Ravagers are a team composed of two Characters (Yondu and Star-Lord (T’Challa)) and three Minions (Ravager Boomer, Bruiser, and Stitcher). They are one of the few remotely effective teams made up partly of Minions.

These Space Pirates are a team introduced long ago but still have some value, particularly in War. That said, the value is rapidly diminishing, and investing resources at this point is not recommended.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense
  • War Scourge
  • Death Scourge (Minions)

They are a team made for War and are good for both – Offense and Defense, but they have slightly better bonuses for War Offense. There are plenty of teams more effective than Ravagers in War right now. So we don’t advise investing in them at this time. However, if you have them strong enough, you can use them as an Offense War team and beat some older teams with them.

This team can also be used for War Scourge. Or. individually, all three Minions are usable in Death Scourge, so if your Archangel isn’t at 7 Yellow Stars yet, three Ravager Minions are the considerable choice for Minion nodes in Death Scourge.

Ravager Stitcher can be one of your choices for Dark Dimension Cosmic nodes because he is a very cheap and solid Healer.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Bruiser is the Protector, so we’ll place him in the corner. T’Challa goes next to him, and Yondu is in the middle. Stitcher and Boomer are in the other corner. This way, we will place Yondu and Bruiser next to T’Challa, so T’Challa (after using his Ultimate) can copy a bunch of positives from them (because they can steal positive effects from enemies).

Turn Order:

  1. Star-Lord (T’Challa)
  2. Yondu
  3. Ravager Bruiser
  4. Ravager Stitcher
  5. Ravager Boomer

T’Challa is the fastest, so he will play first. After him, Yondu will play. Then, the Minions.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Ravager Boomer – Skirmisher / Striker
  • Ravager Stitcher – Healer
  • Yondu – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Ravager Bruiser – Protector / Skirmisher

Yondu and T’Challa can be Skirmishers and thus increase their chance to apply debuffs and remove buffs. But Boomer always assists them in War Offense, so it’s great to have them as Strikers and Boomer as Skirmisher. That way, we’ll make a Striker-Skirmisher combination in War Offense game mode. In other game modes, we can go with Youndu and T’Challa as Skirmishers and Boomer as Striker.

Sticher is Support, who can heal his allies, so we will additionally increase his healing capabilities by giving him Healer Iso-8 Class. Bruiser is the team Protector, and we will put Fortifier Class to him for obvious reasons. Bruiser can also be a Skirmisher because that will help him to more easily steal buffs from opponents.


Team T4’s


  • Ravager Boomer – Passive
  • Yondu – Passive and Special
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – Special and Passive

By upgrading Ravager Boomer Passive, we get his permanent assistance to non-Minion Ravager allies in War Offense. In other words, Youndu and Star-Lord (T’Challa) will always get an assist from Ravager Boomer in War Offense after their attacks. This allows us to create a Striker-Skirmisher combo between him and the aforementioned non-Minion Ravagers.


Youndu Passive on Max Level will drastically increase his Focus in War (+20% per each Ravager ally). And if the enemy has Blind on him, Yondu will passively copy and clear all their positive effects. This will remove all positive effects from all targets with Blind (and copy them to himself, of course), and from those without Blind, as usual, 3 positive effects. The additional Focus that he gets in War will make all of that much easier for him.

Yondu Special at Max will allow him to always summon 1 Ravager Boomer ally and 1 Ravager Stitcher ally (up from 1 Ravager ally + 80% chance to sum the second one). With this upgrade, we get the constancy of Yondu’s summons and, of course, strengthen them. We want to have the maximum number of summoned minions in every situation, and that’s why we are going to upgrade this ability.


T’Chala Special on max will do more damage, but more importantly, it will steal up to 2 Ability Energy from the target if the target has Blind. So if he manages to apply Blind with Special, he will steal 2 Ability Energy. The upgrade allow us to delay the opponent’s Abilities while at the same time shortening the usage time of Star-Lord (T’Chala) Abilities because we stole Ability Energy.

T’Challa will provide additional Health for the Ravager team in War Offense with his Passive maxed. It’s a great upgrade if you use the Ravager team as one of your offensive options in War.



