Sinister Six



Sinister Six is ​​a group of 5 older characters that, after their rework, become much better both individually and as a team. These are all older characters who were neglected and ignored in the game before patch 7.5.0, but now they are very viable for in-game activities such as War.

Most prominently you will be seeing and using them not as a team, but as parts of a team, because Sinister Six characters can be combined with Superior Six characters o create 2 very formidable War teams.


Team Members

sinister six 1

(left to right)



  • Alliance War

Older Sinister Six characters with Superior Six characters have excellent synergy, and those 10 characters can make two top teams for Alliance War. War is a game mode where they show their peak as a team.

Individually, some of them, like Vulture, Shocker, and Electro (a bit more expensive), can be a great choice for Dark Dimension City nodes.


Team Placement & Turn Order

The specific placement of these 5 characters is unimportant because it will very rarely (read never) be the case that they are together as a team. They are most effective in combination with Superior Six characters, so most often you will make different variations of the Sinister/Superior team.

Turn Order:

  1. Vulture
  2. Electro
  3. Shocker
  4. Mysterio
  5. Rhino

The turn order is set exclusively according to their Speed. A quick character is Vulture (one of the best in the game when we talk about Speed stat). Electro is also fairly fast, while Shocker and Mysterio are kind of average and Rhino is fairly slow.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Electro – Striker / Raider
  • Vulture – Raider
  • Shocker – Striker
  • Mysterio – Raider / Skirmisher
  • Rhino – Fortifier

Electro is an excellent Damage dealer, so as a Striker, she will do even more Damage. We can also use the Raider Class to increase her offensive potential because, with her Ultimate she hits all opponents.

Vulture is ideal for Raider because he hits multiple targets with most Abilities. Increasing his Crit chance and applying Vulnerability to more opponents is a priority.


Shocker is currently one of the top damage dealer characters in the game(stat-wise). He does Piercing Damage, so Striker is a no-brainer Iso-8 Class for him.

Mysterio is a good Skirmisher, but since he has a massively increased Focus in War on both Special and Ultimate he will be excellent as a Raider.

Rhino is a protector for his team, and to further help him with that, we’re giving him the Fortirier Iso-8 Class.


Team T4’s


  • Electro – Passive and Special
  • Vulture – Passive and Special
  • Shocker – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Mysterio – Special, Ultimate, and Passive
  • Rhino – Passive

Electro will deal a third more Damage to the most injured enemy with a maxed Passive when she has 5 Charged (300% damage up from 200%). She will also get 25% Piercing per Charged (up from 10%). It will significantly increase her Damage.

With a maxed Special, Electro gains 2 additional Charged if she has 2 or more Superior Six allies on the team. As a Chargeable character, it is significant for her to have as many Charged as possible at all times because she will do more Damage. So this is a vital upgrade.


Vulture will passively fill his Speed ​​Bar by +25% (up from +10%) on an ally or enemy Death. With that, he will be able to play much more often. He also gets +50% Drain up from 25% (he and all Sinister Six allies), which boosts sustain for the whole team.

Vulture’s Special will always apply Slow (2 turns) on targets (up from 70% chance) and Offense Down 2 turns (up from 1-2 turns). These are not insignificant improvements, considering that the Special hits multiple targets.

Shocker’s maxed Passive provides 25% Damage to himself (up from 10%). All Sinister Six allies will gain +25% Damage. It is one of the main upgrades for the Sinister Six team.

Max Ultimate will repeat the attack a third time with a new random secondary target as the new primary. This upgrade will additionally deal solid Damage to several opponents and (more importantly) reduce their Speed ​​Bar by 20%.

Shocker with Special will apply Offense Up for 2 turns to self and all Sinister Six allies (up from 1-2 turns for self and 1 turn for 2 random Sinister Six allies). Offense Up for 2 turns to the whole team (up from 3 characters) is an amazing upgrade that will increase the offensive potential of the entire Sinister Six team.


Mysterio Special will apply an Ability Block to 1 random adjacent target and will always gain an assist from a random ally (up from 70% chance for assist). So Mysterio can apply an Ability Block to two targets with a maxed Special and have 2 of his allies who will always assist and hit the primary target. We can’t control which secondary target gets Ability Block, but it’s better than not getting it.

With Ultimate, Mysterio will apply Heal Block and Disrupted to all enemies (up from the primary target and 2 random enemies).

With maxed Passive, Mysterio will summon 3 Mirror Images On Spawn (Up from 2). In War, on Death, he will summon 3 Mirror Images (up from 2). Maxed Passive also provides +20% Max Health to Spider-Verse allies (up from +10%).

Rhino Passive will allow him to play right after he gets Blind (and clears it). Because he will fill his Speed ​​Bar by 100% (up from 75%). It will also significantly increase his Health +25% Max Health per Sinister Six ally (up from +15%). With a maxed Passive, Rhino will become a serious Protector with a ton of HP.



