MSF Raid teams tier list


Teams are fully described (tap on a name for description, above in Page Content Links) and sorted by quality.

With the introduction of new teams and characters, this list will be updated accordingly.

Mystic META – Mystic Team

marvel strike force teams raid mystic meta – mystic team 24122022 copyright

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Ikaris
  • Deathpool
  • Dormammu
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Sersi

This Mystic team is your answer to everything. You can use it in literally any raid on SIM without any Healer ISO-8 class on any of the characters.


This synergy is so strong that you will slice through any node on any Raid without losing HP. Eternals have the best AOE synergy in the game and they grant you constant damage against all enemies. The more they kill the more energy they will get from Deathpool.

Morgan Le Fay will make sure that you play first and that you prevent the most dangerous enemies from using their abilities. At the same time because of Deathpool, she can use her special at least once per battle healing herself in full.

Dormammu will provide more consistent play to the Mystic team: they will have Revives Offense, Defense, Speed Up, and Healing from him. At the same time, he will give you additional control: Stun, Ability Block, removing Immunities, etc.

With this team you can play Doom 3 Mystic nodes on sim – you will get 3 easy wins without casualties including the Boss Node.


Bionic Avengers – Tech Team

marvel strike force teams bionic avengers 29092022 1 copyright

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Hulkbuster
  • Viv Vision
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
  • Deathlok

The Bionic Avengers are the answer for Doctor Doom Raid Tech nodes.

Their synergy and efficiency in Raids are something we have never seen so far. Their main strength is their Ability Energy generation which literally grants that all abilities can be used whenever you want. In the worst-case scenario, each Bionic Avenger will get 3 Ability Energy every turn in Raids.

Their unbelievable sustenance is the product of probably the strongest Barrier in the game provided by Hulkbuster and Viv Vision’s ability to heal the entire team every time a character gets infused with Ability Energy. In other words, Viv Vision will provide healing equal to at least 45% of her Max HP to everyone at every turn. It is insane, trust me!


Rebirth – Bio Team

marvel strike force teams raid rebirth bio team 24122022 copyright

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Captain Carter
  • U.S. Agent
  • Agent Venom
  • Winter Soldier
  • Captain America

It is the newest Raid team which should be breathtaking for that game mode, but right now (at the moment this article is written), we still do not have them in the game, so this will be more theory crafting than proper testing and explaining.

They have Bio traits, and when we look closely at them, we can see that they will be better than the current Bio Raid meta – Web Warriors. 

In Raids, their bonuses for the stats increase will double. The Rebirth team will have amazingly well-built stats but not just that.

Let’s start with sustain – the most important thing for the raid team. Cooldowns of all Abilities are low – they can use them often. This team has a high Block Chance – their Protector, Captain America, will block everything, and not just that, he has increased the Block Amount – damage receiving will be minimal.

After reworking, he becomes the best tank in the game. He has Taunt on himself every two out of three turns. With Captain Carter and her Acrobatic Justice Special, he will have it 3 out of 3 turns – basically all time. Protection will be on the level, with a ton of Deflects, and Defense UP, with Protector who can Taunt all enemies during the whole duration of the fight, and with healing plus Safeguard provided by Captain Carter, we can say that their sustain is startling.


Control will be another part where they shine. They have two Stuns; one of those two has two turns duration. They can put an Ability Block for two turns on three targets. And when I say they can do it every third turn, you will see how powerful it is. They can also flip buffs and clear them from multiple enemies in a single move. Control – same as sustain – highest rank!

And Damage!!! Good old pure way of getting rid of annoying enemies through nodes. I have just two words for that – Agent Venom. Right now, when we can see his stats, we know that he is the 2nd highest character in the game with the Damage stat. That doesn’t need to mean anything, but when we look at his abilities, we can see the destroyer!!!

Most of his attacks are Piercing. He can passively attack enemies wherever someone from Rebirth blocks an enemy attack – and that will happen so often. On a crit, he will repeat his Ultimate. Not to mention that he will have Offense Up all time, thanks to the Winter Soldier Passive.

Do not get me wrong, the damage of the Rebirth team is not coming just from Agent Venom; every other character can hit hard and have a good way of hurting enemies, but he is the main guy when we talk about this team.

