individually, Phoenix can be used on Defense in Crucible Season 4 (stage 5), as she will have synergy with other X-Men characters. She can also be a choice for Dark Dimension Legendary nodes.

Team Placement & Turn Order

Colossus is the Protector and goes in the corner. Phoenix is next to him because it is in our interest that she dies as soon as possible and is reborn as Dark Phoenix. The position of the remaining three is not so important.

The turn order is as follows:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Storm
  3. Cyclops
  4. Magic
  5. Colossus.

Iso-8 Classes

  • Colossus – Fortifier
  • Phoenix – Striker
  • Magik – Striker
  • Cyclops – Raider
  • Storm – Raider

The best Iso-8 Class for Colossus is Fortifier. He is a strong Protector with a lot of Resistance and passive Taunt, so he is often the target of the opponents. Therefore, we want to strengthen him as much as possible with the Fortifier Class.

Phoenix is ​​a Striker because we want to increase her Damage. She has no problem clearing buffs from the opponents. She has low health, but ​​that’s to her advantage because we want her to die as soon as possible and summon Dark Phoenix.

Magik can be the second Striker on the Uncanny team. Striker Class increases her Damage and enables her to remove additional positive effects with her follow-up attack.

Cyclops and Storm (both) are noteworthy choices for the Raider Iso-8 Class. Especially Storm because both her Special and Ultimate hit all opponents. While Cyclops also can be Striker. In that case, Magik should be a Skirmisher. We don’t want to end up in a situation where we have a bunch of Strikers on the team with no Vulnerabilities that they can use to deal extra Damage.


Team T4’s


  • Colossus – Passive
  • Phoenix – Ultimate and Passive
  • Magik – Special
  • Cyclops – Passive
  • Storm – Passive

Colossus Passive (if maxed) will give Defense Up for 2 turns On Spawn (up from 1) and increase his counter Damage while Charged. On turn, if he has more than 5 Charged and is below 80% Health, he will heal for 20% Max Health and lose 5 Charged. While he has Defense Up, Colossus gains +1000% Resistance, making it very difficult to debuff him. That’s why this upgrade is essential for the team because it will extend its Defense Up for 2 turns.

Phoenix will remove all Positive effects (in both forms) from the target (up from 3 positivities). This is a very desirable upgrade because it increases her effectiveness.


Maxed Passive increase Damage and HP of the entire team by +30% (up from +20%) when in standard form. In Dark Phoenix form, she increases the Damage she does On Spawn and applies Defense Down to all opponents for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) – also of use. Her passive should be improved to make the team as effective as possible.

Magik’s Special is a crucial upgrade for the Uncanny team. Because when she uses it (can use it on the first turn), she applies +10 Charged to all chargeable Uncanny X-Men allies (up from +5 Charged). Which increases their control, damage, and sustain and makes this team more fearful.

Cyclop’s Passive gives him +2 Charged on his or Uncanny X-Men ally turn (up from +1). It will significantly increase the Damage he can do with his Ultimate. His passive also increases Wolverine or Magik Damage when they assist, and if he gets 20 Charged, he will get 2 Ability Energy on his turn.

By maxing Storm’s Passive, we enable her to get +3 Charged passively on turn. Which is great for her because it increases her damage and control. It also slightly increases her chance to apply Speed ​​Up on X-Men allies.



  • Phoenix – Special
  • Magik – Ultimate and Passive

Maxing Phoenix’s Special is only valuable for her Dark Phoenix form, where her Health steal from opponents will be increased by a quarter. This is a significant upgrade, especially if you plan to run Phoenix in Dark Dimension Legendary Nodes.

Magik Ultimate will apply Barrier to the entire team (up from herself and 2 random allies). Which will increase the mitigation. The damage dealt by the Ultimate will be better, and even after using the Ultimate, Magik will clear Ability Block from the whole team (if someone has Ability Block). This is not an essential upgrade, but it can be handy in various situations when one of the team members is Ability Blocked.

With a maxed Passive, Magik will increase her Charged attack, which works on the opponent with the highest Damage when she has 20 Charged. In addition, the team will get +30% Armor (up from +15%). Upgrade this only if you want full effectiveness.

Note that the Uncanny X-Men team is not worth investing in right now, so everything written here is important for the team, but you simply don’t need the team as a whole.


Team Red Stars

Do not spend Silver or Gold Promotion Credits on any of these characters. Unless you happen to get them from Elite Orbs, they aren’t worth upgrading. Only Phoenix can be an exception if you want to take her to the Dark Dimension, but even in that case don’t overdo it. 5 Red Stars is enough.

Farming Locations

  • Colossus – Heroes 6-3, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Phoenix – Legendary Phoenix Event
  • Magik – Villains 5-3, Milestone III Orbs
  • Cyclops – Raid Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Storm – Mystic 2-3, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

We have excellent Villain Mystic Controller Characters like MLF, Doom, Hela, Loki, Mister Negative, Sylvie… So getting Phoenix to 7 Stars is no problem at all.


