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Spider-Society is the meta Skill Raid team for the Incursion Raids era. They will also be the first team to be required in a new upcoming Raid. The unique thing about this team is that every member has dual-origin traits, which makes them the first dual-origin team in MSF.

The team setup is standard, with 2 reworked characters and 3 new ones. The reworked ones include Ghost-Spider (once a member of the Bio Raid team Web-Warriors), and Spider-Man (Noir), while the new members are a selection of Spider heroes from the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animated movie.


Team Members

spider society infographic 1

(left to right)



  • Raids

Raids are the natural habitat of this team and they will excel there. They will have no issues at all clearing Ultimus or Doom Raid nodes even at lower power, while Incursion might require them to be higher, they will still be able to clear the Skill nodes there.

Additionally, 3 members of the team also have the Bio Origin, which can allow you to have a secondary Bio team as a backup, in case your Hive-Mind gets destroyed. Without their full team, they won’t live up to their potential, but can still do a decent job cleaning up the nodes.

Pavitr’s kit makes him a good consideration for Dark Dimensions City nodes. The other characters are also all City, so they can be used for City nodes as well. They might not be the main recommendation, but can be a great choice to fill the last spot.


Team Placement & Turn Order

This team doesn’t have a traditional Protector with Taunt, and neither do they have any adjacency abilities, so their placement isn’t as essential. Peni is a valuable member so we can protect her in a corner, with Noir next to her. Noir will often slip into Stealth so he can stop Chain attacks. In the center, we went with Ghost because most long-time players will have her built up high and because she has a natural Dodge Chance. Peter B. Parker is next to Ghost, and Pavitr is in the other corner.

Turn Order:

  1. Spider-Man (Noir)
  2. Spider-Man (Pavitr)
  3. Peter B. Parker
  4. Peni Parker
  5. Ghost-Spider

Normally, Pavitr will take the first turn since he has the highest Speed stat, but Noir gains bonus Speed Bar per enemy with positive effects, so he can end up being first to take a turn most of the time.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Peni ParkerStriker/Skirmisher
  • Peter B. Parker – Striker/Raider
  • Ghost-SpiderStriker/Raider
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Raider
  • Spider-Man (Pavitr) – Raider

One the the best things this team does in terms of Iso is that Pavitr on Spawn will apply 2 Vulnerable to all enemies, which opens up the team for more possible Iso combinations. Pavitr will also increase the Crit Chance and Crit Damage of all his allies, so having Raiders will still be very beneficial. So the perfect Iso comp, once the team is built up well, would consist of a couple of Strikers (Peni, Ghost) and the others as Raiders.


Peni Parker – has some of the most important buffs, she can apply Safeguard for 2 turns to all Spider-Society characters, and, at the same time, she can also apply Trauma to all enemies, which can be incredibly helpful. On top of that, both her Ult and Special can Stun the primary target. To make sure that the negative effects land she might need some Focus from the Skirmisher class early on, at least until players gain more access to her Yellow Stars. She gains bonus Focus from her teammates so once she’s big enough, you can switch her to the Striker class. As a Striker, Peni will be able to remove even more positive effects on her follow up attacks, but more importantly, she will apply +1 Deflect to the Spider-Society team after each Basic or follow up attack and will generate 1 Ability energy.

Peter B. Parker – has a few good choices for his Iso Class. For a Healer character, one can always use the Healer class but this is not necessary here since Peter B. has incredible passive healing already. Instead, the choice falls between Striker or Raider class. Raider will help with applying more Vulnerable effects to your enemies since Peter’s Special and Ultimate hit multiple targets, while Striker will provide even more sustain for your weaker Spiders because Peter will apply Regens and Evades to them.


Ghost-Spider – will be a great damage dealer so both Raider and Striker classes will fit her well. Her Special and Ultimate hit multiple enemies, so Raider class will be good for applying more Vulnerable effects and dealing lots of damage. As a Striker, Ghost will be able to apply Blind on her Basic or follow up attacks, which will help control your enemies even better. In some edge case scenarios, Skirmisher might be considered because it will help Ghost spread negative effects, but that’s mostly for players who don’t have Ghost built up high.

Spider-Man (Noir) – is also a damage-dealing type of character, and as such he can be a Striker or Raider. While Striker can be good, even if it’s mostly to make sure Noir has enough Evades on himself, ultimately he will be better as a Raider.

