Cabal is a 3 member team composed of one reworked and two new characters. This team is set to become a new Apex Cosmic Crucible team

Since Cabal only has three members (rather than the standard 5), we can combine them with miscellaneous other Villain characters (that have plug-and-play value). They give various bonuses to Villains, so we will have a vast selection of teammates to choose as interim Cabal members.


Team Members


(left to right)



  • Cosmic Crucible

They are most potent in Cosmic Crucible and have additional capabilities in that game mode. With two strong Villains, the Cabal team can crush almost any defense in the Crucible. However, they have bonuses for (both) defense and offense, so they can also serve as an excellent defensive Crucible team.

They also have an excellent combinatory value because different Villain characters can be added to them, depending on the opponent. Super Skrull, Apocalypse, Doctor Doom, Dormammu, Omega Red, Mister Negative, and Emma Frost … are just some of the characters we can add to the Cabal trio and thus make a “BOMB” not just in the Crucible, but in any other game mode also.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Team placement is not that important. You can put Iron Patriot in a corner (since he has the weakest Armor of all three) and thus “hide” him from enemy hits.

Turn Order:

  1. Iron Patriot
  2. Namor
  3. The Leader

Cabal characters are generally slow, but that doesn’t stop them from being great. Iron Patriot is the fastest with 119 Speed ​​- which is average. Namor plays after him, and The Leader is the slowest and plays last.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Iron Patriot – Raider
  • Namor – Raider
  • The Leader – Raider

Notice something interesting? We gave everyone a Raider Iso-8 Class. All three have Abilities with which they can hit multiple enemies. And that somewhat justifies this decision, but their Passives are much more crucial, which makes it best for all three to be Raiders.

Iron Patriot applies +1 Vulnerable to all enemies whenever any Villain ally lands a Crit attack. And when enemies have Vulnerable, they receive additional damage (+10% per Vulnerable up to a max of 30%). Even more importantly, in Crucible, opponents with Vulnerable cannot fill the Speed ​​Bar for themselves or their allies or even gain Safeguard.


Namor Barrier self and all Villain allies whenever he or Villain ally land a Crit attack. Which strengthens the sustainability of the whole team.

The Leader has a Charged mechanic, and through it, he increases Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Block Chance for himself and all Villain allies (up to 50%). So, the Raider class fits perfectly with this. In Crucible, through his Passive, The Leader prevents opponents with Vulnerable from gaining Safeguard.

It is in our interest to do as many Critical Hits as possible. Therefore, to throw as many Vulnerabilities on the opponents as possible, do more damage with those Criticals, prevent enemies from gaining crucial Speed advantage and buffs, and increase team sustain through Barriers.

Due to the mentioned facts, the Raider class becomes an obvious choice for all three.


Team T4’s


  • Iron Patriot – Passive, Ultimate, and Special
  • Namor – Passive and Ultimate
  • The Leader – Passive, Special, and Ultimate

Passive – prevents enemies in Crucible from gaining Stealth. Also, all opponents with Vulnerable cannot fill the Speed ​​Bar for themselves or their allies. This is a huge advantage in Crucible because we know that the Cabal team will throw a bunch of Vulnerable at the opponents on Spawn.

A maxed Ultimate allows Iron Patriot to apply +2 Vulnerable to primary and adjacent targets (up from +1). And increases the damage Ultimate does. While with a maxed Special, he removes all positive effects (up from 3) from all enemies while also increasing damage. You can see the value of improving both abilities because Vulnerable effects on opponents are a prerequisite for the main mechanics of the Cabal team, and removing all positives from all opponents is always desirable.


Passive – if maxed, prevents opponents in Crucible from gaining Deathproof. It also increases the damage of Cabal allies by +30% (up from +10%). This is essential for fighting opponents with a bunch of Deathproof. (this can weaken Secret Defenders, and other teams like Infinity Watch, etc.)


Ultimate flips all positive effects on all enemies (up from 3 positives) and reduces the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies with Vulnerable by 50% (up from 40%). Considering that Iron Patriot applies Vulnerable to all enemies on Spawn, and his starting ability will apply bonus Vulnerable, Namor will certainly reduce the Speed ​​Bar of opponents after the Ultimate. Flipping all positive effects on all opponents is also very powerful.