So, we talked about the three most important subjects which build a quality Raid team: sustain, control, and damage. The Rebirth team has every single aspect on the highest level.

Three new characters at the same time as members of the Rebirth team will arrive in the game soon. They will be introduced to us through the current Monthly and Weekly Events system. If you do not have them on your priority list, try not to slack on those Events and try to collect their shards in the highest possible number. So later, when you have resources, you can build them.

Rebirth will be the best choice for the Bio nodes in the Doom raids.

Web-Warriors – Bio Team

web warriors marvel strike force teams 30092022 1 copyright

Characters on image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man (Miles)
  • Ghost-Spider
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Spider-Punk

Unlike some other specialized Raid Teams, Web-Warriors do not rely on overpowered healing and additional turns. However, the number of buffs they have and the amount of debuffs they can place in raids is unmatched by any other team. Their damage potential is amazing and combined with constant CCs makes their targets easy to kill regardless of Raid’s difficulty.


They start each Raid Node with Offense Up, 2 Deathproofs, Speed Up, Evade, and 2 additional Ability Energy. That allows them to initiate each fight with the strongest abilities.

On each Turn, 2 random Web Warriors gain Evade. On each Dodge, they are buffed with Offense Up and Speed Up. On each Crit, 2 of them are cleared of Heal Block. Whenever a negative effect is applied to the enemy, Defense Up, Offense Up, Speed Up, or Deflect is placed on the debuffer. On every successful attack, each member of the Web-Warrior team is healed by 3% of their maximum Health…

All of these are just their passive abilities in Raids without active skills (also significantly improved in Raids). Amazing, isn’t it?


Death Seed – Mutant Team

marvel strike force teams raid death seed mutant team 24122022 copyright

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Nemesis
  • Psylocke
  • Magneto
  • Dark Beast
  • Archangel

Right now, this is the best Raid team in the game. It is a Horseman team needed to unlock Apocalypse, so everyone should upgrade them as soon as possible. Death Seed is a team specialized for raids, and in that game mode, they provide the best results.

Dark Beast is one of the most crucial parts of this machinery. With his Passive, he can increase the stats of everyone (when they have appropriate buff) and make every single raid node trivial. 

Archangel is the leader of this team, and he can control the battlefield by manipulating the Speed Bars of enemies. With this team, you can often be in a situation when enemies will not play at all, and your Death Seed members will destroy them. With Archangel’s damage potential, tearing down the enemies will be an easy job.

They have everything: stats increased, passive sustain, a lot of ways to control enemies, speed manipulation, and powerful dots. 


When we talk about dots, we need to mention their bleeds. There will be so many Bleeds on your opponents when you play with Death Seed, and those dots will drain the Health of enemies in no time.

All members have their roles in the team, I mentioned just two of them, but trust me, everyone is equally important. For example, Psylocke will play last – she is the slowest member of the team, but that is actually very good because then she can remove all of the debuffs from her teammates (with her Ultimate) and get them ready to play another turn without any consequences.

Magneto can put Blind of all enemies at the start of each battle because while he is in the Death Seed team, he will not have a problem with the Ability Energy needed for his Ultimate. At the same time, he will pull them all towards each other making them more vulnerable to primary + adjacent attacks of other Death Seed members.

Nemesis is a team Healer and supporter, but he is not just that. He can redistribute buffs from Archangel to other team members and do a good amount of damage while stealing and redistributing HP.

Team for the win-win situation not just in Raids but in other game modes also. You will need them, so build them and use them. 

Astonishing X-Men – Mutant Team

marvel strike force teams astonishing xmen 30092022 (1)

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Bishop
  • Kitty Pride
  • Beast
  • Iceman
  • Jubilee

Before introducing Astonishing X-Men, there was a big problem assembling a proper Mutant Raid team. With their introduction, all problems become history, and more importantly, Astonishing X-Men established themselves as a META Raid team.

Their skill kit is specifically made for raids, but everything is based on Jubilee’s passive. It fills the Speed Bar of all allies whenever an enemy is killed and grants Assist Now on every turn of any member of the team. Jubilee also allows Beast to play as soon as the HP of any Astonishing Member drops below 50%. This generates additional Ability Energy and is sufficient for instant healing ability use.


