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The X-Treme X-Men are the meta Mutant team, designed to dominate the Incursion II Raid. It consists of 2 reworked (Gambit, Cyclops) and three new (Nightcrawler, Forge, and Sunspot) characters. Nightcrawler is a character that many have been eagerly awaiting for a long time, and they finally got their wish. So we hope that this long-awaited character and his team will not disappoint.


Team Members

x treme x men 1

(left to right)



  • Alliance Raids

The X-Treme X-Men team is brutally strong in Raids, so players use them on a daily basis, and they are crucial to successfully completing Mutant Nodes in Incursion II Raids. Their prowess allows them to be efficient in all other Raids as well.

They can be pretty decent in other game modes as well, like War or Crucible, but they will most likely be relegated to be a defense team.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Placement is not crucial, but Forge must be in the corner (least accessible to the enemy attacks) because he is a team healer and a vital part of X-Treme X-Men sustain. We can place Sunspot in the opposite corner. Cyclops, as the team leader and the character most of the players will have at high Yellow/Red Stars, is in the middle, and Nightcrawler and Gambit are to the right and left of him.

Turn Order:

  1. Nightcrawler
  2. Sunspot
  3. Cyclops
  4. Gambit
  5. Forge

Thanks to the Nightcrawler Passive, X-Treme X-Men teams’ Speed ​​can be reduced only by Slow. Also, On Spawn, Nightcrawler gets Speed ​​Up, and in Raids, X-Treme X-Men Speed ​​Bar is filled by 25%. That will enable them to play before the vast majority of opponents, regardless of whether someone among the opponents can lower their Speed ​​Bar at the start. Every time Nightcrawler lands a Crit, he will fill the Speed ​​Ba of X-Treme X-Men characters by 10%. Since Nightcrawler plays first, has Charged at the start, and can use Special, the Speed ​​Bar of the entire team will increase by 20% after his initial move (40% in raids).


Iso-8 Classes

  • Sunspot – Striker
  • Gambit – Raider
  • Cyclops – Raider
  • Nightcrawler – Raider/Striker
  • Forge – Striker/Skirmisher

For Sunspot, the best Iso-8 Class is Striker. With the Follow-Up attack, he will generate an additional Charged for himself, and the more he has, the more Damage the whole team gains, and the more Ability Energy he can generate for everyone at the beginning of each new fight.

Gambit benefits the most from the Raider class because he has increased Crit Chance and Crit Damage (which he also gives the entire X-Treme X-Men team). Also, whenever he lands a Crit, Gambit applies Evade to all X-Treme X-Men allies. Raider is by far the best Iso-8 Class for him.

Cyclops can attack all opponents with his Ultimate and do colossal damage. Which, if he is a Raider, has the potential to be even greater.


Nightcrawler can also benefit a lot from being a Raider because, with all the buffs he gets, he will have a 90% Crit Chance with a Raider Iso-8 Class. And when he lands a Crit, he fills the Speed Bar by 10% for himself and all X-Treme X-Men allies. So, the team will play much more often with Nightcrawler as a Raider.

He can also be a Striker, which provides more Damage for him, and enables him to apply Ability Block on his follow-up attacks in Raids.

Sustain and mitigation of the whole team are increased if Forge is a Striker. With the follow-up attack, he will apply Deflect and Regeneration to all X-Men allies. Good enough reason for us to suggest Striker. If you feel a lack of vulnerabilities on enemies during the fights, an option of giving Skirmisher Class to Forge is always there.


Team T4s


  • Sunspot – Passive and Ultimate
  • Gambit – Passive
  • Cyclops – Ultimate and Passive
  • Nightcrawler – Passive, Special, and Basic
  • Forge – Ultimate and Special

Sunspot – Passive is the key Ability for X-Treme X-Men and a top priority for upgrading. On Spawn, he will apply Offense Down to all enemies for 2 Turns (up from 1), but that is nothing compared to providing Ability Energy to himself and other X-Treme X-Men allies. He will generate 1 Ability Energy per Charged to everyone On Spawn. It is vital that he finishes the previous fight with as much Charged as possible so that he can generate a lot of Ability Energy at the start of the next one.

Upgrading his Ultimate is significant because not only does it increase the damage, but in Raids, Sunspot also generates an additional 1 Ability Energy for self and all X-Men allies (2 in total) after he uses Ultimate.

Gambit – Passive on Max will help him play more often in Crucible and Raids because he will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 20% in those game modes at the end of any enemy turn. It will also passively increase Max Health of X-Treme X-Men by +25%. Gambit will have +50% (up from +25%). He also gains Stealth for 2 turns (up from 1 turn) when he drops below 50% Health for the first time.