The Leader

With a maxed Passive, The Leader will apply Safeguard to himself and all Cabal allies on spawn. Until he takes a turn on each enemy turn, he will Barrier himself and all Villain allies for 10% of his Max Health. This significantly strengthens the team’s mitigation because we know Cabal members are not overly fast, so more often than not a few enemies will play before them. But enemies will not be able to take away their positives and will do less damage due to the Barrier that The Leader provides.


If his Special is maxed, The Leader will call 2 Villain allies to attack the primary target after he attacks it (up from 1 Villain ally). In Crucible, he will apply Safeguard to himself and all Villain and Gamma allies. This significantly increases the damage done to the opponent, and it is also great for saving buffs because the whole team gets Safeguard.

With maxed Ultimate, The Leader will clear Revive Once from primary and adjacent targets, deal more damage, and generate 3 Ability Energy for all Cabal Allies (up from 1 Ability Energy) and an additional 3 Ability Energy to all Villains. It is a significant improvement, especially when fighting against opponents who can revive. Also, the Ability Energy provided to Cabal allies must not be forgotten. That way, they will be able to use their Abilities much earlier.



  • Iron Patriot – Basic
  • Namor – Basic
  • The Leader – Basic

Iron Patriots Basic will apply Defense Down for 2 turns (up from 1 turn), and whenever he performs an Iso-8 attack, Counterattack, or Assist, he will apply Heal Block, Disrupted, and Slow for 2 turns (up from 1). Extending the duration of negative effects on opponents is definitely handy and Iron Patriot will always assist his Cabal allies, so If you have enough T4 Ability Materials, upgrade Iron Patriot’s Basic.

Every time Namor performs a Counterattack or Assist, he will apply an additional 2 Bleed (3 in total) if we max his Basic. Those extra Bleeds every time he counters or assists are not an essential upgrade, but they will add up and can have a big impact.

If we max his Basic, The Leader will gain an assist from a random Cabal or Gamma Ally. This can significantly increase the damage we do after his Basic hit. As with the other two, the upgrade is not essential but is helpful.


Team Red Stars

As with all new teams, 7 RS for each character is a must-have. It is simple for all end-game players (and possibly even for mid-game and new players) to collect 7 Red Stars for each newly arrived character, so this will not be a problem in the case of Iron Patriot and The Leader. Namor Red Stars we can get from the Elite Store.

Farming Locations

  • Namor – Doom 4-9, Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs

Iron Patriot and The Leader will become farmable in around 3-4 Months after their initial release.


On Spawn Buffs

The Leader – 3 Evade

In all game modes – Offense Up (2 turns), 2 Deflects, Defense Up (2 turns), Safeguard

Team Mechanics

Cabal is a trio that works best when paired with two other Villain characters, and that’s (exactly) what makes them such an interesting team. Various combinatorics are possible. And that gives an extra boost to everything, so over time, we will see how the various Villain characters will turn out in practice when combined with these three.

Here, we will focus on Iron Patriot, Namor, and The Leader and show you what they all “bring” and how this trio works.


Iron Patriot

His Basic attacks the primary and adjacent targets and applies Defense Down (2 turns). Which additionally increases the damage that opponents receive. When performing an Iso-8 attack, Counterattack, or Assist, he clears Immunity and Applies Defense Down, Heal Block, Disrupted, and Slow (everything 2 turns). He is so potent and dangerous when assisting or countering. Thanks to his Passive Iron Patriot will always assist on each Cabal ally turn, so he will end up applying the aforementioned debuffs often.

Special – he attacks all opponents and removes all positive effects from them. Applies +1 Vulnerable (up to a max of 5) and +1 Defense Down (up to a max of 3) to each target. In Crucible, this attack is even more powerful because it applies Trauma (2 turns) to all opponents. Iron Patriot Special gains +500% extra Focus and cannot be dodged. It is a mighty attack that can leave the opposing team without buffs and increase the damage they receive.

