War Dog



War Dog consists of members of the Wakandan team (Black Panther, Shuri, Okoye) supported by two new characters (Black Panther (1MM) and Nakia). These two new characters have brought freshness to Wakandans and made War Dog an enthralling team that functions similarly to Wakandans but is much more dynamic and engaging to play with.


Team Members

war dog

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense
  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Gamma Raids (Pym Tech, Wakandan, Infestation nodes)
  • Death Scourge (missions 5 and 10)

War Dogs are primarily an Alliance War Offense team but also have Cosmic Crucible bonuses. Because they have three members from the original Wakandan lineup. They also have their utility value in Gamma Raids, where they are one of the better choices for some nodes. Of course, in Death Scourge, they are one of the two teams that are required for nodes 5 and 10.

With all this in mind, you would think they are the team we use daily. Which will not turn out to be the truth. We can really separate them as one of the attacking options for War, and we can really use them in Gamma Raids. Even in CC, they can be a solid choice, but it is not worth investing so much in them at this point. They are like a nice bonus. If you have them – excellent, they will surely be of use. And if you don’t have them – you’re not loosing much.


Team Placement & Turn Order

It doesn’t matter so much where one stands. Nakia mustn’t be in a corner because she has Stealth, so she can interrupt the enemy’s chain attack. Shuri can also go to the corner to hide. We can do the same with Okoye … but it is not necessary.

War Dogs are one of the fastest teams in the game. Their Speed ​​is unquestionably high, but they also spawn with Speed ​​Up thanks to Shuri’s Passive. That’s the main reason all of them are able to play before their opponents in many cases.

Turn Order:

  1. Nakia
  2. Black Panther (1MM)
  3. Okoye
  4. Black Panther
  5. Shuri

Iso-8 Classes

  • Black Panther (1MM) – Striker
  • Okoye – Skirmisher
  • Black Panther – Striker
  • Nakia – Striker / Raider
  • Shuri – Healer / Striker

Since Okoye will assist all allies, a valid option is to equip her as Skirmisher and all others as Strikers. Every time, each of them will have a follow-up attack as long as Okoye is in the fight. Some of them should (definitely) be Strikers, like Black Panther and Black Panther (1MM). As for Nakia, she can also be a Raider. She has the ability to attack multiple targets with most of her Abilities. The choice is yours. In my opinion, it is better to be a Striker. Shuri should be a Healer and increase the team’s sustain. While (at the same time) saving Vulnerable (which Okoye made with her follow-up attack) for another team member who will have far more benefits than her.


Team T4’s


  • Black Panther (1MM) – Ultimate and Passive
  • Okoye – Ultimate
  • Black Panther – Special, Ultimate, Passive
  • Nakia – Passive
  • Shuri – Special and Passive

Ultimate is one of the most important upgrades for Black Panther (1MM). Personally, but also for the entire War Dog team. The massive damage increase is less important. The crucial thing is that it will copy and clear 5 (up from 1) positive effects (excluding Taunt) from the primary target and then spread all those positive effects (excluding Safeguard, Stealth, and Taunt) to the entire War Dog team. He can use the Ultimate right away so choose the target with the most buffs, it will receive a lot of damage and lose most of the buffs.

Passive will fill Speed ​​Bar by +10% (up from +5%) to the entire War Dog team whenever the non-summoned enemy drops below 50% maximum Health or is killed (when Charged). In turn-based games Speed ​​is crucial and every skill that allows you to increase the Speed Bar (especially the whole team’s Speed Bars) should be improved.


Okoye Ultimate will remove Revive Once from the target if it has it. With this upgrade, War Dogs can permanently kill an opponent capable of reviving. Only works in Crucible and War Offense.

With his maxed Special, Black Panther gets a 100% chance to Crit. This will apply 2 Counters to the entire team.

Ultimate works only in CC and War Offense and provides a Speed ​​Bar increase for the entire team by +30% if Black Panther has 4 or more Charged when using it. Being able to manipulate the Speed ​​Bar is always a great thing.

