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Ever since the release of Spider-Woman and Nico in May 2022, A-Force was an incomplete team, consisting only of 4 members. That changed with the arrival of Photon in 2023, the first character to be a main part of two teams simultaneously, A-Force and Secret Defenders.

A-Force, canonically an all-female team, is a very formidable team in Alliance War.


Team Members

a force infographic

(left to right)



  • Alliance War Offense
  • Famine Scourge

A-Force is a menacing team on War Offense, being one of the key offensive teams. All of that is thanks to them being able to quickly strip Positive Effects, then apply Trauma on 3 targets, Ability Block on the most dangerous one, and Blinds on the others. 

They are not widely used in other Game Modes since the important parts of their Kit are locked behind War.

A-Force is one of the required teams for Famine(Rogue) Scourge.

Individual characters, like Spider-Woman, Photon and sometimes Jessica Jones can be successfully used in Dark Dimensions.

Additionally, Photon is a part of Secret Defender team, which is vital in Arena.


Team Placement & Turn Order

Since this team doesn’t have a Protector there is no correct placement for it. The only thing you could keep in mind is placing Nico between your 2 strongest damage dealers(usually Spider-Woman and Photon) because Nico has a chance to apply Counter to her adjacent allies.

On War Offense, the Turn Order is:

  1. Jessica Jones
  2. Nico Minoru
  3. Spider-Woman
  4. Photon
  5. Captain Marvel

In War, Jessica fills her own Speed BAr, allowing her to take the first turn. For all other game modes, Jessica Jones will go last, everything else is unchanged.

When a Negative Effect is applied to an A-Force character, Nico will fill Jessica Jones’s Speed Bar by 20% which may affect the turn order.


Iso-8 Classes

  • Nico Minoru – Raider
  • Photon – Striker
  • Captain Marvel – Striker
  • Spider-Woman – Raider
  • Jessica Jones – Skirmisher

On War Offense, Nico will have no issues applying the Negative Effects, so Skirmisher is not required. That’s why Raider is a better option there since her Special and Ultimate hit multiple targets. 

Photon and Captain Marvel are gonna deal a lot of damage, so Striker suits them best. Photon will also remove Positive Effects with her Iso follow-up attacks.

Spider-Woman can also deal a lot of damage so Striker and Raider will both work fine for her, but we recommend Raider to better balance the team.

The only reason Jessica Jones is Skirmisher is because we need someone to apply more Vulnerable effects and since in War she will go first she was a logical choice. For other game modes, she is better as Striker because she will provide more Ability Energy with her Iso follow-up attacks.


Team T4’s


  • Passive Abilities for Spider-Woman, Nico, Jessica Jones, and Captain Marvel
  • Nico Minoru – Ultimate
  • Jessica Jones – Special

Passive Abilities for the original A-Force members all have a Positive Effect applied to the whole team on turn, so these can’t be skipped:

  • Spider-Woman – 5% heal, +1 turn of Immunity and Offense Up
  • Nico Minoru – 5% heal and clearing 2 Negative Effects
  • Jessica Jones – 5% heal, +1 turn of Defense Up
  • Captain Marvel – 5% heal, + 1 turn of Deflect

Nico Minoru’s Ultimate will apply 3 Trauma(instead of 2) – primary target, target with highest Health, and target with highest Damage. 

Jessica Jones’s Special will cleanse all Negative Effects (instead of 3) and apply Immunity to the team.



  • Photon – Ultimate and Special
  • Captain Marvel – Special
  • Spider-Woman – Ultimate
  • Jessica Jones – Basic

Photon’s Special will heal her team by +30% of her Max Health, and the Ultimate will apply Speed Up and Defense Up for 2 turns(instead of 1)

Captain Marvel’s Special will fill the team’s Speed Bar by 20%

Spider-Woman’s Ultimate will increase the damage output per the Negative Effect on her target. 

Jessica Jones’s Basic attack will generate 1 Ability Energy for a random team member.


Team Red Stars

Captain Marvel and Jessica Jones’s Red Stars can be ignored, as long as they have at least 4.

Having Photon at 5 or 6 Red Stars would be ideal, especially since she will be used in Arena. 

5 Red Stars will be enough for Nico Minoru and Spider-Woman, although you could get 6 on Spider-Woman to increase her damage potential, but only if you have spare Gold Promotion Credits.

