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Secret Avengers



Secret Avengers is a trio of characters that have previously been the popular choice to invest in for most of the players. Many even invested heavily, mainly because of their versatility and individual quality. So, as a trio, they could be combined with various characters and used (successfully) on a daily basis in many game modes.

However, they are no longer on anyone’s radar for investments since we have a lot of newer and more versatile characters.


Team Members

secret avenger

(left to right)



  • Raids (Doom/Ultimus)

All Secret Avengers characters have Raid bonuses. They are most effective in that game mode. However, with the introduction of Incursion Raids, their effectiveness dropped significantly. We can’t think of Secret Avengers as a valid option for an Incursion Raid team. But for all other Raids, they can be a great choice.

Individually, each Secret Avenger is a solid option for the Dark Dimension. At this point, it’s not wise to invest in characters you don’t use on a daily basis, and Secret Avengers are (exactly) that. Although, they are not expensive and can be a solid option just because of that.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Sam is a Protector, and logically, he goes to the corner, we will hide Maria in the other corner because she is a supporting character. Sharon can be wherever

Captain America (Sam) is the fastest and plays first, followed by Sharon and Maria. They are generally not very fast by current MSF standards.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Captain America (Sam) – Skirmisher / Fortifier
  • Sharon Carter – Striker / Skirmisher
  • Maria Hill – Healer

No matter what class Sam gets, you won’t go wrong. He can hit all targets with Ultimate. So Raider can be an option. Since he is solidly fast and plays relatively often, he can also be a Healer. Since he is a protector, he can also be a Fortifier. And we additionally strengthen its mitigation. In our opinion, he is best as a Skirmisher. Because with Vulnerabilities, Sam can help the rest of the team. He can also remove positive effects from the target with his Basic.

Sharon Iso-8 depends on the rest of the team. But as far as we look at her individually, it would be best to give her the Skirmisher class and thus increase the chance to apply important debuffs to enemies.

Maria Hill is a classic Healer. Anything other than Healer is a mistake, and in any class other than Healer, she will not fulfill her full potential.


Team T4’s


  • Captain America (Sam) – Ultimate and Special
  • Sharon Carter – Special and Ultimate
  • Maria Hill – Ultimate and Passive

Captain Sam’s maxed Special will extend his Taunt from one to two turns, add 3 Deflects (up from 2), and give Ability Energy to more Skill allies. It is an essential upgrade that allows him to protect the team longer. Because Sam is a specific protector with a bunch of Deflect, and when he doesn’t have them, he passively removes Taunt from himself. This upgrade will allow him to increase his Taunt duration. The additional Ability Energy increases the strength of the team in every way. Ultimate (on Max) will additionally increase the Speed ​​Bar of himself and Skill allies, which is often a key factor in turn-based games.


With the maxed Special, Sharon will significantly increase the damage (less important) and the duration of Ability Block on the primary target (more important). It’s a similar story with a maxed Ultimate. Damage will be increased, but more importantly, it will remove all positive effects from the primary target (up from 2). For this ability, Sharon Carter has a significantly increased Focus, so she will always be able to do it.

With Ultimate at maximum level, Maria Hill removes all negatives from Avenger or Skill allies (up from 1). Upgrade that will significantly help the Secret Avengers in various situations. Passive increases healing on the most injured allie and can happen when a team member blocks.



  • Captain America (Sam) – Basic and Passive
  • Maria Hill – Basic and Special

If Captain Sam’s Basic is upgraded to the maximum level, he will (up from 50% chance) remove the positive effect from the target. Useful. The passive will bring more health to the whole team and increase the Block Amount of Sam by +10%. It increases Secret Avengers’ sustainability and mitigation.

Maria Hill’s maxed-out Basic helps her better heal the Secret Avengers and helps the whole team survive. Because Maria will always apply Deflect to the most injured ally (up from 50% chance), and if that ally is a Secret Avenger, they will gain Regeneration. Special ability at maximum will increase damage and the number of summoned S.H.I.E.L.D. Troopers to 3 (up from 2).


Team Red Stars

At this point in the game, some players have a bunch of Silver Promotion Credits. If you are in the same category, you can upgrade all Secret Avengers to 5 Red Stars. If you’re not, there’s no need to spend your hard-earned credits on them.