Spider-Man (Pavitr) – his Basic and follow up attacks can apply Speed Up to a random ally without Speed Up, this can make him a great Striker. But, if he’s with the Spider-Society team and in Raids, everyone will have enough Speed Ups as is, so Striker will be wasteful. Instead, Raider would be ideal for Raids, because all of Pavitr’s attacks hit multiple enemies, and he also Passively increases the Crit Chance and Damage, meaning that he will Crit nearly always and the damage will be substantial.


Team T4’s


  • Peni Parker – Passive, Ultimate, Special
  • Peter B. Parker – Passive, Ultimate
  • Spider-Man (Pavitr) – Passive
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Passive
  • Ghost-Spider – Passive, Ultimate

The absolute first step is to go through all of the Spider-Society members and upgrade their Passive abilities, as most of them are essential for the team to function well in Raids. After that, the focus is on Peni’s Ultimate. These abilities might be enough to start, but after that, you should start working on the other essentials.


Penis Passive will generate 6 Ability Energy on Spawn (In Raids) and is essential for subsequent attacks in Raids (or for simming attacks), this will allow your team to always have their Cooldowns ready. Her Ultimate will apply Safeguard for 2 turns to Spider-Society and will apply Trauma to all enemies. Her Special will also apply Stun to the primary target if maxed making it also a very valuable upgrade.

Peter B. Parker’s Passive will apply Safeguard to the team on Spawn, and will also prevent enemies from applying Defense Down to the Spider-Society team, which will greatly increase your team’s mitigation and will allow them to survive for longer. His Ultimate will apply Immunity to all Spider-Society characters.


Pavitr’s Passive will increase the Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Focus of all Spider-Society characters, but even more so, it will prevent enemies from gaining Speed Up, if Pavitr has Speed Up. (only in Raids). Pavitr Spawns with Speed Up and can gain it passively or from his abilities, so he will almost always have it which makes this upgrade essential.

Noir’s Passive will provide a healthy damage bonus to all Spider-Society characters and will fill a quarter of his Speed Bar on Spawn.

Ghost’s Passive has a few improvements – higher Dodge Chance, higher damage on her retaliation attacks, and will also increase her overall damage when she has 3 or more Spider-Society allies making her the main damage dealer, at least until you have more stars on the newer characters. Her Ultimate will spread all negative effects (instead of 3) and while she won’t be able to spread Stun, Ability Block, or Trauma, this can still be very useful because of all the Bleeds characters will end up with.



  • Spider-Man (Pavitr) – Ultimate, Special
  • Ghost-Spider – Basic, Special
  • Peter B. Parker – Special, Basic
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Ultimate, Special, Basic
  • Peni Parker – Basic

Pavitr’s Ultimate will increase the damage he deals (with bonus damage to targets with Slow) and it will also remove Slow from self and all allies. The damage boost is a nice one and good to have, and clearing Slow from allies is situational, but can come in handy. A good upgrade to have, but if you’re short on T4 ability materials, this can wait. The same goes for his Special, which will remove 1 positive effect from each target he hits. It’s not significant enough, but can be helpful.


Ghost’s Basic will apply Blind and Bleed to the primary target (if the target has Slow) and this also works on follow-up attacks. If you’re going to use Ghost as a Striker, this is an essential upgrade since there will be a lot of targets with Slow all the time. If you’re using her as any other Iso class, this is still recommended but can be skipped if you’re short on T4s. Her Special will simply increase the damage a little and the number of targets she will Chain to, it’s good to have but definitely one of the last upgrades to get.

Peter B’s Special will call an ally to attack the primary target. The cooldown of this ability is very short so he will end up using it often, and that will increase the overall damage output which makes this a good upgrade to have. His Basic will apply Regen’s to 2 most-injured Hero Spider-Verse allies and Evades to 2 most-injured Spider-Society allies (instead of one of each). This can also be very useful and will increase the sustain of the team.


Noir’s Ultimate will increase the damage of the attack and will apply Heal Blod and 3 Bleed, this can then synergize well with Ghost spreading the Bleeds and Heal Block to all enemies, so it’s a very good upgrade to have. His Special will fill his Speed Bar by +50% (instead of 20%) which can allow him to take 2 turns at the start of the fight, but it will only work if the primary target has no negative effects at the end of Noir’s turn, and because it’s harder to line up that properly this ability is not essential. His Basic will allow him to always gain Evade and Regen (instead of 50% Chance). Noir’s Health isn’t as high and he can often end up dying first, so this upgrade will certainly help keep him in the fight for longer.