On Spawn Buffs

Team – Defense Up, Barrier for 30% of Magik Max Health
Colossus – Defense Up (2 turns)

Team Mechanics

Uncanny X-Men is a team led by the Legendary Character Phoenix, followed by four other Characters with Charged mechanics.

Phoenix has an interesting summon mechanic. Namely, when she dies, her devastating Dark Phoenix form is summoned. Phoenix’s Health is low and she passively gets Taunt whenever someone on her team has a Taunt. She can apply Stealth to all other team members, so she simply offers herself to opponents to kill her. And then comes Dark Phoenix, who can deal vast amounts of Damage to the opposing team and remove all their buffs.


All Uncanny X-Men Chargable Characters can get a maximum of 20 Charged if Magik Special is Maxed. Cyclops and Storm can gain Charged significantly faster if they have maxed Passive.

Colossus gains Charged through:

  • When the negative effect is applied to an X-Men ally +1 Charged (up to a max of 5)
  • When he uses Ultimate +2 Charged (up to a max of 5)
  • When Magik uses her Special +10 Charged (up to a max of 20)

Colossus spends Charged through:

  • On Spawn, if Charged, he gets 1 Ability Energy and then clears Charged.
  • On turn, if he has 5 or more Charged and is below 80% Health, he heals for 20% of his Max Health, then loses 5 Charged.

When Charged, Colossus can counter with 100% Piercing if attacked. With each Charged that Colossus has, a counter damage increases by 10% Piercing.


Magik gains Charged through:

  • After using her Special ability Magik applies +10 Charged to herself and all Chargable Uncanny X-Men allies.
  • When the enemy attacks the X-Men ally, she gets +2 Charged (+3 if that ally is Colossus).

Magik spends Charged through:

  • At the end of any turn, if she has 20 Charged, she attacks the enemy with the highest Damage for 500% damage, then loses all Charged.

Cyclops gains Charged through:

  • On self or Uncanny X-men ally turn, he gains +2 Charged (up to a max of 20).
  • When Magik uses her Special +10 Charged (up to a max of 20).

Cyclops spends Charged through:

  • When using his Ultimate he loses all Charged.

While Charged, Cyclops will deal more damage with Ultimate by +25% per Charged. On turn, if he has 20 Charged, Cyclops will gain 2 Ability Energy.

Storm gains Charged through:

  • When using her Basic +1 Charged (up to a max of 15 – *20 if basic is maxed)
  • On turn, she gains +3 Charged (up to a max of 20).
  • When Magik uses her Special +10 Charged (up to a max of 20).

Storm spends Charged through:

  • After using Special – lose all Charged.
  • After using Ultimate – lose all Charged.

While she has Charged, Storm Special and Ultimate abilities will be more effective. Special will have a +20% (+25% if Special is maxed) chance to apply Slow to each target per Charged and a 10% chance to apply Stun to each target per Charged. Ultimate will gain +90% (+100% if Ultimate is maxed) damage per Charged.


Phoenix, with her Basic, clears 2 positive effects from the primary target. When in Dark Phoenix form, she attacks primary and adjacent targets and removes 2 positives from them. A useful ability in somewhat longer fights and a way to get rid of the opponent’s buffs.

With her Special, she can protect the entire team by applying Stealth to everyone (2 turns) and redistributing 25% of her Max Health to everyone. Then, she will transfer all negatives from all allies to herself. If there are no allies (Phoenix is alone), she will attack herself for 5000% Piercing Damage. In other words, she kills herself. Her Special is a way to “enter” the Dark Phoenix form ASAP.

Dark Phoenix Special steals 20% of Health from all enemies and redistributes it to herself. Applies 2 Regeneration to all X-Men allies. This attack ignores Deathproof, so if one of the opponents has Deathproof on him and less than 20% Health – he will die. This Ability in Dark Phoenix form is one of the most fascinating moves for the Dark Dimension. Opponents have a ton of HP, so this can be one of the strongest attacks.

Phoenix Ultimate deals excellent damage and removes all positive effects from the target. She has a gigantic bonus to Focus (when using Ultimate), so she will always take away positives. Dark Phoenix does that even better. Attacks all targets, removes all positives, and (also) has increased Focus.


The Dark Phoenix form is actually a summon that occurs when Phoenix dies. She cannot be revived. To help herself die as soon as possible, whenever Colossus or any of the allies gain Taunt, she will also gain Taunt. As soon as she spawns as Dark Phoenix, she will passively attack all enemies and apply Defense Down to everyone for 2 turns.