  • Ravager Boomer – Special
  • Yondu – Ultimate
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – Ultimate
  • Ravager Bruiser – Passive

With maxed Special, Boomer will further increase his Speed Bar. While additionally reducing the opponent’s Speed ​​Bar. It is always desirable to decrease the speed bar of opponents as much as possible and increase it for ourselves, so this upgrade is solid.

Yondu will do significantly more Damage with his Ultimate if we max it and have an additional Focus for each Ravager ally for this attack. Since it is Piercing and since it removes positive effects from all opponents, this ability is worth upgrading.


Star-Lord (T’Challa) Ultimate at the maximum level will allow him to copy all positive effects from adjacent allies (up from 3 positivities) with increased Damage. Which means a lot more possible buffs on T’Challa.

Ravager Bruiser will give additional Armor to the entire team and Defense Up On Spawn for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) with a maxed Passive. So, if you have extra T4 Ability Materials, it is handy to upgrade this.


Team Red Stars

If you plan to use them in War Offense, more precisely if you have them upgraded, then 5 Red Stars for everything is optimal. Additionally, you can earn 6 Red Stars for them from the Incursion Campaign, node 5-4.

If Ravager Stitcher is your Dark Dimension option, it’s worth raising him to 7 Red Stars.

Farming Locations

  • Ravager Boomer – Blitz Store
  • Ravager Stitcher – Blitz Store
  • Yondu – Heroes 3-6, Gamma Rad Orbs, Legacy I Orbs
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – Nexus Campaigns 4-3
  • Ravager Bruiser – Blitz Store

On Spawn Buffs

In all game modes – Offense Up (2 turns), Regeneration, Defense Up (2 turns)

Team Mechanics

The Ravagers are the team that benefits the most on War Offense, so it is obvious that they have improvements for that game mode.

Their main mechanics are related to copying and clearing positives from enemies, stealing in essence since they are pirates. And they have (through T’Challa) an engaging mechanic with which they can steal Ability Energy from opponents.


Ravager Boomer, with the Basic attack, can apply Slow to the primary target. He gets Speed ​​Up after using Basic. With Special, he reduces the Speed ​​Bar by 30% to primary and adjacent targets while filling his Speed ​​Bar by 30%. This is a functional Ability that can delay an opponent’s playing long enough to gain an advantage.

Passiely has a 15% chance to assist Ravager allies, while on War Offense, he always assists non-Minion Ravager allies. So he always backs up Yondu and Star-Lord (T’Challa). Then, he can enable them to always do a follow-up attack if he is a Skirmisher and they are Strikers (the so-called Striker-Skirmisher combination). This makes this Minion Blaster a valuable member of the Ravager team.


Ravager Stitcher is a Supporter of the Ravager team who can heal allies and steal Health from opponents. With the Basic attack, he removes Deathproof from the primary target and has a chance to apply Heal Block. If the target has Defense Down, Stitcher deals additional Damage. Characters killed by Stitcher’s Basic cannot be revived.

With Special, Stitcher steals 10% of Health from the primary target and redistributes it to the most injured ally. Plus, he heals that ally (for same percentage of his max Health plus a specific number) and then repeats stealing Health from the primary target. And, again, redistributes and heals the most injured ally. It can be the same ally (if that ally is still the ally with the lowest HP) or another one. It depends on who has the lowest HP when Sticher repeats his action.


Stitcher passively gets +20% Health. This is a helpful upgrade for him because, as a Supporter/Healer, he heals his allies more with a bigger HP pool.

Yondu is a specific Supporter, who, with both his attacking Ability (Basic and Ultimate), clears 2 positive effects from targets he hits. Yondu does Piercing Damage (partially with Basic and entirely with Ultimate), and the only difference between Basic and Ultimate is that with Basic, he will attack just the primary target. But with Ultimate, Youndu will attack all enemies. Ultimate cannot be dodged and gains +100% Extra Focus for each Ravager ally. So with Ultimate, Yondu certainly takes away the positives from the opponent as far as he hits them, and they don’t have protection (Safeguard).

