Arena META


On this page, we will describe the current Arena META. Arena META changes often, and we will update the page with every new synergy that will grant you certain progress on Arena Leaderboard.

We will also provide you with Videos with the current META to describe how to achieve certain wins against difficult opponents and mirror matches. Enjoy!

Super Skrull + Apocalypse + 1 Villain + 2 Heroes

As more and more players unlock the Super Skrull, the Arena META changes accordingly. Because when you’re fighting a Super Skrull, the most important thing is that your Super Skrull plays before your opponent’s. This is achieved by choosing characters with as few buffs as possible at the start of the fight (On Spawn). It is crucial that On Spawn, you have fewer buffs than your opponent, and then your Super Skrull will play first and disable the opponent’s Skrull.

Another crucial thing is to run two Hero and two Villain characters with the Super Skrull. That way, Super Skrull will realize his full potential.


Apocalypse and Super Skrull are still the two most powerful characters in the game, and they will bring you victories, but it’s good to have a few more great characters along with them. Black Cat is still excellent, but her passive (9 Deathproofs On Spawn) significantly increases the number of buffs of our team at the start of the fight, and therefore, we will often see that she is not in the best combinations. As long as the opponent leads Black Cat, then you can lead her as well, but under the condition that you have not maxed her Passive (don’t do that – it’s a trap for Arena) and that you have fewer buffs than your opponent. If your opponent isn’t using Black Cat in Arena Defense, you shouldn’t use her either.

Other characters that are good for Arena (note that with Super Skrull and Apocalypse you run 1 Villain and 2 Heroes):

Ms. Marvel (Hard Light, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Nightcrawler, Spider Man (Big-Time), Quicksilver, Kang, Nova …

Ultimate Arena META (Offense/Defense)

arena meta ultimate (small)

Super Skrull, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Apocalypse, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Black Cat

Currently the best team for Arena. With a tiny snag – Super Skrull is still inaccessible to vast majority of players. A combination of the two current strongest characters in the game with three members of the newest team specialized in the Arena is simply the best that his game can (currently) offer for this game mode.

On our Character Pages (click on their names above, and the link will take you there), you can see what each of these 5 characters can offer, and believe me, they can do a lot.

Secret Defenders – team for new players (Offense/Defense)

arena meta secret defenders (small)

Photon, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Doctor Strange, Black Cat, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)

This team is something new players who don’t have Apocalypse unlocked yet should focus on. Overall, the latest Arena META team with characters is available to any new or mid-game player (as long as they are active and play smart).

They can beat almost every defensive combo, even Apocalypse with Horsemen. They are also effective in mirror-match games, so if you do not have Apocalypse (until you unlock him) – this is your best Arena team.


Secret Defenders + Apocalypse (Offense/Defense)

arena meta apoc+sd (small)

Photon, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Apocalypse, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Black Cat

Secret Defenders (without Strange) plus Apocalypse is a team that will be used by active high mid-game and end-game players (until they unlock Super Skrull). They are so effective, especially if you have Apocalypse with Empowered abilities. He can (additionally) strengthen this already strong team and take you to the very top of the Arena.


Arena (Big Time) Offense META

arena offense big time meta small 1

Apocalypse, Spider-Man (Big Time), Ghost Rider (Robbie), Black Cat, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)

This team is currently the best for Offense against a standard Apocalypse + 4 Secret Defenders defense combo. It’s simple – Spider-Man (Big Time) will play first and cast Disrupted on the opponent’s Hard Light. After that, the most important thing is to rewind the opponent’s Apocalypse with Hard Light Ultimate. Your Apocalypse will play before the opponent’s Apocalypse, and with him, it is best to start with Special. After that, everything is much easier. The main thing is that the opponent’s Hard Light after her Ultimate will not have Taunt on. You can exploit it in several creative ways. And control the opponent’s team to win the battle.


Apocalypse & Horsemen + Fury (Offense)

arena meta apoc+horsemen+fury (small)

Red Hulk, Morgan Le Fay, Nick Fury, Apocalypse, Rogue

If you still don’t have enough Secret Defenders raised enough to pair with Apocalypse, this is the team for you. An Arena Offense team with which you can get most of the standard defensive combos, but a team that will also have some trouble getting the Secret Defender Apocalypse combo. So work on improving the secret defender if you want to dominate in the Arena.

Nick Fury is a character that gives you an advantage playing before your opponent, and he’s great at it.


Apocalypse & Horsemen + Kang (Offense/Defense)

arena off meta apoc+horsemen+kang (small)

Red Hulk, Morgan Le Fay, Kang, Apocalypse, Rogue

Similar team to the previous team, with Kang on the offensive you will have an extra Speed advantage. But just in Offense.

We all know very well what kind of animal Kang can be and how much damage she can do. Combined with Apocalypse and the Horsemen, he is a “beast”.

If you have a strong Kang (T18, Lev 95, 6+ Red Stars), he can be great in Defense (as well). Kang will play early, and if he attacks the opponent’s Apocalypse, he can drop him below 50% and thus make him play earlier than he wants. It can significantly spoil the attackers’ plans.


Apocalypse & Horsemen + Cable (Defense)

arena def meta apoc+horsemen+cable (small)

Red Hulk, Morgan Le Fay, Cable, Apocalypse, Rogue

Enthralling team for Arena Defense. Because (as we all know) Speed ​​is crucial in turn-based games, and Cable can bring us that necessary nuance that made our Defensive Team play before the opponent. And thus significantly increase our chances of victory.

It is a tricky team to defeat in the current game state. Over time, as players build Secret Defenders, this defensive team will fall into disrepair, but (for now) it’s still working well.


If anything is unclear to you or you have doubts, you can always find us on Discord and ask about it (not only Arena). We will be happy to help you. 

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