Escape From Kyln



Kyln is the intergalactic inescapable prison for the most dangerous and notorious Marvel villains and at times, heroes. In Marvel Strike Force, Escape From Kyln is the variation of the Avengers Tower Mode where you battle through numerous Floors or Cells in this case. The higher you can get – the more rewards you will earn. A special feature that distinguishes Escape From Kyln from Avengers Tower or S.W.O.R.D. Satellite is that you can only use 3-character squads in each Cell, due to it being a prison and having cramped and confined spaces, lore-wise. Gameplay-wise, it will be a good challenge and can allow you to stretch your theory-crafting, with some limitations of course. And as always, if for any reason you can’t do it yourself we are here to provide you with the best character choices for each Cell and advice on how to clear them and get the most out of this new Tower Mode.

Kyln will contain a total of 40 Cells(Floors), any player who’s Commander Level 65+ can participate. The Cells will be separated into different Cell Blocks, each Block will have a specific Trait requirement. Every Cell has a Milestone tied to it so after you clear each Cell you will earn some rewards. Rewards will include Mini-Uniques for Gear Tiers 16, 17, and 18, Gold, L4 Training Modules, and Gambit character shards, Red Stars, and Diamonds!


Prison Rules

  1. There’s no Cooldown period for characters after a battle.
  2. Health and Abilities persist between battles for players and enemies.
  3. Characters can’t be healed between battles.
  4. You’ll remain in the same Cell after losing a battle (not drop down).
  5. Restarting a run will drop you down to Floor 1, heal your characters, and reset your score.
  6. Completing a Cell earns a milestone reward.

The first rule allows you to use your characters as long as you want, provided they remain alive after each Cell. Under normal circumstances, this could have been overpowered but since Kyln has Trait Requirements for different Cell Blocks it evens things out a bit. Simply speaking, each character has only one life and you can’t heal or revive them between battles (only during).

All Ability Cooldowns and Health will persist between battles, similar to how the Raids work, so it will be important that you always manage your cooldowns when the fight is nearing the end.

Enemy health will also persist, this means that if you lose a fight but you manage to eliminate a few enemies that progress will be saved so your second attack will be easier. This can be used to your advantage by either sending a sacrifice team to eat the big attacks or by providing you a chance to beat the node in 3 or 4 attempts, depending on how many characters fit the Trait requirements.

If your run didn’t go as planned you can restart as many times as you like, but every restart will drop you to the first Cell so you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Another important tip, as each Cell requires a 3-character team make sure to always split them up in the squad select screen using the drag-and-drop feature. One character should be in the center while the other two should be in a corner, that will improve your survivability in general. Just long-press on the character and drag him to the spot you want to place him in.


Cell Requirements

  • Cells 1-4 No Restriction
  • Cells 5-7 Guardian or Infinity Watch
  • Cells 8-10 Avenger
  • Cells 11-13 Global Skill
  • Cells 14-16 City Mystic
  • Cells 17-19 Asgardian
  • Cells 20-22 Spider-Verse Tech or Spider-Verse Skill at Gear Tier 15
  • Cells 23-24 Global Mystic at Gear Tier 15
  • Cell 25 Global Mystic at Gear Tier 16
  • Cells 26-28 Villain Mutant at Gear Tier 16
  • Cell 29 Hero Tech at Gear Tier 16
  • Cells 30-31 Hero Tech at Gear Tier 17
  • Cells 32-34 X-Men at Gear Tier 17
  • Cells 35-37 Legendary at Gear Tier 18
  • Cells 38-40 Villain Bio at Gear Tier 18

Below we will provide you with the best 3-character teams or individual characters for each Cell. These are merely preliminary suggestions and some of them may change slightly depending on which enemies we will be facing but most likely not much will change because the trait requirements can limit things too much.

There might be some changes in terms of the final enemy composition, once the event is live we will check everything and update the page if necessary. Most of the room suggestions right now are based on research and theory-crafting, once Escape from Kyln goes live we will update this page to include new findings.


