Unique Events


Scopely has started recently to release Events that are separate from the established monthly/weekly mechanic. Probably, there were several reasons for that:

  • to provide additional content and force increased activity from players
  • to balance the economy and help min-maxing mechanics of existing monthly/weekly Events
  • to allow new players to catch up endgame faster
  • to make the daily routine more interesting for old players
  • to try to revive some features that slowly become boring by providing additional rewards

After recent serious setbacks and game-breaking errors, this comes as a relief because it suggests that Scopely is driven to make things right and to ensure the longevity of the game. If that will be enough is yet to be seen, but it is definitely a good sign.

I have waited a month to see if those unique Events will become a certainty and now it is obvious that we will get more and more of these in the days to come. Because of that, we decided to create a separate page for Unique Events where we will give simple explanations about the most important goals for all kinds of players and how to reach them fastest and easiest.

Ongoing Events will be explained immediately after they are announced. Due to the fact that Scopely often changes rules after announcing features expect that additional suggestions can be changed and updated (we will announce every change on our discord). Finished Events will stay on the page until a new Unique Event is released, after which the content will be moved to arrive. Enjoy!


Lunar Festival

msf lunar festival event guide marvel strike force

Lunar Festival Event does not have contact points with Weekly and Monthly Events, and we will explain it here. Players will have to spend Campaign Energy and earn Alliance Credits to progress toward this 6-day Milestone. This Event will have satisfying synergy with Symbiote Sabotage: Power Cores we spend for progression there we can use on Campaign Energy refiling for Lunar Festival. There will be 30 milestones with 70K points in total. 

Rewards from Milestones will be:

  • Wong, Shang Chi, Colleen Wing, and Brawn Shards
  • Dark, Gold, and Silver Promotion Credits
  • 5 Red Star for Wong (unlocked on Milestone 25; 41K points need to achieve)
  • Pink Flash Bits – for Jubilee Year of the Tiger Costume, 25K in total (collected all on Milestone 24; 38K points need to obtain)
  • Gold – 3.15M in total (unlocked all on the last Milestone)
  • T3 and T4 Training Modules 
  • And other good rewards.

Points will be earned by:

  • Spend 1 Campaign Energy – 4 points
  • Earn 1 Alliance Credit – 4 points

If you use your regular Campaign Energy without any refills and donate 10k Gold (with your Alliance reaching all but the last donation rewards) per day, you will get to Milestone 20. 

If aiming for those 5 Red Stars for Wong, you will need to refill your Campaign Energy 5 times(you need only 65 more PC to avoid paying 100 PC for a refill, so pay attention) and donate 50 PC (with your Alliance reaching all donation rewards) per day.

For Milestone 29 (50 Brawn Shards), you will need to donate 100PC and refill your Campaign Energy 9 times daily during the Event. 

For the last Milestone, you will need to donate 100PC and refill your Campaign Energy 14 times daily during the Event.


From this Event, we can increase our Gold and get some of the Characters Shards we maybe need. Nothing special but helpful. For those who like to have different costumes for their characters, the Jubilee costume will be relatively easy to unlock. Those 50 Brawn Shards may be helpful for some players to reach the next Yellow Star, but it will require some heavy PC investments.

There will be Leaderboard for this Event with T2 Level 5 Ions as a reward for the top 1% of participants.

Keep in mind that they (Scopely) can change anything at the last minute or when the Event starts, and if they do that, we will update this page ASAP.


Events Overview

Important! – Batlle Orb was not among the free rewards on the second day of the event. We don’t know if we will get more fee Battle Orbs before the end (the only way of acquiring the Battle Orb without paying is in Web Store free rewards) of the Event but if we do get only 1 additional Battle Orb, the current Infographic for Rising Star is fully accurate.

Anyway, if we don’t get any more Battle Orbs that will affect only those who have only 3 Rebirth characters (CA, WS, and 1 new Rebirth) or less. Those people will have to do 5 Blitz rotations (with 40 teams per rotation) instead of 4 per day. Also, people who want to unlock the last milestone will have to buy 3 more Battle orbs but that will not change the initial investment. For all others, everything remains the same in Rising Star.

Also, they’ve made an announced change on Web Milestone putting Justice Medals as rewards on some Milestones. There will be 9500 Justice Medals in total on Milestone 18.

mc rising star and battlefield ready events infographic accurate

A few days ago, Scopely announced new “Limited” mechanics that will be used in future Blitz or Raids (those 2 features were mentioned in the Blog, but I would not be surprised if all other features are used as well). “Rising Star” is the first event with “Limited” rules.

