Active Weekly Events – how to maximize your success

Important: The guide is written immediately after the release of the official MSF blog. If something changes when events start in-game, I’ll update the content. Scopely is known to often change things at the last moment, so have that in mind. My goal is to prepare you for what is coming next according to the information I have.


The first week of October and the first week of the “Shocking Future” monthly Event is ahead of us. As you will see, accumulating points for the monthly Event will work in a similar way as in September. Your goal will be to unlock the weekly Item, so you can earn the necessary Spliced Spider-Genes for unlocking Milestones in the Shocking Future Event.

This week will bring us:

  • Main weekly Event – Rogue Galery
  • Web Event – Blight Barrage Web Milestone
  • Coordinated Assault
  • Quick Rumble Blitz – Genetic Marvels [Marauders]

As you will see the success of the weekly Event will be closely related to the Web Event. Also, near the end of the first week, the first Coordinated Assault will start. I will try to explain to you what the best course of action is and how to achieve everything with the minimum amount of Resources spent. Let’s start.

Rogue’s Galery

“Rogue’s Galery” is the first weekly event needed for the “Future Shock”. It will start on October 3rd at 11:00 PM (UTC) and will last 7 days (as announced). There will be 40 Milestones with 100k points in total.

Each milestone will award you some of these rewards:

  • 1 Lyte Byte Cloth – unlocked at 42500 points ( worth 35000 Spliced Spider-Genes)
  • Spliced Spider-Genes – all unlocked at 42500 points (32600 in total)
  • Spider-Man [Miles] shards – all unlocked at 46500 points (20 in total)
  • America Chavez shards – all unlocked at 21500 points (20 in total)
  • Skill Gear
  • T2 and T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments
  • Elite 5 Credits – at last Milestone (100k points)
  • Gold Orbs – 6 in total at 26500 points
  • Legacy III Orbs

Points will be earned by collecting:

  • 1 Horseman Harvest Orb fragment – 1 point

Horseman Harvest Orb fragments will be available in specific Campaign Nodes and in the “Blight Barrage” Web Event.

There are 24 campaign nodes in total where you can farm Horseman Harvest Orb fragments. I will not specifically mention every single node, but some of them are worth farming anyway (all Young Avengers shards farming nodes, Kingpin, Taskmaster, Green Goblin, Mondragon, T’Chala farming nodes, etc).

Players will get 20 Horseman Harvest Orb fragments per 10 energy spent on those missions. So if your goal is to collect those fragments – you only playing those missions during the event (7 days in total), and if you are not spending any PC on your energy refill you will have enough fragments for almost 4 orbs (7392 fragments).

What we can conclude at the moment is that you will need to open 22 Horseman Harvest Orbs to unlock the item, 24 Orbs if you want to get 10 MIles Shards, and 50 Orbs for reaching the last Milestone.

Let’s see how many Horseman Harvest Orb fragments you can get from

Blight Barrage Web Milestone

“Blight Barrage Milestone” is the Web Event that will start on October 3rd at 11:00 PM (UTC) and will last 7 days (as announced). It will have 20 Milestones with 24k Points in total.

Points will be earned by winning Blitz battles with Young Avengers as emphasized characters:

  • Collect 1 Web UPC – 1 point
  • Blitz Win – 20 points
  • Blitz Win with Young Avengers – 40 points
  • Blitz Win with Young Avengers T13 – 120 points
  • Blitz Win with Young Avengers T15- 220 points
  • Blitz Win with Young Avengers T16- 420 points

This is the first time that you can boost your progression in Web weekly events by spending money in Web Store. You can earn UPCs by buying items in the Web Store. I will not calculate what is the best course of action if you wanna progress by spending. I will just say that for unlocking all Milestones you need to spend 200$ and you will not need to play Blitz at all.

Ok, let’s see what rewards in those milestones are and why “Blight Barrage” is so important.

  • Horseman Harvest Orb fragments – 40k fragments (20 Orbs) in total on the last milestone
  • Purple, Orange, and Teal Catalysts
  • Purple and Orange Gear Orbs
  • Gear Credits

As you can see, by reaching the final Milestone you will earn 20 Horseman Harvest Orbs. As I mentioned before you need 22 of these for unlocking the weekly item. Obviously, it will be mandatory to unlock all Milestones in Blight Barrage to easily unlock the item.

Most players will play Blitz to reach that goal, so let us calculate how many Blitz battles you will need. If you are not using Young Avengers, you will need 172 Blitz wins daily to unlock the last Milestone. Fortunately, Famine Saga is ahead of us and everyone tried to maximize their YA as much as possible.

