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Masters Of Evil



Masters of Evil is the first team to officially include a Dark Dimension character as a member – Ultron. Even then, the team’s MVP is Kang, he’s considered one of the best characters in the game. 


Team Members

masters of evil

(left to right)



  • Cosmic Crucible
  • Nova Trials

The main game mode for Masters of Evil is Cosmic Crucible, where they are one of the best Offensive teams. 

Most members have bonuses in their Kit tied to CC, making them invaluable in that mode, but merely passable in others. In War, there are a few counters where Masters of Evil might win, but they are below average there. 

Individual characters like Ultron and Kang, especially Kang, are good choices for Dark Dimensions. Kang is one of the best Cosmic characters to use in DD.

Masters of Evil are also invaluable for Nova Trials since they can have their Crucible bonuses active there if you turn on the corresponding Pact.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Absorbing Man is the Protector on the team and will be placed in the corner. A good idea would be to place Titania next to Absorbing Man since she will be often buffed and has the most health on the team. Kang as the most valuable member should be in the opposite corner farthest from Absorbing Man.

Turn Order in CC :

  1. Titania
  2. Kang
  3. Ultron
  4. Moonstone
  5. Absorbing Man

This is the turn order if Ultron and Titania have their Passive Abilities maxed out. Outside of CC Kang will go first, followed by Titania and Moonstone, then Ultron and Absorbing Man last. Kang also gets more Speed Bar if the enemy Spawns wwith Speed Up, which can make him go before Titania.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Kang the Conqueror – Striker
  • Titania – Striker
  • Ultron – Striker
  • Moonstone – Striker
  • Absorbing Man – Striker

Thanks to Kang’s Passive ability, the opponents will have a lot of Vulnerable effects applied to them on his turn (only in Cosmic Crucible), Which allows for all of Masters of Evil to have the Striker Class. 

Outside of Crucible, you could switch Moonstone and Absorbing Man to Skirmisher, they both can benefit from having more Focus and will apply Vulnerable. 

Kang in some cases can be a Raider, but he benefits more as a Striker since his Iso-8 attack can fill his Speed Bar as long as he hits a target with Vulnerable. 

Titania will benefit more from Raider in other game modes since her attacks have more benefits when she lands a Crit. Her Basic Ability will generate 1 Ability Energy to herself in Cosmic Crucible but she also gains bonus Crit Chance per every Counter she has and in Crucible she will have a lot, hence Striker there can allow her to generate 2 Ability Energy for herself at once.


Team T4’s


  • Kang – Passive, Ultimate
  • Ultron – Special, Passive, Ultimate
  • Titania – Special, Passive
  • Moonstone – Special, Ultimate, Passive
  • Absorbing Man – Ultimate, Special

Kang’s Passive will fill the Speed Bar by +5% for his allies on Offense and will fill his own Speed Bar +10% when any enemy gets Speed Up. On Turn, he will also Steal 3% from all enemies. This passive works in all game modes, which make it very valuable and the first one for an upgrade. 

His Ultimate will clear all Barrier and Deathproof from every enemy, and apply Defense Down. It’s an AoE attack and stripping enemy’s defenses will only help deal more damage.


Ultron’s Special will always summon 3 minions in all game modes. In Crucible, this will also attack the primary target and get an assist from all minions. Minions also spawn with Deathproof and +10% Speed Bar.

Ultron’s Ultimate and Passive are essential only if you intend to use this team in Cosmic Crucible. His Passive will give him +15% Speed Bar on Spawn and add +50% Resistance to Masters of Evil. His Ultimate will clear all Deathproof from the primary target before attacking (if Ultron has 3 MoE allies)

Titania’s Passive will fill her Speed Bar +10% on Spawn and will apply 1 Counter&1 Deflect (up to 5) each time a MoE ally takes a turn. (Crucible Only)

Her Special attack will gain more damage and will allow her to gain Safeguard if the target has Safeguard. (Crucible Only).


Moonstone’s Special will apply Disrupted+Trauma and her Ultimate will Stun the primary target. Both abilities are important for better control of the fight and to ensure that these debuffs land her Passive will give +100% Focus to all Masters of Evil. (Only in Crucible)

Absorbing Man’s Ultimate will apply Deflect and Immunity to all Masters of Evil allies, while his Special will transfer all Negative Effects from his allies to himself. (Only In Crucible)

Strictly speaking, if you don’t intend to use MoE in Crucible the only abilities that are Essential are Kang’s. 



  • Kang – Special, Basic
  • Titania – Basic
  • Absorbing Man – Passive

Kang’s Special will also clear all Barrier before attacking, while his Basic will apply Disrupted to the most injured target.

