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Infinity Watch was one of those teams that completely redefined the Meta upon their arrival and that was mainly thanks to the new Positive Effect that MSF introduced with the release of this team – Safeguard. 

A couple of years later this team has somewhat lost its shine, but they are still widely used and appreciated. 


Team Members

infinity watch infographic

(left to right)



  • Alliance War
  • Cosmic Crucible

While this is an old team at this point it can still be pretty tough to overcome, that’s why very often you can encounter them in Alliance War or Cosmic Crucible on defense. 

In War, they can even be used on offense to take out some trick teams that start the fight by applying a lot of Negative Effects. 

Even then, building Infinity Watch at this point, if you don’t have them already, is not recommended. While their kit is still decently strong and holds its own, their stats are starting to look pretty low in comparison to newer characters/teams and resources are finite. 


Team Placement & Turn Order

While this team doesn’t have a classic Protector, Adam Warlock may occasionally get Taunt from Gamora’s Passive. So setting him up in the corner makes sense. Next to him, we can place Nebula since she can Revive and is the least valuable member of the team. 

Turn order would look like this:

  1. Nebula
  2. Gamora
  3. Adam Warlock
  4. Phyla-Vell
  5. Moondragon

Iso-8 Classes

  • Phyla-Vell – Striker
  • Adam Warlock – Skirmisher
  • Moondragon – Healer
  • Gamora – Striker
  • Nebula – Skirmisher

Adam Warlock can apply important debuffs, such as Ability Block and Stun to multiple enemies, hence he will benefit from the increased focus of the Skirmisher Class

Gamora is the main Damage dealer and her attacks are mostly single target, only her Special hits multiple, that’s why Striker fits best for her

Moondragon is mainly the team’s Support, she’s there to remove enemy Positive Effects and Heal her team. Since she gets Bonus Focus on her Special, she doesn’t need help from the Skirmisher Class to remove the buffs. Having her as a Healer will improve the sustainability of the team

Nebula will be assisting all her teammates, and with Skirmisher she could end up applying a lot of Vulnerable effects. 

And despite the fact that Phyla is a Protector, her attacks can hit pretty hard, so Striker on her is a good decision.


Team T4’s


  • Moondragon – Passive
  • Nebula- Passive, Ultimate
  • Phyla-Vell – Passive
  • Gamora – Passive

Moondragon’s Passive will increase the Focus and Resistance of the team.

Nebula’s Passive will guarantee that she will assist on each of her teammates’ attacks, and her Ultimate will increase her chain from 3 targets to 10!

Phyla-Vell Passive will increase the damage for the team and increase the Drain of ally attacks if they have Deathproof applied to them

Gamora’s Passive will increase her Piercing and Crit Chance, and will fill her Speed bar +50% (instead of 30%) when she becomes Empowered



  • Adam Warlock – Passive
  • Moondragon – Ultimate, Special
  • Gamora – Ultimate, Basic
  • Nebula – Basic
  • Phyla-Vell – Ultimate

Adam Warlock’s Passive will slightly increase the Max Health of the team and gain 2 Deflects, when he drops below 50% Health.

Moondragon’s Ultimate will increase the Healing she provides, and Special will increase the Speed Bar Reduction that’s applied to the Primary Target.

Gamora’s Ultimate and Basic will only increase her Damage output, but for a Damage dealer like Gamora that increase would be substantial so it’s recommended to do so.

Nebula’s Basic will deal 10%(instead of 5%) of the target’s Max Health as Damage

Phyla-Vell’s Ultimate will increase the Damage and Apply Defense Up and Offense Up to the team for 2 turns (instead of 1)


Team Red Stars

Gamora can be taken to 6 Red Stars, as a main Damage dealer she will benefit from that. As for the others, spending Credits to go above 5 is not recommended because they are an older team at this point. 

Farming Locations

  • Adam Warlock – Legendary Event
  • Gamora – Heroes 2-6
  • Moondragon – Nexus 5-3, Milestone III Orbs
  • Phyla-Vell – Heroes Hard Mode 4-3, Arena Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Nebula – Villains 5-9

On Spawn Buffs

  • Safeguard and Immunity for 1 Turn on the team
  • Defense Up for 2 turns on the team
  • Moondragon +1 Charged
  • Nebula Speed Up for 1 turn

Team Mechanics

Two key mechanics of this team are the Protection they get on Spawn and Gamora’s ability to Empower

Adam Warlock is responsible for applying Safeguard and Immunity for 1 turn when the team Spawns, this makes them invulnerable to any kind of debuffs from the get-go. Adam can reapply Safeguard on his second turn but without the immunity this time. e will also apply Safeguard whenever an Infinity Watch ally gains Deathproof.

He can also apply Ability Block for 2 turns to the primary target and to all Villain Protectors. On his Ultimate, he can also Stun two targets. Additionally, he will lower the damage of enemies by 10% when he’s in a full Infinity Watch team.