Peni’s Basic will clear all positive effects (instead of 3) from the primary target, which can be very useful on a Basic attack, but not as essential so this upgrade can wait.


Team Red Stars

Getting 7 Red Stars on newer characters shouldn’t be complicated, as long as you open Elite Red Star Orbs when they are featured there. Noir and Ghost are older characters so plenty of players might have them at high Red Stars already.

You could also get Red Stars for them from the Incursion Campaign:

  • 7 Red Stars for Noir – Incursion 3-7
  • 6 Red Stars for Ghost – Incursion 2-7

Noir and Ghost can also benefit from having Diamonds on them since they should be maxed out for all of the long-time players.

Farming Locations

  • Ghost-Spider – Nexus Campaign 6-3, Milestone III Orb
  • Spider-Man (Noir) – Arena Store, Heroes Hard 7-6

On Spawn Buffs


  • Defense Up for 2 Turns
  • 2 Vulnerable to all enemies
  • Deathproof, Deflect, Regeneration (2 of each)
  • Barrier the Team for 15% of Peni’s Max Health
  • Generate 1 Ability Energy for all Spider-Society characters
  • Peni – 2 Deflect
  • Pavitr – Speed Up
  • Noir – Stealth for 1 Turn, Revive Once (with 50% Max Health)

In Raids, they will additionally get:

  • Speed Up for 1 Turn to all Spider-Society
  • One Evade to all Spider-Society
  • Safeguard for 1 Turn to all Spider-Society
  • 5 Ability Energy to all Spider-Society
  • 2 Ability Energy for 5 random Hero Spider-Verse characters
  • Offense Down to all enemies
  • Slow for 3 Turns and Trauma for 1 Turn to the enemy with the highest Speed
  • Noir – Offense Up for 1 Turn, +25% Speed Bar

Team Mechanics

Spider-Society is a very fast and offense-minded, yet still versatile Raid team. Their key strength is having a Speed advantage and incredible sustain which allows them to outmanoeuvre any Raid node. Most of that is thanks to the 3 new characters – Pavitr, Peni, and Peter B. While Ghost and Noir will mainly be responsible for damage, however, Ghost also has some abilities that will help control your opponents.

Each of the new characters also has a unique feature in their kits, something that’s prevalent through all of their abilities and is essential to them or the team.

Peni Parker

Peni’s unique feature is that she deals more Damage as long as she has Barrier. She ends up having Barrier for most of the fight because she applies some on Spawn, and can re-apply Barrier on turn end if she doesn’t have Barrier anymore. Additionally, she gains some bonus advantages for having Deflect. It can passively increase her Resistance, and will also help her apply more Bleeds with her Ultimate. Peni can gain Deflect from all of her abilities, including 2 Deflect on Spawn.


Peni’s Passive and her Ultimate make her the key member of the team, because Passive will generate a lot of Ability energy on Spawn, which will help the team clear or sim Raid nodes. While Ultimate provides a lot of strategically important buffs.

Ultimate is one of the most important abilities of the whole team because this allows Peni to apply Trauma to all enemies, while at the same time, applying Safeguard for 2 Turns to the Spider-Society team. Alas, this works only in Raids.

This ability will also clear all negative effects from all allies, then it will clear all positive effects from the primary target and will apply Stun and Slow. After, it will hit all enemies, dealing a lot of damage, and will apply Ability Block to all enemies with the Support Trait. Peni will gain bonus damage if she has Barrier, and will apply +1 Bleed to all enemies per each Deflect she has.


After all of that, she will apply 1 Deflect, 1 Counter, 2 Deathproofs, and Defense Up for 2 Turns to all allies.

This attack is also Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

It’s an incredible ability because it can buff any team, so she can be used even without her Spider-Society characters. Unfortunately, it’s only available on her 2nd turn. In Raids, Peni provides bonus Ability energy, so she can use it on her first turn.

Her Special attack is more straightforward, she will apply Slow and Stun to the primary target, then will hit the primary and adjacent targets, applying Heal Block and Bleed. As usual, she will gain bonus damage if she has Barrier.