Ultimate – Iron Patriot attacks primary and adjacent targets, flips Deflect and Minor Deflect, and applies +2 Vulnerable on each target. He also applies Defense Down, Heal Block (everything 2 turns), and 2 Bleed on every target he hits. Finally, Iron Patriot applies Stun to the primary target. This attack cannot be dodged. This attack is used to apply additional Vulnerables to the opponents and control one of them.


Passive on Spawn applies +1 Vulnerable to all enemies. It cannot be blocked or dodged. He gains Assist Now on each Cabal ally’s turn, which boosts the value of his Basic hit and justifies his maxing. And on his turn, he grants Assist Now to a random Cabal ally. So someone will always assist him.

Opponents who have Vulnerable receive 10% additional damage per Vulnerable (up to a maximum of 30%). Opponents also cannot gain Stealth. Iron Patriot gets a passive +50% Damage in all game modes, which puts him at the very top of the Damage stat (compared to all characters in the game).

In Crucible, all Villain allies gain +100% Accuracy, so this team can easily bypass the Charged Mechanic from Spider-Weaver or any Blinds. Also, in Crucible, opponents with Vulnerable cannot fill Speed ​​Bar for themselves or their allies. This is Iron Patriot’s most important virtue for Crucible, as it prevents a bunch of characters from manipulating their own or their allies’ Speed ​​Bar. Whenever a Villain ally Crits, Iron Patriot passively applies +1 Vulnerable to all opponents.

An exceptional Passive in which most things revolve around Vulnerable, and Iron Patriot can apply a bunch of Vulnerable to enemies and thus functionally justify all his passive abilities.



His Basic applies Heal Block (2 turns) and Bleed (1 turn). When performing an Iso-8 attack, Counterattack, or Assist, this attack always Crits and applies an additional 2 Bleed. Like every Cabal member, Namor with a counter or Iso-8 or Assist is more potent than a classic Basic attack.

Special – attacks primary and adjacent targets. Bonus attacks them 2 additional times. In Crucible, primary and secondary attacks apply Bleed to primary and adjacent targets. This attack can inflict 3 Bleed on all targets Namor hits in Crucible.


Namor attacks all opponents and flips all positive effects on each target with his Ultimate. Also, he reduces the Speed ​​Bar of all enemies with Vulnerable by 50%. On War Offense, enemies don’t need to have Vulnerable – he will always lower the Speed ​​Bar by 50% on them. This attack always Crits is Unavoidable, and cannot be counterattacked. After Namor’s Ultimate, the Cabal team turns their initial Speed ​​disadvantage into an advantage. An attack that reduces all opponents’ Speed ​​Bar by 50%, removes all their buffs, is always critical, and cannot be dodged is very likely the strongest in the Cabal arsenal.

Namor’s Passive prevents opponents in Crucible from gaining Deathproof. It’s significant against certain opponents like Black Cat (who gains colossal benefits from this buff). Whenever he or a Villain ally lands a Crit attack, Namor will Barrier himself and all Villain allies for 5% of his Max Health and apply Speed ​​Up to himself and all Cabal Allies. In addition to everything, it is worth adding that Namor on Spawn applies Offense Up (2 turns) and 2 Deflects to himself and all Cabal allies. It can be seen that it is crucial that the Cabal members and their Villain allies Crit often because Namor’s Passive is also closely related to it.


The Leader

Basic – attacks the primary target and heals himself and all Villain and Gamma allies for 5% of his Max Health. Removes 1 negative effect from self and all Villain allies. And when he performs Iso-8 Attack, Counterattack, or Assist, he flips 2 negativities into positivities on himself and all Cabal allies and gains Stealth (2 turns). The Leader is a Support character who can heal with his Basic. And like other Cabal members, he has improvements on Counter, Iso-8, and Assist. Stealth helps him to hide from enemy attacks, which is considerable.

With Special, The Leader applies 3 Regeneration to himself and all Villain allies and heals himself and all allies for 20% of his Max Health. After that, he attacks the primary target and calls 2 Villain allies with the highest Damage that do not have Assist Now to attack the primary target. Those allies gain +25% Damage for this attack. As we know, Iron Patriot gets Assist Now on Cabal ally turn, so he will join on these attacks. This means that the primary target will be attacked by The Leader, then two Villain allies with the highest Damage, and then by Iron Patriot. In other words, this can completely knock a single opponent out of the fight.

