Shadowland is an old team made up of mostly street-level heroes and one villainess. At their peak, this team was a decent War Offense team, but nowadays they are outdated, and investing in them is not recommended. However, like every other team, they deserve a page where we break down what they can do in the MSF game.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War

Shadowland is a team made to perform best in War, so they have many Abilities with additional bonuses for War game mode. However, at this point, they aren’t useful enough to upgrade (if you don’t have them upgraded already), as plenty of great War teams are out there. So, the average MSF player can comfortably perform excellently in War without the Shadowland team. If you have them, they can win versus almost all the old teams and even some of the new non-WAR specialized teams.

They have bonuses to both War Offense and War Defense. We can use them as both an offensive and a defensive War team.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Electra On Spawn gives Evade and Stealth to adjacent Shadowland allies, so we put Night Nurse in the corner, Electra next to her, and Moon Kight in the middle. Night Nurse and Moon Knight will get Stealth and Evade because they are the slowest and that will help them the most at the very start of combat.

Turn Order:

  1. Daredevil
  2. Elektra
  3. White Tiger
  4. Moon Knight
  5. Night Nurse

All Shadowland members On Spawn fill their Speed ​​Bar by 30% (White Tiger Passive) and gain +10% Speed ​​after any character takes action on combat start (Daredevil Passive). So, they have an initial speed advantage. Daredevil is very fast – this will help him to be faster, and he will play before most opponents. The others are not somewhat slower, so this passive acceleration will help them even more.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Moon Knight – Raider
  • Elektra – Skirmisher
  • Night Nurse – Healer
  • Daredevil – Raider
  • White Tiger – Striker

The Night Nurse is the team Healer, and she will benefit from the Healer. Elektra gets Skirmisher to help her remove positives from enemies, while Moon Knight and Daredevil attack multiple targets with their abilities, so they are excellent Raiders. White Tiger is a Striker, and she will exploit all those Vulnerabilities that others apply to opponents.


Team T4’s


  • Moon Knight – Ultimate and Passive
  • Elektra – Passive
  • Night Nurse – Ultimate, Special, and Passive
  • Daredevil – Passive and Special
  • White Tiger – Passive and Special

Moon Knight – Ultimate will do more damage, but more importantly, will apply negatives for 2 turns, and in War, will clear all positives from enemies (up from 3 positive effects). With this upgrade, we get much better combat control.

With the Maxed Passive, the entire Shadowland team will gain more Health. This upgrade is always desirable.

Elektra – Passive allows all Shadowland team members who stand next to Elektra (On Spawn) to get Evade and Stealth. With this upgrade, we increase mitigation and protect certain Shadowland characters from direct hits.


Night Nurse – Ultimate will start the combat with 4 energy and she will be able to use it on her first turn (up from starting with 0 energy on her Ultimate). This upgrade helps the whole team a lot because she will be able to flip all 3 negative effects on the Shadowland and heal everyone with Ultimate right at the start of the fight.

The Special will enable her to clear 3 negatives from most injured allies and all adjacent allies. Also, she will not heal only the most injured ally but also all adjacent allies. Significantly increased healing capacity and the ability to clear negative effects make this upgrade one of the most important.

With Passive at maximum, Night Nurse will apply Defense up and fill Speed ​​Bar by 30% to anyone of Shadowlands (including herself) when they drop below 50% Max Health, they can play sooner if their Health drops, which is handy in most situations.

Daredevil – Passive will add 10% Speed ​​(20% Speed ​​in War) to the entire Shadowland team after any character takes an action. In other words, immediately after the start of the fight. Increasing Speed ​​will turn the Shadowland team into one of the fastest ones in War and allow them to play more often. Daredevil himself will get a 5% Dodge Chance per Shadowland ally. So, he will have a total of 25%, and enemies will have a hard time when they try to hit him.


All Shadowland allies will gain 2 Counters after Daredevil uses his Special. The attack will have a chain to 2 targets (up from 1-2), so Daredevil will always hit 3 targets with it (unless someone dodges).

White Tiger – Passive, On Spawn, will fill Speed ​​Bar by 30% for the entire Shadowland team. On Kill, she will fill up her Speed ​​Bar by +70%. This improvement is one of the most important, if not the most important. Shadowland will have a good advantage in playing at the start of the fight against the vast majority of opposing teams. Also, if White Tager gets a killing blow, she will additionally fill her Speed ​​Bar and allow herself to play as soon as possible.

Maxed Special will enable White Tiger 3 bonus attacks (up from 2 bonus attacks) and add a lot of Piercing damage to all 4 attacks (+20% Piercing per Shadowland ally). It will significantly increase the damage she does with her Special.