Passive allows Black Panther to be the killing machine that he is. It will additionally fill his speed bar by 100% (up from +80%) after he Kills someone and thus enable him to continue playing. So after every kill, Black Panther gets an extra move. And in Crucible and War Offense, the whole team, while Black Panther is Charged, gains +50% Drain. This will enable everyone to heal depending on the damage they do. And the team’s sustain goes to a significantly higher level.


Nakia Passive significantly increases damage, which she does to the most injured enemy in War Offense. As long as she is Charged, after every turn (opponent or War Dog), Nakia will attack the lowest HP enemy and lose one Charged after attack. Those attacks will do 350% Piercing damage in War Offense if the Passive is upgraded. A huge thing.

Shuri Special will provide additional Charged and Ability Energy for the entire team. So (since they all have Charged mechanics), the War Dog team will increase their efficiency and the possibility of using Specials or Ultimates. Everyone on War offense will get 2 Charged (up from 1), 2 random allies will get Ability Energy, and the whole Wakandan team will also get 1 Ability Energy.

Shuri’s Passive is what makes this team deadly. Namely, everyone will start the fight with Speed ​​Up. This will give them an advantage at the very start. She will also get increased Health.



  • Okoye – Passive
  • Nakia – Special
  • Shuri – Special

If we upgrade Okoye Passive to Max, enemies will heal less via Drain. It will reduce their Drain by 50%, which is a significant upgrade and can affect the outcome of matches. It only works in Crucible and War Offense while Okoye is Charged.

Nakia’s Special will give adjacent War Dog Allies one Ability Energy (War Offense). Unfortunately, this does not work in all game modes, and it would be useful in Gamma Raids, where Wakandan characters are required for some nodes. To improve Ability Energy distribution and therefore efficiency.

Place Nakia between Shuri and Black Panther because if Shuri can use Special more often, the team will get more Charged and have better offensive potential. Black Panther can use his Special more often and apply Offense Up and Counter to everyone.

Shuri’s Ultimate will clear Heal Block and 3 random negativities from each War Dog if she has 4 or more Charged. Only works on War Offense. Good upgrade with which the team gets rid of unwanted negative effects


Team Red Stars

If you have enough Silver Promotion Credits, get them all to 5 Red Stars. If you happen to get one of them to more than 5 by opening regular or Elite Red Star Orbs – great. If not, we have higher priorities, so Gold Promotion Credits should not be spent lightly.

That said, both Black Panthers are worth raising to more than 5, and their effectiveness increases significantly, so they and Nakia are a priority as long as you are focused on War and have enough Gold Promotion Credits.


Farming Locations

  • Black Panther (1MM) -Villains Hard Mode 7-6, Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Okoye – Mystic 1-9, Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Black Panther – Heroes 1-9
  • Nakia – Cosmic 3-9
  • Shuri – Legendary Event

All are available, including Shuri, a Legendary Character. At this moment in the game, we have a bunch of available Spider-Verse characters. Those characters are farmable and usable (worth farming) so an unlock should be easy.


On Spawn Buffs

Nakia – 5 Charged (War Offense)

In all game modes – Speed Up

Team Mechanics

War Dog is a team of 5 very good characters, one of which is Legendary. They have value in this game, but at this point should not be a priority. In a War-oriented Alliance, it might make sense to work on them, if you skipped on some of the other Offensive teams.

All five War Dogs have Charged mechanics that they gain in different ways and can benefit from them differently. So we’ll deal with that first.


Black Panther (1MM):
He can get Charged passively and actively. If an enemy character has Defense Down, Black Panther (1MM) will gain +1 Charged up to a max of 10 on the enemy turn. When Black Panther uses his Ultimate, he gives +2 Charged up to a maximum of 10 to the entire team. And for every enemy with Charged or Revive Once, he will apply +1 Charged up to a maximum of 10 to his entire War Dog team. So Black Panther (1MM) can provide a bunch of Charged to the whole team on War Offense, depending on the opponent the War Dog is facing.

