Arena META


On this page, we will describe the current Arena META. Arena META changes often, and we will update the page with every new synergy that will grant you certain progress on Arena Leaderboard.

We will also provide you with Videos with the current META to describe how to achieve certain wins against difficult opponents and mirror matches. Enjoy!

Arena Meta

26102022 marvel strike force teams arena meta

Rogue, Spider-Man (2099), Morgan Le Fay, Red Hulk, Spider Weaver

Watch video HERE

The time has come for assembling the Horseman team for Arena. Not only because it is obvious that the new Arena Meta will definitely be 4 Horsemen and Apocalypse but because this team has already proved to have everything needed to dominate.


Red Hulk, Rogue, and MLF together basically have an answer to everyone. Against full Darkhold and Eternals, your MLF will play first due to the fact that your team has fewer Mystic characters than the enemy. Rogue will incapacitate 1 character at your will, making things a lot easier, while Red Hulk will destroy enemy barriers and possible “Revive Once” buffs if Dormammu is on the other side while reducing enemies’ Speed Bar at the same time. Once he drops his ultimate on enemies everything will be over.

Keep in mind though, that it is of utmost importance that you target the enemy Red Hulk with the special of your Red Hulk. Not only that you will delay the enemy’s turn but you will also remove Revive Once if Dormammu is against you. Preventing enemy Red Hulk from using his ultimate is 90% of the win – everything else is less important

Combining Spider Weaver and Spider-Man (2099) alongside the existing Horseman proved to be the most effective combination at the moment. You will not have Dormammu, that is true, but the synergy between Tangled Web characters will provide you with everything you need for certain victories in the Arena.


Spider-Man (2099) spawns with Speed Up if he is in the team with Spider Weaver. That practically means that he will play first and that he will place up to 2 Slows on all members of the enemy team, allowing your team members to play first. However, he needs to be strong enough to penetrate enemy Resistance, which could be a problem because he needs the Raider class to be fully effective in other game segments. Giving him the Skirmisher class would grant you 100% success in placing Slow and Defense Down on enemies but will prevent you from prolonging negative effects in Cosmic Crucible.

The decision is yours, but I repeat, if you want that this synergy works Spider-Man (2099) MUST place Slow and Defense Down on all enemies.

In other words, your Red Hulk and Spider Weaver will have full control of the battle. The only thing that is left for you is to decide who will stay without Revive and to prevent Dormammu (if he is in the enemy team) from using his ultimate. The best way to incapacitate Dormamy is to target him with MLFs ultimate if she has the Skirmisher Class.

Keep in mind, though, that Death Horseman will most likely take his place in the Arena Meta when he shows. This means, that you should not insist on maximizing characters in this team who are not Horseman, because the probable new Meta is just several weeks away!


Backup Meta

marvel strike force eternals and tangled web meta arena 30102022 1

It is important to say that you can assemble a different Arena Meta with the same potential without using Horsemen characters:

Spider-Man 2099, Ikaris, Emma Frost, Sersi, Spider Weaver

Watch video HERE

This team has similar mechanics as the Horseman team except it utilizes bonuses of Eternals in the Arena. You will be given the opportunity to play first (even against the primary Arena META) and if your Eternals are strong enough, your damage output will be overwhelming for anyone to survive.


If you are using this team, you must Stun Rogue with Spider-Weaver and you must Stun Red Hulk with Sersi. If any of those Stuns are resisted you will be in trouble. At the same time, you must prevent enemy Emma (if she is there) from using her special which will remove negative effects from enemies. This shouldn’t be hard since Emma is squishy and Ikaris will most likely get rid of her instantly. In any case, be sure that Emma receives some damage and is eliminated instantly if she Revives.

Everything else is straightforward and depends on the strength of your Eternals and Spider-Man (2099).