Cyclops – Ultimate on Max Level will clear Revive Once from all enemies, which is essential against enemies who can revive or if Dormammu is one of them. It will gain a bit of damage and apply Slow for 2 turns to all enemies (up from 1 turn).

With a maxed Passive, Cyclops will get Charged faster in Raids +3 on his or any X-Men ally turn. In Raids, the X-Treme X-Men team will receive an additional +50% Focus (+100% total). So improving his Passive is one of the more important things we need to do.

Nightcrawler – Passive On Spawn will apply Speed ​​Up and 2 Charged (up from 1) to him, which is key because it helps him play faster and fill Speed ​​Bar for his team each time he uses Special and has Charged. The Speed ​​of Nighcrawler’s entire team can be reduced only by Slow if Passive is maxed. Another essential upgrade that prevents opponents from manipulating the Speed ​of the X-Treme X-Men team.


If we upgrade his Special, Nightcrawler will extend his Rebound Chain to an additional target (3 in total) and apply Evade to the 2 most injured allies (up from 1). The Piercing damage that the Nightcrawler does with the Special is also significantly increased.

Nightcrawler’s Basic ability at Max Level slightly increases damage. But in Raids, if there are 3 or more X-Men allies, Nightcrawler will also apply Ability Block to the primary target with a maxed Basic attack, which is significant. This increases his control and allows him to prevent enemies from using their strong abilities with just his Basic.

Forge – Ultimate will apply Evade and Safeguard to the team in Raids. Crucial upgrade because with Safeguard, no buff can be removed from the X-Treme X-Men team.

If Special is maxed, then Forge will remove Heal Block from anyone before healing the team. And thus make it impossible for anyone not to be healed.



  • Sunspot – Special
  • Gambit – Special and Ultimate
  • Cyclops – Special
  • Nightcrawler – Ultimate
  • Forge – Passive and Basic

Sunspot – Special will prolong the negative effects on each target by 2 (up from 1), excluding Ability Block and Stun. In Raids, he will prolong everything, so it is great to extend the duration of debufs on enemies for an additional turn.

Gambit – Special will do more damage and apply Bleed and Speed ​​Up for 2 turns (up from 1). This is not a necessary upgrade because Gambit can use his Special regularly, but it is desirable. It allows the entire team to have a constant Speed ​​Up during combat, regardless of whether Gambit is able to use Special.

Ultimate does significantly more damage and applies Disrupted to all enemies for 2 turns (up from 1). He also flips 2 positive effects into negative on each enemy (up from 1). This is not an essential upgrade because you can do every Raid node without it, but it will help.


Cyclops – Special will apply Defense Up and Regeneration to the 3 most injured X-Men allies or self, and Defense Up and Deflect to the 3 highest Health X-Treme X-Men allies or himself. The X-treme X-Men team gets a lot of mitigation with this upgrade, so we recommend it.

Nightcrawler – Ultimate will do more Piercing damage and prolong the duration of all positive effects on self and all allies by 1. This is also useful when you run him in a random team because this effect does not apply exclusively to X-Treme X-Men characters.

Forge – Passive will, On Spawn, apply Defense Up to the team. Which is a solid upgrade that strengthens the team’s mitigation.

Basic will apply Deflect and Regeneration to self and all X-Men allies (up from 4 most injured X-Men or self), so the whole team will have those buffs after Forge uses Basic.


Team Red Stars

We recommend as many Red Stars as possible for all members of the X-Treme X-Man team. It is essential that you have them strong enough to be able to complete the Incursion II Raid nodes without issue. To begin with, try to have at least as many Red Stars as you have Yellow Stars on each character. And as you progress and get more Yellow Stars for each one, try to cover it with Red Stars as well.

Red Stars for Cyclops can be farmed in Incursion 5-8 (5 or 6 Red Stars).


Farming Locations

  • Gambit – Cosmic Crucible Store
  • Cyclops – Raid Store, Beta Raid Orbs, Milestone III Orbs

Since the X-Treme X-Men is the newest team in the game at the time of this writing, all three new characters (Nightcrawler, Sunspot, Forge) are unavailable through any farming method. The two reworked characters (Cyclops and Gambit) are accessible to all players, and it is easy to farm 7 Yellow Stars for both.

On Spawn Buffs

Gambit – +2 Charged
Nightcrawler – +2 Charged, Speed Up

In all game modes – 1 Ability Energy for every Charged Sunspot has, Offense Up, Evade, Defense Up
In Raids – fill Speed Bar by 25%


Team Mechanics

The X-Treme X-Men, if upgraded enough, are built in such a manner that allows them to consistently sim Incursion Raid II Mutant nodes, which is great because they will be the only team in the game who can do such a thing.