Special – prolongs the duration of all positive effects on self and all Cabal and Villain allies by +1. In Crucible, he applies Safeguard to himself and all Villain and Gamma allies. It is an excellent ability that can extend the duration of all buffs to the entire team. In Crucible, also protect those buffs from being removed.


Ultimate – The Leader applies Speed ​​Up (2 turns) and 2 Counter to himself and all Villain allies. Removes Revive Once from primary and adjacent targets and attacks them. After that, he applies Barrier to himself and all Villain allies for 15% of his Max Health and generates 3 Ability Energy to Cabal allies. In Crucible, he generates an additional 3 Ability Energy to all Villain allies. This helps all allies to use their abilities as soon as possible. Revive Once can also be removed from several opponents, which is handy (even crucial in some situations).

Passive – on Spawn, The Leader gains 3 Evade, which somewhat protects him. He also applies Defense Up to himself and all Villain allies and Safeguard to himself and all Cabal allies. When The Leader or any Cabal ally drops below 50% of Max Health for the first time, he will flip all Disrupted, apply Stealth and Defense Up, and Barrier for 10% of his Max Health. So that they protect themselves and other members of the Cabal team when they find themselves in an awkward situation.

Until he takes his first turn, on any enemy turn, The Leader will Barrier himself and all Villain allies for 10% of his Max Health. In Crucible, opponents with Vulnerable cannot gain Safeguard. This is key, as Safeguard is a buff that prevents positive effects from being stripped or flipped, and Cabal members have Abilities that can do this.


The Leader also has a Charged mechanic that can passively boost Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Block Chance to him and all Villain allies. He can have a maximum of 50 Charged, and for every 5 Charged, he boosts each of the aforementioned stats by 5%. In other words, when he has the maximum number of Charged, The Leader can increase Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Block Chance to himself and all Villain allies by +50%.

The Leader on Spawn and on Turn gains Charged:

  • For each ally with a different Class (Blaster, Brawler, Controller, Protector, Support) +1 Charged
  • For each Cabal ally +1 Charged
  • For each Hero enemy +2 Charged

From Iron Patriot and Namor, he will get +4 Charged (+2 from their Class and +2 since they have the Cabal trait). If we bring a Villain Protector, Controller, or Support along with the Cabal team, The Leader will get another +2 Charged. Depending on how many opposing Hero characters are against us on the battlefield, The Leader can get from 0 to +10 Charged. 

In an ideal set of conditions, he will get +16 Charged, and in the worst case, +4 Charged – on Spawn and every next Turn.

The Leader passively gains +50% Max Health and +50% Armor, which boosts his mitigation.

Iron Patriot provides +50% Focus for the team and in Crucible +50% Damage for the team.

Namor provides +30% Damage for the team.

The Leader provides +50% Armor and +50% Health for the team in Crucible.


Combat Tips & Tricks

Cabal is a mighty Crucible team, considerable in Offense and Defense, but we can also use it in War. Not as effective as in Crucible, but fine enough that with two good Villain allies, they can beat most opposing teams.

With Iron Patriot, you always open with a Special, so not much science involved there. On the second turn, when he uses Ultimate, be sure to target the right primary target because he applies Stun to it.

It’s a similar story with Namor. You always start with Ultimate, which is the best. While The Leader is a little different. Try to target the most dangerous opponent with his Special if you can, and you will most likely eliminate him.


When using The Leader’s Ultimate, be sure to target opponents who have Revive Once, as he will remove it.

The most important thing about this team is to pair them with two Villains. It’s not recommended to add Hero allies to them because Villain characters get huge bonuses from them. Since Iron Patriot is a Blaster and Namor is a Brawler, it would be great (not crucial) to add one Protector, and/or one Support, and/or one Controller. Then, The Leader will gain the most Charged on Spawn and on Turn from his teammates.

Our Discord link for any additional questions about Cabal:


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