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Character Synergies



Assembling a perfect team in Marvel’s Midnight Suns seems to be easy since you will increase Friendships with characters after battles only if Hunter is part of the team. That narrows your options and possible combinations until you maximize Friendship with all characters. It is possible to do Side missions without using Hunter, but I advise against it because it should be imperative to reach a Friendship maximum with all characters as soon as possible.

In this article, I will propose the best synergies with Hunter and without it, I will try to assemble the most efficient combinations that will allow you to build Friendships evenly in the fastest possible way while being fully effective in combat.

It is important to say that Hunter’s build drastically changes the narrative and the gameplay. That is why you should not presume that the synergy will work the same with Dark and Light Hunter. The difference between builds and suggestions for the best build is described here. Please read it, to understand the synergies I will suggest.

So, let us start.


Hunter, Nico Minoru, Ghost Raider

This team is capable of insane damage delivery. Ghost Raider can freely unleash all his HP-consuming abilities because he will receive healing from both Hunter and Nico. Heroism generation will be huge considering that there will be at least 7 Skill cards in the play. Most importantly the presence of Nico can allow Ghost Rider to use his most expensive Heroic cards for free.

This synergy will require that Hunter allow Ghost Raider to be responsible for clearing trash mobs in order that Soul Meter is filled fast. That could be tricky since Ghost Rider doesn’t have a lot of Quick card options so you will have to rely on the “Immolate” Skill card for Area damage.

If the soul meter is filled fast and you use “Empower” and “Double Up” SKill cards properly, this team will be capable of delivering 3 stars in most of the missions.


Hunter, Spider-Man, Iron-Man

This combination emphasizes Iron Man and his attacking potential. The idea is to use Spider-Man to build Heroism, exploit the environment and allow Iron Man to use Redraws only for boosting his cards. Since Spider-Man does not rely on Heroic cards to be fully effective and he doesn’t need more than 1 Heroic card in his deck, that will decrease the chances of having hands with cards that cannot be used. In other words, you will not need Redraws for anything else but for improving Iron Man Cards.

In this combination, Hunter will play the role of the secondary damage dealer with healing abilities who should redirect enemy fire on themself. Knowing that Hunter can have passive Resist and Block, this will not be a problem while Iron Man will have full freedom to maximize his AOE damage.

Knowing that Spider-Man will use everything in the environment to cause additional damage free of Heroism Cost and that he will not need to change positions of enemies for Iron Man (his Heroic hits everyone on the map), this makes a perfect combo for fast clearing of missions and earning 3 stars.

Keep in mind though, that high Health enemies should be ignored until their HP is not considerably reduced by AOEs and environmental side effects. Do not worry, it proved more than once, that Spider-Man and Iron Man together are capable to clear missions fastest.


Hunter, Blade, Wolverine

Blade and Wolverine have several abilities with Chain attacks. Also, both of them have the option to trigger Lifesteal.

The idea behind this synergy is to increase the chances of cards with Chain attacks which combined can be used against multiple targets or against a single target depending on the situation. That is how you will maximize the damage of Wolverine and Blade and allow them to work together at full capacity regardless of their draws.

In this synergy, Wolverine’s role will not be to protect the team. Instead, he will use his attacking potential in full to supplement Blade and Hunter’s. Also, both Blade and Wolverine have cards that grant significantly increased damage against Shielded enemies for a low Heroism cost that will compensate for the lack of control with instant KOs.

In this team, all Hunter cards fit flawlessly and will perfectly contribute to the current needs with Heroism generation, healing, or AOE. Most importantly both Hunter and Blade will always have enough Heroism and enough card plays to execute all Hero Combo cards when needed… knowing that Wolverine is not in mortal danger as usual.


Hunter, Captain America, Captain Marvel

This synergy’s goal is to maximize Captain Marvel’s efficiency in Binary Form and allow her to use Rain of Blows without repercussions. It is simple fact that Captain America is the character who can provide the most Block to Captain Marvel, while at the same time he will minimize the potential damage against her by his constant Taunts.

If you do this, you will have Captain Marvel at double strength during the entire match. With the help of Hunter (both offensive and defensive) that will always be enough to eliminate all possible enemies fast enough to earn 3 stars.

In my opinion, the only way to benefit from Binary Form is to make sure that it will last by moving the enemy’s attention from Captain Marvel. Captain America is the character who has the most means to make that happen and draws the best from Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is a cross-character, but she cannot excel in both defensive and offensive tasks. You must decide what role she should have. Considering other possible options, it seems that this one is the best especially since Hunter Build is not affect it at all – Captain America and Captain Marvel together are the unstoppable force in every situation.


Hunter, Doctor Strange, Magik

Doctor Strange is the character who will improve anyone on the team. His supporting abilities cannot be matched at the moment, and he is the only one who can increase the initial number of Card Plays, which is definitely the best buff in the game.

Magik on the other hand is quite the opposite. Until she gets the Legendary card, she cannot shine in any role given to her, because she lacks protection to be a successful defender and lacks damage to be a decent damage dealer. That is why she needs Doctor Strange the most.

With Doctor Strange, Magik can play both defensive and offensive roles successfully. Also, the 2 of them together will have enough time, Knockbacks and Card plays to fully control enemy positions which will set up circumstances for Hunter to reach his full attacking potential. Most importantly, only with Doctor Strange will Magik have enough plays to make her passive count. Without him, Magik’s passive will be fully useless and the worst in the game alongside Blade’s passive.

It is true that some other characters can form better synergies with Doctor Strange, but this team is the only way for Magik to fully shine. Therefore, combining those 2 with Hunter is the only logical thing to do.


Hunter, Scarlet Witch, Hulk

Scarlet Witch and Hulk are the last members who will join Midnight Suns, so maximizing Friendship with them will be a challenging thing to do. The best way to speed things up is to combine them together with Hunter in the same team.

Fortunately, those 2 have a great synergy together, and assembling this team will be justified for creating a fully effective combination. The idea is that Scarlet WItch willingly ignores her attack cards in the Hulk’s favor while increasing the number of Skill cards in the deck. That way she will maximize Heroism generation allowing Hulk to continuously use his OP Heroic abilities. With her Attack cards, she will easily position enemies in Hulk’s range. Also, enemies will be constantly Marked which will allow Hulk and Hunter to have enough card plays for achieving 3 stars in battles.

For this combo to work, Scarlet Witch needs to be fully focused on supporting the team and providing healing and protection if necessary. That should grant Hulk a free Rage generation and enough Heroism to exploit all of his amazing abilities.

If we try to find a character who would be better for combining with Hulk than Wanda, only Doctor Strange may be taken into consideration. Even then it is questionable if he is a better choice than Wanda. The only thing you need to do is to ignore Wanda’s Heroic cards (do not equip more than 1) and to be in her range with the other 2 characters all the time.

The first time you understand the power of this trio you will instantly want to increase the difficulty. Regardless of Hunter’s build, they will own it in any situation.