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New Warrior



Until recently, New Warrior was a 3 character team that specialized in Raids and was also functional in all other game modes when paired with two other strong characters. Later on, it transformed into an offensive Cosmic Crucible team.

Supported by a new duo (Firestar and Gwenpool), three older New Warrior characters (Deathpool, Cloak, Dagger) make a fantastic CC Offense team, which is unfortunately mediocre for everything else.


Team Members

new warrior

(left to right)



  • Cosmic Crucible Offense

It is a fact (especially now in CC Season 4) that New Warriors are top-tier offensively. And that’s their only game mode where they are truly top-notch.

We can use them in War. However, the number of teams they can beat without problems or in combination with other characters is limited.

The 3 older characters are serviceable in Raids when paired with someone else. However, the appearance of the Bifrost team has erased any need to use any New Warrior members in an Incursion Raid. In Ultimus/Doom Raids or Greek Raids, they are usable in eligible nodes.


Each of the five New Warrior members can be a good choice for the Dark Dimension. Four of them are City, while one is Cosmic. The Cloak + Dagger combination works great in that game mode, while Firestar and Gwen are somewhat weaker. Deathpool is a good choice for Cosmic nodes from Dark Dimension 3 and up.

The biggest obstacle to running multiple New Warrior characters in DD is equipment. Namely, 4 out of 5 are Mystic, and it is impractical to bring all 4 New Warriors with the same gear traits when we know that some of the best characters for DD are also Mystic.


Team Placement & Turn Order

The only thing that matters when positioning the New Warrior team is where you put the Dagger. Before each move, she passively buffs herself and adjacent allies with Offense Up. So, putting her in the corner is not recommended because she will only boost one other team member.

The question is, who do you want near her? We put Firestar and Deathpool around her. It is desirable to put Cloak near Gwenpool because it is always good to have a character with an improved chance to dodge near the protector. Character placement is like in the picture above.

Turn order:

  1. Gwenpool
  2. Firestar
  3. Deathpool
  4. Cloak
  5. Dagger

They are a fast team overall, and thanks to Deathpool’s Passive, even faster in Raids and CC Offense.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Firestar – Skirmisher/Striker
  • Dagger – Striker
  • Deathpool – Striker
  • Cloak – Skirmisher
  • Gwenpool – Raider

When choosing an Iso-8 class for characters, we should consider their synergy with other team members. Turn order also has a huge impact. That’s why Gwen is a Raider, because she starts with Special, hits all opponents (in CC Offense), and prepares the ground for Firestar (by having the highest chance for multiple Vulnerables). Firestar is logically a Striker because as a Striker, she can attack a Vulnerable target and buff Offense Up one of the New Warriors with a follow-up attack. That said, when punching up high with them in Crucible placing Trauma with her Ultimate is very important, and to overcome some high Resistances Skirmisher may sometimes be necessary.

Firestar gets charged when she Crits with her Basic or assist/counter-attack/follow-up attack. While Charged, she can (similar to Gambit) passively attack enemies. You may wonder why she is not a Raider. Simply speaking, there is a higher chance for a Crit when she can do a follow-up attack.

Cloak and Dagger are a killer duo best paired as a Striker/Skirmisher combo. Cloak – Skirmisher, Dagger – Striker. Because they complement each other, assist each other, and strengthen each other’s Ultimates.

Deathpool’s passive damage is something that we want to increase. Striker is an excellent choice for her.


Team T4’s


  • Firestar – Ultimate and Passive
  • Gwenpool – Special, Ultimate, and Passive

When it comes to essential abilities, you notice that they are only related to Firestar and Gwenpool.

Firestar Ultimate on Max ties to CC Offense. She will apply Trauma and Heal Block to primary and adjacent targets. We always want to see Trauma on enemies. With Heal Block and Bleeds, it will prevent any healing and devastate enemies.

Passive brings us Charged on Spawn. So from the start of the fight, on any enemy turn, she will passively hit the highest-speed ​​enemy and apply Offense Down, reducing the damage they will do.

In Crucible Offense mode, she will passively give +30% Accuracy to the New Warrior team. New Warriors will get +100% Accuracy through Firestar and Gwen Passives and make themselves an excellent counter for Spider Weaver teams.