Cell 1 – 4 (No Requirements)

As there are no requirements for this Cell Block you could use any team or characters that you want. Just take a quick look at the Cell Requirements and make sure that you won’t need the characters you use here anywhere else. Or you could use them anyway and just properly prepare your Cooldowns to get ready for some of the more challenging Cells.

Cell 5 – 7 (Guardian or Infinity Watch)

By far the best choice for these Cells would be an Infinity Watch trio. You could use Adam Warlock, Gamora, and Nebula. Another option would be Adam Warlock, Moondragon, and Phyla-Vell. Generally, try to pair up Gamora with Nebula and Phyla with Moondragon since they work better in pairs, while Adam will apply Safeguard and Immunity to anyone of them.

That said, as these Cells are still fairly easy you could use Guardian characters too. Rocket and Groot should be used together and as a third, you can take Drax or Mantis. Alternatively, you can also use Cosmo and Star-Lord (Annihilation) since they also possess the Guardian tag.


Cell 8 – 10 (Avenger)

This Cell Block is likely the biggest in terms of the character variety since the Avenger tag also includes Young Avengers/New Avengers/Wave-1 Avengers etc.

  • Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl
  • Viv Vision, Vision, Deathlok
  • Tigra, Mockingbird + (Ronin/Coulson/The Thing whomever is strongest)
  • Black Widow, Captain America + damage dealer (Thor, Thor (Infinity War), Iron Man, etc)
  • Secret Avengers

Above you’ll find a few possible options but there are plenty more since there are more than 20 Avenger characters in the game. It’s important to note that it looks like this Cell Block will have enemies that focus on applying Negative effects so taking in a Healer or someone who can cleanse the debuffs may prove essential.

Secret Avengers and/or Nick Fury could be used here or they could be saved for the next Cell Block since they fit the requirements there as well.

Cell 11 – 13 (Global Skill)

  • Secret Avengers
  • Black Widow, Red Guardian, Yelena Belova
  • Taskmaster, Killmonger, Nick Fury
  • Nick Fury, Captain America (WW II), Bucky Barnes or Union Jack

Enemies here will have a good defense since we will be facing Rebirth and Infinity Watch, and only Cell 13 will be susceptible to Negative effects (if you eliminate Phoenix) since it will comprise of mutants. So Taskmaster can be left for the last Cell since his Ultimate attack can deal a lot of damage. The 11th and 12th Cells you can clear with the help of either Nick Fury or Secret Avengers.

There are also quite a few minions that fit the requirements so you could also use those as a sacrifice team.

Cell 14 – 16 (City Mystic)

  • Ghost Rider (Robbie), Cloak, Dagger
  • Ghost Rider (Robbie), Mister Negative + 1 (for Cell 16)

This Cell Block will be the domain of Ghost Rider (Robbie) since he’s the best character to use here. Pair him up with Cloak and Dagger and it should be very easy to clear the first two Cells.

The only important thing to note is that Cell 16 will feature Doom so make sure that Robbie has his Special ready to use when starting that Cell, that way you can Ability Block Doom and eliminate him without any issues. You might also want to drop either Cloak or Dagger and take in Mister Negative because you will also need to Ability Block Squirrel Girl so that she doesn’t remove Ability Block from Doom.


Cell 17 – 19 (Asgardian)

  • Vahl, Beta Ray Bill, Hela
  • Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie
  • Vahl, Beta Ray Bill, Sylvie (Cell 19)

Vahl will be the star of this Cell Block. If you pair them up with Beta Ray Bill and another strong Asgardian they will handle the first two Cells with ease.

Cell 19 can pose a threat since it will feature Dormammu and Eternals. There are a couple of good options to go around that. First, if your Vahl is very strong you can prepare their Ultimate and use it at the start of the fight in Cell 19, that might damage your enemies enough or even outright eliminate some of them if you used or prepared Vahl for DD VI. It can also be good to use Vahl, Beta ray Bill, and Sylvie in this Cell, Both Sylvie and Beta can Stun with their Special Abilities and that can be used to neutralize Eternals.