On his turn, he will also clear Regeneration from his enemies, and if any enemy has Regeneration, he will apply that for 2 turns to the most injured ally. He also will apply Safeguard to any Infinity Watch ally that gets Deathproof and will revive with 60% Max Health, if he starts the fight at full Health.

Gamora can get Empowered through her Charged Mechanic. On Spawn she will get 4 Charged, and she will lose 1 Charged for each Infinity Watch ally, allowing her to Empower immediately. She can Empower even outside of her team since she will lose 1 Charged after each turn. 

When she gets Empowered, she will clear all Negative Effects from self, heal per effect cleared, and heal +50% of her Max Health. Her Speed Bar will also fill by +50% Her Special attack will transform from a small Chain attack to an Area-of-Effect attack that will hit all enemies. If any enemy has Deathproof on, she will clear it from them and apply +1 to her team. If Gamora gets a kill with her Ultimate attack she fills her Speed Bar to the max and gets another turn immediately. Additionally, she will also Revive once with 100% Health, if she starts the fight with full Health and all Infinity Watch teammates.

Phyla-vell is the Protector of the team, she will primarily focus on clearing Debuffs from self and her allies and applying Positive Effects. Her Damage stat is also pretty impressive so her attacks will deal a decent amount of Damage. She also will apply Deathproof to any Infinity Watch ally that drops below 50% Max Health. 


Phyla’s Passive will also allow Infinity Watch allies that have Deathproof to deal +25% Drain damage.

Moondragon can remove all Positive Effects from her enemies, and apply Slow to them for 2 turns with her Special. If the primary target is a Protector with Immunity, she will flip Immunity on the target and apply Immunity to all Infinity Watch allies. On her Ultimate she will deal damage to all targets and apply Defense Down for 2 turns to them. Both these abilities also heal her team. 

She also has a small Charged mechanic. If she starts the battle with 3 or more Infinity Watch allies she will get 1 Charged. Whenever she uses her Basic attack while Charged, she will instead Mind Control 1 Enemy to attack the primary target. Delivering a killing blow is the only way to get more Charged for her.

Also, she always applies Assist Now to Phyla-Vell when using her Basic. 

Nebula’s primary utility is doing Assists on all Infinity Watch allies’ attacks, her Ultimate ability also allows her to chain to up to 10 targets. She gets Speed Up on Spawn, which will allow her to be the first to take a turn and apply Vulnerable that Gamora will exploit. Nebula will also Revive if she started the fight at full Health.

On turn, she will also apply Assist + Speed Up to Gamora.

Adam Warlock – +20% Max Health, +30% Armor for Infinity Watch

Gamora – +10,000 Resistance against Defense Down, +5% Crit Chance for self, +10% Crit Chance for Infinity Watch

Moondragon – +60% Focus, +60% Resistance for Infinity Watch

Phyla-Vell – +20% Damage for Infinity Watch. Lower enemy Crit Chance by 15% (when not Ability Blocked)


Combat Tips & Tricks

The Safeguard and Immunity that Infinity Watch get on Spawn only lasts for 1 turn, and once that turn is over it opens the team up to Negative Effects which can be detrimental. 

There are ways to easily reapply Safeguard, for instance using Gamora’s Empowered Special attack, if any enemy had Deathproof or Phyla-Vell’s Ultimate on any enemy that has Positive Effects. Phyla will also apply Deathproof when any Infinity Watch ally drops below 50% Max Health. Those attacks will apply Deathproof to the team and because of Adam’s Passive whenever an Infinity Watch character gets Deathproof he applies Safeguard to them. Adam can also apply Safeguard on his Ultimate, which he will use on his second turn. 


Moondragon can also apply Immunity to the team, but only if there’s a Protector enemy with Immunity, in those cases you should always target that enemy.

Infinity Watch as a team can still hold their own pretty well, and if they had a small boost to their stats and a few touch-ups to their kits they could become a Meta team again. 

Even now, they are still being used on Alliance War Offense or Defense, and in Cosmic Crucible, more often on defense because they can slow down the opponents’ team and make them lose efficiency points. 

The simplest way to counter them is by using Apocalypse and Eternals combo. Apocalypse will prevent Safeguard on Spawn and Eternals will flip the Immunity and Defense Up. In War, you still need a very good team, or a War Offense team to counter them, like Darkhold, or Weapon X. And in Crucible teams like Masters of Evil or Unlimited X-Men will have the most success. 

On War Offense, Infinity Watch can take down teams like Death Seed and strong defensive teams like Infestation. Any team that gets a Speed Boost and starts the fight with a lot of Negative Effects will falter because of the Immunity and Safeguard combo. Important to not do very high punch-ups, because Infinity Watch won’t do well against stronger opponents if the fight drags on too long. 

More detailed information about the counters can be found on our War Counters page.


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