If you decide to take one of them to the Dark Dimension. The tip is to give him as many Red Stars as possible. These days, Saron Carter is one of the most trendy choices for Dark Dimension VI Global nodes due to the fact that she is cheap and uses a Unique that is not needed by any of the “essential” characters. The fact that she is inexpensive is not the only reason. She has solid control, and if she is your choice for DD upgrade her Red Stars to 7.

Farming Locations

  • Captain America (Sam) – Heroes 3-3, Doom 2-6, Milestone III Orbs
  • Sharon Carter – Villains Hard Mode 2-3, Raid Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Maria Hill – Heroes Hard Mode 2-6, Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Captain America (Sam) – 3 Deflects +1 Deflect to all Skill allies

Team Mechanics

Secret Avengers are a team specialized for Raids, and they have a lot of Abilities that provide them bonuses for that mode. They can also be of use in other game modes. They are a 3 Characters team, so for best results, we should combine them with 2 other good plug-and-play characters.


The main characteristic of Cap Sam is that he is a Protector who can keep taunting only when the conditions are right. Namely, as long as he has Deflects (he Spawns with 3 and can gain +3 after using Special), he will also have Taunt (applied after using Special). When Deflects wear off, he passively loses Taunt and applies 2 Regenerations. Also, while he has Deflects, he has +300% Resistance, so it’s harder to apply any debuff to him. He is an excellent Protector because, in addition to all that, he also has an increased Block Chance and Block Amount.

Sam provides Ability Energy to his team, buffs the team with Defense Up and Speed ​​Up, and can manipulate with Speed Bars ​​during combat. Namely, when he uses Ultimate, he will passively fill up his team’s Speed ​​Bar, depending on how many opponents are in the fight. Apart from Spawing with 3 Deflects and gaining 3 more after he uses Special, he can also get them by using a Basic attack.

Secret Avengers have an excellent controller in the form of Sharon Carter and a powerful supporter – Maria Hill.


The first one can cast excellent debuffs (Ability Block 2 turns, Defense Down, Stun, Slow) and clear positivities from the enemy. As long as she has Deflects, her Focus will be increased. There is also a chance on the Secret Avenger or Skill ally’s turn to apply Offense Up to them. On top of that, Sharon will passively apply Disrupt to any enemy that drops below 50% HP.

While the other is a supporting pillar that keeps up your team by being able to:

  • 1 – remove all negatives and heal the team.
  • 2 – Summon minions that can draw fire and help. 

When She uses Ultimate, she will heal and still attack all enemies. She will also add 3 Deflect to herself and all Secret Avenger allies, thus strengthening Sam. After her Special, she will summon Summoned S.H.I.E.L.D. Troopers will assist her in an attack on the primary target

Maria can support through Basic hits by applying Deflect and Regeneration to the most injured ally. When you look at everything, it is evident why she is a supporting pillar. Without her, the wall of this team – Captain Sam – would collapse faster, and the whole team would break down.


Captain America (Sam) provides +40% Max Health for the team.
Sharon Carter provides +45% Damage (in Raids) for the team.
Maria Hill provides +40% Resistance (+80% in Raids) for the team.

Combat Tips & Tricks

With Sam, you can start with either Ultimate or Special. Depending on the situation on the battlefield, you will decide what is better to do. As long as you are fighting against fast opponents, it is much better to open up with Ultimate and thus reduce or even take advantage of the difference in Speed.

With Sharon, it is important to target the most dangerous opponent and thus bring him under control. Don’t hesitate to start the fight with Basic if the desired target is protected and there is no other suitable target. On Sharon’s next turn, you can use the Ultimate if something like that happens. And if everything goes well, you have her Special for the next turn with which you can Abi Block someone.

With Maria, everything goes linearly: Special, then Ultimate. Minions can be helpful – enemies will not be able to get rid of them easily, because they will have Deathproof on them. The number-one thing before using the Special is to select the desired target because the minions will attack on Spawn and deal some decent damage. With the Ultimate, she heals everyone and removes all debuffs, so if there is no need for it, it might be prudent to wait.


Secret Avengers is a linear team to play with, and depending on the situation, it doesn’t have to be that way. In cooperation with 2 more good characters, they can be an excellent choice for most game modes and show themselves solidly against some newer and more current teams. Previously, in Doom Raids, they were combined with Shang Chi and Kestrel. And they performed well. The Invaders have taken their place as the primary Skill Raid team currently. But that doesn’t mean that in War, and even in CC, we can’t make some more than interesting combinations with the Secret Avenger trio.

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