  • Electro – Ultimate
  • Mysterio – Basic

With maxed Ultimate, Electro will apply Offense and Defense Down for 2 turns to all enemies (up from 1 turn). Unnecessary but useful upgrade and we definitely recommend it.

Mysterio will clear 3 positive effects from the primary target (up from 2) with maxed Basic. If you have excess T4 Ability Mats, you can spend them on this.

Team Red Stars

We recommend each of them to a minimum of 5 Red Stars. The ones you want to take to the Dark Dimension, definitely raise to 7. Electro can also be very deadly at 7 Red Stars.


Five and/or Six Red Stars, for each of them, can be farmed in Incursion Campaign node 2-8.

Farming Locations

  • Electro – Nexus 7-3, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Vulture – Raid Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Shocker – Heroes 2-9, Milestone III Orbs
  • Mysterio – Heroes 2-3, Heroes Hard Mode 1-3, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Rhino – Blitz Store, Gamma Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Vulture – Fill Speed Bar by 10% + 10% for each Hero enemy
Shocker – Offense Up (2 turns) to self and all Sinister Six allies, Fill Speed Bar by 75% to random Sinister Six Protector ally (in War)
Mysterio – 2 Deflects to self and all Sinister Six allies, Immunity, +2 Charged (in War)
Rhino – Defense Up and Counter to self and all Sinister Six allies

Since we rarely lead these 5 characters together, and mostly we will combine them with the new Sinister/Superior Six characters, we have listed individually what each of them brings to the team. So that you can more easily recognize and see what each of them brings to the Sinister Six team.


Team Mechanics

In this section, we will explain each mechanic in detail. That way you will know what you can expect from each of them when you combine them with other Sinister/Superior Six characters.


Electro is a chargeable character who, on turn, gets +1 Charged (up to a max of 5), but in War on ally Sinister Six turn, she gains +1 Charged. If that ally is also Superior Six, she will gain +2 Charged. So in War, getting 5 Charged can happen in a very short time. Electro also gets +1 Charged in War after using her Special. If she has 2 or more Superior Six allies, she gets +3 Charged instead.

And while Charged, she gets +25% Piercing Damage per Charged on all her attacks. So she may have a lot of additional Piercing Damage. Because when she gets Charged from her Special or from Doctor Octopus’s Special, then she does not have a max limit of 5.

She loses Charged at the end of any turn if she has 5 (or more). She will attack the most injured enemy with solid Damage and lose 5 Charged.


With Basic, Electro attacks the primary Target, and in War, if she has 2 or more Superior Six allies, she will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of the primary target by 20%. And she will fill her Speed ​​Bar by 20% in any case (with Superior Six allies or without them).

This is just one of the examples where you can see how good it is to combine Superior Six with older Sinister Six characters in War. There are many benefits to it.

With her Special, she attacks the primary target, then does a bonus attack with Piercing Damage. In War, she clears 1 Charged from the primary target per positive effect on the target. So, as long as the target is a Chargable character who also has a lot of buffs on him, Electro can easily take away all Charged from them..

The Ultimate is something that Electro can use to clean up opponents or, in the worst case, make them miserable. Ultimate ability attacks all opponents with Piercing Damage, removes all Positive effects from the primary target, and 2 positives from all other targets. Applies Offense and Defense Down to everyone (2 turns), and this attack cannot be counterattacked (can attack everyone at any time without fear of retaliation). She also gains a huge bonus on Focus for this attack, so it is impossible not to tear positives and not apply negatives.



Vulture is a fast character that, On Spawn, additionally fills his Speed ​​Bar by 10% and +10% per each Hero enemy. If there are a lot of Hero characters on the opposing team, Vulture will play first in a large number of cases.

On Spawn, if Vulture is in a team with 2 or more Superior Six allies and any enemies have Speed ​​Up, he will apply Speed ​​Up to his entire Sinister Six team. So then (on Offense) will clear Speed ​​Up from all enemies, and (also on Offense) will apply Slow (2 turns) to all enemies. With these passive abilities, Vulture gives his team a considerable advantage at the beginning of the match (especially in Offense).

He can also passively fill the Speed ​​Bar for +25% on ally or enemy Death. Then he also gets 2 Deflect, so he can compensate for his somewhat weaker Armor. Vulture also gains a +10% Block Chance for each Hero Enemy. The parts of the kit that mention Hero enemies is a remnant from the times that the first Sinister Six team came out since they were positioned as the counter to Defenders, who were one of the best teams at that time.


