Must do daily routine


On this page, I will point out the most important things an average player must do every day to achieve maximum progress. I will show it as the list of hints that are mandatory to be done every day. Occasionally, you will need to shuffle your priorities to fulfill ongoing Events that slowly become the most important playing content in MSF. 

Daily activities list

Chronological list of daily activities:

1. Spend Power Cores on Campaign Energy as long as the price is 50 PC per 120 Energy.

2, Visit Web Store and Claim Free Energy every day (also see if there are ongoing Web Events in the Milestones).

3. Claim free energy three times per day – you have 3 hours to claim it each time and the time depends on the time zone linked to your account.

4. See your Daily Objectives and start doing them. What you can do immediately is 3 Hero Campaign missions, 3 Villain Campaign missions, 1 Arena battle, 2 Blitz Battles, 3 purchases in Store, and Challenge.


5. Make sure to spend all 5 Arena attempts between two resets (Daily reset depends on your time zone and it is different than “End of the Day”). Being in the top 250 grants you 100 Power Cores daily. That is acceptable and allows you to spend on Campaign Energy every day. However, if you wanna have enough Power Cores for Event Energy and ISO-8 Energy you must be in the first 100 on your Server.

6. Make sure to play all available Challenges between each reset.

7. Each time you log in to claim energy check your Raid status and spend your raid attempts. Depending on your Alliance and your objectives you can have 10 Raid attempts per day at least. If you are fully active, you will need more Raid attempts.

8. Your progression should be focused on requirements for the next Dark Dimension available for you. Assembling Arena Meta is the first priority, assembling a team for Dark Dimension is the second priority, and everything else is secondary unless you are in the end game and preparing for Apocalypse. If that is so assembling teams for Scourges and Sagas is the priority.

9. Make sure that you know what objectives of ongoing Events are. Fully participating in Events is the key to progression in the current MSF.


10. Check Stores every day and spend only on things needed for earlier mentioned priorities.

11. Spend Campaign Energy mainly on unlocking and maximizing the characters that you need. Farming materials from Campaign Nodes should be secondary.

12. Check Offers every day – even if you don’t want to spend money at all, checking Offers daily is important for several reasons. Offers are changing literally every day and sometimes there could be an offer that you will not want to miss.

Also, by checking Offers you will not miss free offers. Scopely doesn’t announce those, so it is up to you if you claim free rewards. Checking Offers every day is the easiest way of reaching full progression potential.

13. Actively participate in Alliance War and Cosmic Crucible. If you don’t have time for a continuous activity, you can place your best teams in defense. However, by winning battles in those two features you can earn the most.


Therefore, everyone who wanna have the best progression potential should emphasize Offense over the defense by keeping the best teams available for attack. That way you will earn the most resources and help your alliance and yourself in the best conceivable way.

14. During Event Campaigns and Events that need accumulating of ISO-8 make sure to spend Power Cores on appropriate energy if the price doesn’t go over 50 Power Cores for 120 Energy. In times when Event Campaign is on, spending Power Cores on Event Campaign should be prioritized compared to spending Power Cores on Campaign Energy.

The event Campaign lasts 2 weeks at most and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to get shards of new characters for free. Characters from ordinary Campaigns you can always farm later.



These are the most important actions in the MSF Daily Routine.

By doing this every day you will reach the highest possible progression available for those who don’t spend. The progression in MSF is slow so don’t expect miracles in a week or two. This game is meant to be played for years, so your best weapon is activity and persistence… Anyone who tells you otherwise misleads you.

Even if you are about to be the greatest Kraken in the MSF, you must do your MSF job every day. If you find a way to make this job interesting for you, it can grant you many hours of happiness and fulfillment.