Then, this ability will clear all negative effects from the 2 most injured Hero Spider-Verse allies and will apply Stealth to them. After, she will apply Deflect, Immunity, and Offense Up to all allies.

While this ability is simpler, it still provides a lot of value. She’ll be able to apply Stun to a target at the beginning of the fight, and Immunity to all allies, which can be of great value in some cases.

Basic is no less impressive, it can clear all positive effects from the primary target, and deal damage (with bonus damage if Peni has Barrier). Then she can gain +1 Deflect for each Hero Spider-Verse ally (up to 5 max) and will apply +1 Deflect to all Hero Spider-Verse allies.

But most importantly, she will generate 1 Ability Energy for all Spider-Society characters. This can be most helpful in Raids since most of her teammates have long cooldowns. And as a Striker, Peni will be able to provide them with a lot of additional Energy.


Her Passive applies Barrier on Spawn to Hero Spider-Verse characters generates Ability Energy for Spider-Society characters (1 Energy everywhere, 6 Energy in Raids), applies +2 Deflect to Peni, and applies Offense Down to all enemies in Raids.

On end of turn, if Peni doesn’t have Barrier, she will apply Barrier to self and all Hero Spider-Verse allies. And will fill Speed Bar by +5% for all Spider-Society characters.

Whenever Peni or a Hero Spider-Verse character Blocks an attack, Peni will clear a random negative effect from that character. Deflect is essentially a 100% chance to Block the next attack, and because Peni can apply a lot of Deflects to her allies it means, that they will Block often and that Peni’s Passive will keep removing negative effects, which will end up having a very positive impact on your fight.


As a bonus, whenever Peni or a Spider-Society ally gains Disrupted, Peni will clear a random negative effect from self and all Spider-Society allies.

Per every Deflect she has, Peni gains +100% Resistance. While she has Deflect, she will lower the Crit Chance and Crit Damage of all enemies by 25%.

Peni and all Spider-Society characters gain +50% Armor and +25% Max Health from her Passive. In Raids, Peni gives out an additional +50% Max Health to all Spider-Society characters.

Peter B. Parker

Peter B. is the support/healer character of the team, each of his abilities can restore Health, either through Regens or directly. His Passive Ability is even more impressive and might end up healing for more than any of his active abilities.


Ultimate – will attack the primary and adjacent targets, and will apply Disrupted and Offense Down (both for 2 Turns) to them.

Then, this ability will clear all negative effects from self and all Hero Spider-Verse allies, will apply Defense Up for 2 turns to them, and will also apply Immunity to all Spider-Society allies.

Additionally, this will apply 3 Regeneration to the most injured Hero Spider-Verse ally and will apply 3 Counter to the Hero Spider-Verse ally with the highest damage.

And after all of that, he will heal self and all allies for 25% of his Max Health. In Raids, he will additionally heal all Spider-Society characters for 25% of his Max Health. This means that in Raids, this will heal the Spider-Society team for 50% of Peter B. Max Health.


The damage from Peter B’s attacks might not be impressive, but he hits multiple targets, which bodes well with Raider Iso class. And he also applies good debuffs to the enemies, and even better buffs to his allies. And the amount of Healing, especially in Raids, will often be lifesaving.

In Raids, he will be able to use this ability on his first turn, but outside of Raids he would have to wait for his 2nd or 3rd turn (depends if Peni is with him)

Special is also a good one, it will attack the primary and adjacent targets and will remove all positive effects from them. Then it will call an ally with the least Speed Bar to attack the primary target (will also apply Offense Up before calling). The cooldown on this ability is short, needing only 3 energy. This means, that you will be able to use this attack often. But that’s not all

This ability will also clear Heal Block from all Spider-Society allies, and will apply Regen to all Hero Spider-Verse characters. Will heal the most injured Hero Spider-Verse character for 30% of Peter’s Max Health.


Being able to use this ability often negates the fact, that it actively heals only one target. The damage output overall will also be noticeable because of all of the bonus attacks.

Basic will hit for damage and apply Offense Down to the primary target for 2 Turns. It will also apply 2 Regen to the most injured Hero Spider-Verse and 2 Evades to the most injured Spider-Society. Since this effect will also occur on his follow up attacks (Iso attack, Assist, Counter), there could be a case made for using Peter as a Striker. That said, Peter has a 50% Assist chance when he’s with the full Spider-Society team, so we should have enough Regens and Evades on the field under normal circumstances.

