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Gamma is a third Horsemen team that you will need to unlock Apocalypse. This team was introduced in September of 2022 and quickly became a powerhouse in Alliance War becoming the best War Offense team, a year later they were dethroned by the release of Knowhere, but they can still hold one of the top spots for Offensive teams.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Alliance War
  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Apocalypse Saga

Gamma for a long time was an Apex Alliance War team where on Offense it could take out any team and on Defense, it could only be reliably beaten by Gamma themselves. Nowadays they still remain one of the top Alliance War teams, but they no longer hold the first place neither on Defense or Offense and are slowly slipping away. 

Even without the Alliance War bonuses Gamma are still formidable and can be successfully used in Crucible, especially on Defense in stages 1 and 5 of Season 4. 

In Raids they could be used occasionally to clear one or two nodes, but they don’t work well there because recharging Red Hulk’s Ultimate attack takes too long.

As Gamma is a Horsemen team, you will need them to complete Apocalypse’s Saga and unlock Apocalypse.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Hulk is the Protector of the team so he goes in the corner. Red Hulk is often placed beside Hulk, that way he will get hit by splash or chain damage and get Charged Up faster. She-Hulk can Taunt as well so she goes in the opposite corner, while Brawn and Abomination get to take the last 2 spots.

Turn Order:

  1. Red Hulk
  2. Abomination
  3. Hulk
  4. Brawn
  5. She-Hulk

Iso-8 Classes

  • Red Hulk – Striker
  • Hulk – Striker
  • She-Hulk – Striker
  • Brawn – Skirmisher
  • Abomination – Raider

Red Hulk’s Basic attacks can hit pretty hard and will flip a Positive effect. The drain that Abomination provides with his Passive will also allow Red Hulk to heal with each attack so Striker can also increase the sustain. Alternatively, Raiders is also a fine choice for increasing the Damage output.

Hulk can end up taking a lot of turns due to the way his Passive works and his attacks can hit hard, so Striker on him will work well. 

She-Hulk as a Striker can also deal a good amount of Damage with her Basic attacks and will apply Defense Down to the target. She can also be Skirmisher to make sure that her Ultimate ability lands the Stun

Abomination gets a lot of bonus Focus when he’s with the Gamma team, so under normal circumstances, he should be able to apply debuffs and clear enemy buffs, so having him as a Raider will just increase his Damage and the amount of Vulnerable effects. If you find that he fails to perform his tasks well, you could switch him to Skirmisher, to give him a Focus boost.

Brawn can steal Positive Effects and spread them to his team afterward, so increased Focus will also be beneficial for him. 


Team T4’s


  • Red Hulk – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Brawn – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Abomination – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • She-Hulk – Passive
  • Hulk – Passive, Special

Red Hulk’s Passive will fill his Speed Bar by +50% when he gets 5 Charged, this will help him get to his Ultimate faster, which when maxed out will guarantee the application of the Battlefield Effect(instead of a 50% chance). The Special ability will also Reduce the Speed Bar by 10% on Primary and Adjacent targets. 

Red Hulk also has Awakened abilities, namely his Special and Passive. Those are definitely good to have if you intend to use Gamma with Apocalypse or Red Hulk with other Horsemen. Otherwise, they won’t change anything.

Brawn’s Passive will massively increase the Resistance of all Gamma allies and in War, it will apply Immunity and Safeguard to himself on Spawn. His Ultimate will steal and redistribute even more health and then will apply Immunity to Gamma allies. His Special ability will copy and clear all Positive Effects and spread them to Gamma allies (instead of 3).


Abomination’s Passive will increase the Drain for all Gamma members to +30%(was 10%). And on turn will flip 1 random Positive Effect on all enemies (instead of random 3). His Ultimate will increase the damage and will now have a 100% Chance of applying Stun (was 50%). Special ability will clear Defense Up from all targets, and will have increased damage.

She-Hulk’s Passive ability will increase the damage she deals with her Passive attack and also increase the Damage stat for Gamma in War by another +10%. 

Hulk’s maxed-out Passive will increase the Speed Bar he generates for himself whenever a Gamma ally is attacked to +15%(was 10%). And when he drops below 50% Max Health he will now completely fill his Speed Bar (instead of just 75%). His Special ability will now clear all Negative Effects (instead of 3) and increase the Damage.



  • Red Hulk – Basic
  • She-Hulk – Special
  • Hulk – Basic

Red Hulk’s Basic attack is not essential at all, it will just increase his Damage, but since he will often counterattack having more damage on his Basic is a good thing. 

She-Hulk’s Special will increase the self-heal by a +10%. Considering that she will Taunt with this ability it’s best to heal as much as possible.

Hulk’s Basic will deal more damage and gets a +10% Damage bonus whenever he is below 50% Max Health or has Charged. 


