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Unlimited X-Men



The Unlimited X-Men team is the Horseman team, necessary to unlock the Apocalypse, and led by the Legendary character Rogue. Cosmic Crucible is where they shine, but in other game modes, they are functional. Rogue (also a member of the Horseman team) is still a factor in the Arena, despite Secret Defenders taking the top spot.

Engaging team which many players have well-built (due to the fact that it is necessary to unlock Apocalypse), with some unique mechanics. Unquestionably worthy of paying “some” attention to them on this page.


Team Members

unlimited x men

(left to right)



  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Gamma Raid IV (Brotherhood, Mercenary, X-Men nodes)
  • Alliance War Defense (Secret Strike)
  • Apocalypse’s Saga

Unlimited X-Men are usable in many game modes, but unfortunately, it cannot be said that they are superb. And even in the Cosmic Crucible, where they are realistically the strongest. Newer teams specializing in that game mode achieve better results than them. On the other hand, they are not average – they belong to the top half of the echelon. The sentence that describes Unlimited X-Men best: “Jack of all trades, master of none”

Unlimited are also used to unlock Apocalypse through his Saga.

Unlimited X-Men currently benefit as a War Defense team in the Secret Strike War Event. But even without Event buffs, they are capable of beating many opponents. Rogue and Gambit are excellent choices for the Dark Dimension.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Rogue is the team Protector. The same can be said for Fantomex, who is a Blaster, but also has Taunt and can Protect the rest of the team. The best is to put Rogue in the corner and Fantomex next to her. Gambit goes in the middle, and the two most squishy characters, Dazzler and Sunfire, go to the opposite side of the protectors.

Turn Order:

  1. Rogue
  2. Gambit
  3. Dazzler
  4. Sunfire
  5. Fantomex

Iso-8 Classes

  • Rogue – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Fantomex – Striker
  • Gambit – Raider
  • Dazzler – Raider / Skirmisher
  • Sunfire – Striker

Due to the importance of the debuffs that she can inflict on the enemy and due to her average Focus, Rogue can be a Skirmisher. Which would increase her chance to apply crucial debuffs on opponents. She is also an excellent damage dealer and the most powerful character on the team, so Striker would not be a mistake. With her Basic, she can hit the target three times (as long as she is a Striker and the target has a Vulnerable effect) and thus deal immense a lot of damage. The damage potential of this character is massive, so we will only increase it with the Striker class.


Fantomex is a single-target damage dealer who can also serve as a team protector (auxiliary protector). Since he doesn’t inflict any crucial debuffs on opponents, he does not need to be a Skirmisher. So it is best to additionally increase his damage with the Striker class.

Gambit is the ideal Raider. He has an increased chance for Crit and Crit damage and hits multiple targets with all attacks. Applies Evade to himself and all Unlimited X-Men allies whenever he makes a Critical, increasing the mitigation for the whole team. Any other Iso-8 class other than Raider is a mistake.

Dazzler, like Gambit, is an excellent Raider, especially in Cosmic Crucible, where Crit with Basic applies Blind on the target. Because of this and because she attacks all opponents with the Ultimate, she can be a Raider. Dazzler also can be a Skirmisher (especially if Rogue is not a Skirmisher) and thus apply additional Vulnerabilities to opponents. And also because it will increase her chance of applying Blind on target after Special and Basic.

Sunfire is a good Raider but a better Striker. Because he can buff himself with multiple Offense Ups and does more damage per Offense Up, it is best to increase his damage potential even more.


Team T4’s


  • Rogue – Special and Passive
  • Fantomex – Passive
  • Gambit – Passive
  • Dazzler – Passive
  • Sunfire – Special and Passive

Rogue is a legendary character for whom we recommend maxing out all Abilities. Particularly because she can awaken her Basic and Passive (via Famine Saga). Of course, some Abilities are more valuable than others, primarily her Special that applies Trauma (2 turns) to the target and prevents all debuffs Rogue put in with the Special (and believe me, there are many) from being removed. She also buffs herself with Safeguard, making it impossible for opponents to remove all the buffs she casts on herself (and there are a bunch of them too, most importantly Taunt). Increasing hers and reducing the target’s Speed ​​Bar by an additional +25% (50% total). This is simply a must-have upgrade. Her Passive at Level 6 will add +25% Damage to Apocalypse and all Horseman Allies and significantly weaken clones of Horseman and Apocalypse allies (in case an opponent clones them).

As for Fantomex, the only essential Ability is his passive, which On Spawn applies Evade to all Unlimited X-Men allies (up from just to himself). And it allows him to counter enemies as long as he has Defense Up. Evades on Spawn can prove to be helpful in various matchups.


Gambit Passive at Max Level allows him to additionally fill his Speed ​​Bar at the end of any turn (+20%) and thus play significantly more often (in CC only). Adds +25% HP to the entire team (+50% total) and extends his duration of Stealth for 1 turn (2 total) when his Health drops below 50%. It increases his efficiency by the fact that he plays more often and the survivability of the whole team.