Titania’s Basic will clear 2 Negative Effects from herself if that attack is Critical. (Only in Crucible) 

Absorbing Man’s Passive will increase his own Resistance by +30% and apply +4 Counter to Titania on Spawn.


Team Red Stars

Ultron will require Dark Promotions Credits for an upgrade, and he’s a low priority due to Dark Promotions being hard to get. So he can be either completely ignored or just left at 1-2 Red Stars. 

Kang takes Silver & Gold credits and as such is one of the few characters that is recommended to have at 7 RS. The others may be left at 4.

Farming Locations

  • Kang – Incursion 3-8
  • Ultron – Complete Dark Dimension II
  • Titania – Nexus Hard Mode 4-9
  • Moonstone – Villains Hard Mode 4-3, Raid Store
  • Absorbing Man – Nexus Hard Mode 1-9, War Store

On Spawn Buffs

In Cosmic Crucible:
Team – Speed Up, Defense Up for 2 turns
Titania – 5 Counter, 1 Deflect
Absorbing Man – Taunt, 3 Deflect
Ultron – Revive Once

Elsewhere :
Team – Defense Up for 2 Turns
Absorbing Man – Taunt, 3 Deflect
Ultron – Revive Once

Team Mechanics

In all game modes, there are 2 distinguishing features that make Masters of Evil who they are, and that is Ultron with his minions and Kang just being Kang(one of the best characters in the game). But even with Kang there they are slightly above average. Cosmic Crucible is where they really excel and every Masters of Evil (MoE) member has specific bonuses in that mode. 



(+30% Max Health, +60% Crit Damage for self. +40% Crit Chance for self and MoE, +20% Crit Damage for MoE)

Kang’s Passive ability allows him and his MoE allies to Spawn with Speed Up for 2 turns in Cosmic Crucible. Additionally, Kang fills his and his allies’ Speed Bar by +5% on Offense in any game mode. These two factors coupled together allow MoE to most often be the first to take a turn in CC and take a couple of turns before the enemies take even one.

Kang also will fill his own Speed Bar by +10% when any enemy gains Speed Up.


Other than that, Kang’s Passive has a dangerous on turn mechanic. Every time he takes he will:

– Attack all enemies for 50% Piercing + steal 3% Health from all enemies and redistribute to self. This attack bypasses Heal Block and ignores Defense Up.

–  Transfer 2 negative effects from to self to the most injured enemy.

  • In Crucible, clear Speed Up on all enemies.
  • On Crucible Offense, if this character has 4 or more Masters of Evil allies, apply +1 Vulnerable, to up a maximum of 5, to all enemies.

The last part is what allows this team to be comprised entirely of only Strikers because Kang will make sure there are always Vulnerable effects to exploit. 

Kang’s Ultimate attack will clear all Barrier and Deathproof from all enemies, apply Defense Down to them then deal a lot of Piercing Damage, clear 3 Positive effects, and reduce Speed Bar by 10%.

This attack will ignore Defense Up, is Unavoidable and Unblockable. Characters killed by this attack cannot be Revived.

This attack can be absolutely devastating, especially if a lot of MoE allies have Offense Up, because Kang gains an additional +20% Crit Chance and +10% Crit Damage per every MoE with Offense Up.


His Special attack will clear all Barrier and attack primary and adjacent targets for a lot of Piercing Damage and apply Slow for 2 turns to them. This will also apply Defense Up to self and all allies, and Offense Up for 2 turns to all MoE characters. Additionally, Kang will gain +1 Evade per every Crit.

This attack also ignores Defense Up.

Kang’s Basic attack will hit the primary target hard and fill Kang’s Speed Bar by +20% if the target had Vulnerable. After that, it will do a follow-up attack on the most injured target and apply Disrupted to them. 

His Basic also ignores Defense Up and cannot be counterattacked. 



(+30% Armor for Masters of Evil in Cosmic Crucible)

Ultron was the first great Dark Dimension character and was used as a plug-and-play character for a long time, he was great at that thanks to his bots (minions) that he can summon early on with his Special Ability. 

He will always summon 3 different bots and each of them have different buffs with their Special Abilities, that they can apply not only to Ultron but to other allies as well:

  • Ultron Incinerator
  • Ultron Accelerator
  • Ultron Fabricator

Incinerators will apply Offense Up for 2 turns to self, all MoE, random 4 allies, and will also fill Ultron’s Speed Bar by +25%. If Ultron already had Offense Up, he would gain 1 Ability Energy instead. The Basic attack of this bot can clear 1 Positive effect(excluding Taunt) and apply it to Ultron. And upon death, they will apply Counter to Ultron.