He spends Charged passively filling the entire team’s Speed ​​Bar whenever a non-summoned enemy drops below 50% maximum Health or is killed. In that case, Black Panther (1MM) will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 10% for himself and War Dog allies, then lose 1 Charged.

Gets Charged every time she or a Wakandan ally Crit. The maximum number of Charged she can have is 5. In Crucible or War Offense, if Charged and in Wakandan/War Dog team, Okoye lowers Damage by 15% for all enemies, gains 20% Speed ​​for self and all Wakandan allies, and lowers Drain by 50% for all enemies. Impressive.

She spends Charged when she uses Ultimate. It’s a powerful single-target shot that does extra Damage per Charged. After Ultimate, Okoye loses all Charged.


Black Panther:
Every time someone attacks (hits) Black Panther, he will get +1 Charged. In Crucible or War Offense, while Black Panther is Charged, the team gains +15% Damage and +50% Drain.

Like Okoye, he spends Charged when he uses Ultimate. He deals additional Damage per Charged, and if he has 4+ (can have a max of 5) Charged when he uses Ultimate, he will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 30% for himself and all Wakandan allies. The Damage he does when it is fully Charged is enormous, and it hits all opponents. After the Ultimate, he loses all Charged.

She can have a maximum of 10 Charged and gets 5 On Spawn (only on War Offense). She cannot produce Charged for herself or others, so she can only get them from other team members.

While Charged, on any enemy or War Dog ally’s turn, she attacks the most injured enemy by 100% Piercing (350% Piercing in War Offense), ignoring Stealth. Then, loses 1 Charged.


Gains Charged when using Special, +2 in War Offense, +1 in every other game mode. She can have a maximum of 10 Charged.

Consumes them passively, one per Turn. Shuri, on Turn, heals the most injured ally for 10% of her Max Health. While Charged, heal an additional most injured ally for 10% of her Max Health and lose 1 Charged.

With her Ultimate, on War Offense, if Shuri has 4 or more Charged, she will clear Heal Block and 3 random negative effects on herself and each War Dog ally. So it’s better to use Ultimate when you see that Shuri has 4+ Charged.

The War Dog team can destroy the opponents before they have a chance to play. They achieve this with high Speed and thanks to Shuri’s Passive (Speed ​​Up On Spawn for the entire team). In CC and War Offense, Okoye (while Charged) increases everyone’s Speed ​​by 20%. After using Ultimate and having 4+ Charged, Black Panther fills the Speed ​​Bar by 30% to the entire team (CC War Offense). In any game mode Black Panther (1MM), when any non-summoned enemy is killed or drops below 50% Max HP, fill Speed ​​Bar by 10% to the team.

From all of the above, it is evident that they can also manipulate the Speed ​​Bar in their favor and play several times while the opponent is still waiting to take their first turn. Black Panther is famous for his killing capability. If he kills an enemy, he fills his Speed ​​Bar by 100%, so (how much you invested in him) he can kill numerous opponents if the fight is opened smartly.


War Dogs are at their best on War Offense because all 5 characters have improvements for that game mode. They can be handy in CC, but not as much. Primarily because the two newest characters specialize in War Offense, War Dogs still hold their place among most players’ offensive options.

Black Panther (1MM) is able to copy and clear 5 positive effects from the target at the beginning of the fight and transfer it all to the whole team. And with the buffs obtained (stolen) from the opponent, the entire team will get a minimum of +2 Charged, Deathproof, Deflect, and Evade. If the target happens to have Safeguard, they all gain Safeguard for 2 turns. It’s a dream opening for War Dogs. Too bad it only works on War Offense.


Black Panther (1MM) also has an excellent rebound chain attack. With a bit of luck (if it happens to hit the same target several times), it can kill the opponent. But even if that doesn’t happen, it’s no problem because all opponents will have Defense Down. That is great for other allies to exploit. If Nakia has Stealth on her at that moment, Black Panter can attack Stealth targets, and that attack cannot be countered.

Even with his Basic attack, BP (1MM) applies Defense Down, and if he has Defense Up, he will repeat the attack. It is theoretically possible for him to hit three times with a Basic (if the target has Vulnerable). All his attacks deal Piercing Damage = they ignore the opponent’s armor.