Basically, you will have a limited number of attempts to accumulate bonus points by fulfilling all demanded tasks, after which you will accumulate points at a slower rate using the so-called “Unlimited” mechanic. It is important to mention that “Limited” and “Unlimited” points are cumulative meaning that if you are getting a different number of points for the same task, those points will be added together until the Limit is reached.

It is still early to make assumptions because it can be several different ways for this to work, but it opens a lot of possibilities to make existing features more interesting. Honestly, they will be the same and you will do the same thing you did before, but it will require additional engagement and thinking to get the best results. Fortunately, I am here to do the calculation for you 🙂

Suppose ‘Limited” is about to be used regularly. In that case, the most important outcome will be that some features (like Quick Rumble for example) will no longer be easy as they used to be for players who had requirements for bonus points on maximum. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but I know that in the past 4 months, I took all Milestones in every Quick Rumble with no more than 10 Blitz battles.

However, that is only my assumption and there is no proof for this claim – my logic has already been proven different from Scopely’s logic – several times till now.


Rising Star

January 21st 1:00 [PST] -January 25th 1:00 [PST]

“Rising Star” lasts 4 days during which you will have the option to earn shards for 3 Rebirth characters (Captain America, Winter Soldier, and U.S. Agent) alongside Gold Orns, Training Orbs, and enough Elite 5 Credits for a single draw of a character with 5+RS.

Unfortunately, points will be earned in Blitz, and we all know that is the least likable way for most players. Using Rebirth characters in Blitz will provide you with additional points if you have them in your Roster. Also, you will have to claim free Battle Orbs from the Web Store every day to maximize the score. Here is the point distribution in the “Rising Star” Event:

  • Blitz battle (win or loss) – 75 points (Limit 48k points); 25 points after reaching the limit
  • Blitz Win with U.S Agent – 4000 points (only once)
  • Blitz Win with Captain Carter – 4000 points (only once)
  • Blitz Win with Agent Venom – 4000 points (only once)
  • Blitz Win with Captain America – 2000 points (only once)
  • Blitz Win with Winter Soldier – 2000 points (only once)
  • Open Battle Orb (1 Orb daily as a free reward in Web Store – 5000 points (Limit 10K points); 2500 points after reaching the limit
  • Spend 1 Power Core – 4 points

There are 30 Milestones in total, but your goal should be only to reach Milestone 23, where you will unlock the last of U.S. Agent shards. Higher Milestones that will award you with much-needed Gold and Training Orbs and single 5RS summon will require investment and the maximum number of Blitz rotations per day.

Even though you can improve your score, by spending more Power Cores daily you shouldn’t do that if your goal is to reach the final Milestones. Instead, you should purchase some of the available Offers containing Battle Orbs (there are plenty of them) if you are ready to invest. Depending on your activity you will have to spend between 50 and 100$.

It is not my place to comment if it is justified to spend on this Event or not, so I will not do it. What is important is that you will be able to get all U.S. Agent shards with 4 Blitz rotations daily. Knowing the community, I expect that many players will find that 35 shards are not worth the time. However, those who didn’t have luck with Enforcer Orbs will have to do it if they want to unlock U.S. Agent or if they need additional shards to reach 4* or 5*.

In the Infographic above you can see what is needed and how to reach important MIlestones most efficiently.


Battlefield Ready

January 21st 1:00 [PST] -January 25th 1:00 [PST]

“Battlefield Ready” is the Web Milestone that will be active parallel with the “Rising Star” Event during the same time period. Points will be earned in the Blitz as well, but the progression will not affect the main Event. There will be 2 ways of earning points:

  • Earn 1 Blitz Credit – 1 point
  • Earn 1 Web UPC (bonus points for purchasing Wen Store offers) – 1 point

There will be 20 Milestones in total with Gear Credits, Catalysts, Raid Orbs, and 5k Elite4 credits (single 4+RS draw). For some reason, it will be impossible to reach higher Milestones without spending in Web Store, even though the rewards are ordinary at best.

Your Goal is to reach Milestone 18 and get all Justice Medals (9500 in total).

My suggestion is to not be bothered by this Milestone. Since you will do Blitz anyway (if you don’t realize that rewards in “Rising Star” are not worth spending time on Blitz at all), you will claim some of the “Battlefield Ready” awards without additional engagement.

In case you want to unlock all Milestones despite the average rewards, ready your credit card and make sure that you are buying offers in the Web Store.

How to maximize your progression in the “Battlefield Ready” Event or minimize your expenses you can find in Infographic above.