  • Moon Knight – Basic and Special
  • Elektra – Ultimate
  • Daredevil – Ultimate and Basic
  • White Tiger – Ultimate

Moon Knight – will always get Counter or Offense Up or Speed ​​Up (up from 50% chance) after using his Basic. Cardinal upgrade because constantly getting one of these buffs after Basic will boost Moon Knight. For example, in War, whenever he has a Counter, he gets +50% Damage.

Maxing out Moon Knight’s Special will increase his Rebound Chain to 3-5 adjacent targets (up from 2-4), which is a good way of increasing his Damage potential.


Elektra – with maxed Ultimate will do more damage in War and apply Disrupted for 2 turns to the primary target (up from 1 turn). It will increase control for her and her team.

Daredevil – Ultimate will have increased Chain (4-6 adjacent targets up from 3-4 adjacent targets).

If Basic is on max, Daredevil will always do a Bonus attack (up from 40% or 80% chance). It’s good to get this upgrade if we have a lot of T4 Ability Materials. That way, we will increase Daredevil’s damage potential.

White Tiger – will heal more, clear all negative effects from self (up from 3 negativities), and do more damage – if she has maxed Ultimate. With this improvement, we increase her sustain and offensive prowess.


Team Red Stars

If you don’t have upgraded Shadowlands, we don’t recommend collecting Red Stars for them either. If you have them upgraded, then they all deserve at least 5 Red Stars.

7 and 6 Red Stars for Moon Kight, White Tiger, and Daredevil are farmable in the Incursion 3-7.

6 and 5 Red Stars for Elektra are farmable in Incursion 2-1.


Farming Locations

  • Moon Knight – Cosmic 1-3, Milestone III Orbs
  • Elektra – Villains 1-3, Gamma Raid Orbs
  • Night Nurse – Villains 3-9, Alpha Raid Orbs
  • Daredevil – Arena Store
  • White Tiger – Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

Elektra – Evade and Stealth to all adjacent Shadowland allies, +1 Ability Energy (in War)

In all game modes – +30% Speed Bar, Offense Up (2 turns)


Team Mechanics

Shadowland is a War-specialized (especially War Offense-specialized) team that can deal massive damage to opponents and has an initial speed advantage over most opposing teams. They can use it dangerously well and thus win.

All Shadowland characters do significantly reduced damage when forced to attack an ally Shadowland. It is their common feature.

Thanks to White Tiger and Daredevil’s Passive abilities, they start with and have a constant advantage in Speed. White Tiger will passively, On Spawn, fill everyone’s Speed ​​Bar by +30%. And Daredevil, after anyone (it doesn’t matter if it’s an opponent or a Shadowland character) at the start of the battle takes a turn, will provide +10% Speed ​​for all members of the Shadowland team (in War +20% Speed). Those passive bonuses will give them an initial advantage and constant extra Speed. Allowing Shadowland members to take turns more often.


Moonknight is a Brawler who can do a large amount of damage because he buffs in a specific way. He hits the primary target (with Basic) and gains a random positive effect for 2 turns. So he gets one of Counter, Offense Up, and/or Speed ​​Up.

With his Special, Moon Knight attacks the primary target, then Rebound Chains to 3-5 adjacent targets. So that he can reach all the members of the opposing team. Special will Crit on any target that has a negative effect on it. His Special is unblockable, and counterattacks break this Chain.

With Ultimate, he attacks all enemies and applies Heal Block. and he has a 50% chance to apply 3 negative effects from the list: Bleed, Blind, Disrupted, Defense Down, Offense Down, Slow. And Moon Knight gains extra Focus for this attack. In War, with this attack, Moon Knight clears all positive effects on each enemy. He has a solid chance to apply 3 of the mentioned negatives to at least half of the opponents. And if there is a little luck, all opponents may get negative effects. In War, this Ultimate is even more dangerous because he will remove all positive effects from the opponents.

Moon Knight cannot Block, and if he has Deflect or Minor Deflect on any character’s turn, he will flip them to Offense Up and fill the Speed ​​Bar by 20%. He relies most heavily on his offensive abilities and prioritizes offensive buffs. Moon Knigh passively gains a +15% Damage Reduction, which raises his mitigation and balances his unblockability. In War, if he has Counter (can get it through Basic or Daredevil Special), Moon Knight gets +50% Damage. Which significantly increases his offensive capabilities.


Elektra is another Brawler of the Shadowland team (the second of the four) who can apply a lot of Bleed to opponents. On Spawn, Shadowland characters who are adjacent to her will gain Evade and Stealth. Elektra has a chance (15%) to Revive on Death with 20% Max Health. In War, the chance of reviving is 85%.

In War, she, On Spawn, gets +1 Ability Energy, which allows her to start the fight with her Ultimate, dealing immense damage to one of the opponents and applying Disrupted (2 turns). Considering she has an increased Focus on the Ultimate attack, Disrupted will land.