Gwenpool should have everything but Basic at Max level for the team to reach its full potential in the Crucible Offense game mode. The special will do twice as much damage, gain Immunity, and fill Speed ​​Bar by 70%. Which will allow her to play the second move much earlier and use the Ultimate. Which (if maxed) will apply Safeguard, Defense Up, and Speed ​​Up on the entire team.

Maxed Passive will (On Spawn) apply +1 Evade to the New Warrior team (+2 in CC Offense). Which will increase their survivability. The most important thing is the +50% Accuracy that the whole team gets when Gwen’s Passive is maxed (+100% together with Firestar Passive).



  • Firestar – Special
  • Dagger – Ultimate and Passive
  • Deathpool – Basic and Passive
  • Cloak – Ultimate and Passive

Firestar Special will flip 3 positive effects on each target if maxed, up from 1 if not. This is really usable against enemies with a high amount of buffs.

Dagger Ultimate is beneficial to have maxed because of the massive damage she can do with it. While the maxed Passive will give 3 Regenerations to the team On Spawn (up from 2) and +20% Resistance.

Deathpool will always flip Stealth and Speed ​​Up on primary and secondary targets (up from 50% chance) with a Basic shot. Damage will also be increased. Maxed Passive will increase the passive damage that Deathpool does to most injured opponents on enemy Death. In some cases, her Special might also be useful since she will transfer all Negative effects from self(instead of 3), which may also be worthy of an upgrade, but the situations where you will need that do not occur often.

It is handy to spend T4 Ability Materials on Cloak Ultimate and Passive. Similar to Dagger it will increase the damage of the Ultimate, while Passive will add +20% Focus to the team and +10% Dodge Chance to himself if he has Offense Up (+20% total).


Team Red Stars

All New Warriors should be upgraded to a minimum of 5 Red Stars. Those you plan to take to the Dark Dimension can go even to 6 or 7.

Farming Locations

  • Firestar – Heroes 7-3
  • Dagger – Villains Hard Mode 4-6, Arena Store, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs
  • Deathpool – Incursion 6-8, Milestone III Orbs
  • Cloak – Villains Hard Mode 2-6, Raid Store, Alpha Raid Orbs, Milestoen III Orbs
  • Gwenpool – Villains 7-9

On Spawn Buffs

Firestar – +1 Charged
Deathpool – +1 Charged (Raids, CC Offense)

In all game modes – 3 Regenerations for 2 turns, +1 Evade
In Crucible Offense – fill the Speed Bar by 20%, +2 Evade 
In Raids – fill the Speed Bar by 20% (everyone except Firestar)

Team Mechanics

New Warriors are a specific team made for CC Offense. In the current Season, they are additionally buffed with +10% Crit Chance and Crit Damage for each Charged on them, and when they attack an opponent who has Blind, they get Regeneration.


Firestar and Deathpool can passively deal damage to opponents. That should not be ignored. The first one (if Charged), on any enemy turn attacks the enemy with the highest Speed, ignoring Taunt and Stealth, and applies Offense Down and flips Speed ​​Up. After that, she loses Charged, so the number of such passive attacks with her is limited. A very useful passive, not so much for the damage it does to opponents, but for weakening their future attacks on the New Warriors.

Deathpool, on enemy Death, the most injured enemy while removing 3 positive effects. Also, a nice way to weaken the opposing team. These passive attacks are possible in all game modes, so New Warrior is great against teams with Minions like Invaders or X Factor… Deathpool destroys them because she passively hits the opponents after the death of each minion (which happens often).

An additional 100% Accuracy (provided by Firestar and Gwenpool) in CC Offense makes them a hard counter for Tangled Web defensive teams. By doing so, they bypass the Spider Weaver Charged mechanic.

New Warriors are a fast team, which in CC Offense via Deathpool Passive additionally fills the Speed ​​Bar, so they can play before most opposing teams. Even if an opponent plays before them because of Evade On Spawn, they have solid protection.


Cloak and Dagger are able to do enormous damage and apply a ton of negativities on enemies, which with the Trauma from Firestar, can totally cripple some of them.