Dazzler gives an extra +15% Focus to everyone (35% total), and whenever any Unlimited X-Men member gains a negative effect, she fills her Speed Bar by 5% more (10% total). Since she can flip Negative effects into Positive ones for the whole team, this “little” addition to her Passive can be crucial in many situations.

With the Sunfire special, he fills his Speed Bar another 40% (100% total), which allows him to play immediately after using it. Effective upgrade, especially when applying Offense UP and Counter to all allies (up from just himself). Passive will provide Offense Up for himself for 2 turns (up from 1) and +15% Resistance to the Unlimited X-Men team (+30% total).



  • Rogue – Basic and Ultimate
  • Fantomex – Special
  • Gambit – Basic Special and Ultimate
  • Dazzler – Basic
  • Sunfire – Ultimate

Rogue Basic will only add a bit of damage, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that upgrading Basic to Level 7 opens up the possibility of upgrading to Level 8. This buffs her Basic hit even more, increasing her Crit Chance progressively with the number of Horseman or Apocalypse allies and enabling her to make a Bonus attack always (not only when the target has no Barrier). Max Level Ultimate will increase damage by almost a third and copy and clear 2 positive effects from each enemy (up from 3 random enemies). Inessential but handy upgrade.

Spending T4 Ability Materials on Fantomex Special is unnecessary. But it’s good to have this Ability at the Max Level. With it, his Taunt will last 2 turns (up from 1), so Fantomex will become a better Protector for the team.


All three of Gambit’s remaining Abilities are good to upgrade to Max Level. With Basic damage, the bonus attack with which he targets the most injured enemy will increase significantly. While Special will extend the duration of Bleed and Speed ​​Up for an additional turn. It is advantageous on many occasions to have Speed ​​Up on the entire Unlimited team for extra turns. Ultimate on Max will have much higher damage, and Disrupted on opponents will last 2 turns (up from 1). In CC, 2 Positive effects will be flipped into Negative ones (up from 1). All of the above is very useful and affects the effectiveness of the Unlimited X-Men team.

Dazzler Basic is worth upgrading for Cosmic Crucible, where this team is at its best. Namely, whenever she makes a Critical, she will apply Blind (up from 50% chance for Blind). Note that in the initial turns, it is better to use her Ultimate and Special than Basic, regardless of the circumstances. In fact, in almost every case. So, when Dazzler finally uses her Basic, the outcome of combat is probably already decided. Even so, if you have enough T4 Ability Materials, upgrade her Basic to Max Level.

Sunfire Ultimate on Max will increase damage. If he has Offense Up, then even more. If your Sunfire is strong (high Level, equipment level, and 6 or 7 Red Stars), it is sensible to improve his damage.


Team Red Stars

All characters in this team are worth upgrading to 5 Red Stars. Rogue uses Dark Promotion Credits for upgrading, but (nowadays) it is simple to achieve a score sufficient for 4 RS through Famine Scourge. You can buy 5th through Dark Promotion Credits. Raising her more than 5 RS is inadvisable due to her obsolescence (slowly but surely leaving Arena META). You should upgrade Gambit Red Stars to 7 if you plan to take him into the Dark Dimension. The others are not worth spending Gold Promotion Credits on.


Farming Locations

  • Rogue – Famine Scourge
  • Fantomex – Nexus 5-9, Villains Hard Mode 3-3
  • Gambit – Heroes Hard Mode 4-9, Arena Store
  • Dazzler – Heroes Hard Mode 6-9, War Store
  • Sunfire – Blitz Store

All of them are very accessible, except for Rogue – a Legendary and Horseman character, but she is also easily obtained through Famine Scourge.


On Spawn Buffs

Gambit 1 Charged (2 in Cosmic Crucible)

In all game modes – Defense Up (2 turns), Evade
In Cosmic Crucible – Safeguard, Offense Up (2 turns), Barrier for 30% Dazzler Max Health.

Team Mechanics

Unlimited X-Men function by having a super fast Protector that can disable the most dangerous enemy and protect their team, while on the other hand, they can constantly passively attack the most injured opponent and prevent them from healing. Rogue, as the most powerful character of this team and the most valuable one, is essential for success. The second most important character is Gambit.


Rogue on Spawn will give Defense Up to the whole team (plus Safeguard in CC) and start most fights with a Special that is able to apply the following debuffs to the selected target: Trauma, Slow, Defense Down, Offense Down, Ability Block, Heal Block, Disrupted ( 2 turns everything) and will reduce target’s Speed ​​Bar by 50%. This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

While she will apply the following buffs: Safeguard, Speed ​​Up, Taunt, Defense Up, Offense Up, and Immunity (2 turns everything) to herself. Then she gains 2 Evade and 2 Deathproof and fills her Speed ​​Bar by +50%. While she has Deathproof, she gains +100% Resistance. We have listed all of this for you now to clearly show how she starts the fight. It is impossible to break through her and threaten the rest of the team once she has Taunt+Safeguard on. She will be ready to play again promptly, thanks to her Special. On her second turn, she will deal immense AOE damage and Stun the primary target.

