Unique Events


Currently, in the game, there are Events unrelated to the monthly/weekly mechanic. Probably, there were several reasons for that:

  • to provide additional content and force increased activity from players
  • to balance the economy and help min-maxing mechanics of existing monthly/weekly Events
  • to allow new players to catch up endgame faster
  • to make the daily routine more interesting for old players
  • to try to revive some features that slowly become boring by providing additional rewards

This page is for Unique Events where we will give simple explanations about the most important goals for all kinds of players and how to reach them fastest and easiest.

Ongoing Events will be explained immediately after they are announced. Due to the fact that Scopely often changes rules after announcing features expect that additional suggestions can be changed and updated (we will announce every change on our discord).


Loki All The Time Event (October 5th – October 12th)

An interesting Unique event will be added to the game soon on the occasion of the release of the Loki Season 2 Series. Players will be required to spend Campaign Energy to progress, and as far as I can see, the Event will be able to be completed after the first day (even though it lasts 7 days).

One spent Campaign Energy will be worth 1 Milestone Point, and to reach the last Milestone, we need to collect 1,000 points. Too easy.

Among the rewards, we will have Character Shards for Loki (50), Sylvie (20), and Kang (10). Other rewards are T1, T2, T3, T4 Ability Materials, Training and Gold Orbs, Elite 4 and 5 Credits, Armory 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 Orbs. Of course, we will also get a President Loki costume.

If you spend 150 or more energy per day, you will complete the Event. I (honestly) don’t know anyone (even the most relaxed players) who doesn’t spend 150 Campaign Energy a day. Event for everyone!

The prizes are nothing special, but realistically – the effort we need to put in to get them is close to 0. So, pick up what is offered to you and enjoy.


Meet The New Recruits (September 7th – October 3rd?)

This new Unique Event will start September 7th at 2:00 pm (PDT) and it will focus on helping us level up and rank up New Avengers. It will last a little more than 3 weeks, so presumably it’ll end around the same time the September Monthly event ends.

There will be 15 Milestones and a max of 20,000 points.

Rewards will include:

  • 7+ Million Gold
  • 400,000 Teal Gear Raid Orb Fragments (200 Orbs)
  • 200,000 Orange Elite Orb Fragments (100 Orbs)
  • 60,000 Armory 16&17 Orb Fragments each (30 orbs each)
  • 4,000 Apocalypse’s Bounty Orb Fragments
  • 10,000 Elite 5 Credits
  • 10,000 Elite 6 Credits
  • 5,000 Elite 7 Credits
  • 800 Dark Promotion Credits
  • 2 Million level 5 Ions
  • 4 Crafted gt17 Skill gear pieces & 100 Bio gt18 gear pieces

Points will be earned by unlocking, leveling, and ranking up New Avengers. And for using them in War at 4 Yellow Stars with bonuses for having them at 6 and 7 Yellow Stars.

Nearly all the scoring methods have limits applied to them, and because of that there is a clear separation between the Milestones you can get Free-2-Play, and the ones you’d have to spend on.

The main culprit is scoring with War Battles. You get points for doing a battle with Mockingbird, Ronin, and Tigra at 4, 6, and 7 Yellow Stars. And for The Thing and Agent Coulson but only at 7 Yellow Stars. Since as f2p, we can only expect to unlock the new characters and get them to 4 Yellow Stars, 5 at best (depending on the release method) that limits how many Points we will get from doing War Battles with them.

Milestone 10 is where you can expect to end up, we’ll get all the Orange Elite and Teal Gear Raid orb fragments, 2,75 million Gold, 350 Dark Promotion Credits, 400,000 Level 5 Ions, all Armory 16 Orbs, and ten Armory 17 Orbs.

Here’s what we need to do:

  • Unlock Ronin = 250 Points
  • Unlock Mockingbird = 250 Points
  • Unlock Tigra = 250 Points
  • Play one War Battle with Agent Coulson at 7 Yellow Stars = 600 Points
  • Play one War Battle with The Thing at 7 Yellow Stars = 600 Points
  • Play one War Battle with Ronin at 4 Yellow Stars = 1,200 Points
  • Play one War Battle with Mockingbird at 4 Yellow Stars = 1,200 Points
  • Play one War Battle with Tigra at 4 Yellow Stars = 2,400 Points
  • Level Up a New Avenger 237 levels = 948 Points
  • Rank Up a New Avenger 12 times = 1,200 Points


We have confirmation that Tigra’s release event will arrive only after this event ends, she will be only available through offers and the 675 Power Core orbs. So the total of Points we can get f2p is not 8,898 points, but much less – 6,248 (if you can Rank Up The Thing and Agent Coulson 7 times)

This means, that f2p can only reach Milestone 8 and get 2+ million Gold, 160 Teal Gear Raid Orbs, all Orange Elite Orbs, 20 Armory 116 Orbs, 175 Dark Promotion Credits, 10,000 Elite 6 Credits. 10,000 Elite 5 Credits and 2 Apocalypse’s Bounty Orbs.

We can reach the Points Limit for leveling up New Avengers, for that we just need to level up Ronin, Tigra, and Mockingbird to level 79 each. Or level them up less and instead get a few more levels on The Thing or Agent Coulson.