Accelerators will apply Speed Up for 2 turns to self, all MoE, and 4 random allies. And will also fill Ultron’s Speed Bar by +25%. If Ultron already had Speed Up they will fill his Speed Bar by +40% instead. Basic attack will reduce the Speed Bar of the target by 30%. Upon dying, Accelerator will fill Ultron’s Speed Bar by +25%

Fabricator will heal self and all MoE allies and apply Regeneration to them for 2 turns, and will also clear 4 Negative Effects from self and all MoE. They can heal 4 other allies as well but for a little less. 

This ability will also fill Ultron’s Speed Bar by +25%. Basic attack will grant 1 Ability Energy to Ultron and when this bot dies, Ultron will gain Deathproof. 


So the trick with these Bots is to strengthen and speed up Ultron with Positive Effects, which will allow him to take his second turn even faster and use his Ultimate, which can deal a devastating attack to a single target. 

In Cosmic Crucible, when Ultron summons his bots with the Special Ability he also will apply Deathproof to them and fill their Speed Bar 10%, after that he will attack the Primary target and call all bots to assist him. These attacks are Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

This Special Ability will also apply Defense Up to self and all MoE. 


These bots and their synergy with Ultron make him a great option for Dark Dimensions (2-5). In longer battles like Dark Dimensions ones, Ultron can set himself up to be able to move fast and use his Ultimate attack every turn, because his bots would keep feeding him Ability Energy and Speed Bar. He might even be a good option for DD 6 if you have a lot of Red Stars on him, but it’s not worth spending Dark Promotions to buy those, not unless you upgraded most of the other Dark Promos characters to the max first.

Ultron’s Ultimate Ability, if he has 3 or more MoE allies and is in Crucible, will clear all Deathproof from the target before attacking. His attack will deal a ton of Piercing Damage to a single enemy and he will get 1 Ability energy per Positive effects on self. 

This attack ignores Defense Up and characters killed by it cannot Revive. In Cosmic Crucible, it’s also Unavoidable and unblockable. 

This ability has a really long cooldown but because of all the Ability Energy Ultron can get he can end up using it quite often even in short 5-minute battles.


His Basic attack will copy and clear 2 Positive effects from the target, and deal damage. It won’t copy Taunt but it will clear it. 

His Passive Ability allows him to start the fight with Revive Once.

On Kill, he will prolong all Positive Effects on self, MoE allies, and Villain Tech allies by +1. 

In Cosmic Crucible, he also gains +15% Speed Bar on Spawn. 

Being able to self-sustain to this extent and create an army of bots is what made Ultron amazing when he was first released, these days his stats are below-average and his bots don’t get a lot of protection so are easy to kill. If he ever gets a small rework that would increase his stats and enhance his bots, he may jump to the top 10 best characters, maybe even top 5. Alas, that may never happen. 



(+50% Max Health for MoE in Crucible)

Titania is a mix of a brawler-controller type. Her attacks are all single target and can deal a good amount of damage, but will also control those enemies with debuffs and steal Positive Effects from them.

Her Passive will apply Defense Up for 2 turns on Spawn to all MoE. On turn, she will gain +1 Counter (up to 5 max) and on Crit she will gain +1 Deflect (up to 5 max). For each Counter, she gets +10% Crit Chance, and for each Deflect – +10% Crit Damage.

Whenever she gains 1 or more Positive Effects, she heals herself for 10% of her Max Health and fills her Speed Bar by +10%.

And when any MoE character is attacked, she will apply Slow to the attacker.


In Crucible, she also gains +1 Deflect and Counter on Spawn, and one more on each MoE turn (up to 5 max). And will also fill her Speed Bar by +10% on Spawn

Her Ultimate will apply Ability Block, Disrupted, and Heal Block to the target while also dealing damage. In Cosmic Crucible all of those debuffs will be applied for 2 turns instead.

If this attack Crits, she gains extra +100% Focus for it. This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.

Titanis’s Special ability will attack the primary target and will copy and clear all Positive Effects (excluding Taunt) and gain +1 Defense Up. If this attack Crits, she will clear all Negative effects from self.

This attack is Unavoidable 

In Cosmic Crucible, it will also apply +1 Speed Up and Offense Up to herself. If the primary target has Safeguard Titanis will also gain Safeguard. 

Her Basic Attack will deal damage and clear 1 Negative effect from herself. In Cosmic Crucible it can also generate 1 Ability energy and clear 2 additional Negative effects, but only if she lands a Crit.



(+50% Focus for MoE in Crucible, additional +100% Focus for MoE on Offense in Crucible)

Moonstone is the classic Controller, she’s pretty quick and can generate Ability Energy for herself, and can also apply debuffs to her enemies and Reduce their Speed Bar. 