As long as Rogue can use her Special in time, more than half of the job is done. If the opponents are able to prevent her from doing so Unlimited X-Men will find themselves in a difficult situation.
Rogue also acts as a passive Protector of the team as she will get Taunt (2 turns) every time one of the X-Men allies drops below 50% Health.


Gambit, as the second most important character in the team, will passively hit the opponent with the lowest Health throughout the fight (at the end of any enemy turn) while applying a Heal Block on him. He can hit multiple targets with each attack, apply Ability Block if Charged, and apply Evade to all allies every time he lands a Critical hit. Whenever anyone from Unlimited has Evade – that character will gain +25% Crit Chance and +25% Crit Damage (thanks to Gambit’s Passive). And believe me, everyone will have it often because they will spawn with Evade (Fantomex Passive), and Gambit can often reapply them.

Both Rogue and Gambit will gain Stealth (2 turns), Immunity (1 turn) and clear all Defense Down from themselves when they (for the first time) drop below 50% Max Health. As long as he has Stealth Gambit gains +50% Drain. The whole team has a 40% Drain thanks to the Rogue Passive. This increases their sustain and makes them excellent for long and exhausting fights. When Gambit has Stealth, he has a total of 90% Drain, so he can get out of nasty situations and fill back his HP to the Max.

Fantomex will serve as an additional Protector with an increased Dodge Chance, totally resistant to Bleed, and can counter enemy attacks. He and Rogue can also heal passively on turn (Fantomex 20%, Rogue 10%).


Dazzler pasively fills her Speed ​​Bar by 10% when Unlimited X-Men ally gains a Negative effect. So she can happen to play faster and remove the Negatives from her team. She can Blind and Ability Block enemies, while Blind doesn’t affect her at all since if she gets it, she will remove it from herself and all Unlimited X-Men allies. She will also gain Deflect. It is a bad idea to try to apply Blind on Dazzler.

Sunfire has a unique mechanic on his Special that allows him to play an Ultimate (big AOE attack) for two consecutive turns. Namely, he can start the fight with Ultimate, and on his second round, when he uses Special, he will get +100% Speed ​​Bar, remove Disrupted from himself (if he has it), and apply +2 Offense Up and +2 Counters. He will also give those buffs to the entire team (but just 1 of each). He passively increases damage if he has Counter. And for every Offense Up he has, he gets additional damage on his Ultimate attack. After doing all that, he will get 5 Ability Energy and enable himself to play immediately after using the Special. Then he can use Ultimate for the second time.


Sunfire is an enthralling character with a unique mechanic and also gets additional Speed ​​as long as he has Speed ​​Up on and thus can play more often.

Rogue provides +25% Damage and +40% Drain for the team.
Fantomex provides +25% Armor for the team.
Gambit provides +25% Health for the team.
Dazzler provides +35% Focus for the team.
Sunfire provides +30% Resistance for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

The Unlimited X-Men are a strong team capable of defeating almost any opponent as long as Rogue can use her Special in time. They aren’t overly fast but can passively increase their Speed ​​Bar and buff with Speed ​​Up to compensate for lack of Speed. In Cosmic Crucible, they are extremely strong and can beat most teams (unfortunately not all), while in other game modes, they are a bit weaker but still strong enough to overcome a lot of opposing teams.

When playing with an Unlimited X-Man team, always (if you can) start the fight with Rogue Special. With Gambit, sometimes, play the Basic attack and save the Special for later (more beneficial). Because in all game modes, he has only one Charged on Special (except in CC where he has two), so, in most cases, he can only Ability Block someone once. If you can’t Abi Block the one you want, don’t spend Special unnecessarily. In CC (due to other benefits provided by Special), start a battle with it.


It is better to immediately play a Special plus Ultimate With Sunfire (in many cases). Two turns Ultimate combo is not worth waiting for the second turn because outcome of the fight is already decided in most situations.

With Fantomex, never use Taunt on the first turn because Rogue is already taunting by then. Only, if due to some unpredictable situation, she is unable to Taunt, then open up with Fantome’s Special.

When it’s Dazzler’s turn to play, if the team has no debuffs, and at the same time there isn’t a single target that needs to be Ability Blocked, save her Ultimate for later.

After the opening (you have to play the same way every time – Rogue Special), Unlimited X-Men is a team that can be played in many different ways. Depending on the opponent and the situation. Some people find it harder to adapt and play correctly. It can be tricky sometimes, but solutions are there in most cases. There are not too many teams capable of defeating Unlimited (especially in Cosmic Crucible).


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