For instance, if you have all 6 members of Young Avengers on T13, only one win with the YA team and WW team (Miles is also YA) will bring you 760 points. In other words, you will have to achieve only 5 wins per day with those teams and you won’t have to use anyone else. If members of your YA are on T15 you will need 3 wins per day with them. If they are on T16 you will need only 2 wins per day.

As you can see reaching the final Milestone in the “Blight Barrage” will go smoothly for most players. Even those without YA (that is a really small percentage of players) can reach the requirements and that is the most important.

When the “Blight Barrage” starts, use your YA team and WW team in Blitz and see how many points you will earn. Then act accordingly – divide 24000 by the number of points you have earned and then divide the result by 7. The final number will show you how many wins with YA and WW you need per day. It is not really complicated actually.

Of course, if you are one of those who love spending time on Blitz, you don’t need to calculate anything – just play Blitz on every cooldown and claim rewards.

Coordinated Assault

The first week of the Shocking Future will start with Coordinated Assault on Friday, October 7th at 11:00 PM (UTC).

The event will start in between two scheduled weekly events, and as always you will have to spend ISO-8 energy in a joint effort with the rest of your alliance. There will be 20 Milestones with 141k points in total.

The types of rewards are the same as for all previous Coordinated Assaults:

  • Spliced Spider-Genes (Shocking Future points) – 18000 in total at last MIlestone
  • T1 Ions
  • T2 Level 1 Ions
  • T2 Level 4 Ions

Unfortunately, there was a nerf compared to the previous Coordinated Assault mechanics. In the last month, we could earn 18200 points by reaching Milestone 18 (103k Coordinated Assault Points). This month we will earn 200 points less and more importantly we will need to unlock 2 last Milestones (141k Coordinated Assault points) for the final 4500 points.

Basically, this doesn’t change anything for Alliances with 24 active members. If all members of Alliance buy all 50 PC refills and claim all free Energy refills during the day, reaching the final milestone will be an early easy task. However, all players who are not in full, fully active, Alliances will have a much harder task.

The only help I can give you is the fact that with 50 PC refills and free energy refills, you can solo earn around 1k Coordinated Assault points per day. This means that you alone can earn 7k points in 7 days. Everything else will depend on the rest of your Alliance. Trying to improve the final score alone is futile and cannot be justified, so think about this and act accordingly.

I repeat, Coordinated Assault will be essential for reaching the final milestone in Shocking Future Event – as the matter of fact every point counts and Coordinated Assault will provide you 36k Spliced Spider-Genes this month.

Successfully playing MSF implies being in an active alliance, so this Event is still not considered as hard. Unfortunate players who are not in full or active alliances will be totally helpless, so I advise against spending on ISO-8 alone. Single players will not be able to unlock many Coordinated Assault Milestones, therefore any forced spending is wrong in my opinion.

Genetic Marvels [Marauders]

During next week we will have a new Quick Rumble Blitz. It will start on October 7th at 11:00 PM (UTC) and grants the usual rewards.

  • Spliced Spider-Gens – 13000 in total for the last Milestone unlocked
  • Mega Orb Fragments
  • Blitz Credits
  • Basic Orb Fragments
  • Legacy I & II Orb Fragments

If you use Marauders team members in this Blitz, your task will be much easier. Having them on 7 stars will require only 6 Blitz wins with them (Mister Sinister, Sabretooth, Mystique, Madelyne Pryor, Stryfe) to unlock all Milestones. You are already familiar with Quick Rumble, so I will not take your time explaining something that you already know.


Unlocking the item this week will not be a hard task, indeed. If you complete all milestones from Blitz and earn just 2500 fragments from missions you will have an item. On another hand, if you are spending 50PC 4 times per day on energy refills together with points from Blitz, you will have enough points to reach Milestone 36 (the last milestone for character shards and 2 milestones more than you need for the item). You will collect little more than 14000 fragments from missions, and 40000 from Blitz.

However, it is immediately obvious that the amount of Shocking Future points (Spliced Spider-Genes) available from secondary events is significantly lowered.

Conditions in Coordinated Assault are more difficult and grant you 400 Spliced Spider-Genes lesser than in the previous month. Quick Rumble Blitz rewards are also nerfed and now we will receive more than 5k monthly points less per Quick Rumble.

I admit that reaching the final Milestone in the Hulk Hunter event was easy but that shouldn’t mean that this month we must face an impossible task. I will not jump to conclusions immediately and I will wait to see if those nerfs are compensated in another way.

One thing is certain – reaching the final MIlestone in the monthly Event needs to be possible for active players without spending. Every other course of action will just make the situation worse than it is at the moment. Honestly, we all know the current situation in MSF and we all know that the community is losing patience.

I really hope that Scopely is aware of that…