Hunter’s build guide


Dark versus Light build

You are all familiar with the story – Hunter is one of Lilith’s children (she only had daughters according to the lore, but you can create a male if you want) and she/he is the only one who can prevent the Prophecy from happening.

Hunter has Normal, Light, and Dark Cards at their disposal. Along with decisions in communications with other residents of the Abbey, using Dark or Light skills in combat will affect the Alignment. The power of Light and Dark cards is closely related to the current Alignment that will crucially affect the difficulty of missions and the potential problems that you may have.

I don’t advise making cross-build, even though it may have some advantages. You should be either Light or Dark and nothing in between.


Best Hunter Build

While the Dark build emphasizes single-target damage, self-preservation, and enemy manipulation, the Light build brings more versatility for the Hunter and better Heroism generation.

Without a doubt, the difference in damage potential between the Dark build and the Light build is significant, but the efficiency in practice suggests that the Light build is definitely better.

In this game, you want to kill as many enemies as possible without spending Card Plays, while accumulating Heroism to execute high-cost abilities that will incapacitate or eliminate big targets and Bosses.


Deck build

I went over cards in more detail below the build. Having that in mind, I came up with the perfect Hunter Build for all game mods.

This is the build:


  • Holy Flame
  • Holy Spark
  • Quick Slash
mms hunter cards holy flame
mms hunter cards holy spark
mms hunter cards quick slash


  • Call to Arms
  • Wrath
mms hunter cards call to arms
mms hunter cards wrath


  • Guarding Strike
  • Holy Burst
  • Bladestorm
mms hunter cards guarding strike
mms hunter cards holy burst
mms hunter cards bladestorm

As you can see, I am combining only Light cards with Normal Hunter Cards. “Quick Splash” has a Quick effect, but it can also knock back enemies which can be often really useful. You can change this card later with another upgraded Holy Spark.

“Wrath” is a free Skill card that increases the dame of cards in hand for free. It doesn’t provide Heroism, but since you will have “Call to Arms” you won’t need it. ” Guarding Strike” may seem an odd decision compared to ” Bands of fire” which is Light. However, the constant passive increase of Block proved to be an invaluable help for my Hunter. It literally halved all incoming damage during my playthrough. Once you have it in your hand, you simply don’t want to use it – it is that good.


“Bladestorm” is the best Legendary Ability in my opinion. Well, Hulk has maybe better Legendary, but the ” Bladestorm” proved to be a game-changer for me. Once you have accumulated enough resources to upgrade it so it can grant you a new card for every K.O., all your problems are gone.

The “Bladestorm” card’s damage is not really high considering it is a Legendary card but Forceful Knockbacks on every affected target can potentially double or even triple the total damage. Once you trigger it, everything will change on the battlefield and dire situations will become easy situations. All 4 Waves in the last encounter, were literally obliterated only with “Bladestorm”. It is that good.

Now, you may ask yourself why I avoid mixing powerful Dark abilities with Light abilities that I am using. Well, the answer is simple – with every use of Dark Ability, my Light Alignment lowers and vice versa. Based on calculations, it is better to renounce potential benefits from the opposite alignment in favor of Bonuses gained from the desired Alignment. In other words, the loss will be greater than the gain.


Dark Cards Guide

None of the Dark Attack Cards have a Quick or Free effect which is crucial in this game. Also, Dark Skill cards provide a minimum amount of Heroism focusing on enemy control (“Mindbender”) and providing healing and improvement for allies at the cost of Hunter’s health. “Dark Blessing” is practically useful only at the start because very soon all cards of your companions will be upgraded in the Abbey (at least cards you will use).

Indeed, “Dark Heal”, when upgraded, is the best healing in the game but you don’t want your main damage dealer to become a supporting character. You want him to cause damage which he can’t do if he is spending draws for healing.


Legendary Dark card (“Annihilation”) causes the highest damage in the game, but you will need a lot of Heroism which you will not have. The “Mindbreaker” card applies Berserk status, which is really useful, especially against big and shielded targets – it will buy you time, but it will not speed up the clearing of missions, on the contrary. “Whip” is really useful at the start, but you will replace it as soon as you unlock better options.

The “All Out” card is a mystery for me because I fail to find a reason why I would have a Heroic card that will discard all my existing cards in exchange for moderate damage at low cost – maybe I am stupid, but I never even tried to use this card.


Light Cards Guide

Light Cards on the other hand provide you with everything you need for easy playing. Light Attack cards (“Holy Flame” and “Holy Spark”) cause moderate damage but also have options to be used for healing or cleansing. “Holy Spark” also has a Quick effect which is one of the most important effects in the game – on Kill, it refunds a Card play. So, as long as you have cards with Quick, you can kill trash mobs for free while accumulating Heroism.

Light Skill cards practically allow you to use your Heroic cards freely and continuously. “Call to Arms” doubles Heroism generation in turn and when upgraded it can be used without spending Card Plays. ” Inspire” is also free and nullifies the cost of 1 random Heroic Card in your hand while giving you Heroism. “Holy Gift” prevents the discard of the next card, which can be really useful in some moments (not often, though).

“Healing” is starting Skill card that offers only healing and it will be replaced as soon as you get “Holy Flame”. Legendary Light cards are low-cost, low-damage cards that cannot be compared with Dark Legendary cards in terms of damage and overall potential. Yet, somehow, none of the Dark Heroic Cards helped me as “Holy Burst” did. “Holy Burst” is a moderate-damage AOE card that at the same time has AOE healing. It costs only 2 Heroism, and it is ideal for all kinds of missions.


“Bands of Fire” costs only 1 Heroism and causes moderate single-target damage. However, it can Knockback in any direction, and it will grant you a new Draw upon killing an enemy. Knockback in any direction is one of the most useful effects in combat!

“Summon Charlie” is the Light Legendary Card. I don’t find it very useful, to be honest, regardless of the fact that Charlie and his abilities can be really helpful. In short, I don’t find summoning another character very useful at all – it will not give you another card play, so your damage potential will remain the same while having another character and their cards which will be lowering the chances of spawning cards that you want.

I hope that you enjoyed the game and that this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will share my experience with you.


All Cards

This is the list of all cards available with their descriptions.

Dark Attack

mms hunter merciless attack card
mms hunter last sight attack card
mms hunter wild strike attack card

Dark Skill

dark blessing card
mms hunter cards dark heal
mms hunter cards mindbender

Dark Heroic

mms hunter annihilation
mms hunter mindbreaker
mms hunter cards all out
mms hunter whip card

Light Attack

mms hunter cards holy flame
mms hunter cards holy spark
mms hunter cards morning star

Light Skill

mms hunter cards call to arms
mms hunter cards heal
mms hunter cards holy gift
mms hunter cards inspire

Light Heroic

mms hunter cards bands of fire
mms hunter cards holy burst
mms hunter cards summon charlie

Normal Attack

mms hunter cards charge
mms hunter cards quick slash
mms hunter cards slash

Normal Skill

mms hunter cards deadly ground
mms hunter cards fortify
mms hunter cards wrath

Normal Heroic

mms hunter cards bladestorm
mms hunter cards fury
mms hunter cards guarding strike
mms hunter cards patience