Colossus is a Protector that inflicts Offense Down on the opponent with its Basic. Since we know that when Charged, he can counter, he will do the same with the counter. Thus, he will reduce the offensive potential of the opposing team.

With Special, he gets Taunt (2 turns), Counter (2 Counters if Special is Maxed), and applies Deflect (2 turns) to the whole team. Move that is best used when Dark Phoenix is ​​summoned, thus protecting her (protect the entire team but primarily Dark Phoenix).

Collosus’ Ultimate is one way to get Charged. After using Special, he gets 2 Deathproof and increases the duration of positive effects on himself by +2. That way, all the positives he has on him last longer.


Colossus can Taunt passively whenever an ally drops below 50% Health. The most important for him is that he constantly has Defense Up because he gets an additional bonus on Resistance (+1000%). And since he Spawns with Defense Up (2 turns) and can extend it for another 2 turns with Ultimate, it is challenging to throw any negative effect on him during the entire fight (because he will constantly have Defense Up).

Passively (whenever debuffs are applied to anyone from the team) and actively (using Ultimate), Colossus cannot apply more than 5 Charged to himself. For anything over 5, he needs Magik and her Special.


Magic (like Phoenix) with a Basic attack clears 2 random positive effects with primary and adjacent targets. She primarily serves to massively increase the number of Charged on her Chargable allies. She does it with a Special. At the same time, attacking all opponents, flipping Immunity, and reducing the Speed ​​Bar of the primary target by 30%. Her Special cannot be countered.

Ultimate additionally protects the team, applying Barrier and clearing Disrupted and Ability Block from every ally. This will attack the primary target with solid damage and 25% Drain. So she can be healed from this attack, which is unavoidable and cannot be blocked.


If Phoenix is ​​dead and Dark Phoenix is ​​not present, Magik, on her turn, summons Dark Phoenix. So, while Magik is alive, Dark Phoenix will be summoned once more (because this can happen only once per match) after opponents kill her.

Cyclops is a Blaster who applies Defense Down on the primary target with his Basic attack. Special attacks apply Taunt to the most injured, non-summoned, non-primary target enemy and call a random ally to attack that enemy. He has a 75% chance (100% if Special is maxed) to call another ally to attack the second most injured of those previous enemies. And then he attacks the primary target. This move attacks three opponents: the most injured, second most injured, and Cyclops primary target, while applying Taunt to the most injured enemy, making them open for your team.

With Ultimate (if used when fully charged), Cyclops can do colossal damage to all opponents. In addition, that will also apply Slow to them (2 turns if Ultimate is maxed).

Cyclops also has a passive counter he uses when the enemy attacks Phoenix or Dark Phoenix. He has a 50% chance to counter that enemy, and if he doesn’t counter he will call Magik to do it and increase her damage on that counterattack. When Phoenix dies, Cyclops gains Offense Up and fills Magik’s Speed ​​Bar to 100%, allowing her to play immediately.


Storm is a controller whose Basic attack is one way to gain Charged. While with Special, she attacks all opponents and has a chance to inflict Slow and Stun to everyone. That chance progressively grows with the number of Charged Storm has. If she has 5+ Charged, she will surely apply Slow to all opponents, while with 10+ Charged, she will 100% apply Stun to all opponents. She has an increased Focus on this attack, so enemies will have a harder time resisting it, and the attack cannot be Dodged or counterattacked.

With Ultimate, she is able to blow up all opponents if she manages to get the maximum number of Charged (20). The more Charged she has on her – the more damage she will do.

There is also a 50% chance on her turn to apply Speed ​​Up to the team. While on the ally’s turn, she has a 50% chance to assist them. It’s another way to get Charged faster.


Colossus provides +30% Max Health for the team.

Phoenix provides +30% Damage and +30% Max Health for the team.

Magik provides +20% Drain and +30% Armor for the team.

Combat Tips & Tricks

It can be seen that this team has a good bonus on Max Health (+60%), and their Armor and Damage are also boosted. While Drain enables them to self-sustain. However, their main problem is that they are old and their stats are very low, while their Speed ​​is nothing compared to the Speed ​​of current standards. So they could theoretically do something as long as they manage to get Charged on their crucial damage dealers. However, Magik’s Speed is ​​100. By the time she gets to play and fill Charged the fight is lost.


The most important thing is to keep Defense Up on Colossus constantly. Save his Taunt for the moment when Phoenix dies and returns as Dark Phoenix. With Phoenix play her Special first, and when she dies, use the Special again to heal the team and steal some Health, If you can get to her Ultimate you will have the advantage.

While with Magik, be careful to pick a target that will play soon, then reduce the Speed ​​Bar to delay them from playing.

With Storm, it’s always best to use her Basic first. Once you get to her second turn and she;s Charged up you will have a choice between Stun + Slow on all targets or a lot of damage to the all. This can be game-changing if used correctly.


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