His sustain is one of his best sides because he has a +50% Drain. With each hit, he will heal himself for 50% of the Damage he does. If there are 2 or more Superior Six allies, the entire Sinister Six team (don’t forget Superior Six characters also have the Sinister Six trait) gets 50% Drain. So Vulture increases the sustain of the whole team.

With his Basic attack, Vulture deals additional Damage per Negative effect on the target. When the target is below 50% Max Health, it does even more Damage. So it is most effective when it hits someone with less than 50% HP who has a bunch of debuffs on them. In that case, it very likely kills him.

With Special, he attacks primary and adjacent targets, clears 2 Positive effects from each target, and applies Offense Down + Slow (2 turns each) to all of them. This attack has a significantly increased Focus, so Vulture will always be able to remove positives and apply negatives to opponents.

With Ultimate, he attacks all opponents, reduces the Speed ​​Bar of everyone by 25%, and deals additional Damage to any target that has less than 50% HP.



Shocker is a dangerous Damage dealer who can increase the offensive potential of his entire team by passively applying Offense Up (2 turns) to himself and all Sinister Six allies on Spawn. In War, he, On Spawn, fills Speed ​​Bar by 75% for a random Sinister Six Protector ally. Thus allowing Rhino or Lizard to play first.

Just as Vulture passively gains +10% Block Chance per Hero enemy, Shocker passively gains +10% Damage per Hero enemy. So when he fights against a bunch of Hero opponents, his (already high) Damage will increase even more. He also gets additional Armor (+40% in the Sinister Six team), which increases his mitigation.

His attacks do Piercing Damage (ignoring the opponent’s Armor), which makes him even more dangerous. After the Basic hit, he applies Assist Now to the highest Damage Sinister Six ally.


His Special serves as a buffing Ability because he doesn’t attack anyone with it but seriously buffs his team. He gets 1 Ability Energy, and if Shocker is with 2 or more Superior Six characters, the whole Sinister Six team gets 1 Ability Energy. This increases the team’s effectiveness, enabling them to use their Abilities earlier. Then Shocker applies Offense Up (2 turns) to the whole team and fills his Speed ​​Bar by 80%. Allowing himself to play shortly after.

The Ultimate is his most dangerous weapon. He will hit the primary and adjacent targets (with Piercing Damage, of course) and repeat that attack two more times, each time taking one of the old adjacent targets as the new primary. If he has 2 or more Superior Six allies, Shocker will reduce the Speed ​​Bar of all targets he hits by 20% each time. Depending on how he chooses new primary targets, each character in the opposing team may have the Speed ​​Bar reduced by at least 20% (for some, it’s certainly more).

And the total Damage done by Ultimate is not negligible. When everything is taken into account, it is clear that Shocker is an excellent damage dealer who also significantly contributes to the offensive efficiency of his team.

Shocker will provide +25% Armor and Damage to the Sinister Six team.



Mysterio is a Controller who, like many Superior/Sinister Six characters, has Charged mechanics. He gets Charged after using his Basic (+1 Charged) and in War On Spawn (+2 Charged). Charged helps him with his Ultimate because when he uses it, he will summon one Mirror Image per Charged on him (up to a maximum of 5 Mirror Images), and lose all Charged.

Mirror Images are Mysterio’s Minions who can clear 3 positivities from the primary target with their Basic, and after that, they have a 50% chance to generate 1 Ability Energy for Mysterio. So it is in his interest to have as many Mirror Images as possible.

In addition to summoning them when he uses Ultimate, he gets them On Spawn (3 Mirror Images), and when he dies – On Death, Mysterio summons 2 Mirror Images with 2 Deathproof (in War 3). All these Mirror Images, apart from serving as an Ability Energy battery for Mysterio and being able to remove positives from the opponent, can also bring the dead Mysterio back to life. After Mysterio dies, one of the summoned Mirror Images has a Special Ability that Revives Mysterio with 100% base Health.


When Mirror Images die, Mysterio gains Stealth. He additionally protects himself that way.

Mysterio On Spawn applies 2 Deflect to himself and all Sinister Six allies and gains Immunity. If there are 2 or more Superior Six allies, enemies cannot gain Immunity. In this way, Mysterio increases his team’s mitigation and decreases the opponent’s protection (mostly for teams that heavily rely on Immunity).

Mysterio’s Basic attack cannot be blocked or dodged, and (with it) he clears 3 positives from the primary target. In War, he also gains 2 Evade, so after a Basic, he is somewhat protected.

With Special, Mysterio applies Blind and Ability Block (2 turns) to the primary target and also applies Ability Block to 1 random adjacent enemy. Then, he gains an assist from a random Sinister Six and another random ally. So he will (definitely) get 2 assists from his teammates after using his Special.


In War, if Mysterio has 2 or more Superior Six allies, he will apply Blind to all enemies. This attack in War has increased Focus to the point that it is impossible to resist. Massive Blind in War makes this Ability one of the crucial Sinister Six Abilities.