Special attack removes 2 positive effects from the primary target, and then Elektra gains Stealth (2 turns).

With Basic, Elektra will apply 3 Bleeds to the enemy, she has extra Focus for this attack so Bleeds will land.


Night Nurse is a team Support character that attacks the primary target with Basic, flips positives into negatives (2 positives into negatives if Basic is on max level), and applies Slow for 2 turns on the target she hits.

Special ability clears 3 negative effects from the most injured ally and all adjacent allies and then heals them for 20% of Night Nurse Max Health. So that this is not just a supporting ability, Night Nurse will call an ally with the highest Damage to attack her primary target. This one is the first of her two healings. The second is Ultimate, which flips 3 negative effects on everyone on the team to positive ones. She will then Heal them for 15% of her Max Health and apply 2 Regeneration to everyone.

Night Nurse has a 25% chance to passively, On Turn, heal the most injured ally for 15% of her Max Health. In War, it will always work (so the chance is 100%). And whenever someone from the Shadowland team drops below 50% Max Health, Night Nurse will apply Defense up and fill Speed ​​Bar (+30%) to that character. She will help those characters to play soon after.


Daredevil is the third Brawler of the Shadowland team who, like his predecessors, is able to deal significant harm to opponents. With his Basic, he will attack the primary target and perform a Bonus attack. With Special, he will attack the primary target and Chain to 2 targets within 2 spaces of the previous target. Special applies 2 Counter to the entire team. Moon Knight, for example (in War), will get increased Damage by +50% after he gets Counter.

With Ultimate, Daredevil Chain attacks lots of opponents (4-6 adjacent targets after primary) and cannot be blocked.

He passively has a +25% Dodge Chance, which makes him an annoying target. He also gets 10% damage. In War, if he has Offense Up, Daredevil gains a 25% Crit Chance for each Shadowland ally. So he can have a permanent Critical on all attacks in this game mode.


White Tiger is the last (fourth) Brawler of Shadowland and is a specific character. She is a single-target damage dealer who can heal and deal serious harm to opponents.

Her Basic attack hits the primary target with Heal Block and Defense Down (2 turns with maxed Basic). White Tiger does double damage to summoned characters with Basic. She applies Defense Down and Slow (2 turns) when performing a Counter or Assist. It is an unconventional way to slow down opponents.

With Special, White Tiger attacks the primary target with Piercing damage and deals more damage the more Shadowland allies it has. After she attacks for the first time, she will do 3 more bonus identical attacks (4 times total) and apply Heal Block (1 turn) and Disrupted (2 turns). This attack can kill the opponent without much trouble. And even if she fails to kill, Disrupted and Heal Block will prevent the opponent from buffing and healing and make him an easy target. In War, White Tiger Special applies an Ability Block (2 turns), which makes this ability even more dangerous.

With Ultimate, White Tiger removes all negatives from herself, Heals for 50% of Max Health, attacks the primary target with considerable damage, and applies Heal Block to the target. As I mentioned earlier, this reflects her specificity. She has excellent sustain because of healing and also can do sizeable harm to opponents.


When she kills an opponent, White Tiger passively fills her Speed ​​Bar by 70%. Thus, she enables herself to take more frequent turns. We know that On Spawn, she applies Offense Up (2 turns) to her team and thus increases their offensive potential.

Moon Knight provides +30% Max Health for the team.

Elektra provides +40% Focus for the team in War.

White Tiger provides +50% Focus for the team. In War, she also provides +30% Resistance and +20% Damage for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Shadowland is a team that we currently do not advise you to invest in. However – if you already have them upgraded – you can use them solidly as a War Offensive or Defensive team.

They have an initial advantage that you can use against slower opponents and cripple them before they get to play. As a fast character, Daredevil will play first in War because of his Speed and the excellent bonuses that Shadowland has, sometimes it is wise to start with his Special and thus apply 2 Counter to the whole team. Moon Knight will make the best use of that because he will have significantly increased Damage (from Offense Up and Counter), and with his Ultimate, you can devastate the entire opposing team.


If you set them up like we did, Elektra will hide Night Nurse and Moon Knight (the two slowest characters) at the start of the fight. And allow them to get through unscathed in most cases until it’s their turn to play. If anything goes wrong, Night Nurse can pull out of the nasty situation with her healing and flip negatives into positives. With White Tiger, target the opponent with the least health and try to knock him out of the combat. With that, she will be able to play again shortly after.

Shadowland can prevent opponents from buffing, drain positives from them, and deal a bunch of damage to them in no time. They heavily depend on T4 upgrades, but if you have a lot of T4 Ability Materials and decently upgraded Shadowland characters, upgrade their abilities, and you will see their real potential.

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