Team Red Stars

Red Stars for Red Hulk can be bought for Dark Promotion Credits, considering that he’s a big damage dealer it would be beneficial to have him at very high Red Stars but Dark Promos are hard to come by. If possible, upgrade him to 6 Red Stars. But only if you already upgraded other priority characters, like Apocalypse. Otherwise, you should have at least 5 Red Stars on him. 

For all other members, 5 Red Stars are also enough, but they cost Silver and Gold Promotion Credits so if you want you can upgrade them higher. Hulk as the team Protector will benefit the most from having higher Red Stars. 

Farming Locations

  • Red Hulk – War Scourge
  • Hulk – Achievements
  • Brawn – Mystic 2-9, Raid Store
  • She-Hulk – Heroes 7-9, Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Abomination – Cosmic Crucible Store

On Spawn Buffs

In War: 

  • 3 Deflect(only on Offense), Speed Up for 1 turn on the Team
  • Taunt for 1 Turn on Hulk
  • Immunity and Safeguard for 1 turn on Red Hulk and Brawn


– Red Hulk Safeguard and Immunity for 1 turn.

Team Mechanics

Gamma’s main pillars are the massive damage Potential of Red Hulk and his Battlefield Effect, the near-constant cleansing of Negative Effects from She-Hulk, and the exemplary Protection from Hulk. When you add to that Abomination’s teamwide Drain and Brawn’s Positive Effects this team becomes very formidable. 

Those 3 key members of the team also have Charged mechanics that help them perform their tasks even better.


Red Hulk

+60% Focus for Gamma. In War, +50% Resistance and +50% Damage Reduction. 

Red Hulk’s Charged Mechanic is the fastest way for him to use his Ultimate ability and apply his Gamma Radiation Battlefield Effect. When an enemy hits Red Hulk, he gets +1 Charged. Once he has 5 Charged, he will generate 7 ability energy for himself and will fill his Speed Bar by +50%. He won’t lose his Charges and can’t get more than 5. For Each Charged he has he gains +10% Speed, +20% Block Chance and +20% Chance to Counterattack. 

When fully Charged, he gets enough Ability Energy to be able to use his Ultimate immediately. This will deal a lot of damage to everyone, flip their Positive Effects into Negative and apply Trauma+Heal Block for 2 turns to them. 

He is considerably less dangerous when he’s not Charged, but his attacks can still deal a lot of damage, and his Special can clear Barrier from primary and adjacent targets, will also clear Revive Once from the primary target only, and will reduce their Speed Bar by 10%. Special Ability is on a short cooldown, so he will be using that attack often until he gets Charged.

Getting to his Ultimate attack by normal means is a rare occurrence since he would have to take 8 turns or get Ability Energy from other characters. Normal fight don’t usually last that long, so this weakness can be exploited to win against Gamma. 

In War, he no longer has that weakness since he will get +1 Charged whenever his Gamma allies are attacked as well. But he will gain Ability Energy and Speed Bar only once per war, so consecutive attacks will be substantially easier if he already used his Ultimate.



In War, +30% Damage for Gamma

She-Hulk’s main focus is to keep her Gamma allies clear of any Negative effects and she has a Charged Mechanic that allows her to achieve that task. 

Her Charged mechanic works similar to the way Red Hulk one is in War, since she will get +1 Charged when a Gamma ally is attacked. Once she gets 5 Charged, she will transfer all Negative effects from self and Gamma allies to the enemy with the highest Damage. This will also deal damage to the Primary and Adjacent targets. After that, she will lose all Charged, but she can start gaining Charged again and can repeat this as long as she’s alive. 

One important and dangerous part of this ability is how it functions. While it states, that she’s transferring the Negative Effects in reality this move copies all Negative Effects that are present on Gamma, then it clears all Negative effects from Gamma and applies it to the enemy. It means, that this will bypass Trauma. While She-hulk won’t be able to clear the Negative Effects she will definitely apply them to her target. The only way to stop this is to either Stun her or apply Trauma+Blind to her, that way her attack will miss. 

Other than that, She-Hulk can heal herself on turn by +15% Max Health. Her Special will also heal her by +30% and apply Taunt to herself, this will also deal damage to the Primary target and reduce their Speed Bar by 40%, and also reduce Speed Bar of adjacent targets by 30%. 

Her Ultimate will just deal damage, but can also apply Stun. On War Defense, this will attack the target with the most Damage and apply Taunt to the most injured enemy. 



+30% Armor for Gamma

Hulk’s is a Protector that can take a lot of extra turns to smash some opponents. His Charged mechanic also reflects that since he can use Charges to bolster his defensive and offensive capabilities. He can gain Charged any time he falls below 50% and 25% Max Health, or when he uses his Special Ability. When he has Charged, his attacks gain more Damage, but will also expend one Charged after each use. Additionally, when he has Charged he gets +33% Armor. 

His Passive ability greatly increases his sustainability. Whenever he falls below 50% Max Health, he will clear Stun from Himself and get +100% Speed Bar, as well as gain Offense Up and Charged. When he falls below 25% Max, he will gain Deathproof and then will clear all Negative Effects from himself and get another Charged. 