With Ultimate, Mysterio attacks all opponents and applies Heal Block (2 turns) and Disrupted (2 turns), and if he has 2 or more Superior Six allies, he will flip all Positive effects on all enemies. In War, this Ability has an enormously increased Focus, so it will always flip positives and apply negatives in that game mode. With this Ability, all the opponents’ buffs are turned into debuffs, and the course of the battle turns in our favor.

Mysterio is able to flip or remove opponent’s buffs abnormally often (directly or indirectly through his Summons). It must not be forgotten that he gets an additional Focus per non-summoned Spider-Verse ally. So that stat is never a problem for him.

Mysterio provides +20% Max Health and +20% Focus for Spider-Verse allies. All Sinister Six characters have a Spider-Verse threat – they all gain those benefits.



Rhino is a Sinister Six protector that makes his team immune to Blind. Because when he gets Blind, he clears it (+1 random negative effect) from himself and each ally. And then he fills his Speed ​​Bar by 100% – and plays immediately after. He provides Defense Up for the team and can be very sturdy as he passively gains +25% Max Health per Sinister Six ally.

He also gets +5% Damage per Hero enemy. In War, as long as there are 2 Superior Six allies, all enemies who have Slow, thanks to Rhino’s Passive, cannot gain Charged. This is an interesting feat that puts the Sinister Six in a great position against many Chargable opponents.


Rhino, with a Basic attack, applies Defense Down and further weakens the target’s mitigation. With Special, he gains Taunt and clears 1 Negative effect from himself and each adjacent ally. After he gains Taunt and clear negatives, Rhino attacks primary and adjacent targets with an unblockable attack.

Ultimate allows him to attack primary and adjacent targets and apply Taunt to the primary. If Rhino has 2 or more Superior Six allies, he will fill his Speed ​​Bar by +75%, so he will play again shortly after using his Ultimate.

Of all the reworked older Sinister Six characters, Rhino seems to have received the least amount of upgrades. And the ones he got are not very relevant. However, when we take his huge Health and even more than solid Damage into account, we realize that he is not as bad as it seemed at first glance.


Combat Tips & Tricks

In “Team Mechanics” you can read what each of the older Sinister Six characters brings to the team. And how it benefits from the combination with the new Superior Six characters. So you can draw some conclusions about who should be combined with whom for the Alliance War.

You can make several (different) combinations and vary them depending on who you plan to use the Sinister Six team against. At least 2 Superior Six characters should be on each of the team combinations. We have (a total of) 10 Sinister characters (Swarm and Green Goblin have their own teams), and creating two excellent teams won’t pose a challenge. One will contain 3 Superior Six and 2 older Sinister Six characters, and the other – 2 Superior Six and 3 older Sinister Six characters. Almost any combination can prove to be excellent against certain opponents.

Mysterio and Vulture have great synergy, and with the addition of Rhino, they make a dangerous trio of older Sinister Six characters. With two Superior Six characters, Green Goblin (Classic) and Spider-Slayer, they form a team that can defeat almost everything that the defense has to offer in Alliance War.


They are unprecedentedly strong against opponents with Speed ​​Up because they automatically clear it and apply Slow to all opponents and Speed ​​Up to their entire team. Enemies cannot have Immunity, which means that in every situation, enemies will get that Slow, and once that happens, they cannot get Charged. So Gamma, or any team based on charged mechanics, can be defeated without problems. Even Secret Defenders.
This team will get Safeguard after Green Goblin (Classic) does his Ultimate, and they will most likely inflict Trauma on the opponents. It will also reduce their Speed Bar.

Those 5 characters have Drain, Offense Up, and Vulture will constantly fill his Speed ​​Bar and gain Deflects (if Mysterio’s Mirror Images die).

It can often be that your enemies don’t get to take even a single turn, they will simply be crushed. Even if they manage to do something, there’s Mysterio with mass Blind so opponents will not be able to do anything to you.

And Rhino spices it all up nicely because without him in the team, Green Goblin (Classic) wouldn’t be able to apply Safeguard to his team, while the opponents could get Charged.
Spider-Slayer is mostly there to provide the 2 Superior Six character bonuses.


This leaves us with a second team with three Superiors and two older characters. This team, led by Doctor Octopus, will be able to easily win against many opponents because they will be able to deal a ton of damage very fast, steal and wipe all the positives from the opponent, control the fight, and also be able to manipulate Speed Bar.

This is just one of some variations on how we can split 10 Superior/Sinister Six characters and make two very effective War teams.

When it comes to older reworked characters, we can conclude that Mysterio and Vulture got the most and became real beasts for Alliance War. Electro, Shocker, and Rhino are also very good, but only the other two are dangerously good.

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