Gwenpool acts as a team Protector. Can Taunt, flip positivities on enemies, apply Deflects on the team, and in CC Offense will increase the team’s sustains and mitigation with Safeguard + Defense Up + Speed ​​Up combo. Her Passive is crucial to the effectiveness of this team because, on chargeable New Warrior ally turn she applies + 1 Chaged (+2 in CC Offense) to that ally. This enables Deathpool to collect 5 Charged on her second turn thus knocking one opponent out of the game. It also allows Firestar to passively attack opponents much more often.

Support in the form of healing is provided by Dagger and Deathpool. Both can heal the team. One through Regeneration and direct healing and the other through stealing the opponent’s HP with Drain attacks (all team members have +10% Drain thanks to Deathpool’s Passive), and redistributing it to their team.

Cloak also can heal the team, although to a much lesser extent and much less reliably. After his turn, Cloak has a 50% chance to steal 5% Health from the most injured enemy and all adjacent enemies and redistribute it to himself and all allies. This can be great in the Dark Dimension, where enemies have a ton of HP, so it can be very effective. But it’s still inconsistent.


Cloak can have up to 50% Dodge Chance and is a tricky opponent. He passively manipulates the Speed ​​Bar of opponents – when they have Offense Down, he reduces their Speed ​​Bar by 15%. This works great with the Firestar Passive, which can apply Offense Down to opponents through passive attacks.

Deathpool is remarkable in Raids, where she serves as an Ability Energy battery (among other things). Namely, on enemy Death, generate 1 Ability Energy for 2 random Mystic or New Warrior allies. It will work in CC Offense as well. So, if we’re lucky, Dagger can play her Ultimate on her first turn. Which in many situations can prove to be a big plus. While in Raids, it is great to have such a character because the possibility to use Abilities more often is (one of the) crucial things for that game mode. And Deathpool enables just that.

Firestar provides +50% Accuracy (CC Offense) for the team.
Dagger provides +50% Resistance and +15% Damage (Raids and CC Ofense) for the team.
Deathpool provides +10% Drain and +20% Max Health for the team.
Cloak provides +40% Focus and +15% Damage (Raids and CC Offense) for the team.
Gwenpool provides +50% Armor, 40% Max Health (CC Offense), and 50% Accuracy (CC Offense) for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

When playing with the New Warriors – you start the fight with Gwenpool Special. In CC Offense, it doesn’t matter which opponent you tag because she will hit everyone, but outside of that game mode, be careful not to select a target after which Chain is impossible. For example, a target standing next to a character that has Stealth.

Gwen’s second move will significantly protect the team by removing all negativities and applying Safeguard + Defense Up + Speed ​​Up on all of them. That’s why it’s great that her Special will fill +70% of the Speed ​​Bar. All of this only applies to CC Offense.

Since Gwen has set the stage for Firestar (if you have her as a Striker), target the opponent with Vulnerability. So she will buff Offense Up on a random ally with her follow-up attack. In CC, target the opponent you want to get rid of. Because Ultimate of Firestar will apply Trauma + Bleeds + Healblock. After Cloak plays his Ultimate and throws in more debuffs, three (or two) opponents (who have Trauma on them) are screwed.


With Deathpool, don’t use Ultimate as the first move (especially not in CC) because already on her second turn, she will have all 5 Charged and be able to blow up one opponent. Outside of CC, you can use Ultimate as Deathpol’s first move. Instead of Ultimate in CC, use Special by tagging an opponent with a bunch of Debuffs (which Firestar applied a bit earlier), who is standing next to an opponent without debuffs. Deathpool will spread all negatives (except Stun) from primary to secondary targets.

With Cloak, use Ultimate first, except in situations (which are very rare) where most opponents have Immunity on them. If Dagger gets Ability Energy from Deathpool Passive (meaning if you got rid of an opponent before her move), she should use Ultimate. Which in many cases will end the fight. Or bring it to an end. If she can’t use Ultimate, don’t use Special unless you need to heal the team or clear an essential buff from the enemy.

Our Discord link for any additional questions about New Warriors.


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