Cyclops attacks the primary target with his Basic and applies Defense Down and Slow. It does the same with Iso-8/Counter Attack/Assist.

Special will apply Taunt to the 2 most injured non-summoned non-primary target enemies (ignoring Stealth). So, Cyclops exposes the most injured enemies of the enemy team for his allies to finish them off. He attacks the primary target for solid damage (cannot be counterattacked). Cyclops also buffs his team by applying Defense Up and Regeneration to the 3 most injured X-Men allies or self, applies Defense Up and Deflect to 3 highest Health X-Treme X-Men or self. In Raids, Cyclops applies a Barrier to the 3 most injured X-Men allies or self (Barrier durability is 20% of Cyclops Max Health).

Ultimate will attack all opponents, and clear Revive Once plus apply Slow for 2 turns. He has +500% Extra focus and hardly fails to do those things. Damage on Ultimate is increased by 25% per Charged. Cyclops can relatively quickly accumulate 20 Charged (40 in Raids) and thus do enormous damage to opponents with his Ultimate. After that, he loses all Charges.


As we know, Cyclops has a Charged mechanic that increases his Ultimate damage. He gains +2 Charged on self or X-Men ally turn (max 20), but in Raids on self and X-Treme X-Men ally turn, Cyclops gains an additional +1 Charged (and the max is increased to 40). The potential damage he can do with his Ultimate is more than doubled in Raids, especially when you factor in buffs that he gains from his team.

If Cyclops has 20+ Charged, he gains 2 Ability Energy on turn. Whenever an enemy attacks any of the X-Treme X-Men team members, Cyclops attacks that enemy. He practically counterattacks anyone who attacks his allies.

If anyone from the X-Treme X-man team dies, Cyclops gains Offense Up and fills ally Forge Speed ​​Bar by 100%. Allowing him to play right after and Revive a fallen ally.



Gambit will passively hit the opponent with the lowest Health throughout the fight (at the end of any enemy turn), ignoring Taunt and Stealth while applying Heal Block. He can hit multiple targets with each attack, apply Ability Block if Charged, and apply Evade to all allies when he lands a Critical hit. Whenever Gambit has Evade – X-Treme X-Men allies will gain +25% Crit Chance and +25% Crit Damage (thanks to Gambit’s Passive).

Gambit will gain Stealth (2 turns), Immunity (1 turn), and clear all Defense Down from himself when he (for the first time) drops below 50% Max Health. As long as he has Stealth Gambit gains +50% Drain.

In Crucible and Raids, Gambit will fill the Speed ​​Bar by 20% at the end of any enemy turn. Which will allow him to play more often. He also has a Charged mechanic, and On Spawn gains 2 Charged.


With his Ultimate, Gambit attacks all enemies, applies Disrupted for 2 turns, and flips 2 positive effects to negative on all enemies. The attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

With Special, in addition to inflicting Bleed (2 turns) and Ability Block (if Charged) on the primary target, Gambit also applies Speed ​​Up (2 turns) to self and all X-Men allies. Considering that Special can be used constantly, this means Speed ​​Up for the X-Treme X-Men team during the entire fight.

The Basic attack hits the primary target, then the most injured enemy, and applies Heal Block. Gambit can use this when no one from the X-Treme X-Men team doesn’t need Speed Up.



Nightcrawler also has a Charged mechanic. He gains 2 Charged On Spawn and spends it when using his Special. Special will attack the primary target and apply Stun, Bleed, and Exposed. After the initial hit, Nightcrawler rebounds Chain to 3 targets within infinite spaces of the previous one, does moderate Piercing damage, and applies Bleed. He is the only character in the game that can Chain opponents regardless of their distance.

After that attack, Nightcrawler applies Evade to the 2 most injured allies, Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all allies, and gains Safeguard for 2 turns. If he has Charged, he fills Speed ​​Bar by 20% for himself and all X-Men allies (+40% in Raids). He also fills up the Speed ​​Bar by 20% for the non-X-Men ally with the highest Damage (but that is not 2 much relevant for the X-Treme X-Men team). And then he loses 1 Charged.

