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Team Breakdowns



This is the landing page for Team Breakdowns. Use the search option at the end of the page to find the Team you want and click on the team’s name. That will open up a Breakdown page for the selected, the info on that page will include all the relevant information like Iso-8, T4s, Team placement, tips and tricks, and more.

Every Team page has a “Search New Team” option at the bottom for easy and fast access.

Team Members

After the intro, you will see the members of the selected team. Their positioning on the infographic left-to-right is the best optimal placement for the team. Below that you will see a list of clickable names, which can redirect to individual pages for each character for more detailed information


This section will highlight the game modes where the selected team is most viable, as well as any additional uses for the team (i.e. required for a Legendary unlock, etc.)


Team Placement & Turn Order

You could use the infographic that will be above as a guide in terms of team placement, this section will explain the reasoning behind that, offer alternatives where applicable and will list the Turn Order of the team.


This section will provide the best Iso-8 classes for every member while ensuring great class synergy for the whole team. It will also include the reasoning behind the choices made and provide any alternatives if necessary.


Team T4s

Here you will find out which abilities need to be maxed out and why. The abilities will be split into two lists: Essential and Recommended.

Essential are the abilities that will make or break the team, abilities that the team won’t function properly without. These abilities should be upgraded first and will be listed in order of importance.

Recommended are the abilities that may not introduce something entirely new to the team but will still be very useful and help the team perform better or punch up higher.

Under each list, there will be a description of the effects the Abilities will acquire once they are maxed out.

If there are any abilities that are not listed, it means that the benefits are merely incremental, and upgrading them may be a waste of T4 Ability Materials.


Team Red Stars

For any character to be considered usable the standard you should aim for is to have them at 4 Red Stars. This section will mention which character can stay at 4 Red Stars, and which ones would benefit most from having more. As well as any additional info that may be important.

Farming Location

This section will include the locations where you can find and acquire character shards for the members of the team. It will only include the reliable locations for shards, like Campaign Nodes, Arena/War/Crucible Stores.

In some cases, character shards may be available only in orbs or unavailable at all. If they are only in orbs, you may see the B.U.M.P.S. acronym, which stands for Basic, Ultimus, Mega. Premium Orbs and the Supply Store.

On Spawn Effects

A lot of teams have specific actions that will trigger on Spawn, those actions will be listed in this section.


Team Mechanics

This section will go in-depth about the team’s strengths and weaknesses and will list the contributions of each character and their Abilities. All Abilities described here will be maxed out in accordance with the T4 section above. While some abilities may also function outside of their teams, these pages will focus on the synergy that they will provide to their own teammates.

Combat Tips and Tricks

This is the last section and it will feature any additional information that will be deemed necessary. It will also provide you with tips on general use of the team in different game modes, which teams you can counter, what to expect, etc.

Search Teams

Type the name of the team in the search box. The team’s name will appear below, click on the name to be redirected to the team’s page.

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