Passive applies a ton of positive effects on Spawn to all Hero Spider-Verse characters: Deathproof, Defense Up, Deflect, and Regeneration (2 of each). In Raids, he will also apply Safeguard for 1 Turn to all Spider-Society characters.


When any Hero Spider-Verse ally is attacked, Peter B. will heal the most injured Hero Spider-Verse ally for 20% of Peter’s Max Health. And if the attacked character had Vulnerable, Peter will clear all Vulnerable from all Spider-Society allies. This is an incredibly potent healing mechanic because it will end up healing allies after each enemy turn. On top of that, clearing Vulnerable effects from his team can be incredibly valuable in Raids.

On turn, Peter will prolong the duration of all positive effects by +1 on the most injured Hero Spider-Verse character. And will apply Assist Now to the Hero Spider-Verse with the highest damage.

Peter B. provides +50% Max Health and Resistance to all Spider-Society characters, with an additional +100% Resistance in Raids. He also has a 10% Assist chance and gains +10% for each Spider-Society ally.


In Raids, if Peter B. has 3 or more Spider-Society allies, enemies won’t be able to apply Defense Down to the Spider-Society characters. This will be very important because this team doesn’t have a way to revive a character (Noir doesn’t count), so staying alive will be the most crucial task. And if the enemy can’t apply Defense Down, there is less of a risk of anyone dying unexpectedly.

Spider-Man (Pavitr)

Out of the newer characters, Pavitr will be the one responsible for damage and for maintaining the Speed advantage. His unique feature is that all of his abilities can apply Speed Up, either to himself or his allies and he also gains bonus damage on all of his abilities against targets with Slow. Another fun fact – all of Pavitr’s attacks are Rebound Chain attacks.

On top of that, Pavitr also passively increases the Crit Chance and Crit Damage of his allies, as well as gives out a great amount of bonus Focus.


Ultimate will attack the primary and adjacent targets for damage, applying Offense Down and Slow (both for 2 Turns). After that, he will chain to 6 adjacent targets and will apply another +1 Slow (up to 5 max) on each hit. This attack cannot be counterattacked.

Then, he will clear Slow from self and all allies and will apply Speed Up for 2 turns (up to 5 max) to self and all Hero allies.

For every enemy with Slow, Pavitr will Barrier self and all Hero Spider-Verse allies for 5% of his Max Health.

As is with all other Ultimates, this one is very good, but not available on his first turn outside of Raids. In Raids, they can all start with their Ultimates thanks to Peni’s Ability Generation on Spawn.


Pavitr will still be able to use this on his second turn (if he Spawns with Peni) or his third turn. Applying Speed Up to all Hero allies can make him very good as a plug-and-play option, or a candidate for Dark Dimension.

The Special attack will also Chain to multiple enemies, it will apply Offense Down and Slow (both for 2 Turns) to the primary, and then +1 Slow on each consecutive hit. He will also clear 1 positive effect on each consecutive hit. This attack cannot be counterattacked.

After that, he will apply +1 Speed Up to the 3 most injured Hero Spider-Verse characters.

Basic will attack the primary target and apply +1 Slow, then it will Chain to 2 adjacent targets, applying +1 Slow (up to 5 max) on each hit.


This will also apply Speed Up to a random ally without Speed Up. And if all Spider-Society characters have Speed Up, this will fill their Speed Bar by +5%.

This can be a good reason to choose Striker class for Pavitr since he’ll be able to apply a lot of Speed Ups that way, and that is indeed a good idea if you use him as a plug-and-play character outside of his Spider-Society team, but with his team, they won’t be needing additional Speed Ups and he will be better as a Raider, dealing damage and applying Vulnerable effects. Although filling the Speed Bar can be good, 5%-10% won’t be as impactful in most cases.


Passive allows Pavitr to Spawn with Speed Up. Since he already has a high natural speed stat, this will allow him to be one of the first characters to take a turn in all game modes, making him viable as a plug-and-play. More importantly, he applies 2 Vulnerable to all enemies on Spawn, which is another big benefit that immensely increases his plug-and-play viability

In Raids, he will also apply Slow for 3 Turns and Trauma for 1 Turn to the enemy with the highest Speed, disabling that enemy before they can do anything.