Alternatively you could use another Asgardian team as a sacrifice, just make sure that Eternals used their Ultimates and that Dormammu is not full health, that way he won’t apply Revive to everyone on your second attack.

Cell 20 – 22 (Spider-Verse Tech or Spider-Verse Skill at Gear Tier 15)

  • Green Goblin (Classic), Doctor Octopus + Vulture/Kraven/Spider-Slayer/Black Cat

This Cell Block will be a perfect opportunity to use newly acquired Superior Six characters. This is also the first time where you need to have your characters at a specific Gear Tier to proceed, so things will get only harder from here on out.

The first Cell will be very easy if your Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus meet the requirements, you can use almost any other Sinister or Superior character as a third (Mysterio, Vulture, Shocker, Spider-Slayer. Kraven). The second cell can also be easy as long as you manage to neutralize enemy Spider-Weaver before they take a turn. To achieve that you can either use Doc Oc, Green Goblin, and Vulture, or just use Black Cat. Black Cat will take her turn before Weaver and Stun her, while Vulture will apply Slow to them on Spawn because of his Passive that triggers when he has 2 Superior Six allies, Doc Oc and Green Goblin in this case.

The last Cell will be trickier since we’ll be facing Darkhold. You could use Green Goblin, Doc Oc, and Black Cat, and if they are strong enough they will be able to handle this Cell, but it is important to keep in mind that all of these characters are Legendary and you may need them for later. That said, if none are GT18 and won’t get there in a couple of days then you can freely use them here without worrying about cooldowns or survival. Using a sacrifice team before using your main one may also be a good idea for this Cell.


Cell 23 – 24 (Global Mystic at Gear Tier 15)

  • Absorbing Man, Quicksilver, Doctor Doom or Scarlet Witch
  • Agatha Harkness, Wong, Morgan Le Fay
  • Spider-Weaver, Doctor Doom, Quicksilver
  • Black Panther, Black Panther (1MM), M’Baku

Cell 23 will only feature a few Invaders and other S.H.I.E.L.D. characters so it shouldn’t be a big challenge, if your Black panther is strong enough he might take advantage of all the minions and clear the Cell, otherwise you can use other teams, just make sure to save Agatha’s Ultimate for Cell 24 and Quicksilver’s Special for Cell 25

Cell 24 will feature Eternals and the Knowhere characters but instead of Star-Lord, they will have Silver Surfer. Agatha, Wong, and Morgan can be a great option here. Agatha’s Ultimate is tailored toward neutralizing Eternals and while they are stunned you can focus on eliminating Knowhere, focus on Cosmo first.

There are also a few other characters that can be used as a sacrifice here, like Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor Voodoo and Juggernaut, if you have them at GT15

Cell 25 (Global Mystic at Gear Tier 16)

  • Spider-Weaver, Doctor Doom, Quicksilver
  • Agatha Harkness, Wong, Morgan Le Fay

Any teams that you used in Cells 23-24 can also be used here, they will just need to be at Gier Tier 16 now. This Cell can be particularly challenging as it will feature the full Gamma, as well as Kang, Moonstone, and Absorbing Man.

If your Quicksilver and Doom are strong enough you might be able to clear this node using only them. For that, your Doom needs to survive Red Hulk’s Special but he also needs to fall below 50% Health, which will allow him to take the next turn and use his Ultimate. This will grant 300% Speed Bar to Quicksilver, which will allow him to take 6 (yes, six) turns. During those six turns, Quicksilver can remove Taunt from Absorbing with his Basic attack, attack Red Hulk with his Special to remove all Charged, attack him a few more times until he is dead, and then focus on Kang. This might take a few tries to set up correctly so use the retreat button if it doesnt line up perfectly.

If that won’t be enough to clear the Cell in 1 attempt you could always try using a sacrifice team prior to attacking, or you could try to finish the Cell with Morgan, Agatha, and Wong.