With Basic, Nightcrawler attacks the primary target with Piercing damage, repeats that attack 3 more times, and flips 1 positive effect into a negative one each time. In Raids (if he has 3 or more X-Men allies), his last Bonus Attack applies Ability Block. So far, he is the only character in the game available to apply Ability Block with the Basic ability (only in Raids, but still). This attack gains +100% Crit Chance against targets with Exposed and on Crit gains 1 Regeneration. For each Crit, he prolongs the duration of that Regeneration by 1. So, if he attacks a target with Exposed with a Basic attack, Nightcrawler will get 1 Regeneration for 4 Turns. A powerful attack that can also turn the opponent’s 4 positive effects into negative ones.


With Ultimate, Nightcrawler attacks all opponents with Piercing damage (all his attacks are Piercing), clears all positive effects from each target, and applies +2 Slow and + 1 Vulnerable. Also, this clears all Charged from the primary target.

At the same time, he will apply +1 Speed ​​Up to self and all X-Men allies and prolong the duration of all positive effects on self and all allies by 1. This attack gains +500% Extra Focus, is Unavoidable, and cannot be blocked or counterattacked.

Nightcrawler will gain Speed ​​Up and 2 Charged on Spawn. Also, he will apply Evade to self and all X-Men allies, and in Raids, fill Speed ​​Bar by 25% for self and all X-Treme X-Men allies. So, the X-Treme team has an initial Speed ​​lead at the start of each Raid fight.


He will flip 2 negativities into positivities on self each Turn. Every time he lands a Crit, he will fill Speed ​​Bar by 10% for the entire X-Treme X-Men team, and on Dodge, he will heal himself for 10% of his Max Health.

When he drops below 30% Max Health for the first time, Nightcrawler will clear 3 negative effects from self and gain +3 Evade, then he will Heal and Barrier self for 30% of Max Health, and fill Speed ​​Bar by 30%. Strong passive mechanics that boost his sustain and increase survivability.

The Speed of Nightcrawler and each ally ​​can be reduced only by Slow. So Emma Frost’s Passive will have no effect on any team that has Nightcrawler.



Sunspot is a Blaster who also has the Charged mechanic. He gains Charged after using Basic (+1 up to a max of 10) and Ultimate (for each enemy with Charged gain +1 up to a max of 10).

He doesn’t spend Charged, and the more he has, the more Damage he gains (+5% Damage per Charged). If Sunspot has 5 or more Charged, he and all X-Treme X-Men allies gain +25% additional Damage. With the passive bonuses he provides for himself and his team, Sunspot can have (as long as he has 10 Charged) +100% Damage (+125% in Raids), and other X-Treme X-Men allies +50% Damage (+75% in Raids).

On Turn, Sunspot Heal self for 3% of his Max Health per Charged, up to a maximum of 30%. So Charged helps him to have better sustain.

At the beginning of each battle (On Spawn), he generates 1 Ability Energy for himself and each X-Treme X-Men ally for each Charged he has. Theoretically, he can give 10 Ability Energy to himself and all team members at the beginning of each fight. As we can see, Sunspot is an Ability Energy battery for the X-Treme X-man team. He gives +1 Ability Energy to the whole team with his Special and Ultimate, and +2 with his Ultimate in Raids.


Now we understand why the X-Treme X-Men team can sim the Mutant nodes of the Incursion II Raid. A big part of that is thanks to Sunspot because he will be able to provide Ability Energy to the whole team at the beginning of each new fight and all team members will have all their Abilities ready to use.

In addition to giving himself +1 Charged, Sunspot Basic attacks primary and adjacent targets and applies Bleed. Also, apply +1 Bleed to the primary target per Crit. Depending on how many opponents he hits with his Basic and how many Crits he deals he has a chance to apply up to 6 Bleed to the primary target.

With Special, Sunspot applies Ability Block to the primary target, attacks primary and adjacent targets, and puts Slow to all of them. Prolongs all negative effects, excluding Ability Block and Stun, on each target by 2. In Raids, he prolongs all negativities (including Ability Block and Stun) by an additional 1 (3 max). This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be Blocked or Counterattacked. With Special, Sunspot can prolong everything in Raids, and because he plays after Nightcrawler he can extend Stun up to 3 turns.


With Ultimate, Sunspot attacks all opponents and clears 1 Charged on each target (if they have Charged), applies Offense and Defense Down (2 turns) to all of them, and applies Disrupted in Raids. This powerful Ultimate reduces the offensive and defensive potential of all opponents and prevents them from getting buffs in Raids. At the same time, our team is charging with Ability Energy.

Sunspot’s Passive On Spawn will apply Offense Up to self and all X-Men allies, and in Raids, apply Offense Down (2 turns) to all enemies. Thus, it increases the offensive abilities of its team and decreases them for the enemies. When he is with 3 X-Treme X-Men allies, Sunspot prevents enemies from gaining Taunt. Which is an excellent passive that prevents enemy protectors from protecting other enemies.