His Support role is viewed through his Special, with which he can summon two additional Ravager Minions (Stitcher and Boomer). They have the same functions as non-summoned Minions and can help the team significantly. Youndu (after using Special) applies Speed ​​Up to the whole team and Stealth to himself.

What makes Yondu dangerous for opponents is his passive on-turn ability. To copy and clear 3 positive effects from each enemy. So, when it’s his turn to play, he can be full of buffs, and the enemies can run out of them. To do that effectively in War, he passively gains additional Focus – +20% Focus for each Ravager ally. So, he practically has a doubled Focus in War.


T’Challa is also an impressive member of this team. He is a Blaster who can do many things. With a Basic attack, he hits the primary target twice and gains Offense Up. With Special, he does excellent Damage and applies Blind plus Defense Down on the primary target (Defense Down to all enemies in War Offense). If he successfully blinded the primary target, T’Challa would steal 2 Ability Energy from it. This can be crucial in various situations, especially when we know that the attack is Unavoidable.

With Ultimate, T’Challa attacks the primary target and deals excellent Damage. But it is even more important that before that attack, he copies all positive effects from adjacent allies (excluding Safeguard, Taunt, and Regeneration). So, since we keep him next to Bruiser and Yondu (characters who can steal a lot of buffs from opponents), T’Challa can be full of positive effects when he uses Ultimate. It will also extend the duration of all positives (excluding Regeneration) for self and all Ravager allies by +1.

He (T’Challa) passively gains Evade on the turn and clears 1 negative effect from himself and all Ravager allies. So, he passively helps the team. Also, when a non-summoned enemy dies, he gains a +30% Speed ​​Bar. This manipulation of the Speed ​​Bar can help the team, when they start killing opponents, to finish them off faster and more efficiently. He also passively gains 30% Damage, which makes him more lethal.

Star-Lord (T’Challa) is a dangerous character who extends the positives to his team, removes the negatives from everyone, and does excellent Damage to opponents with a few more handy debuffs.


Ravager Bruiser is a protector that protects others while stealing the opponent’s buffs. With a Basic hit, he attacks the opponent (if the target is a Protector, he applies Defense Down) and clears Taunt if the target has it. Bruiser gains Taunt after Basic and +2 Defects (+3 in War Offense). Which enables him to protect the team and strengthens his mitigation.

With Special, Bruiser applies Defense Up to himself and 2 random Ravager allies for 2 turns (all Ravager allies if Special is maxed) and heals for 10% Max Health (20% if Special is maxed). After that, he copies 3 positive effects from the primary target except Stealth (all positivities in War Offense). Then, Bruiser flips 3 positives on the primary target. With this move, he puts himself in an impressive situation where he gets a lot of buffs while removing and flipping them from the primary target.


Since Bruiser is a protector, he gets a +25% Block Chance, which can increase his resistance and mitigation. He also gives his entire Ravager team +25% Drain (in War). Which significantly increases the team’s sustain.

Yondu provides +5% Damage to all Ravagers except himself.

Star-Lord (T’Challa) provides 25% Max Health to all Ravagers except himself (+50% in War Offense to all Ravagers and +25% to himself) and +30% Damage (in War) for the team.

Ravager Bruiser provides +25% Armor to all Ravagers except himself. And +25% Drain in War to all Ravagers except himself.


Combat Tips & Tricks

With Ravagers, the most important thing is who and what you target. With Boomer Special, target the fastest opponents (who will play first) and rewind them. With Stitcher, you can target an opponent who has less than 20% Health with a Special, and it will kill him (if such a situation occurs). Yondu will do a hell of work passively, and his Summons are crucial because we get extra healing and extra Speed ​​Bar rewind on opponents. With T’Challa, start with a Special and target a target that can be Blinded and at the same time has dangerous abilities to use. In his 2nd turn, use Ultimate. That will give Yondu and Bruiser time to accumulate buffs, which Star-Lord (T’Challa) will also get in his second turn. With the Bruiser, target a target with plenty of buffs and use the Special.


All this, provided you have strong Ravagers, then you can count on winning against some teams in Alliance War.

We do not recommend upgrading them at this time. So, if you do not have them upgraded, leave them as they are. If something changes, this page will also be updated.

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