On turn end, for every enemy with Slow, Pavitr will gain +1 Speed Up (up to 5 max). Since he can apply a lot of Slows, he will often have a max amount of Speed Up. That is very important in Raids because if he has Speed Up, enemies cannot gain Speed Up. This will solidify the Speed advantage of the Spider-Society team.


For each Speed Up, Pavitr also gains +5% Drain and +20% Focus.

He also passively adds +20% Crit Chance, +10% Crit Damage, and +100% Focus to all Spider-Society characters. In Raids, he adds additional +40% Crit Chance, +20% Crit Damage, and +100% Focus to all Spider-Society characters.


Ghost was once a great Raid character with her Web-Warrior team, although they were focused on the Bio nodes. That team was slowly growing outdated, but Ghost didn’t give up, she worked hard behind the scenes and came back to become a great Raid character, again. This time she will focus on Skill nodes with her Spider-Society team.

Ghost will mainly be responsible for dealing a lot of damage, although she can also control the battlefield by spreading negative effects and applying Blind with her Basic ability. She also has a retaliation mechanic and will hit an enemy each time they attack her or a Spider-Society ally.


Ultimate will attack all enemies for damage and will spread all negative effects (excluding Stun, Ability Block, and Trauma) from the primary target to all secondary targets. If she has 3 or more Spider-Society allies, she will also clear Taunt from all enemies.

This attack cannot be blocked.

While it’s unfortunate that she can’t spread Ability Block or Trauma (spreading Stun is too overpowered, so we can’t expect anyone to have that), she will still be able to spread a ton of Bleeds or other negative effects, as long as you pick the correct primary target. And because this attack cannot be blocked, it allows Ghost to spread those effects more easily, because Blocks would add Resistance to enemies so they would have a better chance of Resisting the spread.

The cooldown on this ability is also fairly long, and she can only use it on her first turn in Raids.


Special is a Chain attack, it will hit the primary target and will apply Ability Block, then it will chain to 4-5 adjacent targets, applying Slow for 2 turns to each target hit. This attack cannot be blocked.

Ghost also will apply 1 Assist Now to a random Spider-Society ally.

In Raids, she gains +500% Focus for this attack, so Ability Block should land in most cases, especially since the attack is unblockable.

Basic can steal 1 Evade from the primary target and will hit them for damage. After that, Ghost will gain 1 Evade. This attack cannot be dodged, so even if the target had more Evades, they would still get hit.


In Raids, if the primary target has Slow, this attack will also apply Blind and Bleed. This will also work on Iso attacks, Assists, and Counters, which makes Ghost a great option for a Striker Iso class.

Ghost-Spider’s Passive ability provides her with a grace and a retaliation mechanic. The grace mechanic will apply Stealth to a Spider-Society ally when they drop below 50% Max Health, which should offer them some protection before they can heal up. The retaliation mechanic will hit an enemy each time they hit Ghost or a Spider-Society ally. While these retaliation hits might not deal a lot of damage, they will quickly add up.

Ghost also has a natural +25% Dodge Chance and she gains +25% Damage.

In Raids, she gains another +25% Damage. Spider-Society characters also gain +25% damage. If she has 3 or more Spider-Society allies, she gains an additional +50% damage.


In Raids, On Spawn, Ghost will apply 1 Speed Up and 1 Evade to all Hero Spider-Verse allies. And if she has 4 or more Hero Spider-Verse allies, she will generate 2 Ability Energy to 5 random Hero Spider-Verse allies or self, that were not at full energy.

In most cases, you won’t need her Energy generation in Raids since Peni will be taking care of that. But if by any chance you finished the previous Raid node with 0 energy on everyone, Ghost will make sure they all are ready.

Spider-Man (Noir) is a Crucible character who wasn’t seeing as much action there, so he decided to go somewhere where he will be needed on a daily basis – Raids. He’s a fairly straightforward forward damage-dealer type, with a focus on fast attacks that deal Piercing damage.

His Ultimate will hit the primary and adjacent targets and will apply a couple of Bleeds and Heal Block to them. If Noir is in Stealth, he will also apply Disrupted for 2 turns to the primary target.


In Raids, he will also clear Regen from the targets he hit and will gain a +1,000% bonus Focus for this ability.

He starts with full Ability Energy so he can use this attack on his first turn in any game mode.