Due to Okoye’s constant assists, the War Dog team’s damage potential rises to unprecedented heights. The Striker-Skirmisher combo is specific to this team. But she doesn’t just bring assists to her team. When she gets Defense Up, and she gets it relatively soon after the start of the fight, she gives Immunity to War Dogs and thus saves them from potential debuffs (in Curible and War Offense). Like Black Panther (1MM), She can make a chain attack that will put Defense Down on the complete opposing team.


She has an attack that can 1-shot the opponent and (also) reduce the target’s Speed ​​Bar by 50%. With his Basic Okoye, she removes 2 Positive effects from the target. This effect also applies on Assists. That means that because of the assists (and she will get Assist Now all the time), Okoye will clear a lot of buffs. We’ll call her cleaner Okoye.

Black Panther can also apply Slow and Bleed to the target with his Basic attack, buff his team with Offense Up and Counters after Special, and devastate the opposing team with an enormous AOE Ultimate attack. But also because of him, the War Dog team has excellent sustain because they of the +50% Drain.

According to her Damage stat, Nakia is one of the strongest characters in the game. She is in the top 5. Thanks to her Charged mechanic, Nakia can passively deal significant Damage to the opposing team (especially in War Offense). She is able to go into Stealth to hide from enemy attacks. She can get rid of negativities (if she has them on her), and if she uses her Ultimate while in stealth, she will do brutal Damage with her rebound chain attack.


Nakia can have a maximum of 5 Stealth on her. There are various ways she can get Stealth. On Defense Up – gets Stealth. After using Special – gets 2 Stealth. If any of her Basic attacks Crit – gets Stealth. But if she has at least 2 Stealth and any War Dog ally drops below 50% Health, she will transfer 1 Stealth to that ally. On Ultimate, she will add +1 rebound chain per Stealth on her, and each attack will do Piercing instead. With Basic, she can remove Positive effects from her enemies.

Shuri is a team supporter who can apply Heal Block on enemies, and heal her friends. Shuri is able to provide Charged and Ability Energy to the team. And buffs them with Defense Up. Defense Up is a crucial buff for the team because everyone gets benefits:
Black Panther (1MM) – on Defense Up gain +1 Offense Up
Okoye – on Defense Up gain Immunity
Black Panther – on Defense Up gain Deflect and Regeneration
Nakia – on Defense Up gain +1 Stealth
Shuri – on Defense Up generates Ability Energy for self

Shuri provides active and passive healing and clears Negative effects from allies.

Black Panther (1MM) provides +30% Armor (War Offense) and 50% Resistance (War Offense) for the team.
Nakia provides +30% Damage (War Offense) and +50% Focus (War Offense) for the team.
Shuri provides +40% Max Health and +20% Armor for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

In most cases, when playing with a War Dog team, you will have an advantage due to Speed. So make sure you use it wisely. Focus on a specific (important) target and try to remove it from the fight. Don’t scatter Damage everywhere. Since Nakia will play first, you can use her Special to remove Immunity and apply Disrupted on an enemy Protector, which will allow all other War Dogs to focus on the most important opponents without worrying about auto-Taunt that some can apply. A perfect example is Unlimited and Hero Asgardians(with Beta and Vahl). Both Protectors on those teams can Taunt when an ally drops below 50% Health and it can ruin your attack, but Disrupting (Beta and Rogue in this case) will allow you to avoid that.

Thanks to his Passive, Black Panther can play again after doing a killing blow, so that should be used as well. If one of the opponents has little HP, and Black Panther will play before him, leave him alive until BP’s turn.

In War, when you attack, make sure you hit the target with the most amount of buffs with Black Panther (1MM) Ultimate. To function best, they a lot of Abilities to be maxed. Our suggestion is not to invest in them at this time since there are better options.

Even without all essential Abilities maxed out, they can still be functional and win against many teams in a War. Indeed, they will not reach their full potential, but they can still be effective.


Our Discord link for any additional questions about War Dog:

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