Forge is a Support character, who provides Heals and Charged for the X-Treme X-Men team. He attacks the primary target with his Basic and applies Deflect and Regeneration to himself and all X-Men allies.

With Special, he attacks the primary Target and copies 1 positive effect (excluding Taunt), then chains to 1 adjacent target and does the same. After that, he spreads all positives from himself (excluding Taunt) to all X-Men allies. After all that, Forge Clear Heal Block from himself and all X-Men allies and Heals everyone for 20% of his Max Health. As long as he is Charged, he applies Immunity to everyone and then loses 1 Charged.

The Special is handy for “stealing” some useful buffs from enemies and redistributing them to the X-Treme X-Men team. There is also a healing ability that heals the whole team and applies Immunity, thus preventing opponents from applying negatives.

With Ultimate, Forge attacks all opponents and clears all positive effects. Removes all negative effects from self and all X-Men allies. He prolongs the duration of all positives on all X-Men allies by 1 and applies Counter, Deathproof, and Deflect to everyone. He also applies Evade and Safeguard to the X-Treme X-Men team in Raids.

He will also apply +1 Charged (up to a maximum of 10) to self and all X-Men allies and +10 Charged (up to a maximum of 40) to all Cyclops allies.


Ultimate also has a healing ability with which Forge Heals the entire team for 30% of his Max Health. With Ultimate, he can also revive 1 X-Treme X-Man ally with 100% Health. If there are no X-Treme X-Men allies to revive, he gains 3 Ability Energy.

Crucial ability with which the defensive and offensive capacity of the X-Treme X-Men team is significantly increased. Because Cyclops will be able to get 40 Charged faster and deal devastating damage to all opponents. The team will be healed, buffed, and cleaned of negatives.

Passivily Forge applies Defense Up to the team On Spawn. As a supporter, he heals the most injured X-Men ally for 5% of his Max Health (on any Turn). When anyone drops below 50% health, Forge will Barrier all X-Men allies for 10% of his Max Health and fill his Speed ​​Bar by 15%. Enabling himself to play faster and heal the team.


Forge has a unique Passive mechanic. Namely, he can upgrade himself 3 times during the fight (he does it on his turn), his upgrades are as follows:

  • Rifle Upgrade: On Attack, apply +1 Vulnerable.
  • Shoulder Cannon: On X-Men ally Turn End, attack the lowest Health enemy for 200% Piercing.
  • Targeting Reticle: Gain +25% Crit Chance for self and all X-Men allies.

Upgrades are random, and each time (each new Forge turn) gains one upgrade he doesn’t have. The extra Vulnerable and constant passive damage to enemies is always more than welcome. And the additional 25% Crit Chance is crucial. Because it will help the Raiders in the team to have close to 100% Crit (90%).

Cyclops provides +50% Focus (+100% in Raids) for the team.

Gambit provides +25% Max Health, +25% Crit Chance (while has Evade), and +25% Crit Damage (while has Evade) for the team.

Nightcrawler provides +60% Max Health for the team.

Sunspot provides +25% Damage (+50% in Raids), and an additional +25% Damage (if has 5 Charged) for the team.

Forge provides +30% Armor (+90% in Raids) and +30% Resistance (+90% in Raids) for the team.


Combat Tips & Tricks

The X-Treme X-Men team is a team that will destroy every Raid they enter. When we take a closer look at their mechanics, it’s easy to understand why they can SIM everything. They are very strong, both defensively and offensively, and have mechanics that can prevent opponents from inflicting substantial damage on them and stop them from using the most dangerous Abilities.

They can mitigate most enemy attacks and control the battlefield without many problems. Can manipulate their own Speed ​​Bar, allowing themselves to play more often. On top of everything 3 X-Treme X-Men members can passively attack enemies:

  • Cyclops (when an enemy attack anyone from the team – attack that enemy)
  • Gambit (at the end of any enemy turn – lovest Health enemy)
  • Forge, if he has a Shoulder Cannon Invention (at the end of any ally turn will attack the lowest Health enemy) 

The amount of passive damage that can be done to the opponents is not negligible and will contribute to significantly easier clearing of all Raid nodes.

We can advise you to invest in this team because it will enable the easy completion of Mutant nodes in Incursion Raids.

You can play as you wish, and spend Abilities without thinking (as long as you have all 5 characters) because, on the next node, everything will be ready to reuse. Of course, try to control the most dangerous opponents and don’t allow them to use their crucial Abilities (the X-Treme X-Men team can do that without much problems).

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