Special will attack the primary target and will apply Bleed and clear Taunt from them. Then, it will hit the most injured target (ignoring Taunt and Stealth) and apply Bleed to them.

If the primary target has no negative effects at the end of this turn, Noir also gains +50% Speed Bar.


In some cases, this ability can be an even better option to use first, rather than his Ultimate. Say if the target has Immunity, or even Deflect, and no negative effects, you can start by using your Special, which will trigger the Speed Bar gain. Often that would be enough for Noir to take his second turn immediately.

This ability is also on a very short cooldown, so if you pick targets correctly, Noir can end up gaining a lot of bonus turns. It’s also a good ability for finishing weakened enemies.

Basic will attack the primary target and will apply Stealth to Noir. In Raids, Noir will also gain Evade and Regeneration.

Noir doesn’t have a lot of Health, so having Stealth or even Evades will allow him to stay alive for as long as possible.


On the topic of staying alive, Noir’s Passive allows him to Spawn with Revive Once, which will allow him to come back once at 50% Max Health. On Spawn, Noir will also gain Stealth and in Raids, he gains +1 Offense Up and +25% Speed Bar on Spawn.

If your Noir is weak and dies often, having him as a Striker might be preferable because then he will have more Evades on, and will spend most of his time in Stealth, which will make him harder to hit and eliminate.

When an enemy gains a positive effect, Noir gains +10% Speed Bar. This is the most important part of his kit because it allows Noir to often be the first to take a turn and to take even more bonus turns throughout the fight.

Noir also gains +25% damage passively, and Spider-Society allies also gain +25% damage. In Raids, all Spider-Society characters gain an additional +50% damage.


In conclusion, the Spider-Society team is a very fearsome squad, possessing high Speed and an abundance of positive effects. They also have a great way of controlling the battlefield with negative effects.

The biggest weakness of this team is that they cannot Revive a fallen ally. Sure, Noir can Revive himself, but that doesn’t count because he won’t be the only one to die every time, and having a reliable way of Reviving is a necessity for a Raid team, otherwise you will be dependent on Raid Heals.

To negate that, Spider-Society have some of the best sustain mechanics: Peter B. can passively heal after each attack, Peni can randomly remove negative effects and will apply Safeguard, Ghost will apply Stealth to anyone who falls below 50% Max Health, etc. One of the most important aspects is that enemies cannot apply Defense Down to a full Spider-Society team (only in Raids). And all of that will certainly help, it might even be enough in most cases. But when they will fall short, that will be because they can’t Revive.


Combat Tips & Tricks

The way this team behaves in Raids and everywhere else will be slightly different. In Raids it will be quite simple, you can always start with their Ultimate abilities. The main focus will be to stack a ton of Bleeds and other negative effects on one enemy, and once Ghost takes her turn, you can spread all of those negative effects with her Ultimate. Other than that, it’s important to hit the right targets when you’re using your controlling abilities.

Peni can apply Stun with both her Special and Ultimate, Ghost can Ability Block with her Special, and can apply Blind with her Basic (if maxed out), if she’s a Striker you can use that to apply even more Blinds to different enemies. You could even start with her Basic to Blind someone, and on Ghost’s second turn, you can Ult and spread that Blind to everyone. Noir’s Special attack will generate Speed Bar for him if the primary target doesn’t have any negative effects after he hits them, so if you see targets with Immunity make sure to use his Special on them, that will allow Noir to take more bonus turns.


Peter B. can clear all positive effects with his Special, and Peni can do that as well with her Basic. Peni’s Basic attack will also generate ability energy, and if she’s a Striker you can get 2 energy at once if you hit a target with Vulnerable. This can be incredibly useful in long Raid battles since Spider-Society has a lot of characters with long cooldowns.

In all other game modes, Spider-Society won’t have their Ultimates available on turn one (except for Noir). But similar tricks still can be used. You can focus on hitting one target using the Special attacks first and apply a lot of debuffs, and once you get to Peni’s turn you can use her Basic, which will generate energy for everyone and will allow Ghost (who normally takes her turn after Peni) to Ult and spread all those negative effects. Although, in some cases, you may want to use Peni’s Special first to Stun the enemy, but if she’s Striker and the enemy has Vulnerable, you will still be able to Ult with Ghost.

If you have any questions about Spider-Society or need any help with MSF feel free to reach out to us via our Discord:


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