But that is not all – whenever Jubilee assists or attacks with the basic ability, she Blinds any opponent in Raids.

The main damage dealer of the team is Bishop whose role is to be the Protector of the team even though he is Blaster. Bishop is an unorthodox MSF character but his synergy with Jubilee is one of the strongest in MSF even outside Raids.

Other members of the team are not so important even though they have some powerful abilities in Raids. The main strength of this team is that they will play continuously until all enemies are dead – they just need to make an initial kill and everything else will be like slicing butter.


Secret Avengers & Kestrel & Shang Chi – Skill Team

marvel strike force teams secret avengers and kestrel 1

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Kestrel
  • Maria Hill
  • Shang Chi
  • Sharon Carter
  • Sam Wilson

Secret Avengers is clearly made with one primary goal – to be another META for Raids.

Sam Wilson is an amazing Protector. His versatility can be used even outside of the Secret Avengers team (he synergies with almost all SKill Heroes). As such he is an ideal addition to Maria Hill and Sharon Carter.


Those 2 girls are unique in many ways. Maria has the best healing in the game combined with Heroes capable of constant Blocks, which this team definitely is. Sharon is the offensive version of Yo-yo – a hero who places Offense Up before each turn of each Secret Avenger or Skill Hero.

Kestrel is a natural addition to this team – she is a Skill Hero, one of the best damage dealers in the game. She has synergy with Sharon who has a similar special ability to place Defense Down on primary and adjacent targets.

Choosing 5th member of this team may seem to be tricky but only one Hero has synergy with both Secret Avengers and Kestrel – that is Nick Fury.

Nick Fury allows Kestrel a significant Health Boost to the rest of the team – He is a Skill Hero. His summons and his ultimate ability synergize with Maria Hill’s summons and her healing. Most importantly, he will copy a waste number of buffs whenever he is using his special ability.

Nevertheless, Nick Fury is not the best pick for this team – Shang Chi is. Shang Chi is also a Skill character so he will have all benefits from Sharon. Also, Shang Chi has the greatest damage potential of all Skil characters. When he hits those counts – when he hits with Offense Up that is obliterating. His ultimate effects on all enemies on the battlefield and its cost is 4 Energy. That practically means that his ultimate CD will be ready whenever Sam uses his special – you just need to be careful that Shang Chi uses his ultimate before Sam uses his special (to not waste the energy you will receive).


In addition, Shang Chi’s special provides him with healing while inflicting a significant amount of damage to enemy clusters. In short Shang Chi fits in this team (if we speak about Raids) more than he fits in Heroes for Hire. It’s simply amazing what they can do together.

It is true that you will lose additional healing and protection Nick Fury can offer, but with Shang Chi, you will actually be more protected because killing an enemy is the best protection there are.

The only downwards of this team is that in Doom 2 and especially Doom 3 you need to manually control them. AI doesn’t preserve CDs for the key moments in battle, therefore you cannot be sure that the sim will guide through Nodes without casualties.

All in all, this team is more than capable to deal with any Doom Skill nodes, and they can be used in various Greek Raids on the highest difficulty. With them, you will welcome any SKill challenge knowing that the strength of your team will not be crucial for Node clearing – they are that strong!


Symbiots – Bio Team

marvel strike force teams symbiots 30092022 1

Characters on the image (left to right):

  • Spider-Man [Symbiote]
  • Scream
  • Anti-Venom
  • Carnage
  • Venom

The Raid potential of Symbiots is well-known to all MSF players. They are the first raid team that crucially influenced the game. Players were forced to assemble custom teams to minimize HP loss through multiple nodes until Symbiots showed they fully changed the Raid perception and influenced the creation of future Raid teams.

Symbiots’ main strength is the ability to drain with 100% efficiency and place a vast number of debuffs that can be spread through the entire enemy team. Besides that, Carnage grants them additional turns after every kill, so they can keep playing over and over again.

Compared to the new Raid Metas, Symbiot’s damage potential is low even though Anti-Venom grants them all available buffs.

Symbiots can be successfully used in all Ultimus Raid and Greek Bio/City Nodes. Their usefulness doesn’t end there, they can be successful even in Doom II Raid on related Nodes. However, because of their low damage potential, fights will last long and often end in defeat due to time limits.