But here’s the tricky part, if you already have The Thing and Agent Coulson at 7 Yellow Stars you won’t be able to reach the limit for Ranking Up characters. You get 100 Points per one Rank Up (rank up = unlocking the next yellow star). So you need to Rank Up characters a total of 12 times to reach the limit.

Mockingbird is a 2-Star Unlock and if we work hard, we might get enough shards to get her to 4 Yellow Stars, maybe even 5 (depending on the unlock method). Let’s err on the optimistic side and say that we’ll get her to 5 stars, which will give us 3 Rank Ups.

Ronin is a 3-Star unlock, so in the best-case scenario we will get only 2 Rank Ups from him.


Ronin and Mockingbird will undoubtedly be added to the Strike Pass or the Battle Pass soon after release, but those additional shards will help us get them only to 5 Yellow Stars. So if you want to finish the event you will have no option but to buy more character shards for them.

That said, for a bonus event it’s a decent one, with the only criticism being that half of the Milestone is free-to-play and the other half is pay-to-win. Usually, that balance is more in favor of f2p. But, since it’s only a bonus event we can’t expect it to be the same as Main Events.

Tough Crowds (June 12th – June 17th)

Tough Crowds is a Unique Event, unrelated to the Monthly one, where players can collect crucial recourses for further progress. We will collect Milestone Points by winning in the Cosmic Crucible with New Warriors and spending Iso-8 Campaign Energy.

The Event will last 5 days, with 25 Milestones and 100000 points.

Rewards from Milestones will be:

  • DD6 Countdown Orbs
  • Silver and Gold Promotion Credits
  • Elite 6 Credits
  • Gold
  • Various Catalysts

Points will be earned by:

  • Spend 1 Iso-8 Campaign Energy – 3 points
  • Win with New Warriors in Crucible – 125 points
  • Win with New Warriors in Crucible at 5+ Star – 250 points
  • Win with New Warriors in Crucible at 6+ Star – 500 points
  • Win with New Warriors in Crucible at 7+ Star – 1000 points
  • Earn 1 Tough Crowd Milestone Point – 1 point

Leaderboard will be with this Event, and prizes are standard. T2 Level 5 and 4 Ions, Silver Phase Bits, and Gear. The better you place at the end of the Event, the better prizes you will win. Reason not to miss this Event.

The more Stars you have for New Warrior characters – the better. This Event requires you to have them upgraded (at least compared to the opponents). So you can achieve CC victories with them.

As long as you have Deathpool, Cloak, and Dagger at 7 Stars and with them Firestar and Gwenpool at less than 5 (like the vast majority of FTP players) and achieve all three victories in three CC matches during the Event, you will earn 17625 Milestone points.


If refresh Iso-8 Campaign Energy 4 times a day during the Event, you will achieve 16200 Milestone points.

All of this will get you to Milestone 18. For more than that, you need to spend more Iso-8 Campaign Energy (which we don’t recommend), have the two newest New Warriors on more Yellow Stars, and/or buy some of the offers that will certainly be present when the Event starts.

Iso-8 Campaign Energy can be hoarded until the Event starts, which is not a bad idea as long as you don’t need any of the Level 1 Iso-8 Crystals (right now). We remind you that Hard Iso-8 Campaign starts at the same time as this Event, so Iso-8 Campaign Energy will be spent on those new Campaigns that will probably bring us Blue Crystals.

An interesting event that starts at the right time and will definitely help us to improve our resources.


Geared for Glory (May 26th – June 2nd)

Geared for GLory is a unique event through which players can improve their rosters and prepare even better for the upcoming challenges ahead of them. Among the rewards Bunch of good gear can be found. Between others Dark Dimension VI Countdown Orb Fragments. We will collect Milestone Points by fighting in the War and opening Training Orbs.

The Event will last 7 days, with 30 Milestones and 260000 points.

Rewards from Milestones will be:

  • DD6 Countdown Orbs
  • Armory 14, 15, 16, 17 Orb Fragments
  • Gear Credits
  • Various Catalysts

Points will be earned by:

  • Play 1 War Battle – 1000 points (limit 36000)
  • Open Training Orb – 2000 points

Leaderboard will be with this Event, and prizes are standard. T2 Level 5 and 4 Ions, Armory 15, 16, 17 Orbs. The better you place at the end of the Event, the better prizes you will win. An extra reason not to miss this Event.

Training Orb Fragments we have saved will help us a lot for this Event. So don’t open them until the Event starts – in other words, hoard the Training Orb Fragments.

The maximum number of points you can take from War Battles is 36K. Provided you play 12 Battles in each of 3 Wars during the Event. That will be enough for Milestone 18.

For all further rewards, points will be collected by opening Training Orbs. 112 Training Orbs will be necessary to open if we want to reach the last Milestone (with a limit of points from War Battles).


If you have Training Orbs saved, do not open them until the Geared for Glory Event starts. Also, don’t slack when it comes to War, and try to attack as much as you can. Don’t cancel the combat if things don’t go as planned because your energy will fail, and you won’t get Milestone points from the attack.

Those are the only useful tips you need to know before this Event. Good luck Commanders.