Cell 26 – 28 (Villain Mutant at Gear Tier 16)

  • Apocalypse, Archangel, + 1

The core of your Offense for this Cell Block will be Apocalypse, you won’t be able to use him anywhere else so you can go all out, just make sure to manage cooldowns between Cells.

Next to Apocalypse, you can use Archangel to have a Speed Bar advantage, and as a 3rd you can pick Dark Beast, Magneto, Nemesis, Mister Sinister, or Emma Frost.

Cell 26 will be fairly simple. You will be facing New Avengers and Pegasus characters. Once Apocalypse uses his Ultimate you can eliminate Tigra if she’s still alive and Taunting, or focus on Kestrel, after that you can slowly clear out everyone else and prepare the cooldowns for the next Cell.

Cell 27 will have the X-Treme X-Men team plus Rogue and Collosus. This one can be a bit tricky since Nightcrawler will fill the Speed Bar of them all early in the match, so a good idea would be to use a sacrifice team here. but if your Apoc is massive and you’ll have his Ultimate ready you can take them out in one attempt, just make sure to not get stuck behind Rogue’s Taunt and to get rid of Gambit soon, so that he doesn’t attack you too much.

Cell 28 will have Dormammu, Morgan Le Fay, Agatha, Wong, and Ghost Rider (Robbie) with Photon. The combo of Apocalypse’s Ultimate attack and Archangel’s Speed Bar rewind should provide you enough advantage here to be able to clear this Cell. Make sure to use Apoc’s Awakened Basic attack on Morgan, if Dormammu is still alive you can Ability Block him with Dark Beast and after that eliminate him and Robbie quickly.


Cell 29 (Hero Tech at Gear Tier 16)

  • Kestrel, Iron Man (Infinity War), Rescue

Kestrel and P.E.G.A.S.U.S. will be the best characters to use here and in the next Cell Block. While you could also use Viv Vision, Vision and Hulkbuster, or Deathlok it’s unlikely that many players have them at GT16 and they simply might not survive long enough to beat this Cell since it will feature Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Mister Negative and Kingpin plus a few others.

Kestrel, Rescue, and Iron Man (Infinity War) is the best bet here. Kestrel will block summons and then can use her Ultimate to remove Taunt from Ms. Marvel, and after that Iron Man and Kestrel together can deal enough damage to clear the Cell. To make things easier you can send in a sacrifice team if you have a lot of spare GT16 Hero Tech characters.

Cell 30 – 31 (Hero Tech at Gear Tier 17)

  • Kestrel, Iron Man (Infinity War), Rescue

Cell 30 will feature a mix of Asgardian and Bifrost characters. The most dangerous one would be Vahl and after that, the focus should switch to Valkyrie. Once both are gone the task will be simpler. Kestrel is the core and is essential, while Iron Man and Rescue seem like the best fit to go with Kestrel, Iron Man for his Speed Up for Pegasus allies, Ability Block, and Damage, and Rescue for Support and a Revive just in case. Ironheart (MK II) can be a good 4th option to swap out someone in case you need a Stun. This Cell won’t be easy and sending a sacrifice team in first might be a good option, but you must ensure that they live long enough for Vahl to waste the Ultimate Ability.

Cell 31 might be the stopping point for a majority of the active player base, it will feature the full Superior Six team, as well as Rhino, Vulture, and Shocker. It’s unlikely that the Pegasus trio will be able to handle them in one attempt, you will have to chip away at this Cell little by little with a few other teams before sending in the main team with Kestrel. This will all depend on how many Hero Tech characters you have at GT17 and unfortunately, besides PEGASUS, there aren’t that many good Hero Tech characters that can be useful here. We will be trying a lot of different combinations and if we find a good one we will add it shortly after the event goes live.


