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Prepare for Campaigns



The first task for every new player is assembling a decent team for Campaigns where they can farm other Hero Shards and items needed for Heroes’ Upgrade. Up until some point, the Campaigns will be easy and doable with Heroes gained at the start.

That will provide enough time for fresh players to carefully prepare for upcoming PVE challenges and to unlock appropriate Heroes on time. The fact that not all Campaigns are available at the start may mislead players into thinking they shouldn’t start farming Heroes needed for locked Campaigns, but that would be a mistake.

You should make a solid plan for all Campaigns and start farming immediately.

Permanent Hero farming spots are:

  • Campaigns
  • Blitz
  • Arena
  • Raid
  • Alliance War

Heroes Assemble

The best course of action is to start farming Gamora from Blitz and Drax from Arena. Gamora is currently one of The META heroes capable of solo clearing most of the nodes in the Heroes campaign. She is an obvious first farming pick from Blitz.

Drax can be farmed from Arena Store for only 350 credits. This means that he can be unlocked fast. Drax and Gamora together have a sort of synergy and can be used in Heroes, Nexus, and Cosmic Campaign.


The other two initial Heroes for Hero Campaign should be Hawkeye and Black Widow. Both Heroes can be farmed early in Hero and Villain Campaign. They combined offer a decent synergy that can help at the start.

Collecting one hundred shards for Black Widow may seem like a problem but if you farm her from the beginning she will be unlocked in no time. Both can be used along with Drax and Gamora in Nexus Campaign as well.


Villains United

Picking a team for the Villain Campaign is a little bit harder. Elektra and Hand Sorceress will be initial heroes in the roster. Two of them do not offer a good prospect nor a usable synergy because Hand minions are the worst minions in the game now.

That is why fresh players will have to start farming Heroes that won’t be primarily used, just to clear some villain nodes. Some of those Heroes who don’t offer a long-term prospect are Crossbones and Yondu.

Both were META back in the day but now they are just average members of their specific teams (Hydra and Ravagers). Nevertheless, they will be enough for early Villain nodes, but I don’t suggest maximum focus on them.


When building a team for Villain Campaign initial focus should be on Mercenary Team members and they should be unlocked as soon as possible (if it’s possible). That means that fresh players should start farming Bullseye, Mercenary Lieutenant, and Task Master once appropriate Campaign Nodes are opened (Heroes 4-9, Villains 3-3, and Cosmic 2-6).

Mercenary Riot Guard will be available from the start. This means you will need just another Mercenary for a full synergy team that can deal with the rest of Villain nodes. Killmonger is available in Raid Store while Korath can be farmed in Villains 5-9.

Most importantly, a full Mercenary team will provide new players with an easy task to gather gold in the Mercenary event which is one of the most important Events for progress jumps.


The Nexus

All Heroes are available for Nexus Campaign (except on the current last stage) which opens numerous options for assembling the team. At start, players will obviously use the strongest heroes but as soon as a few stages are cleared Captain America, Iron Fist, Shield Assault and Groot become available for farming.

This allows players to start farming their first full synergies and reach the requirements for Legendary Heroes. Captain America is a natural choice for initial farming because he can be added to Black Widow/Hawkeye synergy.


Iron Fist is another safe choice since original Defenders can be assembled fast and they are a decent option for both early Raid and Arena. Even at that point, players should start thinking about the last Nexus stage which requires a specialized team and offers 2 Heroes (Karnak and Thanos) that are crucial for assembling the mighty Black Order.

Teams that can be used for Nexus’s last stage are:

  • (Kree, Guardian, or Asgardian)
  • (S.H.I.E.L.D., Brotherhood or X-Men)

My suggestion is that new players focus on Kree and S.H.I.E.L.D. It is not obligatory to start farming those Heroes instantly but doing it will help a lot.


Cosmic Conflicts

If you follow my instructions once you open Cosmic Nodes you should already have an almost full team capable of clearing at least the first Cosmic Stage. Drax, Gamora, and Yondu will be ready for use and there will be a few more usable Cosmic characters now. 

A safe choice would be to farm Mantis. She can be used for both Campaign and Raids and Groot, who is available early in the Nexus Campaign. This team is decent and provides everything needed to deal with Cosmic nodes that currently offer some interesting Heroes.

By clearing Cosmic Campaign, players will be halfway to assembling Pym Tech, Supernaturals, X-Factor, and Shadowland which can really help the war effort.


Mystic Forces Rising

Mystic Campaign is almost end-game for the new players especially since some of the mandatory Heroes can only be farmed on the last nodes of the previous Campaign. Knowing who to focus on first is the sole difference between success and failure.

Scarlet Witch is a mandatory Hero for Mystic Campaign. She can be farmed early from the Arena store, but she alone does not offer any advantages, so she is often ignored by new players. She should be farmed immediately for several reasons:

  • Has a synergy with Vison who can be farmed early and used as a Tech buffer
  • Offers a decent CC and sustenance in various early PVE features
  • She is a part of the new META (Darkhold), so it is imperative that she is as improved as possible
  • She is a Mystic who is crucial for clearing some nodes of the Mystic Campaign

The rest of the team should be a mix of Supernaturals and Shadowland – Mordo/Elsa Bloodstone and Moon Knight/White Tiger. This team can be unlocked early in the game and offers enough strength to slide through the first 2 Chapters of the Mystic Campaign.

For the last Chapter of the Campaign, other Mystic Heroes are needed. Some of them can be farmed later (Hela, Ghost Rider, Thanos …) or only on Mystic Nodes (Dr. Strange, Loki) but that won’t be a problem if players are aware of their needs all the time.


Doom War

Doom War Campaign is an end-game content and players will need to play a lot to reach node Requirements. We won’t give suggestions about what should be farmed first because it is impossible to anticipate players’ progression to that point. Instead, we will show what teams are needed for each stage.

Doom War Stage I:

  • Hero Mutant/Hero Inhuman
  • Hero Mystic/Guardians
  • S.H.I.E.L.D./ Wave I Avenger / Fantastic Four

Doom War Stage II:

  • A.I.M./Mercenary/Wakanda
  • Hand/Marauders/Spider-Verse
  • Black Order/Hydra/Power Armor

Doom War Stage III:

  • Avengers/Fantastic Four
  • Hero Tech/Hero Supernatural

Doom War Stage IV:

  • Spider-Verse/New Warriors/Heroes for Hire
  • Hero Mutant
  • Mystic/Non-Minion

Good Luck!