Her Passive Ability allows her to perform a specific action on each turn, depending on how many MoE allies are present: 

– If this character has at least 1 ally, gain +1 Evade, up to a maximum of 3.

– If this character has 1 or more Masters of Evil allies heal for 10% of this character’s Max Health.

– If this character has 2 or more Masters of Evil allies, Barrier self for 10% of this character’s Max Health.

– If this character has 3 or more Masters of Evil allies, clear 1 positive effect from the enemy with the lowest Resistance.

  • If this character has 4 or more Masters of Evil allies, transfer 1 negative effect, excluding Ability Block and Stun, from self to the enemy with the lowest Resistance.

Her Ultimate Ability will attack primary and adjacent targets and apply 2 Defense Down on them. 

In Cosmic Crucible, this attack will also stun the primary target and reduce the Speed Bar by 20% for primary and adjacent targets. 

A great controlling ability that unfortunately is virtually useless outside of Crucible. 

Her Special Ability will reduce the Speed Bar of the target with the Highest damage, excluding the primary target, by 20%. And then will Mind Control that target to attack the primary target. After that she will attack the primary target for damage and apply Defense Down and Stun. 

In Crucible, this will also apply Disrupted and Trauma to the primary target. 

This ability is much better in terms of balance between Crucible and other game modes. 

Moonstone’s Basic attack will allow her to apply Defense Down for 2 turns to the target and will gain +1 Ability Energy if the target had the Vulnerable effect. 


Absorbing Man

(+50% Resistance for MoE in Cosmic Crucible)

On Spawn, Absorbing Man will always gain Taunt and 3 Deflect, which makes him one of the few pre-taunt characters and allows him to be used in a plug-and-play manner for some teams. 

Whenever he’s attacked, he will copy and clear 1 Positive effect from the attacker(excluding Stealth and Taunt) and will gain +1 Defense Up (up to 3 max)

When he drops below 50% Max Health if he has Taunt, he will clear it and fill his Speed Bar by +30%

Absorbing Man gains +20% Armor and Resistance per Defense Up on him. In Cosmic Crucible will heal 5% of his Max Health on each Block.

His Ultimate attack will clear all Negative effects from himself. In Cosmic Crucible it will also heal self for 40% Max Health. 


After that, it will attack the target and clear all Positive effects from it. In Cosmic Crucible this will also apply Deflect and Immunity to all MoE characters. 

His Special Ability is quite good, he will transfer all Negative effects from MoE allies to himself and then will flip them into Positive Effects. After that it will attach the primary and adjacent targets and apply Offense Down for 2 turns to the primary target.

It will clear Taunt from all enemies and apply Taunt to himself. (In Crucible, he will apply Taunt for 2 turns)

His Basic Ability will attack the primary target, then will copy and clear 2 Positive effects (excluding Taunt and Stealth)

If the Targed had the Vulnerable effect Absorbing Man will also gain +2 Deflect (up to 5 max)


Combat Tips & Tricks

In Crucible, Masters of Evil are a menacing team that can deal with nearly all enemies, although some Room Rules might be very beneficial for other teams which can prevent MoE from dominating, like Bifrost in Room 2, Season 4.

The core characters of the MoE team are pretty fast and with the Speed Up from Kang, they can take advantage in any battle early on. They can take down teams like Gamma and Unlimited X-Men fairly easily and with big punch-ups. 

Against Gamma the trick is to focus on Red Hulk and get rid of him as soon as possible, if Kang is the strongest on your MoE (and he should be, so definitely focus on upgrading him) he will be able to deal with Red Hulk quickly and the fight will go easier from there.


Against Unlimited, the first thing you should do is use Titania’s Ultimate on Rogue to apply Disrupted, which will prevent her from Taunting when her allies for below 50% Max Health. You should have Titania’s Passive maxed out for this to work because otherwise Kang will take the first turn and might deal enough damage for someone to fall below 50% and if that happens your efficiency will be ruined. If you managed to Disrupt Rogue the next thing you should do is rewind Dazzler with Ultron’s Special, it will delay her flip long enough for you to get rid of Dazzler altogether with Kang’s Ultimate. In some cases, when doing big punch-ups, you could stun Dazzler with Moonstone and focus down Gambit first, but most often once Kang used his Ultimate the fight is nearly over.

In War, MoE do not perform well. They can counter some of the other average teams thanks to Kang, but most often there are better teams suited for the task. You may encounter them on Defense from time to time but teams like Eternals and War Dogs can deal with them easily. However, you should be careful if you see a very strong Kang because he alone can derail you.


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