This Passive can create a loop, where Hulk’s Health drops, he gets a ton of Speed Bar, and takes a turn. Often he will also use his Special since that’s on a low cooldown.

His Special ability will clear all Negative Effects and heal him back up while also applying Taunt. This will mean that his Health will drop down again soon and the cycle will repeat.  

Hulk also gains +15% Speed Bar whenever an enemy attacks a Gamma ally, and when he has Taunt On, he gains +1,000 Resistance. 



+30 Max Health, and +30% Drain for Gamma

Abomination is a Brawler with more of a supportive role for Gamma. He can flip 1 random Positive Effect on all enemies to a Negative on his turn, he can clear Defense Up from his targets, and apply Defense Down and/or Offense Down. His Ultimate attack can Stun. But most importantly, Gamma allies will gain +30% Drain from Abomination’s Passive. This substantially increases the sustain of the team. 

His kit makes him valuable to the team but out of all Gamma members, he’s also the most replaceable. When building variations of this team often he’s the first to be swapped out with characters like Apocalypse, or Quicksilver. 



+30% Max Health for Gamma. In War, +200% Resistance for Gamma

Brawn’s main focus on the team is to support his allies by stealing Positive Effects from the opponents and applying them to his team. He can also heal his teammates, apply Immunity and Regeneration, and give them a small Speed Bost whenever they drop below 50% Max Health. 

His Passive ability allows him to heal 20% of his Max Health on turn and at the end of any turn, if he or any Gamma member has Heal Block and Regeneration applied to them he will clear the Heal Block.

When a Gamma ally drops below 50% Max Health, he will apply Offense Up and 3 Deathproofs to them, while also filling the Speed Bar for that character by +15%

His Ultimate will attack the primary target and steal 35% of Health from them, after that it will redistribute 500% of the stolen Health to self and all Gamma allies(bypasses Heal Block). This attack will also remove all Negative Effects from Gamma and will apply Immunity. 

His Special will attack primary and adjacent targets, then it will copy and clear all Positive Effects(excluding Taunt) and then will spread them to all Gamma allies. And his Basic attack will apply Regeneration to the most injured Gamma ally. 



Combat Tips & Tricks

Using Gamma on War Offense is a joyful experience, Red Hulk will start with his Special and reduce the Speed Bar for a few characters. This is a strong opening move, but the interesting part is yet to start, In war, he gets Charged whenever a Gamma ally is hit getting to his Ultimate will be pretty easy. Once unleashed the Ultimate will devastate your opponents. Normal fights with Gamma may often last no longer than a minute, because once Red Hulk uses his Ultimate the fight is over.

In some cases, his Ultimate may hit the enemies that have Safeguard and Immunity, which means that trauma won’t be applied. When possible it’s always better to use the Ultimate when your enemy doesn’t have Safeguard. But there’s also a valid argument that applying the Battlefield Effect as quickly as possible is important.

When the Battlefield Effect is active, on every Enemy turn Red Hulk will attack them for some good damage and will apply 3 Bleed to them, these attacks are Unavoidable and the Battlefield Effect lasts until the end of the battle.


Most of the fights using Gamma are straightforward to the point that you can start the fight, set it on auto, and forget about it, you will still win. Lately, there are a lot more exceptions to that. Nowadays, Gama will not work on Infestation or New Avengers. It may work on Knowhere or Secret Defenders but only with a lot of guidance.

Against Knowhere, it’s important to hold off using Red Hulk’s Ultimate until after Nova used his since Nova will apply his own Battlefield Effect to his side of the field, and if you use yours after that it will overwrite Nova’s. If you focus on taking out Cosmo and then Thor you can have a good chance of winning.

Fighting against Gamma in War is best if you use Knowhere or Secret Defenders. With Knowhere, it’s the same trick as we mentioned above only reversed – wait until Red Hulk uses his Ultimate, and then use yours. The fight will always start with Red Hulk using his Special, after that Nova can take his turn. Hulk will be taunting at this point, so just use Nova’s Special and Stun him. This will also apply Trauma, so you should be able to refocus on other targets and not worry about Hulk’s Taunt for a little. Depending on whom Red Hulk targeted with his Special, your Star-Lord’s may take a turn before Red Hulk’s second turn. If that is the case and you manage to use Star-Lord’s Special and Blind Red, this fight is on a good track.


Once Red Hulk uses Ultimate turn and misses, your Nova can use his Ultimate, overwrite the Battlefield Effect, and start focusing on eliminating Red Hulk. Nova’s strong Basic attacks and Thor’s even stronger Ultimate should help you win.

Fighting Gamma outside of War is far simpler. You will only need someone who can apply Trauma+Ability Block or Stun combo. your focus would be to stun and get rid of She-Hulk first, once that’s done you will be able to easily control the others since the will no longer be clearing all their Negative Effects, at least not as frequently.

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters page.


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