Farming Locations

  • Photon – Villains Hard Mode 7-9
  • Nico Minoru – Villains Hard Mode 6-9, Raid Store
  • Spider-Woman – Doom 2-9, Arena Store
  • Captain Marvel – Blitz Store, Milestone III Orbs
  • Jessica Jones – Villains 4-9, Alpha Raid Orbs

On Spawn Buffs

On War Offense:

  • Speed Up for 1 turn
  • Defense Up for 2 turns
  • Safeguard, Immunity, and Deathproof to the highest health A-Force ally
  • Immunity and Deathproof to the lowest Health ally
  • Offense Down for 2 turns to all Enemies
  • +25% Speed Bar for Jessica Jones
  • +2 Charged on Photon
  • +1 Charged on Captain Marvel


  • Defense Up for 2 turns.
  • +2 Charged on Photon
  • +1 Charged on Captain Marvel

Team Mechanics

The core of the A-Force team has a high natural Speed stat, that’s increased in War by the Speed Up on Spawn. Jessica Jones is the slowest character, but she gets +25% Speed Bar, allowing her to take the first turn.

Also, the Passive Abilities of all members, massively improve the team’s sustain with constant healing and other unique effects.  


Nico Minoru
(+50% Drain, +50% Focus, +40% Focus per A-Force ally – self. +10% Max Health to A-Force)

Is the controller on the team, she will flip Positive Effects and apply Negative in War, including Trauma and Disrupted. She will clear 2 Negative Effects on her team each turn and, in very rare circumstances, can Revive a dead ally with her Ultimate. 

Her Passive also (on War Offense) applies Speed Up on Spawn to the team. Safeguard, Immunity, Deathproof to the highest Health Ally, and Immunity and Deathproof to the lowest health ally. 

(+25% Focus per A-Force ally – self. +10% Max Health for A-Force)

She is mainly a damage dealer, but can also apply Ability Block and Heal Block with her Special Attack. Her Passive will apply Immunity and Offense Up to the team each turn, and Offense Down for 2 turns to all enemies. 


Jessica Jones’s
(+10% Max Health, +30% Resistance, + 40% Armor – for A-Force)

Her main purpose is to maintain the team, by cleansing Negative Effects, applying Barrier, and generating Ability Energy. Her Ultimate attack can also remove the Positive Effects from all enemies, even if they have a lot of Resistance. Her Passive Ability applies Defense Up on turn.

Captain Marvel
(+25% Max Health, +10% Damage for A-Force)

Is a single-target damage dealer. She can fill her team’s Speed Bar by 20% when using her Special Ability, and her Passive will do a +20% Heal to all allies and apply +1 Deflect every time she takes a turn. 

Captain Marvel also has a Charged mechanic. She can accumulate Charged by using her Special and Basic abilities(up to a maximum of 5), and once she uses Ultimate, if she has Charged, she will enter into Binary mode.

In Binary mode, her main stats improve, and after each turn, she will attack all enemies for a small amount of damage and remove all Evades. She can stay in Binary mode for 1 turn per Charged active.


(+30% Damade, +15% Max Health for A-Force)

She can control the battle by applying Blind and Slow with her Special, while also healing the team. Her Ultimate will provide Defense Up and Speed Up to her allies, and her Basic attacks can clear Positive Effects. Not to mention, that she has high natural damage so all her attacks are strong. 

Her Passive ability prevents Speed Bar reduction on her or her allies until Photon takes her first turn, and their Speed can only be reduced by Slow(meaning characters like Emma Frost won’t have any effect on A-Force)

Additionally, Photon also has a Charged mechanic. She Spawns in with 2 Charged and gets +1 Charged every time an A-Force or Secret Defender ally uses their Ultimate Ability. Once she has 5 Charged she will attack all enemies dealing 360% damage, and will fill the Speed Bar for A-Force or Secret Defender allies by 20%. Then lose all Charged


Combat Tips & Tricks

Most often you will be using A-Force on War Offense, where they excel. They are a great team for fast offensive attacks and can deal with some of the most challenging defenses, like Heroes for Hire, Death Seed, Unlimited X-Men, and more. 

The key to victory often comes down to Nico and Spider-Woman. Nico will start the battle by removing Positive Effects and applying Trauma to 3 targets – the primary target, the one with the highest health, and the one with the highest damage. Meaning that the most dangerous enemies will have Trauma and Disrupted applied to them. After that, Spider-Woman comes in and applies Ability Block, Heal Block, and Offense Down to the target of your choosing. As well as Heal Block and Offense Down on adjacent enemies, since it’s a Chain attack.


In most cases, this combination will disable the enemy team to the point where you can easily finish them off using only Basic attacks. For more dangerous matchups you also have Photon and Jessica Jones in your arsenal. Since Jessica will take the first turn she can be used to remove any Taunt or Immunity that the enemy can have (Safeguard still prevents that). That will allow you to target whomever you wish with Nico’s attack. Photon can come in and Blind 3 targets, she will also deal a lot of damage. 

All of this allows the A-Force to have incredible potential for punching up, especially since they get a lot of bonus Focus to help apply all the Negative Effects. 

The only downside is that A-Force can’t take a lot of damage at once, due to the absence of a Protector and reliance on constant but small heals each turn. 

You can find more teams A-Force can counter HERE


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