Cell 32 – 34 (X-Men at Gear Tier 17)

  • Nightcrawler, Gambit, Rogue or Cyclops
  • Rogue, Dazzler, Gambit or Sunfire

Cell 32 will feature Red Hulk, Abomination, and Brawn with Marauders and Emma Frost. Nightcrawler can be immensely valuable for this Cell Block because he will often be the first to take a turn and will fill the Speed Bar of all X-Men. So if you have Nightcrawler at GT17 already you’re in luck. Using Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Rogue it should be possible to one-shot this Cell. there is no Hulk here, so Red Hulk won’t have Safeguard and Immunity on Spawn, which means that you can Stun or Ability Block him out of the gate. Next you’ll have to Ability Block Brawn and eliminate Emma Frost before she clears the debuffs, once that is done you can focus on Red Hulk and then on preparing your cooldowns for the next Cell.

Cell 33 will feature a mix of Weapon X and Masters of Evil characters, Ultron, Wolverine, and Sabretooth are not here. Using the same 3 characters, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Rogue, you will have to use Nightcrawler’s Basic attack to remove Taunt from Absorbing Man, after that focus on Kang with Rogue and Ability Block Omega Red with Gambit. Once Omega and Kang are gone you can start preparing the cooldowns for the next Cell.

Cell 34 will feature Apocalypse, 4 Death Seed characters (no Magneto), Morgan Le Fay, and Scarlet Witch. It’s unclear if Apocalypse is awakened or not but in any case, it would be best to use a sac team to lure out his Ultimate and preferably Special too, once he wastes those you will be able to control him when you start the fight with you main team, alas you will still have to wait to his second turn. There are a lot of Mutant characters that can be used as a sacrifice team so the only issue is having them at the right Gear Tier.

Now, if your sac attack went smoothly, when using your main team your goal would be to wait for Apoc to take his first turn and after that to use Rogue’s Special on him and eliminate him. You could also just apply Ability Block to him with Gambit and use Rogue’s Special on someone else. Once Apoc is gone, focus on Morgan and Archangel. This is the last Cell where you can use mutants so you can go all out, although is your Rogue is GT18 you might want to ensure that she stays alive because she can be useful in the next Cell Block.

Cell 35 – 37 (Legendary at Gear Tier 18)

  • Nick Fury + 2 (Cell 35)
  • Nova, Rogue, Nick Fury (Cell 36)
  • Morgan Le Fay, Nick Fury, Black Cat (Cell 37)

This is the first Cell Block that requires you to have GT 18 characters, so most of the players will have a limited amount of characters they can use here, mainly it will be the ones you worked on for DD VI.

Cell 35 will feature Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, and a few other X-Men characters. The problem here would be that Nightcrawler will take the first turn and will fill the Speed Bar of all X-Men characters a bit, which will allow Rogue to take her first turn pretty much before you can do anything and you will be stuck behind her. If you have an option to send a sacrifice team that would help you out here because then you could take the first turn and neutralize the most dangerous targets.

Another way around it would be to use Nick Fury, Nightcrawler will still get the first turn but Fury will be second, and he can summon his minions, which means that Rogue will target a minion and won’t hit any of your important characters. This also introduces a new danger since there is an enemy Jubilee and she can fill Speed Bar when your minions die, but she only will fill that for herself and Beast, so it should be fine.

Cell 36 will feature Green Goblin (Classic), Black Cat, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Lizard, Kraven and Spider-Slayer.

Important here is to avoid using Spider-Verse characters, so no Black Cat, Green Goblin, or Doc Oc, because they will trigger Lizard’s Passive and he will fill his Speed Bar and take the first turn, apply a bunch of buffs to himself, and a Taunt. We will already have Ms. Marvel’s Taunt to clear we don’t need another one. Nova, Rogue, and Nick Fury might be the team that could one-shot this Cell. Fury can summon his minions before the enemy Black Cat takes a turn, which means that she won’t Stun any of your vital characters (if you don’t have Fury you could still use Nova and try the Cell as many times as it takes for Black cat to target Nova, on Spawn he will gain 1 charged and while Charged he has a massive Resistance Boost so it’s likely that Black cat won’t land her Stun or other debuffs). Once that’s out of the way use Nova’s Basic or Special to remove Taunt from Ms. Marvel and then you can use Rogue’s Special on Black Cat, or Lizard if Green Goblin lost all of his Charged. And after that, the focus should be on eliminating Goblin, Robbie, and Black Cat. Once the Escape From Kyln goes live we will be testing this and other option and will update the page if we find a better way.

Cell 37 will feature Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Juggernaut, Hela, Quicksilver, Vahl, Spider-Weaver, Spider-Man 2099, and Loki (Teen). A team that has a good chance to clear this node in a one-shot is Black Cat, Nick Fury, and Morgan Le Fay. Fury will go first and apply Speed Up to everyone with his Special after that Morgan can use her Ultimate to clear Taunt from Juggernaut and it will leave your enemies open which will allow Black Cat to stun Weaver. On the second turn use Black Cat’s Ultimate on Quicksilver to remove his Charged, this will make him much less of a threat and after that, the focus would be to eliminate Vahl, Spider-Weaver, and Quicksilver. If you accomplish that and all your characters survive, beating everyone else will be easier. This is a very precise counter in terms of Speed, Black Cat will prevent Spider-Man 2099 from spawning with Speed Up which will give you the time you need to get to Weaver. Nick Fury will take the first turn and Speed everyone up giving you more of an edge, Morgan Le Fay will be the second to take a turn because of her Passive that fills her Speed Bar per Mystic enemy, and all of that will allow Black Cat to control the dangerous enemies.

There are a few variations of this that could work – you could swap out Morgan with Red Hulk. Red Hulk’s natural Speed is high so he will take his first turn before Black Cat does, and if you use his Basic on Jugg he will flip 2 Positive effects, this should remove Taunt and will allow Black cat to Stun Weaver. Alternatively, you could drop Fury. The Speed Bar that Morgan gains per Mystic enemy on Spawn should still allow her to take her turn before Black Cat and remove Taunt from Juggs, and as a 3rd in this team you can take anyone else who might be helpful(Rogue, Nova etc.) We will update this after the event goes live if we find anything that works better or anything that doesn’t work.


Cell 38 – 40 (Villain Bio at Gear Tier 18)

  • Super Skrull + 2

This Cell Block is strictly for Super Skrull, every other Villain Bio character would be insufficient for any of the Cells, even if there wasn’t a restriction on using just 3 characters.

In terms of character to use alongside Skrull, it solely depends on who you have. Moonstone and Titania could be good if you want to have Ability Block and Stun in your arsenal, Zombie Iron Man and Zombie Juggs won’t be as effective without Hela but can still do a few things. Lizard and Rhino can take a few hits and do some damage, Lizard can also Ability Block Support characters, pick who you have.

Cell 38 will feature Apocalypse and all 4 Horsemen, as well as Agatha, Brawn, and Nemesis.

Cell 39 will feature Black Cat, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), Photon, Vahl, Beta Ray Bill, Spider-Weaver, and Spider-Man 2099.

Cell 40 will feature Super Skrull, Deathpool, Kestrel, Kang, Nova, Black Cat, and Apocalypse.

Tips on clearing this last Cell Block will be added in after the event goes live and we have a chance to thoroughly test it.



This new tower mode with a spin on using only a 3-character team should be pretty fun, as it is exciting and you will have to work very hard to clear some Cells. There are a few worries and we still need to see how those will pan out: Are the rewards good? Did they pick the Trait Restrictions well? Is the mode balanced enough ?

In any case, this is a fun new change to the Tower Mode, and alongside Sword Satellite this is quickly becoming a very entertaining game mode. it also begs the question – Is there yet another version of the tower somewhere in the future? Maybe something that won’t have Trait restrictions but instead combat modifiers for each Floor like we had for Gambit Raids or Scourges/Trials, there’s a lot of fun stuff that can be done here.

What would you like to see in a potential Tower Mode? Drop by our Discord and share your ideas with us. Thank you.